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Found 31 results

  1. I have too many guilds, and with the new minors incoming, I need to make space. I have some single Union and Order metal models. UNION - Fangtooth, cleaned ($12 CAD) - Decimate, cleaned and partially assembled ($8 CAD) - Gutter, cleaned and assembled ($8 CAD) - Harry, assembled, based and primed black ($8 CAD) ORDER - Seasoned Brisket, nib ($10 CAD) SHIPPING Can ship anywhere, from Canada. Buyer pays shipping. SELL/TRADE I can sell, or trade for Aristeia, Anyaral, Moonstone, Relic Knights (Shattered Sword or Doctrine) or Warmaster models.
  2. The Canadian Western Canada National Championship Selection Committee is proud to announce the details of the Canadian Western National Guild Ball Championship. It will be held in Calgary, AB August 18th and 19th at the Ogres Den Gaming Club. #22, 3220 5 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2A 5N1. The National Championship will strictly follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event. Tickets will be $35.00 and available for purchase on the event website as soon as its launched. Hotel blocks will be available. Most likely at the Coast Plaza Hotel two blocks from the Ogre’s Den with room blocks being $115. Hotel information subject to change until we lock in the specifics. As part of Western Canada’s inaugural Provincial Championship qualifying series each provincial Champion will receive two nights accommodation, and the champion and runner up will receive a complimentary ticket to the event.
  3. Here are the initial informations about the Canadian Eastern National Guild Ball Championship. It will be held in Montréal, QC, June 2nd at l'Abyss. 7355 St-Michel, Montreal, Quebec. The National Championship will strictly follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event. The Championship will be limited to 32 players. Tickets will be $25.00 and available for purchase on the hosting store website soon, and includes lunch for the day. We are looking at hotel blocks right now. More information to follow soon.
  4. This is the SK provincial championship, the winner of this event receives entry and accommodation for western Canada Nationals.start time 10am and cost will be $25 http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=733 More details on our FB group "Sask Guild Ball"
  5. CONVERGENCE @ GROTSCON Red Deer Guild Ball is pleased to announce that Guild Ball is back again for GROTSCON 2018! This annual event is celebrating it’s 5th year and will be held May 4-6th at the Black Knight Inn in Red Deer, Ab. ( www.grotscon.com). Here are basics! CONVERGENCE 2018 • Tournament Organizer: Ritch Paterson • Saturday May 5th @ Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Ab • Size: 16-24 Player / 4-5 rounds depending on attendance • Entry Fee: $35.00 • Registration Table 9:00-9:45 AM • First Round Start: 10:00 AM • Prizing: Along with other goodies, Top Spot gets a paid entry to West Canadian Nationals in Calgary August 17th. 2nd and 3rd Place get paid entries to Alberta Provincials in Lethbridge on June 16th. • Rules: We’ll be following the Region Cup Document that is current at the time of the event. http://steamforged.com/resources/ The Saturday date is obviously ideal for having some wonderful representation from out of town. I would dearly love to see a the great Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon players I have met in the past couple of months... and make more new friends from wherever you would like to coming in from! You guys have all been fantastic to hang out with…and I think this could be a really fun day to mix, mingle and play! We have probably have a wide spread of experience levels among us, ranging from the newly initiated up to some of the best in Canada. That should not deter any of the relative newcomers to the game from coming out and being a part of the experience! We have tremendous people in the Guild Ball community that are just a pleasure to play against. Win or Lose... it’s more about the laughing, learning, and camaraderie “Well that sounds great Ritch…how the heck to I sign up?:” Easy… Event sign ups are done through the www.grotscon.com website. Pay Pal or Credit Card are accepted. Select the Guild Ball Event and once you pay your entry fee, you will get confirmation email with your event pass that you will need to bring with you on the day of the event. If you are attending and playing in more than one event, as some of you are, you can just do the 2-Day Pass option. Let me know once you’ve signed up and I will add you to my confirmed list of coaches and add you to EVENT 821 on Longshanks. www.longshanks.org (EVENT 821). Cheers!
  6. Malritch

    Good Friday Fracus

    Spur of the moment I know... but if you are close and interested and free tomorrow... http://longshanks.org/events/?event=983 GOOD FRIDAY FRACUS - INDUSTRIAL PARK GAMES - EDMONTON 8 Man, 3 Round, $10.00 Entry. Regional Cup Rules, Game Plan Decks. All Skill Levels welcome, new comers encouraged!!! 10:00am Registration. 10:30 First Round.
  7. Red Deer Guild Ball is extremely pleased to announce it's first event of 2018...which serves as a wrap up tournament for our participants of our soon to begin Winter League as well as an opportunity for a few more players to join us as well. We'd love to see you! Red Deer Guild Ball ICE BREAKER Tournament Saturday March 24th, 2018 Venue: The Gaming Vault - 130, 100 Kent St, Red Deer, AB Registration/Sign-In @ 10:30AM / First Round begins @ 11:00AM Entry Fee: $20.00 (All Money Used for Prizing) Max 16 player ( 8 Winter League Coaches + 8 Guest Coach Slots available) Regional Cup Organised Play Rules will be in effect. Tournament Organiser: Ritch Paterson @Malritch (Feel free to contact me for more details email: nickelle@shaw.ca ) Longshanks Event 737 Also...if there is anyone on these boards lurking from Central Alberta area...and you may be interested in the Winter League... message me!
  8. Malritch


    ICEBREAKER 2018 Saturday March 24th @ The Gaming Vault - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Registration @ 10:30 AM $20.00 Entry Fee First Round Ball Drop @ 11:00 AM 3-4 Rounds depending on participation Max 16 (8 Red Coach Spots + 8 spots for Guest Coaches) Current Regional Cup Rules will be in effect (www.steamforged.com/resources) Tournament Organizer: Ritch Paterson ( @Malritch)
  9. Malritch

    CONVERGENCE at Grotscon, Red Deer

    CONVERGENCE at GROTSCON! Red Deer Guild Ball is pleased to announce that Guild Ball is back again for GROTSCON 2018! This annual event is celebrating it’s 5th year and will be held May 4-6th at the Black Knight Inn in Red Deer, Ab. ( www.grotscon.com) My thanks to Cameron Buskell for the support in having us be a part of the lineup of events! Here are basics! CONVERGENCE • Tournament Organizer: Ritch Paterson @Malritch • Saturday May 5th @ Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Ab, Canada • Size: 16-32 Player / 4-5 rounds depending on attendance • Entry Fee: $35.00 • Registration Table 9:00-9:45 AM • First Round Start: 10:00 AM • Prizing: All To be Determined • Rules: We’ll be following the Region Cup Document that is current at the time of the event. http://steamforged.com/resources/ Licensed Event 18+ Registration through www.grotscon.com
  10. Mudrat2

    Alberta Provincial Qualifier

    The Alberta Provincial Qualifier leading to the Western Canada Guild Ball Nationals has been set. It’s to be held on the 16th of June at Kapow Ltd, 320 6st S Lethbridge Alberta. The Alberta Provincial Qualifier will follow the Regional Cup format current in the Organized Play Document at that time Tickets will $20 and the Provincial champion will receive a complimentary ticket to Western Nationals and two nights accommodation in Calgary. The runner up will receive a complimentary ticket to Western Nationals
  11. Jeff M

    March Madness

    Location: Dragons Den Games Saskatoon SK start time 10am and cost will be $15Details:Regional Cup
  12. Hey, just bought the Kick Off set to play with a friend. Loving it so far but wondering if there are any other players around in the gta. I live in Whitby but commute to Toronto every day. Feel free to reach out if you want a game.
  13. Shout out to all you Guild Ball enthusiasts from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I am new to GB, and really miniature gaming in any form, and very excited to have just received the 2 player Kick Off set for father's day. Game On Good Fellows!
  14. Hi everyone New to the forum from western canada in this glorious place called Edmonton, Alberta Been playing awhile love this game. Running Fishermen, Alchemists, just picked up kick off and I am insanely excited for the Blacksmiths guild.
  15. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Myself and another individual are very adamant that Canada should be represented at this year's WTC in Belgium. Both of us are fully committed to going, however we require one more individual to join the team. If you feel that this person might be you and are willing to commit the time and resources (re: $$$) into joining us on this adventure, please send me a PM and we can discuss the matter. Speaking from personal experience, traveling to compete internationally in events such as this is the epitome of table top gaming and an experience you will never forget. So come on Canada!!! Who's gonna step up to the challenge??
  16. Hello all, Let any of your friends out in Markham, Canada know that if they want to try out Guild Ball, HEROES WORLD will be hosting a demo day by yours truly! Thursday night, October 27th! Website: http://www.heroesworldonline.com/ Ideally we can get a community started and have regular Guild Ball happening out in the Eastern Toronto area! https://www.facebook.com/events/351572971848941/?notif_t=plan_admin_added&notif_id=1476884066142630
  17. Just wanted to say hi! I know there is a nice sized group of us starting in British Columbia, Canada. I am looking at Playing Engineers.
  18. pixelgeek

    Guild Ball Game Day at The Sentry Box

    The Sentry Box will be hosting a Guild Ball Game Day on Saturday July 23rd at 12 noon. We have many mats and lots of players ready to get a game in.We will be playing some games, swapping tricks and strategies and will also be holding demos for anyone interested in trying out the game.
  19. pixelgeek

    Guild Ball Game Day at The Sentry Box

    The Sentry Box will be hosting a Guild Ball Game Day on Saturday June 25th at 12 noon. We're located at: 1835 - 10th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta Canada T3C 0K2 We will be playing some games, swapping tricks and strategies and will also be holding demos for anyone interested in trying out the game.
  20. Hey ya'll, New Masons player here. Didn't know about the KS that funded this, and my FLGS just recently stocked it, so trying it out for something new. Enjoying the game so far, and just convinced 2 of my buds to start as well. Hope to talk to many of you, and see you around mostly in the Painting/Modelling area
  21. Canada Qualifier Overview Last weekend held the Canadian Qualifier (GROTSCUP) for the Guild Ball World Finals to be help later this year in England. I was looking forward to this qualifier both as a nice holiday from work and a chance to win a free trip. We knew there were going to be some skilled out-of-towners come in and try to steal the day so I was expecting some stiff competition. I had been tinkering with an Esters led Brewers team where I went into a previous sanctioned event just looking to try a new gimmicky captain and came out of it with a win and a new respect for the big lady. The team I brought to the qualifier was the following: Esters Scum Hooper Friday Spigot Mash A+G Gutter I played the same 6 players all 5 games leaving gutter and mash on the bench. A+G gave me a valuable extra activation and singled out in a brewers lineup is pretty devastating. Game 1: Blaine D and his Tapper led Brewers (spigot, friday, hooper, stave) I lost the roll to go first and he elected to receive. Esters kicks off and the game gets underway. Early game sees Esters catapult forwards into tapper along with my friday, The hoopers face off against one another on the right hand side, scum/greede are on goal duty. I win the roll off on the second turn and my friday starts off with a goal. He elects to send his goal kick away as a bad scatter could lead to an easy spigot goal for me. He send spigot into friday and start doing damage. Avarisse, hooper, and esters combine to takedown his hooper. He returns the favour and takes out friday. I get some damage on tapper with spigot. Late game has Esters finish off Tapper. He recognizes he’s behind so he gets the ball with spigot and waits an activation too long which leads to my spigot stripping the ball and kicking out to friday way on the left flank (she had come on the board halfway up with sideline repairs). She pots the winning goal. 12-2 Esters. Interesting note: no one had Don’t Touch the Hair. Game 2: Shaun W. and Ox led Butchers (Shank, Gutter, Tenderizer, Brisket) I lose the roll for kickoff. Esters kicks off again. I get esters into shank who dies at the beginning of the 2nd turn. Tenderizer buries the ball right by his goal. Ox and gutter die during the second turn thanks to an Esters legendary. 3rd turn has tenderizer bite the dust and friday miss a 3 dice goal shot. Shank dies again on the fourth turn by an opportunistic friday. Princess meanwhile has worked up the flank with the ball and manages to score! Game is over when gutter gets taken down again. 12-4 Game 3: Leif and Ox led Butchers (Shank, Tenderizer, Boiler, Brisket) I lose the roll for kickoff and Esters gives it a boot. Leif plays defensively, cautious not to give me any charges with esters. I get 2 tooled up AoEs into shank, tenderizer, and the dog. My subsequent friday activation gets dirty knives onto the dog who dies of conditions in the second turn maintenance. I lose the roll off and he sends a loaded ox + legendary into friday who uses don’t touch the hair to get away. I send esters into ox and bring his health way down, he responds with boiler into esters who does a tonne of damage. Hooper finishes off ox. Friday heals and between her and and spigot take out shank not before shank and brisket finish off esters. Tenderizer having already taken 6 damage from AoEs and burning gets taken out by spigot hooper and friday. He had been a thorn in my side using counter charges to proc gluttonous mass and crowd esters out. The final turns I manage to pickup shank again with hooper and tenderizer with friday. 12-2 Esters Game 4: Nate and Obulus led Morticians (Cossett, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw) *Note he was using borrowed models and didn’t have mist to replace bonesaw I lose the roll and kickoff with Esters. He scores a goal with bonesaw and knee sliders away but still in range of a Empowered Voice (+2 mov) Friday. Spigot takes the goal kick, tools up Esters and passes her the ball. Esters passes the ball the Friday and dodges 4” towards Cossett, charges cossett (who plays don’t touch the hair) and does 5 damage. Esters then drops a fireballs which manages to hit dirge, cossett, and Silence. Friday shadow likes forward, charges bonesaw and does a mp push so she can put up her heroic and score the goal (to which she was successful). The resulting goal kick doesn’t scatter well and ends up just behind bonesaw. He is holding a bit of a MP advantage but I win the roll off. Friday generates a couple of MP off bonesaw and scores another goal in the first activation of the second turn. He thinks the game is pretty well over and tries to engineer another goal with obulus which lacks range. Esters legendaries and takes out cossett and dirge for the win. 12-4 Esters. Game 5: Tyler and Blackheart led Union (Fangtooth, Rage, Mist, Gutter) I lose the roll and kickoff with esters. Scatters straight to gutter, awful kick. He decides to take a serious board presence and runs fangooth into the middle of the board. He passes the ball a bit and misses 2 passes. A tooled up Esters gives friday the mov buff and charges into fangtooth and does a bunch of damage and knocks him down. Friday does a bunch more damage with mp 2 dmg a few times. She calls the cat over to get some crowdout help. I win the roll off and esters starts by legendary for damage on friday, herself and hooper. She kills fang tooth and walks up and knocks rage down. Blackhearts puts up the aura and does a bunch of damage to friday. Spigot, hooper, and friday take out black heart. Mist is waiting for an opportunity to score as he had to chase down an errant pass, I spent a bunch of mp healing dmg and he’s ahead in the race so mist moves into a position to dodge off hooper a couple times and score. However I win the roll off and see a cheeky play. Spigot starts by charging mist and using Ball’s Gone! to give the ball to Esters who is within striking range of the goal. He then puts a couple points of damage on Mist. Esters gives herself +1 DMG and takes out a KD Rage, walks up and scores. 6 points in one activation for Esters, unreal. The goal kick gets sent out to gutter who makes a successful pass to mist who is engaged by 3 people and he dodges out 4”. Hooper in the meantime gets charged by a sideline repaired and miraculously recovered fangtooth. Hooper KD fangtooth then hits Mist for a few points of damage. Friday hops in and does a couple more points of dmg. He wins the initiative and scores a goal with mist. At this point, I need 2 pts to win and Esters is within charge range of blackheart. I almost get ahead of myself, but remember to ask the health on Mist. He’s sitting on one point right near Friday. I load Friday up and charge her in needing one 5. Tyler plays his last plot card “Don’t Touch the Hair” so I have to hit one 5 on 9 dice to pull it off. Which I do. **We discussed after the game, he had forgotten about the card. First time in all 5 games he got it and we normally don’t play with it as a group (it’s a stupid card)** With that I went 5-0 and won the Canadian Qualifier!! I’m really happy with Esters and I think a lot of people underestimate her power. She can do a tonne of damage and while Commanding Aura is powerful the movement bonus is nearly as powerful on it’s own. Gluttonous Mass is a problem to get around. Finally, her AoE’s ensure that there is always something to do in her activation. Time to donkey around for a bit and try some other things. I really want to give Ballista a shot (pun intended) as I don’t believe he’s bad as people think he is. Also want to give the Attrishermen a go as it is effectively Brewers with better goal scoring. Look forward to meeting a bunch of you in England this fall at Steamiecon and testing my mettle in the World Finals!!
  22. For people around Montreal, QC, Canada, we're having our first "official" Guild Ball casual evening at the local store, Gamers' Vault. Evening starts at 6pm and goes until 11-ish. Demos available after 8pm. This event will take place every other week. You can follow our events on the Guild Ball Montreal facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuildBallMontreal/
  23. Come join us at Gamers' Vault on December 20th for the first Montréal edition of Food Ball, for an afternoon of Guild Ball demos and casual play. For those without models, we'll have some paper doll teams available to try out the game (at least Butchers, Fishermen, Brewers and Engineers). The event is free, but you are encouraged to bring non-perishable food that will go to a local charity. We are working on some giveaways for people who will take part in the food drive. Here is our event ad in French and a link to our Facebook event for those who want more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/459871307525241/
  24. Hi, We have a growing community of guild ball players in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. If you want more details about where to play Guild Ball in the capital region or if you are looking for a demo game you can send me a PM or join our Facebook group, Ottawa Gatineau Guild Ball Club. Cheers, Marc
  25. as the title says, just wanted to let everyone know about our page, we are currently running demos with proxies until our official models arrive. anyone interested give us a shout. group name is "sask guild ball"