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Found 138 results

  1. I recently believed, like many Butcher coaches in the US, that Shank is hot garbage and Ox is sub-par. Fillet all the way, am I right? I am wrong. Not only is Ox competitive but he's probably more competitive than Fillet and also, if you played with Shank in your lineup more often than you'd probably win more games. http://midwestwargaming.com/ox-shank-competitive-interview-greg-day/
  2. Hey all, I am hoping some of you could share your butchers colour schemes with me? I'm am wondering how they look in alternative colours. Hoping for a bit of inspiration to get painting the team! Thanks 😁
  3. Tonight I played a friendly game of Alchemists vs Morticians. We did the alternate deployment formation to try new things out. I ran Midas, Naja, Katalyst, Vitriol, Crucible and Decimate while the Morticians ran Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Casket, Bomesaw and Brainpan and Memory. I was trying out a different team for me, since I always run Smoke, but it was fun to see Midas and Vitriol at work again! Nothing happened turn 1 besides movement and a little damage. Turn 2 Crucible was taken out right away and I did my best to work around Casket. I eventually got a goal with Vitriol and my opponent tried to kill the ball. During turn 3 he tried to retrieve the ball with Memory but got in range of Midas and Midas stole the ball from Memory and turned to score a goal. On the other side of the pitch, Katalyst got the final blow on Cosset putting the Alchemists up 10 to 2. My opponent tried to grab the ball with Dirge and run away, but Decimate was able to steal it from Dirge, pass the ball to Midas and Midas made a snapshot! goal for the win. The alternate deployment rules make for an interesting game when it becomes really hard to get past your opponent’s frontline. (I’m just glad he wasn’t running Fangtooth and Casket like he originally wanted to). It slowed us both down I think, but we were eventually able to get into a groove and keep a normal game going.
  4. Time for another union in chains game. this time its the Alchemists (playing for harry) and the butchers (playing on behalf of the brewers for decimate) Butchers- fillet, princess, boiler, boar, meathook, vet ox Alchmists- midas, naja,vet kat, harry, crucible, compound the game begins with a kick off from boar that scatters right into the alchemist line. a successful pass from naja to midas sees the alcs get an early goal. midas used his legendary to snare every butcher other than meathook and vet ox! midas knee slides away with a vengeance token placed on his head. the ball is kicked out and snaps to vet ox on the wing, the butchers plan for early violence is ruined by the snare. the only way to get any momentum is to run fillet into the fray, putting her in a dangerous spot surrounded by alchemists. she generates the momentum boar needs to free himself of his snares and charge midas, taking the smug captain out. the alchemists pile of fillet, taking out the butchers captain. meathook throws herself into the fray, locking up vet kat with a heroic play and a push into the rough ground. crucible and vet kat attempt to take out meathook but just fall short. meanwhile, princess makes an impressive charge on harry, weakening him for boiler to finish off the hat. midas had returned and positioned himself to take the ball from ox with a little help from naja. but ox kicked the ball away, he had no interest in playing football. with meathook on deaths door, fillet returns to the pitch and takes down vet kat and further wounds crucible (who had taken damage previously from her conditions), allowing meathook to catch her breath. harry also returned to the pitch, he scooped up to loose ball then smashed ox into the ground before passing to midas. ox gets to his feet and tries to push away the hat and the snake so he can charge midas. the dice were not kind so ox was forced to knock harry to the ground then advance to apply pressure to midas. midas made a legendary dodge, sprinted down the pitch and blasted in a second goal. things looked bad for the butchers. the score was 4-10. the ball kicked out just behind the block of butchers. seeing the snapshot risk, boar charged into midas, knocking him to the ground, almost taking him out for a second time. crucible, attempted to seize the ball which sat behind meathook. meathook had failed to take out crucible moments before, but had crippled her movement. an attack to build some momentum missed horribly, meathook countered and took crucible out before she could escape. boiler picked up the ball and dropped it at fillets feet. this goal was make or break. ox was pretty badly hurt, if he was taken out it was game over. the butchers acted first, the momentum of the game was on their side even though the game was surely in favor of the alchemists 10-8 crucible and vet kat had returned to face down ox. in an unexpected move, ox moved towards them, engaging compound to lock up the goal keeper along with kat and crucible. the prisoner lashed out at compound ignored the attack, he then hit vet kat and things got rowdy. ox was used to an unfair fight. with a final swing he whipped his chains around, dragging everyone to him. he felt a rush of life in him as he healed himself and then healed because of the thrill of the fight! crucible desperately attempted to take ox down but didnt come close, although he did light him on fire an poison him. this was it. ox had held up half the team to allow fillet a shot. she sprinted towards the goal and tapped in the winning shot! 12-10 to the butchers! yet again aiding the brewers in their quest to recruit decimate! myself and my opponet are still pretty new to these teams and i think we learned a lot from this game. so much fun, it was a nail biter, the butchers had to fight tooth and claw to pull it back. my man of the match has to be vet ox. he will be making in into most of my fillet line ups from now on for sure!
  5. Lineups today consisted of Smoke, Flask, Katalyst, Decimate, Calculus, and Venin vs. Fillet, Princess, vOx, Brisket, Boiler, and Meathook. This game was predetermined by the Longshanks that it would be played under the new Alternate Deployment format and with Guild Influence Cards. Filet and her Butchers opting for Crushing Force and Smoke and her team just wanted to sit and Watch the World Burn. Not too many pictures here but Butchers receive a Smoke kickoff to which they get to Brisket for protection. As she spends two turns holding the ball Smoke was able to get poison on five Butchers on turn one to allow Venin to also stack the bleed effect on them via coagulation. After turn one the Alchemist team had proceeded to deal out 21 points of condition damage slowly wearing them down. During turn two Fillet was able to remove Calculus and Venin was removed by Boiler with his buddy Princess but Fillet suffered almost 10 damage at the hands of Katalyst. This is where the game changed and Smoke deterioration of the Butcher team paid off. With most of there health near zero Smoke began the turn by watching vOx die of poison damage during the maintenance phase. After this, Smoke called out her legendary to inflict the taken out condition on Boiler and Meathook with one AOE and deal another three damage to Fillet leaving her with four hp. Smoke would then casually walk up and with 6 attacks do four damage on Fillet using multiple Bonus Times and a gang up from Katalyst. Brisket would go on to score a goal the following turn but a handy Super Fan plot card allowed Decimate to run the ball up the field quickly and pass to a wide open Katalyst who would take the ball in for an easy game winning goal! Once the game was over all that could be heard was the crowd chanting, "WE WANT HARRY!" over and over again.
  6. 2nd Attempt to post this...... Retford War-gaming Club Retford saw Edward vs Danny in box office spectacular. A brutal game of intense football folks... The rival Fillet's butchers ready for the kill vs Midas with his showboating team of Alchemists. The game began with Both teams edged out for total war on the pitch. The butchers decided to kick leaving Midas smiling! Compound would hold the fort, whilst the rest of the team mixed up a deadly treat. Midas got his opportunity whilst Vet Kat wailed on a defenceless butcher surrounded by Crucible and Harry. He scored and the dread set in for Fillet as the team were engulfed with snared! Midas Kneeslided and was quick to get a who r ya? and soon a belly full of Knives! With a second Goal, Midas saw the score 10 vs 8 it was close but they had this. Kat had taken punishment and so had Harry, the dream was there but something stirred on the pitch. The ball was loose Midas saw the opportunity to get that last goal but Crucible fell in a cloud of scarlet Meathook had saved her team!! Midas took a knee as he looked longingly at naja....is this how it ends! With no chance of the retaining the ball....the Alchemists rushed to gang up on Ox....but little did they know he'd been up for the fight all game! With Compound, Harry, Crucible, and Naja poised the game looked over, but a lash of pure furry saw Ox survive! Fillet used every last bit of influence... grabbed the ball and like a stream of blood firing down the pitch! Fillet could barely see for the blood weeping from all sides and laughed tis just a scratch and followed up with a wink at compound as he turned to face... his horrible mistake.... kicking hard and straight the game was over.. 12-10 to butchers. Harry looked in dismay... he knew if he could he'd see this grudge settled and come back harder then ever a hero ....dusting off his hat neh a veteran Alchemist!
  7. I am currently playing Farmers, but throwing my support in this event behind my beloved Butchers! This game I played Grange, Peck, Tater, Windle, Harrow, and Jack, and my opponent brought Rage, Strongbox, Benny, A&G, Minx, and Mist. The game lasted three turns. Turn one, Grange kicked off and the ball was passed over several activations to Mist. Harrow was killed by A&G, who were then killed by Windle, who then softened up Benny, but couldn't finish him off. 2-2 Turn two Mist scored, and a vengeance token was put on him. Jack was handed the ball by a fan. Grange finished off Benny and went after Rage, followed closely by Windle who ate a Big Breakfast and killed the psycho. Turn ended 7-6 Farmers. Turn three, Mist tried to take back the ball, but failed to hit Jack. Jack countered and with the help of the vengeance token, he knocked Mist down and double dodged away, killing the ball for the rest of the game. A&G charged back in but couldn't finish anyone off. Tater killed Minx, then charged Greede, killing him as well. Windle turned on Avarice ending the game 12 - 6 Farmers. Victory for the Farmers, and another vote for Butchers Gutter!
  8. I am currently playing Farmers, but throwing my support in this event behind my beloved Butchers! I played Grange, Peck, Windle, Tater, Harrow, and Jack, my opponent brought Fillet, Princess, vOx, Boar, Meathook, and Minx. We set up using alternate deployment and Grange kicked off. The ball was promptly ignored and a massive scrum was developed in the center of the pitch with Tater, Grange, and Windle on one side, and Fillet, Boar, Meathook, and Princess on the other. Boar successfully pushed Grange into a position that protected Fillet from Windle, and turn one ended with Princess killed by a Big Breakfast'd Windle, and Meathook bloodied badly. 2-0 Farmers Turn two Windle killed Fillet and Meathook, netting another 5vp (with Big Breakfast again). VOx and Minx murdered Harrow and the ball continued sitting alone and afraid. 7-2 Farmers. Turn three Grange and Windle tag teamed Boar for another 3vp, Tater's Counter Charge was unsuccessful in saving Harrow from vOx's rage, and then is massacred himself by the newly returned Fillet. Favorite moment of the game happens with Peck Sic 'Em charges Fillet for a massive 1 Momentous Damage. She counters and kills the bird. 10-7 Farmers. Top of turn four Grange engages Fillet and vOx, knocks them both down, puts up Honest Labor, and softens up both targets. My next activation Windle lumbered over and took out vOx, ending the game at 12-7. Victory for the Farmers, and another vote for Butchers Gutter!
  9. Had a game on vassal with my regular opponent, he decided to try out Farmers with the Eat Hearty GIC and I was trying out the efficiency Butchers line up from the Butchers forums with the Crushing Force GIC. Neither really saw that much play apart from a few first turn activations when I couldn't be counter attacked when attacking with Boar or Shank and I only forced him to heal once or twice and they didn't make much difference as I couldn't get back to the player to take them out next activation/turn. It seemed to start well, Ox taking out Thresher in a single activation on his legendary turn whilst he was crowded out and in cover, but then the 2" melee zones started stacking up and Millstone kept on taking the KD's. Jackstraw's teleporting shenanigans were a constant thorn in actually pinning him down, and Tater's counter charge meant there had to be very careful placements. Pictures of the kick off mid game scrum and end of game The score does seem a little one sided, but having gotten Peck down to 1 HP before he dodged out of the way of Rage and Harrow down to 2HP before he pushed Boar away meant it could've been a lot closer. All in all a game for me to forget!
  10. Hello all! As many others, I've jumped into Guild ball coming from a bunch of other games. (GW, Confrontation, PP) Being more into the conversions than into painting, I've gone all in on resin models, as being able to completely reshape a miniature with just a sharp blade and some hot water is really nice. I really like the arts for all the Butchers, but I'm not too fond the overly dynamic models for some of them. Brining out the butcher's knife, this is how I started after a couple of nights. Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Boiler Fillet and Gutter (0% Gutter, based on parts from Fillet and Meathook) Brisket, with legs from Angel First finished Butchers line-up: Circus Alchemists:
  11. (English is not my native language, sorry if you find some errors in my post. Fell free to point them out though ) It was a beautiful day, the air pure and crisp cold on this early autumn morning, a perfect time for a guildball game some might say. Flint hated it, it was not noon yet but he had the feeling that this might be one of those days where everyone and everything was intent on vexing him. For starters his new captain had decided to play this game without him and no one had said anything. He was the best scorer of the team by far, the best scorer of the entire league last season and no one had had the idea, or more likely the gut, to tell his hulking but mushed brain captain that he might be needed on the pitch if they wanted to win versus the butchers. Well Hammer was not mushed brain at all, truth be told he was a sly and cunning bastard; it was so unfair for someone to have the whole package like he did. Well at least he had the decency to be an utter asshole. It was madness to want to fight the butcher. Flint’s problem was not that Angel (the smug bitch) had taken the first position on the league best scorers leaderboard, not at all, he was just altruistic and wanted his team to win. How could they not see that he was a plain better choice than the unreliable union player that Mist was? Still brooding, Flint made his way to the stands in order to find the best spot to watch the inevitable demise of his team. Of course he did not want his team to lose but he would enjoy the fact that they would see what a corner stone he was to this team! On the pitch the teams were taking position: Ox, boar, shank, brisket, Meathook and the pig. It was a ridiculous idea to name it and Flint refused to remember its name, who could say if it was even the same pig form one game to another... On the other side, Hammer, Tower, Mallet, the Monkey, Brick and Mist were taking position. The masons were kicking the ball, one of the reasons the captain had favored Mist over him Mallet had said. Flint liked the old guy but sometime he was just an old senile fool... When he got to the stands, some of the masons fans started to cheer at his sight, poor lads, they weren't going to see much ball play today, not that anyone could match his skill anyway, but todays opposition was going to be an insult to the art of football. Mist walked up the pitch getting into cover behind a barrel and kicked the ball into a difficult spot behind some trees, not a bad move Flint grudgingly admitted to himself. Shank darted to retrieve the ball and passed it back toward his team. Hammer was bellowing something to Mist. It was just like Hammer to bellow order to the top of his voice and you better had to follow them or the big bully would make you regret it. Mist nodded, or rather his hood nodded, and he sprinted toward the whole butcher team. It was madness, pure madness; he was going to get torn to pieces. Mist managed to take the ball from Meathook and to pass it back before five angry butchers slammed into him and sent him to the apothecaries... Well Flint was happy he hadn’t had to take that beating. The Butchers having shed the first blood sprinted up the pitch like madmen, bellowing challenge and curses. This strategy was not going to work of course, no team knew how to keep their head cool and maintain their cold tactics like the masons. Tower retrieved the ball and passed it to Mallet who passed it back to the former and charged Shank. Shank tried to fight back but soon enough Mallet weapon connected with his temple and he fell on the ground knocked down and mallet engaged Ox. Flint was still thinking of the size of stones one must have in order to willingly run at the master butcher, when Hammer entered the fray. Whatever his failings, and the grudge Flint had with his captain for benching him, the sight of the big bald guy hammering something, or someone, was something to see, and would put awe in the eyes of anyone, guildball lover or not. The guy was made for violence and his body, like a statue of a god, looked like it had been cut from liquid rock by a master sculptor. Hammer slammed into Ox like a wrecking ball and took him out in a matter of seconds. The next fight was even shorter lived and the confrontation between Hammer, Tower, Mallet on the Mason’s side and Meathook, Boar and Shank on the Butchers one resulted on three almost dead butchers to the infirmary. Before the dust could settle on the pitch, Mist made a pass to Tower who sprinted toward the enemy side and flattened the ball on the goal post. The crowd was silent for several seconds, processing what had just happened, then erupted chanting Tower and Hammer's name. A bloody bad day indeed, Flint was happy enough that his team won, but the way Hammer and his plan destroyed the opposing team would encourage his captain to take this same roster next time they would encounter a fighting oriented team… And those days it seemed like no one cared about the beauty off ball play. Big ugly brutes where everything a captain dreamed for. No finesse, no style, just mindless brawling. All Flint wanted now was to get thoroughly drunk and wait for this day to end. With a little luck some big fool with a staff would have the decency to shatter Angel’s shin, during the brewers versus fishermen match tonight, and take her out for the rest of the season.
  12. Union beer enthusiasts want some meat!The Union: sBrisket, Strongbox, Avarisse + Greede, Harry, Benediction, MistButchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar, BrisketThe Union start with Mist making the kick-off. The ball goes a bit too far almost to the Butchers deployment line.The Butchers pass the ball around a little, but use some of the momentum to get out of Mist's threat range. At the end of turn 1 Mist is able to attack Boiler and get some momentum to get the first activation for round 2. He then immediately attacks and scores a goal and quickly hides behind the butcher's goal after hearing calls for vengeance.The Butchers, who are furious because of the early Union lead, attack head on into the Union side. They take out Harry, Averisse and Strongbox, but forget a little about the ball, which was loose after a failed scatter. It didn't look like it was in immediate danger, so they left it for a bit. But Brisket, being the seasoned player she is, was able to get to the ball and score with a cunning play, that can only be described as legendary! The Union is now 8-5 ahead.After that the Butchers were foaming at their mouths, calling for the traitors blood, but Benediction stood calmly like a rock and kept Fillet in check for the rest of the game, giving his captain time to breathe. Meathook got into a position to score but instead cunningly kicked the ball almost to the Union's edge of the pitch, making it impossible to recover. Brisket realised that another goal is not an option anymore, so she first took out a battered Meathook and then helped their side to gang up on Boiler and score a second take-out for the win. The game ends with 12-5 for the Union, again in support of the Brewer's team.
  13. Dear butchering brethren, long story short: what are your opinions on viable three-man teams for starting out the escalation league? I am pretty new to the game, so anything is helpful here. Currently, I am drawn towards playing Ox and pairing him up with Boar. fluff-wise (as of S1 and S2), Brisket would obviously be great. Meathook seems to be the stronger choice though... Anyway, did you already play an escalation league and which picks did you prefer for the first games? Thank you all very much and have a nice evening!
  14. My opponent was in the middle of painting butchers, and might be part of the reason he lost 12-8
  15. Picture Hosting Site Tips

    I thought I would make a thread to help everyone having trouble posting pictures. The following steps are for Imgur BUT if you use a different media hosting site, please share the steps on how to use it for we can get all of our write ups to count for "Union in Chains". Lets bring Gutter home! #Gutthefish Step 1. Go to Imgur.com and make an account [top right corner, says "sign up". Step 2. Make your account and get it up and running. Step 3. Once your account is made and you are signed in, hover your mouse cursor over your username and click "images". Step 4. There is a big green button on the top right under your account name that says "Add Images". Bonus Tip: Make sure the pictures you have taken are on your PC! Step 5. Click "browse" and add the files that you put onto your computer here. Step 6. Once you add all your pictures, simply click on one and copy the BBcode. 2nd from bottom, looks like [ img][/img] Step 7. Make your thread in the forums and copy those links into the thread to post pictures. I hope this has helped! Also, if some one is familiar with the Imgur app and can add on how to do this via phone or tablet that would be swell. Happy gaming!
  16. Meat or Mead

    I remembered to snap a few more pic this time. Lineups Esters Scum Friday Spiggot Stoker Hemlocke vs Ox Truffles Boiler Boar Minx Meathook Brewers receive the ball Esters collects and throws Blaster Earth and Fire Blast infront of Boar and Ox then passes the ball to Spigot. Butchers Advance We set up for turn 2 but not before the Intercontinental Scum Missile is launched. Tooled Up, Speed Buffed from Esters and in Times Called the Cat hurtles forward with the Ball. Hitting Meathook 4 times dealing 8 damage and then bonus timing a goal. 4-0 The goal kick is not great for my opponent and Friday collects the ball and fires home a second goal then dodges to engage both Boar and Minx (neither have any INF) 8-0 This is the point it could have ended. The kick off again scatters badly for my opponent and to collect it means he gives me boiler to kill. Spiggot grabs the ball and gets in shooting range, lines up a shot with no one in the way and just out of reach of all the players and it sails spectacularly wide ending up in possession of Ox. Who drops the ball and pounds on Spigot. Somehow with sheer luck and Esters healing and def but spigot survives the turn. Friday Dodges out and then walks in to hit boar hitting Dirty Knives 3 times once on Boar once on ox and once on boiler. Over the next turn everything I can damage with hits and I get lucky with wraps. Stoker kills boar and spigot dies to Ox. 10-2 Hemlocke gets killed along the line The game proceeds with my opponent unable to score and Boiler left on 2 boxes. My only hope if a bonus timed esters AoE to seal it. and she does 12-4
  17. So I played my first Hunters game today against a friend trying something new on Alchs. I played Theron Doggo vHearne Jaecar Egret and the Bear into Midas Flask AG Kat Crucible(proxied by compound due to unfortunate circumstances) Calculus. I lost the roll off and kicked to him absolutely perfectly. Right into the forest out of range of his team, but in range of Jaecar Jaecar grabbed the ball and passed towards theron allowing Doggo to oh ball and grab it from next to the obstruction. Doggo drops the ball to Egret, while the Bear and Hearne make their way towards the rough ground setting up for turn 2. The alchs advance up, eventually lure of golding kat into range of Theron. Theron pins Kat inside a forest and snipes Avarisse to set up for turn 2 bear plays leaving Kat stranded with 4 inf outside of range of the team. Egret flurries for free on Avarisse and snap shots kat a handful of times to dodge around and get into position for a turn 2 goal. Turn 2 starts and I win initiative with a +5 init roll. The bear leads off the turn with a charge into Kat managing to catch him with all 5 conditions. Kat ends the activation at 4 with a mountain of conditions. The alch players activates calculus to poison egret and miss a blind on Jaecar. Unfortunately he was not quite aware that vHearne KDs kids very easily, which results in a huge problem for him. My activation Hearne walks over and KDs Avarisse and Crucible (compound). Ending the activation with 10 of his influence KDd while he has zero momentum. Effectively giving him no turn 2. His remaining players set up for turn 3 while Jaecar kills Kat and egret slams in a goal. Flask clears out jaecars trap and eats a flurry to set him at a precarious 1 hp going into turn 3. \ At this point in the game, I'm handily in control. Hearne leads off KD and snaring Avarisse again while Calc poisons and Blinds Jaecar. The bear hugs Avarisse to death leaving me on 9 points. Flask sick 'em charges Jaecar for a single intensify. Egret scoots away from Kat with a jog and flurry on calculus to trigger back to the shadows. Midas ends up the ball and ends his activation a few inches to theron's left at 6 hp and poisoned. Jaecar kills flask and pokes Calc for a few damage leaving himself out of range of Kat due to his traps positioning. The turn ends with Theron nailing a pinned and snipe into midas to kill him in the maintenance phase through poison damage. Ending the game 12-0 in favor of the Hunters.
  18. No one told Ox the blacksmiths could play ball, cue a sneaky Ferrite goal, a shank snap back and a Cinder and Furnace goal run. Poor Boiler tried to kick their iron clad ball and broke his foot.
  19. It's game day in the Free Cities! We have Blacksmiths, supporting the Butchers claim on Gutter, VS The Farmers, supported by Benediction while Windle sits on the bench... the lazy bugger. Full rosters are Blacksmiths: Ferrite, Anvil, Furnace, Sledge, Iron and Cinder. Farmers: Grange, Brushel, Benny, Harrow, Jack and the damn rooster. Kick off time! Both teams flip a coin and Blacksmiths win and decide to receive the ball. During the pre game team huddle, the Blacksmiths made the lovely Ferrite their Captain. The Farmers choose... the rooster to kick off? You heard that right, that mascot they call 'Peck' is kicking the ball which so happens to be a pumpkin. How? Who knows but it worked! Anyways, Cider sees the opportunity to blow that pumpkin sky high and get this ball rolling for the Blacksmiths. A loyal Blacksmith fan tossed in a ball that's on FIRE! What has Guild ball become?! The ball lands next to the walking tank they call Iron and he scoops it up. Farmers then regroup as best they can to brace themselves against the armour of the Blacksmiths. Iron tries to kick the ball to his master, Ferrite, but misses! And he misses good. The ball almost goes behind the goal line and Ferrite is NOT happy about it. Poor Iron, I sure wouldn't want to be him! Farmers wiggle around and give each other pep talks to hold their ground. Ferrite looks over to Iron and rolls her eyes, Iron can't even look her in the eyes but he would never admit it. She chases after the ball and against her better judgement passes the ball to Iron to show him how it's done. With the pass she dodges up and calls Iron to her side. He didn't think twice. Everyone else on both sides just position themselves for later in hopes to get the upper hand. The game continues, with a scrum right in the middle. The Brewers would be proud to see the fists flying, trash talk spewing, bruising, sweating, all around "good time" in the middle of the pitch. Both teams are just beating each other up but no one is falling! Anvil, The Old Timer, took most of the hits but with his shield that is bigger than most men protected him and what did get through hurt a lot, but not enough to take him out. Tough SOB. But Blacksmiths weren't the only team with a player getting singled out. The Blacksmiths put a lot of hurt onto the Holy Giant known as Benediction. With support he was able to heal himself with his faith... and a little help from the Farmers, to stay healthy and ready for action. During the scrum though, Iron and Ferrite were in control of the ball on the wing and saw an opportunity for a quick goal. Now, Iron had something to prove, like the tryhard that he is and kicked the ball to Ferrite, and it made it! With a nod of approval from his master, Iron felt like he could take on the world! With the scum in the middle continuing, Ferrite dodges up with the ball and sprints around the rough ground to get within range for a goal kick. She lines up the shot, takes a deep breath and kicks the ball right into the Farmers goal! GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Crowd cheers, and boos, depending on who you are cheering for and a loyal Farmers fan throws another pumpkin on the pitch. Strange folk they are. The scarecrow, Jack gains possession of the ball and Ferrite runs right back into the scrum in the middle to support her team and show her leadership skills. 4 - 0 For Blacksmiths. Now with Ferrite in the scum, she can help out her team with laying on the pressure in the middle. She knew that doing this she was vulnerable but didn't care, she wanted to win. She calls Iron over to help pick on the Farmers Captain, Grange. She then attacks, Grange, Peck, Big Ben, and Harrow and disarms all of them. Stunned, the Farmers weren't sure what they could do. Jack knew what to do however, he saw that he could get that "ball" and score a goal. With that he did his teleport trickery and was able to grab the ball and get into range of a goal. The Blacksmith fans boo as they feel he is cheating, but the Farmers fans cheer even louder to show that the Farmers are a real team and they can be as loud and as passionate as any other fan in the league. Jack gets so close to the Blacksmiths goal that no one could miss, and if you did miss you shouldn't be playing this game... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! The strange scarecrow just taps it in and the Farmer fans cheer! Jack liked it when the crowd cheered for him. It didn't really make him feel good, but it scared the crows away so that made him happy. 4 - 4 all Tied up Blacksmith fan tosses the blacksmith ball right down the middle. He or she must of wanted to see both teams just scrum for that ball. Didn't work out that way though as the ball went right to Cinder. Cinder smiled slyly and shot Benny with her crossbow and dodged out of the way of the boxes next to her for she could get a clear sprint to the goal. So that's what she did. She ran as fast as she could and without even looking fired a shot at the Farmers goal... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! But barely. Furnace looked over at his apprentice with his one good eye and gave a nod, showing no emotion. He knew he had to talk to her after the game about taking her time and making every shot count. 8 - 4 Blacksmiths Fan throws, yep you guessed it, another big orange pumpkin back onto the pitch and it rolled into the rocks on the pitch. Farmers knew they had to put more pressure on the Blacksmiths to win this, and did they ever! In the big scrum in the middle, Captain Grange then lays on the hurt on Iron and Ferrite. He knocks the big armored fella, Iron, onto the ground and starts to attack Ferrite. Even with a damanged weapon, Grange had more than enough support from his team to take out Ferrite. Ferrite knew this could happen and accepted it but didn't expect what happened next. Grange ran onto the rocky hill and was able to grab the ball and line up the perfect pass to the scarecrow, Jackstraw. Without issue the pass made it and Jack made a dodge to get closer to the Blacksmith goal. Sledge sees this happen and against Anvils orders, jogs up to Jack to put some pressure on him for the shot. However Jack was up to his scarecrow trickery again and plans some things that farmers plant and dodges out of Sledges range and taps in another goal! GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! 10 - 8 Farmers. Now, there must of been a blacksmith fan in the crowd that had one hell of an arm, as he threw the ball directly to Furnace! Tired, but not out of the game Furnace takes matters into his own hands and tries to close the game as soon as possible as defeat was near. With his big molten sword he attacks Brushel who decided she wanted to bother the big man. He swings and misses but in order to not be basically burned alive by Furnace, Brushel has to dodge out of the way. This worked out perfectly for Furnace as now he has a direct path around the boxes and into range of a goal. He takes it and runs away from the scrum in the middle with the ball. He stops and takes a deep breath and lines up the shot... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Blacksmith fans lose it and drown out the boos of the Farmer fans. They start to chant Furnace! Furnace! As they cheer he raises his molten sword over his head and gets the fans into it even more. Benny was not happy with the defeat as it made the Church look weak, but the Farmers knew a good game when they saw one. Grange walks onto the side line and shakes Ferrites hand, congratulating her on the win. She nods and gives her thanks and comments back and the crowd cheers witnessing this great act of sportsmanship. Both teams leave the pitch. On the way to the locker room Ferrite sees a figure in the shadows that no one on the team noticed. She tells them to go a head and celebrate as she just needs to breath some more fresh air. She approaches the shadowy figure but he comes out into the light. It was Ox, The Master Butcher! He looks at her and smiles, congratulates her on her win. "Well done, Captain." He said to her. "Lets hope the churches weakness shows through today and Gutter notices... I need more allies...". Ferrite doesn't say a word back and walks away to go celebrate with her team. Final Score 13 - 10 Blacksmiths [1 extra VP for opponent clocking out] 3 Stars of the match [both teams]
  20. So it was a grand day out on the park as old Season 1 power couple Ox and Gutter took to the field for the first time since Fillet took the captaincy. What was expected to be a teary eyed reunion was completely overshadowed by the Beast putting out one hell of a performance to steal the show, and possibly Gutters heart (more on that later) So the game: My butchers Fillet, Truffles, vOx, Boar, vBrisket, Gutter vs my mates engineers Pin Vice, Mainspring, Compound, Hoist, vVelocity, Harry. We both decided to play our potential future in guild union players to keep it thematic. So butchers lost the initiative roll and had the kick: First turn ended with Pin vice scoring (ball kicked out to Gutter who was hanging around the large terrain to the left, Pin vice dodged to engage vOx and Brisket walked over and spanked her down to take the MOM lead, meaning Boar went first on turn two and took Pin vice out. Shuffle shuffle shuffle, ball ends up with the engineers after some spectacularly stupid interplay between Gutter and Fillet, Fillet vents wrath by walking over and smacking hoist to bits and bleeding Harry. Shuffle shuffle shuffle cockroach kills the ball like a wuss shuffle shuffle Then we end up somewhere around here where After a bit more stupid late night baby brain decisions, spikey dice and forgotten counter charges Fillet and vOx go down (8-4 to engineers) Pick charges cockroach for the KD to force a ball scatter Gutter goes and tickles compound vBrisket wishes she remembered she had that card that gave me +2/0 kick so I could have at least tried for a snap shot (was not in the ream of getting it totally thought I was out of the game at this point, engaged by Harry and hoist with Gutter also engaged sooooo) At this point Boar had scared vVelocity into the corner, vVelocity gets agro and push dodges boar back to make room for pin vice who advances up field. Butchers win initiative, Ox comes on at table end, Fillet ends up around the small wall on the right, Boar goes first kills vVelocity, charges pin vice (who has the ball now) mom 4 then KD to force scatter, hoist has 1 inf and trys to get a dodge off vBrisket (now up by the pig) and fails terribly so he can't reach the ball. Gutter eyes all a glitter at the display of sheer violence from Boar saunters over to the KD'd Pin vice and proceeds to f her s up triggering reanimate and leaving her on two, Pin vice shakes KD only to realise she can not approach on or the other player to get a dodge as they are both 2" away if she takes a parting blow from either she goes down leaving fillet to saunter over for a shot to finih the game. Didn't get to happen though as my opponent capitulated once he realised his horrible mistake (he claims a result of being up at 2am and us still playing at 10:40pm) Anyway Boar totally stole Gutters heart to set up the juicy love triangle between him Ox and Gutter (yes remember when the owner and scything blow were the greatest of lovers in S1). Gutter belongs with the Butchers, where her heart is...
  21. Butchers get lost in the woods

    Played my Hunters into Butchers the other day trying out some of the Winters Moon models for the first time. Hunters: Skatha, Fahad, Vet Hearne, Jaecar, Minx, and Seenah. Buchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Meathook, and Vet Ox Hunters won the roll off and chose to receive believing that threatening the goal game against Butchers was the way to go. Fillet kicked the ball away from Skatha trying to hide it out of reach of Vet Hearne. After retrieving the ball I managed to pass it down the lines attempting to keep out of Fillet death range and managing to end it in the hands of Skatha, who set up fast ground for both her and Seenah to profit from. I managed to score first turn with Skatha and popped legendary while within range of 4 enemy models. Fillet managed to do a little hurt but Minx managed to dodge away on the counter leaving her to pain circle. Seenah managed to put a good hurt on Meathook who over extended a bit on tooling up Fillet. Hunters manage to win initiative and we start with the Bear who kills Meathook and charges Fillet putting a decent hurt and knockdown. Skatha gets ravaged by Butchers being stuck in the back field but managed to live. Minx and Hearne manage to finish off Fillet. Its now 8-0 Hunters but some of my guys are fairly bleed out and Butchers are playing some keep away. When stack of Fillet comes back on the pitch she managed to take out both an injured Minx and Vet Hearne securing herself the ball hoping to score if the game goes on. Skatha actives early and between her and Fahad try's to put some damage on Vet Ox before making her bloody exit... it's now 8-6... Seenah being the beast she is managed to Bear hug Vet Ox and left Jaecar to finish the poor dog... Hunters win 12-6 which what started out as just a walk in the forest ended up very bloody.
  22. Looking to offload my Butchers, own all 12 current Butchers, season 1 tokens, and dice.
  23. It was expected to be a bloodbath for the ages. In a lonely field in the middle of nowhere Butcher and Brewer alike were lined up for a rowdy exhibition match for the teeming masses. As Tapper, Master Brewer and Ox, The Owner, strode onto the pitch both sides were baying for blood. Tapper flanked by the fierce brawler Hooper, Spigot waving about a broken bottle, and the foul cat Scum with a face full of hate and a belly full of children's tears. Ox lining up with his murderous associate Boar, Boiler the innocent lad with a penchant for bloodletting, and Princess the most marketable mascot save for Salt. What was supposed to be an express train to tbe Smackdown Hotel instead turned into a gross display of footballing acumen. Princess runs up to kick the ball up as she's been trained. Spigot sensing an opportunity takes the ball, tripping and bouncing the poor pooch to the delight of the Brewers faithful. The drunken striker sending a hot goal bouncing off the Butchers goal. As the crowd goes wild Spigot stumbles back to the friendly lines. He turns to the crowd, pointing out which maidens will receive his victorious seed that evening he's blindsided. Ox, having received the ball from the fans on a toss-back, launches a vicious haymaker into Spigot's charming face. The crowd loses their poop as Ox pummel into the Brewer legend and responds with a goal of his own. The ball flies through the air as the Master Brewer senses a chance to end the game here and then. The quicker this ends, the quicker he and his mates get out of this unremarkable backwater and back to civilisation. Beer, wenches, and the chance to throw back Esters' poor performance in the exhibition series against the Blacksmiths in her stupid puffy face were before him. Tapper snaps the ball with his mash paddle. The concession at the pitch must have watered the ale down as the ball landed from the toss-back with unusual precision. Dribbling the ball in his feet he runs forward, and launches the still prone Princess across the pitch with a vicious golf swing. Momentum firmly in his side Tapper prepared to launch the goal to seal the deal. Spigot was a drunken lout who vomited and pissed blood in equal amounts on the practice pitch, but the man was still a goddamned legend. Tapper felt the rush of playing with one of the greats swell in his legs as he made the kick. The ball sailed, pinged off the goal, and was scored. With the blow of the referee's whistle the match ended. Butcher versus Brewer, and save for a small dribble from Spigot's nose, no blood was spilt. The fans had no idea what the hell they'd just witnessed. They had come for blood, and received a game of football instead.
  24. The forums got replaced and I've taken it as an opportunity to combine all my individual guild threads into a single melting pot of wonderful Guild Ball delights. This thread has caused me muchos troublos as how best to structure it, I've got the choice of chronological or alphabetical structuring both of which would fit wonderfully into my mildly ODC (it's alphabetical see!) ways. Anyway wittering aside I'm going alphabetical. Alchemists: Butchers Engineers Union I do actually have all the S1 union painted up but for some reason have never pictured them together, I must try and remedy this!