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Found 4 results

  1. Jackstraw places a crop dusting AoE over Burnish and Cinder, the Farmers player rolls to hit Burnish and is successful in rolling a 3 to hit. Burnish spends 1 MP to cancel it's effects with reinforced plating. Which scenario is correct? 1. The entire play is negated, neither Burnish nor Cinder take damage and no harvest markers are placed. 2. Neither Burnish nor Cinder take damage but the harvest markers can be placed. 3. Burnish ignores the damage but the Farmers player rolls to hit Cinder successfully so she takes 2 damage and the harvest markers can still be placed. Additionally, what about if the Farmers player rolls to hit Burnish and misses (rolls only 1s and 2s). Does this change the situation?
  2. Reinforced Plating, if used, allows Burnish to ignore the effects of a character play. According to the previous topic on this, effects that impact other models (such as the pulse from Flurry) are not negated. Does this mean that if Scapel uses Tormented Agony on Burnish, and he negates it with Reinforced Plating, the inf is not lost, but Scalpel still needs to allocate influence to a model within 10", thereby 'creating' influence? Can she choose to allocate to Burnish, and if she did would the allocation also be negated?
  3. From a previous thread: I'm a little confused on this - does Burnish ignore the pulse's effects? Consider Fillet's Blood Rain, where "Target enemy model suffers [2] DMG. Enemy models within the pulse suffer the bleed condition." Burnish definitely ignores the 2 dmg component, but what about the pulse? Thank you.
  4. Does the Kill The Ball Character Play create a new ball marker or place the existing one? Suppose Cinder unsnaps the ball marker, kills it and jogs to the ball marker placed by the goal kick, perhaps so as not to be in possession of the ball marker during a parting blow. Can Cinder snap the ball marker?