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Found 9 results

  1. Kueller

    My Butchers :)

    Brisket Ox and Boiler Princess Meathook Boar Shank
  2. Forum, I am back with the ninth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. I added a new scoreboard and HP recaps at the end of turns. Let me know what you think of these changes. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Butchers game against Alex Botts explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Alex is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop
  3. The new book is out and with it came only a few surprises at this point. The Farmers, and the new Union pair. For the most part, the other releases have been out, and tested, and opinions are already out there. I’m a long ways from being qualified to tell you how good they are, and aren’t. I can give you some impressions if you haven’t seen them, but consider this more of a news outlet than the actual no-kidding way to play the game...http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-season-3s-new-guys/ -Authored by JDHaigler
  4. Hey guys I'm back with a new video! No it isn't another episode of Run the Length. It's another Blog! Run the Length to return in 2 weeks. In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month and go over the new models released this month. I cover where i think they fall within their respective teams from a competitive perspective.
  5. malladin.ben

    Butcher Civil War actual play

    Hi all, Kieran and I played a Butchers Civil War game yesterday at the club, and it was a real nail-biter. I've spent a bit of time writing it up for effect: Foreshadowing Ox stood, arms folded, in the centre of the pitch. He surveyed his players as they went about their training: Boiler throwing a marker ahead of him, then sprinting after it, Princess barking at his heels; Tenderiser driving the ball with his massive hammer like a Maldriven nobleman on the links; Shank weaving between straw-stuffed mannequins, slashing them into ribbons with his chains and blades. In another corner their Union loanees went through their own drills: Gutted whirling her chains as Harry attempted (largely unsuccessfully, Ox noted with a chuckle) out of the way. His attention was drawn to the women, practicing together. There was an hostility to their play that, in the Master Butcher’s experience, women seemed to specialise in. Meathook was lofting balls towards Brisket and the new girl, Fillet, who were fighting to intercept the ball. Normally during a practice this close to a big game they would train with dulled practice blades, but the “ladies” had ditched these for the steely glint of sharpened daggers. He revelled in their rivalry. Brisket had something in her, a natural leader if she but in need of maturing and gaining some focus. Fillet, on the other hand, was all about brutal focus. Ox had not seen a player of her skill in all his time at the guild. She would be one of the all-time greats. But he doubted she would make any friends on the way. Boar emerged from the privy, news sheet tucked under his arm (Ox doubted the big murderer could read, the paper just for show) and joined the captain in the middle of the field. Clocking his emergence, Ox decided it was time. “Butchers, gather!” he called. “And you, too,” he nodded to the Union pair. The players stopped their exercises and jogged over to heed their master’s call. “It’s time we switch things up a bit. It’s the final next and it’s likely to be out toughest match yet. Practice blades away. Time for the real thing. A full game, play to twelve. Show no mercy. Fillet, Brisket, you pick the teams.” The women turned to face each other. The master butcher could sense the tension in the air and was well pleased. “Your first pick,” Brisket smiled playfully at her rival. “Meathook.” Fillet stated coldly, the erskirii maiden moved to stand behind her partner. “Hmmm,” Brisket said, surveying the assembled players with a mischievous grin. She stops on the master butcher. “Captain,” she claimed. “What?” Fillet objected, “That’s not fair!” “He never said he wasn’t available to pick!” Ox surveyed the women, squaring up against each other, hands on the hilts of their knives. “You’re right, Brisket. I didn’t say I wouldn’t play. Your pick, Fillet.” Fillet muttered something in Valentian under her breath, probably a curse, but then regained her composure. “I’ll take the Cutter, then,” she said, claiming the vice-captain, Shank, for her team. “Boiler,” Brisket said playfully. “Get over here, kid!” She ruffled the young lad’s hair as he bounded over to her team. Brisket noted Fillet’s scowl. She knew the Valentian enjoyed playing with the boy, his play style supported hers perfectly. Brisket smiled smugly at her rival. “Tenderiser.” Fillet called, a cold smile cracking across her lips. She knew the big ‘keeper would cause maximum problems for Brisket’s game. Brisket shrugged. “Boar.” The big man smiled evilly at Fillet. “Good call, girlie.” He complemented Brisket. “I’m gonna enjoy this!” Fillet looked over the remaining players. Mascots and union mercenaries only remaining. She was torn. Gutter was clearly the better of the two mercenaries, but Fillet knew that Brisket would happily lumber her with that useless dog, who’d probably just follow boiler around anyway. She pondered on it. She could get some use out of the Hat. “Truffles.” She called. Brisket sniggered. “Nice choice,” she commented snidely. “Suits you.” “I could say the same for you and the bitch,” Fillet retorted. “Ouch! You cut so deep.” Brisket taunted, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “I’ll take Gutter and princess, then, you get Harry. Don’t go too hard on me, big man,” she said, blowing Harry a kiss. “Right, places, then. Ox called. Fillet, your choice. Kick or receive.” He could see the Valentian was riled and wasn’t thinking straight. “Kick,” Fillet said. * * * Meathook kicks off, knocking the ball over the line on the opposite side of the pitch to Brisket. Ox sprints to collect the ball and drops back, passing the ball to Brisket. Boiler moves up in support, but Fillet pushes forward and sends her knives whirling off towards the boy and the master butcher, encircling them in pain. Ox manages to sidestep the blades, but Boiler takes a deep gash to the bicep and starts gushing blood. But Fillet has come too far forward and Gutter starts to whirl her chains. Luckily, though, the flashing blade is too swift for the psychotic mercenary and manages to evade every attempt to drag her into enemy territory. Brisket starts to take control, passing the ball to Boar, who dodges forward to threaten Fillet. Harry moves up at a surprisingly fast rate in support of his temporary captain and starts to hurl inventive insults at the big beast, distracting him from his intended target. It’s too much for Boar, who charges forward and slams into the Hat, toe-to-toe. Harry counters, swinging his heavy wrench. He can’t get Boar away from him, so he shoves him deeper into Fillet’s territory. Boar’s onslaughts continues and the hat falls to the ground as Harry is carted off for treatment. “2-0 Team Brisket!” the Master Butcher calls. Shank catches a blade from Meathook and goes in heavily on the big killer, but it’s not enough as the whistle goes on the first round. Harry jogs back on at the wing but it’s Boar who acts quickest, knocking shank flat before he can counter attack. He charges Fillet, but the wily captain-in-the-making is too much for the deranged lunatic and she survives his onslaught. Meathook responds, running to her lover’s aid, catching Boar with a nasty hook that leaves him pouring blood and yells at Shank to get to his feet. Unfortunately for the cutter it’s not enough, as the master butcher sprints up, knocks him back down and dispatches him in just three cuts. Fillet curses. Looks like she will have to do it all herself. Again. She draws her knives and threshes and dances around Boar and Ox, finishing the berserker and then slinking away into cover. Safe, for now. Tenderiser charges his captain, on the opposing team for today, and knocks him flat, spilling the ball loose, but it bounces straight to Brisket. The goal is left open, but with Fillet and Truffles protecting the wing she cannot find a way through and takes the ball wide to safety. The whistle blows again on the round. Whilst Team Brisket are clearly ahead 4-2, control of play is poised on a knife edge. And it’s Team Fillet who act fastest going into round three. Fillet strikes with a vengeance, bringing Ox to within an inch of his life before swinging by Boiler and Princess. With all three of them bleeding, Fillet seems to pull the blood out of the by the sheer force of her will and the Master Butcher slumps to the floor. “Four-all, bitch” She screams at Brisket. Unfortunately her triumph is short-lived. Boar has returned to play and has Harry the Hat back in his sights. The madman makes short work of the crazy guy in the hat for the second time in the match. “You were saying? Brisket taunts, spying the gap Fillet left. She jogs forward casually, takes aim from long range and lets fly. “Ten-four!” Brisket whooped. “Bitch!” But the game isn’t over and Meathook is in a great position. The erskirii slices into Boiler with her hooks, dispatching him in two strikes, then moves up to pressure Gutter, hooking her too. Tenderiser charges in, too, knocking the mercenary psycho flat and leaving her bruised. But the game is not over for Gutter yet and she shakes off her injuries and swings her chains at Tenderiser, slicing Meathook in the process. Despite the score, Fillet is in control of the game as the whistle blows on round three, but a newly returned Shank is in range of Brisket’s knives with only two points left in it for Team Brisket to win. The final round starts with palpable tension. Fillet’s only viable takeout target is Princess, so she can’t win the game on her own. She eyes up the goal for herself, and sends her paramour Meathook to bring them to within reach of victory. Meathook swings back into Gutter. Just as with Boiler it only takes two cuts to finish her off. All eyes turn to Brisket, with Shank in her sights, she goes in, toe-to-toe to deny the master cutter the chance to escape. She cuts him once, but Shank counters giving it everything he’s got… And he pulls out the dodge of the game, escaping brisket’s reach. She vainly throws her dirty knives after him, but they thump into the ground at his feet as he skips away laughing. Now it’s all down to Fillet. She spies the goal, charging Princess and taking her out before teeing up the shot. It’s eight-ten. If she can hit the target it’s game over for Brisket. She shoots… GGGOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!! * * * Fillet celebrated the game with her teammates, watching smugly as Brisket and her comrades slunk off. The master butcher walked over to her. “Congratulations, girl.” He said. “You played well.” “Thank you, captain.” She says the words, Ox thought, but there is no respect in her voice. He paused, eyes narrowing in on Fillet. “A word of caution, girl.” He said. “You may have won the game, but I don’t think you’ve won yourself any friends.” Fillet cocked a curious eyebrow at her captain. “Friends? Unlike you to be bothered by such things.” “Loyalty is all.” He said ominously, turning away. “But it needs to be earned.” We used S3 rules where we had them, but S1/2 where not. We didn't use plot cards, but did play the "home crowd" momentum rule. Given that we were playing an S3 mascot in Princess we fudged Truffles into a S3 version by giving him 9hp and his icy sponge on 5, and played that mascots earn only 1VP when taken out. As far as player analysis goes... S3 Fillet is not the same beast that she once was. You need to be very careful with her. I messed up turn 1 and left her in range of gutter (who thankfully fluffed 4 attempts to chain grab her), and only a 4" dodge away from a Boar charge. I was playing without Boiler, so I could probably have coped better with him in the team for Swift Stance, but even still, the new counter attack possibilities, and the improved playbooks of many models, make her a riskier prospect to stack up with influence. That said, she does very good work with 4 or 5 in support, or a late activation to come in for damage. Doing so brings the rest of the team to life. It might only be 1 or 2 fewer influence, but it really made a difference. She synergises really well with S3 Meathook, too. They give you so much flexibility as a pair as they turn each other on (in more ways than one if you've read the S2 fuff). In turn 1 I had meathook ready to charge deep against Boiler after Fillet set her up with Pain Circle, later in the game they both had opportunity to set each other up by putting out bleed to trigger each other's damage bonuses, etc. S3 Meathook is a beast. It's a bloody (excuse the pun) good job she can only take 3 INF, because with 4 she would be seriously broken. She always was great at generating momentum, but often whiffed a bit at damage and then was just easily taken out. Now she's resilient, Hooked means she's much more reliably hitting the 2 dmg results on her playbook, and she's not lost much on momentum generation (still 1:1 ratio, but can only do it 3 times). And then you add in the control she can help out with from pushes and she's monstrous. She synergises so well with Fillet as previously mentioned, but under Ox I suspect the pushes will be even more useful, and he turns up her damage. S1/2 Meathook reliably did 7 dmg and 4 MP for 3 net INF, S3 does 7dmg and 3MP for net 1 INF. And thats without taking into account the 2" of pushes that will usually generate and the Hooked. She's an auto include with both captains, I feel, now. S3 Mascots the 1 VP thing makes a bog difference. It's not worth sinking an INF into killing them unless you can do it early in the game so you've got chance to do it again. New loved creature is meh. I triggered it and didn't really worry about it too much. S3 Boar is a beast. The shortened playbook has really ramped up his damage output. He gets to 3 more often on a normal hit and wraps more often on the charge. DEF 3 makes a difference, too, but not a massive one. But then I had Hooked. Life Drinker is a much more important part of his defensive tech. Wraps are really useful on the charge as you can KD or push to prevent the counter and take the 1DMG on the wrap to trigger berserk. S3 Harry is a useful if fragile tool. He doesn't get as much mileage out of Crazy as Cosset, and if he uses it he's effectively a 3/1 with 16HP. Not very tough at all. Goad potentially won me the game. If Fillet had taken the brunt of Boar's charge I don't think she would have survived, and without her I wouldn't have been able to claw my way back into the game. (Those masons players moaning about Marbles should take note!) I didn't get chance to use Molotov, but I had plans to use it if it wasn't for messing up Fillet's positioning turn 1. He's not the brawler I was expecting him to be, but then maybe I was misguided in expecting him to be. He's possibly better as a tenderiser replacement in butchers, as a well placed Goad or molotov can stop a goal better than Goal Defence or Rush Keeper.
  6. Miniature Brushwork

    starting the butchery [part 3]

    I just got myself the butchers starter and assembled them. Really nice minis and I hope that I can get them some color in the next few days. https://miniaturebrushwork.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/guild-ball-butchers-guild-starter-set-part-1/ enjoy cheers
  7. Cmmurray71

    Brisket Shenanigans

    Hello Everyone, I finally have enough games under my belt with Ox where i have started experimenting with some different strategies. I had recently played my first Butchers game in which i was able to achieve a three goal (one takeout) victory for a final score of 14-4 vs the Mason. Post game i realized the potential of trying to close out goals quickly and using the pressure of Ox's position to get on the goal with Brisket. In my current GB circuit we have a lot of masons/brewers/butchers so i am still not sure of the viability of this strategy against the heavier goal scoring teams and wanted to know your thoughts. Here is how the match played out. Team Comp (Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Shank, Gutter)O Turn 1: Won the kickoff and chose to receive. Activated Boiler, put swift stance on Brisket and went to retrieve the ball with Boiler, passed to Ox. Had Ox throw tough skin on Brisket then pass her the ball, Brisket does a pass and move up 4 inches. At this point my opponent has caught on that i was attempting a turn one goal and shoots flint over to try and steal the ball. Brisket is sitting on 6 Def/2 Armor (charmed plus swift stance and tough skin) and no success is had. The way the positioning worked out I had to eat the free strike from Flint and a counter charge from Brick but managed without seeing a single play book result. Activated super shot and kicked through brick for the turn one goal. End of turn one Butcher 4 Masons 0. Turn 2: Lost the initiative roll and went second. Masons were able to start with flint and get a goal on first activation.
  8. Hi guys. I wrote the following in the New recruit area, but I am afraid, noone noticed this. Maybe this belongs in the butchers guild forum. Who can help a noob? I bought a butcher starter and the butcher season 1 token set and have two questions. 1. Right arm of Brisket: Did anyone else notice that the right arm of brisket might be a little too long? Let me explain what I mean: Mr Lee (I hope it's ok to use this link here) cut off a bit of the top of the right arm short arm Whereas Trent Denison used the whole arm longer arm I can't seem to find an official render of briskets right arm. Anyone? Short or long, whats correct? 2. Tokens: I ordered the butchers guild 1st season token set. Now there is a (new?) condition token set. Would I need that too? Thx guys.