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Found 8 results

  1. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus the great?

    Locus's character play "remote control" doesn't say where to measure kick distance from. Is it supposed to be from the ball via season 3 or are we supposed to now measure from locus himself?
  2. I watched the SFG game of Farmers against Rats. A certain moment JamieP played Football derwish. The momentum spending was not clear to me. How I understood the sequence goes (and the momentum needed): 1. Bonesaw passes succesful to Piper (costs no MOM, gains 1 MOM) 2. Bonesaw does Give n Go (4" dodge) (costs 1 MOM, gains no MOM) 3. Bonesaw activates Football derwish (costs no MOM, gains no MOM) 4. Due to Football derwish, Piper passes back succesfully (costs 1 MOM, gains 1 MOM) 5. Bonesaw does Pass and move (4" dodge) (costs 1 MOM, gains no MOM) 6. Bonesaw continues his activation In the game however I had the impression that step 2 was done without paying momentum. Did I misunderstood something in my sequence ? Please correct me. Thx
  3. My dad just got the Mortician guild and whole learning about tactics and strategy in playing the guild o keep seeing something that makes no sence. So I have seen MANY people talk about using football dervish for an 8" Dodge and this has been bugging the hell out of me. I've seen it being used on videos of matches and on the forums here. The card very clearly says "the friendly model may immediately spend 1MP to make a pass that targets this player INSTEAD of making a Teamwork action. So can someone please explain how you can pass and make a 4" Dodge (which would be a teamwork reaction) and also dervish, and then make a second (legitimate) 4" Dodge? Was there a rule change? What am I missing here?
  4. MechMage

    Puppet Mark

    Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master to make Blackheart attack Harry and Blackheart triggers On My Mark. Can Bonesaw now pass the ball to Blackheart? If he does, can he use Football Dervish?
  5. The_Question_NL

    Bonesaw review

    So what are your thoughts on Bonesaw? In the couple of games that I have played him he is an auto-include in a scalpel linup combined with the Scalpel's Second Wind. While he is a great striker he does need some work to get it done. Anybody used him in an Obulus team? Cheers and happy holidays in advance !
  6. Devils Reject

    Devils Morticians ( & Friends )

    Hey Guys, thought I would get some pictures up of my Morticians I painted a little while back, a few of their Union mates joined them for the team photo! Tell me what you think?
  7. This might be an unlikely scenario but anyway... Let's say Bonesaw has the ball within striking distance of the goal and it's the opponents turn to activate a model. They choose to attack Bonesaw in order to get the ball of him and he then declares a counter attack. The attacking player fluffs up their dice roll and fails to take the ball from Bonesaw, he then counters and gets 2 hits for Football Dervish. He uses that to kick to a goal (if he has the MP required) and scores. Does this end then end your opponents activation?
  8. Hello, When reading this http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/14640-multiple-snap-shots-permitted/ , I got to wondering about other weird non-activation shots. So, when Bonesaw is attacked, if he hasn't yet used Football Dervish, and gets 2 hits on a Counter-Attack, could he immediately kick with Football Dervish? If he is in range to make a shot on goal, may he, and if he does so does it cost a momentum? What happens to the current activation (of the enemy player) if the goal makes it in? Thanks and best, Drillboss EDIT: Relatedly, could he pass to another Morticians player and then have them make a Snapshot?