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Found 12 results

  1. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Hey guys this is a series i will be writing about a vassal big league i am hosting. I will be posting weekly with updates of the league events. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/
  2. Ik-tornado

    How to buff Angel?

    Hey guys, I decided to start up a blog today as a convenient way to write long stuff and be able to include images since the limit on here is so low. I'm not super professional at all that website junk but this first entry is focused on making Angel an interesting choice in the roster through buffs, with a short paragraph included in the beginning for my own relief over her sculpt. https://tornadogb.blogspot.com/2017/09/angels-in-goalie-box.html Also suggest more Angel fixes in this thread! I want her to be fun and effective to use within the next few errata passes.
  3. Just started adding Guild Ball content to my long-running gaming blog, and started with Alcs since been playing them most recently. Since i'm still relatively a beginner it's really for beginners, nothing for the pros. Scoring easy goals with Alchemists The main Guild Ball Page, mostly bare at mo
  4. Neo_Maquiavelo

    New blog in Spanish

    Hello there! I want to show you all my recently made Guild Ball Blog. It's completely in Spanish, as I've found that the community that we have here in Spain, and maybe also in Latin America, has sometimes a few difficulties with the lenguage. My aim is to translate all the news about Guild Ball that I've found in the official web, or in other blogs, to help those players to understand them easier (and also to get as hyped as I am with them) I hope it also helps me with my English Philology degree (Don't know if my teachers love Guild Ball) So here it is! ¡Dímelo en el campo! (Tell it to me on the field!) Hope you guys enjoy it, and remember to show it to any Spanish speakers you may know (or if you want to practise reading it, you're wellcomed)
  5. Howdy! Forgot to post my last blog post up on here, so here you are, how about 3? First up, I discuss Engineers with Greg Day: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-greg-day-on.html?m=1 Then I talk Blackheart- I mean, Union with Jason Mountain from the Singled Out Podcast: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-jason-mountain-on.html?m=1 and then this week I spoke to Mike Dam from Crit Damage Miniature Games about his Hunters: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-mike-dam-on.html as always, let me know why you think! lots to go at there! Regards, Mr Hall
  6. This week I managed to get an interview with Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast's own Alex Botts. We discussed his Union, the team that he took to the Guild Ball World Team Championship. He's pretty good at Guild Ball and threw some light on the dark world that is, Rage led Union. http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-alex-botts-on.html let me know what you think! regards Mr Hall
  7. Hello all, my 8th instalment in my path to Butchery. This is a tournament blog of a local 16 man tournament in the SE of the UK. A lot is on the line. Both a title defence for myself and also a chance to push up to the top two butchers in the rankings. But the local meta is getting super tough! Hope you enjoy my writing! http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/06/19/Guildball---A-Path-to-Butchery-8---Guild-times---10th-June-2017---Galleon-Games
  8. Hey guys I'm back with a brand new blog entry. Check it out! In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month including Adepticon, my experiences with Crucible, and the new Hunters models released this month. I cover where I think they fall within the team from a competitive perspective. A Quick note here guys. Hitting the like button really helps me show up in Youtube's search engine and subscribing will let you guys know the moment my new content is up. Thanks for watching!
  9. LogicCrash

    What is happening with Union?

    So we've all read and seen it... "Finally, the last thing which we’re sure all you eagle eyed readers out there have noticed is the lack of the Selective rule… Don’t worry, that’s not a typo. Till next time, let us know what you think of the changes to Fillet and Minx on our Facebook, Twitter, and our forums at Steamforged.com! We’ll see you back here on Friday to discuss Organised Play and the changes to Union models. And if you missed it, join in the conversation about Seenah now." Last week we were told we'd hear about the changes to Union models. Presumably something about how Selective would or wouldn't work going forward. What happened to this info? It looked like the Friday Blog post was a little off and didn't include the information I, and I am sure a few other folks, were waiting to hear about. Anyone know what or if we will be getting this info now as the blog machine appears to be rolling on with no mind to what was missed?
  10. Hello all wanted to share out my blog I started yesterday seems people think it's not completely utter shite (bonus!) so might aswell share it here aswell as fb. Im going to try add something every week WIP pics story's of tournament and friendly match banter things like that. I'm basically brand new to tabletop and guild ball as a whole so it's going to detail my journey into the unknown(insert spooky noise). Will probably throw in product reviews also of steamforged goodies! don't be expecting Shakespeare I can only just spell my name https://lockerroommashup.wordpress.com much love
  11. Hall Of Legends

    Hall of Legends Match Reports.

    Hi all, Mr Hall here, I write a gaming blog (currently very focuses on guild ball) and I wrote up my game reports after each game/tournament if you feel like a read, follow the link: Tournament-Winter Wreath : http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-guild-hall-winter-wreath-tournament.html
  12. Hobbybutterfly

    My underhanded adventures with The Union

    My guild ball team of choice is the Union (trying not to say first despite the alchemists appeal). I started off with Fangtooth- which I have already shared once before https://hobbybutterfly.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/painting-guildball-union-fangtooth/ At that point I hadn't settled on a team- or indeed whether or not I was actually going to get one. Fangtooth was a fantastic looking model that had the benefit of being available for several teams so was an easy pickup. Not long after the Avarisse and Greede model caught my eye and so the union starter was inevitably going to follow https://hobbybutterfly.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/hobby-projects-guildball-the-union-starter-box/ Not long after that Rage and Hemlocke were added to the roster- pictures to follow I am now considering stripping the others as my work on Rage makes them look a little amateur (I've been slowly getting back into painting models after losing motivation whilst working for GW)