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Found 22 results

  1. Looking to buy the Kickstarter Blackheart. I do not care if it's sealed or painted don't even need the base just need him to be all there. I am in the states and have PayPal. If you have one please DM with pics and price shipped to Holbrook NY 11741 US. Thank you.
  2. https://www.patreon.com/posts/19009726 In this episode Jason goes to Jumper for Goalposts 5, a local guild ball tournament. He discussed the matches he played, and why he loves Union so very, very much. This is one of our bonus episodes. Join us at 'goalkeeper' level or above and get this episode and access to our entire back catalogue! Find us at www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  3. Strahleo

    Union Blog & Cage Ball

    Hi there I help write a little Blog and have started a series where I move away from my staple of murder ball to a new guild and the football centric team. in my 3rd instalment I take a look at mini guild ball tournaments in a single evening. How to do it and how my ‘football’ is trying to get better. I wonder what the forums 4 player Union line up & 4 Player Blackheart lone up would be for Cage Ball? your thoughts would be welcome as I play this format more and more! https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/12/15/Guildball-Loot-Plunder-3---A-Cage-Party
  4. MechMage

    Puppet Mark

    Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master to make Blackheart attack Harry and Blackheart triggers On My Mark. Can Bonesaw now pass the ball to Blackheart? If he does, can he use Football Dervish?
  5. Eager to settle the score and restore his guild's honor, Corsair kicked off to Blackheart today. Gutter ran forth impudently which the Returning Exile was quick to punish, but it gave the Pirate King the opening he needed to surge across the pitch and strike from the shadows, clobbering Greyscales and scoring a goal. Corsair turned to retaliate against the arrogant tyrant but in the crucial moment missed his finishing blow, giving Blackheart the opening he needed to finish off the Elder Fisherman. Kraken finished the job his captain started, but in doing so he game Harry the opportunity clobber Sakana, snatching the ball from him and guiding him into the waiting knives of Rage who made short work of the Privateer. The Hat laughed and jeered at Corsair as he dumped the ball off the Minx. With no one to stop the Feral Hunter, she sprinted across the field and scored the game winning goal. Final Score: Union 12, Fishermen 4 Blackheart could not be reached for comment as when he was addressed he just cackled maniacally and faded back into the netherworld.
  6. Need to pick up a KS Honour and any Blackheart.
  7. Pending Forum Suspension

    Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place

    Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place Corsair brings the paint to the Pirate King in this match up. The Fishermen fielded Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Hag, vSiren, and Avarisse&Greed. The Union fielded Blackheart (God rest his zombie bones,) Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Benediction, and Harry the Hat. Corsair boots the ball to FPL (Fish Player Left) where gutter makes the retrieval. Gutter gets yanked in with the second harpoon where the Siren and Corsair swing some and get the ball off of her. Harry sets Corsair on fire with a molotov. Everyone else is playing positional. Fish take the initiative in round 2 sending their thugs A&G to send Gutter off the field early. Harry rushes Corsair but the seadog dug his peg in for a defensive stance and took the steam out of the Hat's charge (rolled four 3's and two 1's) but couldn't keep his balance, his bulbous backside booming the ball to nearby octopus, Tentacles. Corsair retaliates by sending Harry off the pitch with some key assists from the thugs and Siren before jogging to block Tentacles from the Pirate King's charge lane. The rest of the turn was spent positioning and making ineffective strikes. Siren's dread gaze mercilessly mitigated the mercenaries' muggings. Tentacles drops the ball where Sakana can safely secure it, he is pursued by Decimate. In round 3 the Union took the first swings but earns no take outs. Decimate attempts to take the ball from Sakana but underestimates his ability to get out of the way. Corsair removes her from the pitch for her transgressions. Benediction moves to block Sakana's shot but to no success as the fish slips by. Sakana rockets in a goal. Harry brings the ball down field to Blackheart. In round 4 the Union yet again go first but in a hearbreaker for the Pirate King Harry whiffs the pass and Blackheart doesn't have the energy to make up for it. Fishermen promptly remove Benediction and the game is called. 12-0 Fishermen Link to pics https://imgur.com/gallery/MYW0H
  8. Obulus Resurrects Blackheart in order to scout the upstart Farmers Death has not slowed down Blackheart one bit as he made a first turn goal run bouncing off of Grange and Harrow to get in position for a kick. Tater Charges Minx to counter the tap in threat but could not stop the Union captain. Mid turn two mist tackled Bushel to kick it out to Blackheart mid scrum. The Farmers shift to take outs and down Mist and Minx but at this point it was too late. With Mist returning at the top of turn three he manages a tackle off of scare crow mechana Jack straw and sends the last pass to the Pirate captain. What did Obulus learn from this sinister exhibition match. Though the Union leader is dead that does not stop him from dodging and scoring his way to a victory. The Union - Blackheart, Strongbox, Minx, Mist, Fangtooth, RageFarmers - Grange, Peck, Tater, Bushel, Jack Straw, HarrowScore 12:4 for the Union (3 goals) Farmers (2 Kos)
  9. I'm trying to work out a strong vetRage & Blackheart roster to play into the new meta and in preparation for a steamcon qualifier. I know that the "ideal" or "most effective" is all subjective and of course very dependant on player skill. But since currently my playtime is limited and I have an abundance of dojo and solo vassal time, I figured I'd put my thoughts out to the community. We all know Rage is a support beater monster but I've been having some good success with Blackhearts strong 2-2 game. He's a solid beater/striker switch captain that can really spread his team out to skirt around teams that want to scrum or teams like Smoke who can really punish clumped players. With all being said, below are my thoughts on a roster: vetRage Blackheart Strongbox: he's amazing with vetRage and not terrible with blackheart Mist: one of the best non-captain kickoff pressures out there Benediction: Reach, survivability, momentous pushes and solthecian are great for either captain. Rage loves having a model to reliably disengage him and impart wisdom is great for red fury. Gutter: Reliable momentous damage, amazing wrap potential with bloody Coin and crowdouts, and chain grab helps to control teams that try to spread way out against vetRage. Rage: helps Blackhearts 2-2 game with reliable momentous damage, inf efficiency and condition damage. Tooled up on blackheart nearly brings him back to season 2 level of beat down. Benediction (and/or Harry) can help to reliably disengage rage. Minx: great for both captains. Very efficient, fast, snare on damage and can score/retrieve the ball decently. Slightly squishy. 2 FLEX SPOTS Snakeskin: one of the best ball killers in the game. Shark (and midas I suppose) is weakened but is still strong into vetRage. Snakeskin can buy vetRage a turn or two each time shark scores for the beat down to continue (albeit at a cost of 3inf). She's also a decent piece in footballing teams and can tank a lot of hits against male. Harry: still has his aura, which is great for receiving, and is still great at pushing and decent at knocking down. Although he competes with Benediction for this role, redundancy in pushing and knock downs is not a bad thing in some matchups. Harry Stil has strong control with character plays, and rising anger + counter attack threat helps to dissuade attacking Avarisse & Greede: the new hotness, always liking playing with new toys. Can put out absurd damage, tho very influence hungry to keep Greede safe. Since Avarisse never wants to charge, this pair is very slow. I see their potential with practice, but with Canadian championships coming up soon I worry I don't have the time to figure them out well enough. Hemlocke: with midas sad, smoke might make a comeback, I've heard this is happening in the Chicago meta. In that case smelling salts become very useful. Even in other matchups like masons, blind is very strong and noxious blast is always solid. Never will 1-2inf be wasted on her. Still very squishy tho. Coin: might be a better mascot in a blackheart team that wants to spread out compared to the slow speed and area of effect for the turtle. Those are my thoughts, what do you guys think? I'm pretty set on the first 8, trying to decide on the last two mostly (leaning towards snakeskin for 1 of then). Tho I am of course open to suggestion.
  10. So I've taken the scary step after only playing Butchers since the games release to dive head long into a footballing Blackheart team. My first attempts to hit the pitch in an Alt Deployment face off. any tips or advice on using the players I've selected. I am trying to focus on the footballing aspect with maybe a tiny bit of damage threat. My pondering is leading me to look at a few other players but the core I am thinking of keeping the same (so no a switch to V.Rage is not on the cards lol) https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/09/01/Loot-Plunder
  11. So with all the errata changes, how do people see these matchups going now. Assuming union have rage + blackheart available and fish and alchemists have both captains in their respective rosters. Fish Previously this felt like blackheart had better tools to deal with the fish since shark was their normal drop (rage ruins the corsair party). Shark could spread out way to much against rage and sacrifice players to retrieve the ball as he moves towards his 3 goals. Blackhearts ability to spread out and his natural reach and manoeuvrability gave him a few more tool, although it was still an uphill battle. But now the shark and siren control game is much weaker, perhaps rage is quite good into the matchup now? I guess shark can still spread out with his 3 or 4 strikers, so this might be an issue for rage as before, but he can't shut rage down as much with his loss of gut and string at least. And dropping rage into fish also covers if he tries to list chicken you and drops corsair which I don't think blackheart really likes to see. But perhaps blackheart still is better into fish than rage and is now much more of an even matchup due to the shark and siren nerf (assuming they drop shark) Alchemists Although I don't have a whole lot experience against alchemists, it feels like blackheart might slightly edge Rage out here too. I'm not sure. Against midas, with the change to Harry meaning rage probaby won't be taking him (and therefor one less great reach model), and again with blackheart natural reach, it seems like blackheart might be better. Although blackheart doesn't quite have the tools to deal with the midas goon squad (okat and now a+g?) as well as rage, but maybe that won't be a thing withoit Harry. If he drops smoke, again it feels like blackheart might edge rage out since smoke should really be able to control a rage team that likes to bunch up through aoes and without Harry rage has slightly less momentum to play with and deal with all the conditions. Blackheart against smoke can again spread out much nore and probably do a pretty reliable 2-2 game. Anyways, I'm not saying that i think rage can't play into either, it's just that Canadian nationals are coming up next month, and since I'm working up in Alaska until the end of August, my practise window is small. So I'd like to be able to really focus my preparation games in the short time I'll have. So do you guys think?
  12. If Blackheart is in possession of the ball marker, can he use Benediction's Impart Wisdom to target himself with On My Mark to pass the ball by having Benny be the origin of the play even though it normally only targets other friendly models?
  13. Warpstoned

    Any love for oRage?

    Hi guys, In my head I really would like to have oRage in my 10 to be able to spice up the damage game in my Blackheart rosters if need be. However, I never seem to make him fit into a line up, and he often feels like the 7th player. I guess Maverick is annoying me a bit - stopping On my mark, Legendary, Quick foot and Bag of coffers just to name a few, but tooling up Blackheart and doing the occasional furious charge/damage/kd/bleed seems like it have merits. So dear friends. In what line ups, if at all, are you fielding rage and against what teams? Is he a forgotten gem or just simply the 7th player? With our new additions of G&B we have even more choices/decisions to make.
  14. Hey guys I'm back again with another episode of RTL! Let me know your thoughts and please like, share, and subscribe. It helps the channel a lot. This is the fifth episode of Run the Length a game play commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Union game against Craig Cassata Adepticon Team Tournament Champion explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Facebook page can be found here: facebook.com/fairgamestore Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  15. So, I'm looking around my guild ball collection, and I realize I have a union team except for mascots and a captain. I go online and order mascots, vet rage and (wait) -- I can't get Blackheart. If the rest of the union is sold individually, it would make sense to at least sell Blackheart that way as well. You can have my money, and I can play Union. What say you Steamforged?
  16. JustinRoley

    Captains grudge match

    A friend and I both ended up with most of Union after the Steamcon deals and it got us to thinking about a fluffy grudge match. We are going to have a Blackheart/Coin versus Rage/Strongbox battle for the Union. We are going to draft from the remaining Union players one at a time with no repeats. It presents some interesting exercises in thought about player selection. As the Rage player do I take Minx first as the most universally useful to both captains, or do I take Avarisse and Greede to take the scariest goal threat from Blackheart? Also if I want to play the brawling game, would it be worth a spot to take Snakeskin to kill the ball, or perhaps even Fangtooth could serve a more active version of the same role? Lots of options with season 3! Anyone else thought about doing this? We just got the models in so it will likely be a few weeks before the game, but I will post and tweet details when we play it out. (@2manmeta)
  17. Ooooh, look. New Blackheart. That's quite exciting, isn't it? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/16/a0qlkkqiyjx6c4ese7mzh5r4mnigsr I'll be floating around here to answer questions for a while if anyone has any! Enjoy! EDIT: Joined these two threads since apparently myself and Giblin made one at the same time. Discuss away!
  18. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Blackheart

    Not the best photos as my living room light bulb just blew out so the lighting in here isn't great! Blackheart is now done for my Union team! Still 6 Union members to paint, but once Coin's done I'll at least have a fieldable team which is fully painted
  19. A situation arose last night, Blackheart (the union captain) was knocked down, really close to an apposing team member. The text on his card, and the ability 'Shadow like' states "At the start of this models activation, it may make a [2"] dodge" My understanding is, that he would have to sacrifice his movement/advancement in order to stand up. Therefore, can the model perform the 'shadow like' action move into a range where it would be in range of a model. Then stand up and begin it's attack? or Can Blackheart or another model with 'Shadow like' sacrifice this in order to stand up and then advance. or because the model is knocked down, it can neither perform a 'Shadow like' or 'Advance' action.
  20. Blackheart/Tapper cast Commanding Aura. Gutter casts Chain Grab at Target model outside of Commanding Aura. Target is Pushed in to Commanding Aura. Is the DMG from Chain Grab a Playbook damage result? (Sounds like its just a play?) -If no then that solves this question there. -If yes when does the additional DMG from Commanding Aura apply? --When the target is hit, or once it has been Pushed?