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Found 15 results

  1. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Hey guys this is a series i will be writing about a vassal big league i am hosting. I will be posting weekly with updates of the league events. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/
  2. In a big league match, suppose an Alchemist player uses the Smoke Bomb character play and uses it to trigger the Experimental Mix plot card. Normally target number tests are not made for Smoke Bomb because it has no on hit effect. Does this prevent the plot card from dealing 3 damage and the bleed condition on impact or does the plot card's on hit effect allow the play to make target number tests to hit?
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Big League Player Loans

    Hey all, Starting a Big League this weekend and was kinda looking through who the other teams are bringing and couldn't help but wonder who would even be worth paying for on a loan. I am bringing: Shark, Corsair, Salt, Jac, Siren, Siren2, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, and A&G. The top of the skill range is occupied by our Butchers player and me. We are about 50-50 with me maybe having won a few more games here or there but it is very close. He is more than likely going to bring: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Shank, Tenderizer, and Harry. He may swap Tenderizer for Boar. Bringing both Sirens means I should realistically get some extra favors from whichever Siren I loan each week. How would you prep going into this game? Who would our dream model be going into them? Is it even worth bringing someone else? Available Guilds to loan from include: Union, Engineers, Farmers, Masons, and Brewers. We WILL be using Guild Identities but Slippery Fishes in a Corsair list seems like the obvious pick to me and I entirely suspect he will take Blood Thirst. Models at the top of my list right now: 1) Pintpot. Great in the scrum, good character play, and he is a battery. Just a little squishy if Fillet gets too close. 2) Bendiction. Use him to extend range of rough seas and drag while tanking. Poised means he is safer upfront especially with Stand Firm up. Regenerate is going to get good traction too. Just lacking momentous damage. 3) Brick. Tough Hide behind 19HP and 2 Armor feels like a boon. The low DEF is tough to justify but if Corsair or A&G can prime a model the chances Brick gets that concussion is a lot higher. Counter Charge won't trigger but offers a solid bubble to protect Corsair.
  4. Welcome to the Vassal Premier League! This is a Big League event ran in the vassal program. This league will be run for about 2 months using the official Big League rules found on Steamforged, along with some addition rules added by me to encourage new ways to play. This season of the league is will be using the 7.6 Guildball module on vassal which has added the Farmers and Blacksmiths who do not have official Big League guild plot cards yet so I will be making custom plots for said teams to be use by coaches. Another thing that will be special to this league will be the addition to what I like to call Longshanks contracts, which are special instructions given to coaches to complete objectives in a match to be rewarded extra favor and/or campaign points for their team. I am very excited to see what these additions do to the league along with a couple other minor rule changes I have made for this first season. Sign ups will accepted till September 15th. I will then start the league officially September 17th, the league will last for 8 weeks then winners will be announced. Once sign ups are complete I will arrange all the fixtures for every week. If you sign up please make sure that you have enough free time to play during the week, this is a international league so their will be times where you must play a opponent in a different time zone from you. So please! Do not sign up if you are not ready for the commitment. This time around I will be using Discord as a public hub for the league so here is a link. https://discord.gg/y2ycbjG Rules: Games will be announced every Sunday and must be completed before the start of the next week (00:00 GMT every Sunday) Please tell me the guild that you will be using and a team name. You may record/stream games. Games will be organized by you and your opponent for that week. If a agreement can not be decided on a date to play, you will both receive a lost on your record. If you drop out of the tournament you will be black-listed and banned from any future Vassal Premier League
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Farmers and Blacksmiths in Big League

    I asked this in the Pundit facebook group the other day but it went unanswered. I thought I'd try here just in case it helps get an answer and it is technically a rules question I guess. There are currently no Farmer or Blacksmith Plot Cards for the Big League and thus make them unplayable. Do we know if we are getting cards that will make them playable or should the Longshanks just share that those particular guilds are unplayable for the purposes of Big League? I know we can homebrew stuff but for the purposes of an official rule is this how we should play it?
  6. I've got a few questions about the big league plot card Blind Eye and how it interacts with the benched trait. Normally this card allows a taken out player to be replaced with a different player from the roster when it returns to the pitch, almost always via icy sponge. Note that the plot card does not remove the taken out model from the roster but because it is no longer on the board and not suffering the taken out condition, there's normally no way to return it to the pitch. Memory is a player who returns to the pitch via Brainpan's Thought. Does this allow a new model to enter the pitch via Blind Eye as if using an Icy Sponge token even though it is not the Maintenance Phase? Greede can return to the pitch even when not suffering the taken out condition via Avarisse's detach. If Greede is taken out and the Blind Eye card is played, during the next maintenance phase someone else walks onto the pitch. That turn, during Avarisse's activation, can he use Detach to walk another new model onto the pitch? Since detach is not a once per turn ability, although it's only possible once under normal circumstances, and Greede remains off the pitch, not taken out, can Avarisse repeatedly try to detach Greede until every player who can play for that team is on the pitch at once? I don't think any reasonable Longshanks would allow it, but I'd like to know what rule if any prevents this farse.
  7. Pending Forum Suspension

    Big League Cards

    So we aren't running a Big League but it is on the bloc for our next one. Looking through there are some really sweet plot cards for a lot of the guilds but the Fisherman cards are... well honestly they are rather uninspired. Catch of the day is really the only one I think I'd be interested in. Even the rare plot card is pretty meh. Not saying they are bad but they are just kind of... boring. Compare Fish plots to: Bolt Action, Transmission, Spring Loaded, Ye Olde Pain Train, The hook suffer you, slick with blood, bone crushing tackle, off kilter, bad pint, all fall down, hidden knowledge, experimental mix, bonded, sister act, distant friend, unsettled debts, bella tricks, or pretty much any Union plot. Yeah I mean they have some lame and boring ones too but I just can't help but feel like I am going to use the plot cards available to everyone or find one of the fish cards that is worth more to another guild. Perhaps I am undervaluing them. Anyone play fish in a Big League and want to offer some insight? Are sponsorships as good for fish as they look on paper?
  8. The Big League plot card Bolt Action states "The friendly model may use that Character Play again during this activation without spending Influence, regardless of restrictions." In the following examples, what restrictions may be disregarded? If Gutter uses Scything Blow to damage an enemy model, can this card be used to Scything Blow again even though that play is not normally bought with influence? If a Union team borrows this card from an Engineer and vRage uses Red Fury to allow Decimate to trigger Thousand Cuts off her play book, can this card allow her to use Thousand Cuts again even though it's not her activation?
  9. I'm Currently the Longshanks in a Local Big League. One of our Matches ended 13-6 and some players are arguing that the player who ended the game with 13VP should only be awarded 12VP as 'the game ends as soon as a playerachieves 12VP'. I personally think you should be awarded the VP you won in the game but I couldn't find a hard and fast rule. Thanks
  10. byronthebear

    Big League optional rules

    So our store a couple months back started a big league, with 9 players in it and it was a successful season. We all waited for S3 rules to come out before we started another one and that they are out we will be going again once the cards come out. Our pundit, Dan from TKO, is also taking suggestions from us on how to spice up the league. Last time we played the league following the rules in the book, with the exception of banning S1 guild plots otherwise everyone would play DTH. Our league only lasted 6 weeks to feel out if people would stick around but it was long enough for me to notice some things. Coaches didn't play to differently from how they normally play, little trading was happening, and coaches were kind of stuck where they were in the league after the 3rd game. Of course i think this had more to do with no limitations on roster selection and the length of the league, but i still see it being a problem in the long run. To me the Big League is suppose to be guoldball at it's most ridiculous and unpredictable. Watching all the chaos each week is entertaining for everyone, so i came up with something that could help inject some more of it into a league. I call it "Longshank's contract" ( a working title). So what these "contracts" are is special condintions coaches must complete during a match for big rewards in favor and/or cp. Each week all of the coaches will draw randomly a contact and if they want the rewards of said contact they must complete it's requirements in their upcoming match. I have yet to come up with what each contact says, but they will work like guild plots in a way they are just more ridiculous than most. I have some ideas for contracts and i want to ask you guys on the forums to help me out please. Also if you have any other suggestions on changing the rules of the BL in general would be appreciated too.
  11. Satellite Comics & Games is hosting a Big League Campaign starting October 15th in Chatham, NJ. Cost: $10 Matches: 8 Prize Support (with at least 12 participants) League Champion - 6 players to start the new team of your choiceMaster Strategos - Battle Foam Guild Ball BagMaster of Shadows - Steamforged Shadow Games Card Game You can sign up beforehand over the phone (973) 507-9656 or the morning of October 15th at 10AM. First league match will be October 15th.
  12. Hi guys, just about to kick off the big leagues here in sunny Oregon. What do you think of the following? We modified the rules slightly to require that each coach submits an 8 player team, with a single captain and mascot at the start of the season. Also only one model not a member of your guild is allowed on the pitch at any one time. Shark Salt Sakana Greyscales Siren Jac Gutter Hemlocke I'm essentially going to try and score a ton of goals, and take plots and cards that maximize my mobility. Jac and Gutter are there if I need a little more muscle in particular matches, and Hemlocke will probably see play against alchemists, hunters and fillet. The guilds running are Fish butchers brewers engineers alchemists masons morticians hunters
  13. The Big League Cards are sized to A4 paper, which is a pain to print in the US. I created new PDFs with 1 card per sheet, so you can print exactly the cards you need. I've also got files setup as letter size with 9 cards per sheet. They are available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B60l3f-3wzwJOEFveG9qN2J3NVk We have 1 retail deck, and the only duplicate factions we have are butchers, brewers, and fishermen, so those are the only faction specific ones I've converted. If there's interest I can do the others later this week. I printed them on photo paper, laminated, and cut them out, so each team gets there own set of 8 guild cards, 10 common cards, 6 rare cards, and 9 sponsorship cards.
  14. I have a couple of the Big League decks, but I hit on a problem; the first is that two is not enough to run a proper Big League, and the second is the even if it were my local community is young and small; a less involved league aimed at teaching the game would probably be more successful now, with the Big League waiting until later. That leaves me with two sets of Big League cards and nothing to use them for, though. Hence this variant; I'm trying to devise a way to use the components I have outside of a League structure. All of the following are changes to the rules of the base game's Guild Plot rules. --- VARIANT - EXHIBITION MATCHES Draft 1.0 WARM UP Before setting up, each coach should construct a Guild Plot Deck. A coach's Guild Plot Deck may contain 12 cards in any combination of the following; - Season 2 Guild Plot Cards - Common Campaign Plots - Common Guild-Specific Plot Cards from their Captain's Guild No duplicates are allowed. Additionally, each player gains 1 Favour (see below). When the coaches would be dealt Guild Plots, instead each coach draws 7 cards from their own deck, then returns two cards to the deck. Each coach then shuffles the 6 Rare Campaign Plot Card and the Rare Guild-Specific Plot Card from their Captain's Guild into their deck. Loaned Models Before the match begins, a coach may spend their Favour to include a non-[Captain], non-[Mascot] model that does not share their Captain's Guild in their team, regardless of Guild restrictions. If a coach does so, that coach's opponent gains 1 Favour at the start of the first Maintenance Phase. FAVOURS Unlike in the standard Big League, Favours are a resource used during the game. For every 5 CP a coach generates during the game, instead the coach gains a Favour. Using Favours - Sponsorships - Plot Cards Sponsorships A coach may spend 1 Favour during the Maintenance Phase to give a player on that coach's team a Sponsorship. Sponsorships last until the end of the turn, and each Sponsorship may only be used once per game per coach. Plot Cards Once each Maintenance Phase, a coach may spend 2 Favours to look at the top two cards of their Guild Plot deck and put one into their hand, then shuffle the deck. --- NOTES - I considered limiting the number of Guild-Specific Plot Cards but ultimately decided against it. Part of the point of the variant is to get these components used, after all. - I wanted a way to include the Rare PCs without warping the game around trying to get specific one, hence the shuffle-in (after which the coach's deck will be exactly 50/50 common and rare cards). 2 Favours is a decent cost, though, so I included a bit of filtering instead of making it a cold draw. - The Beautiful Game and Winning Ugly are just bad in this variant, and should not be included. --- So, what do people think of this variant? Too swingy? Anything you'd do differently? --- EDIT: An earlier draft of this had another option for spending Favours; Momentous Abilities A coach may spend 2 Favours in place of a Momentum to use a Momentous Ability. I removed it because I wasn't sure of the effect it'd have on the game, and I wanted the focus to be on components from the Big League set. Reviewing the PCs, though, I'm wondering if generating Favours will be easy enough that it'll outstrip the coaches' ability to spend them, and if that's the case there should be an additional out. Is this too good?
  15. Hey guys, We started the Big League and a few of us have different interpretations on how the rules for plot cards work during the league. I have a couple of related questions. 1. "Coaches begin the campaign with access to any Guild Ball Season 1 or 2 Guild Plot cards from the core game and any of the Common Campaign Plot Cards found in the Guild Ball Season 2 Campaign Cards set." (S2 rulebook, p. 55) Since there are multiple copies of basic cards in the campaign deck, does that mean that you can fill your pool with multiple copies of the same card, to increase your chances of drawing a card? If so, does this extend to S1 or S2 plot cards as well? Can I buy my friend's "Don't Touch the Hair!" and add it to my deck, even if I already have one? Or is there a strict "no more than one copy of a specific card can be in a player's plot deck." 2. Since players are encouraged to sell plot cards to one another, can a player trim down his/her pool, to reduce the random element, or must a player maintain 12 plot cards in the deck at all times? Thanks in advance! The campaign system is really awesome. BT