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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, been gaming for a while, but just got into Guild Ball about 2-3 months ago, and I'm making battle reports. Took me a while to find a good format, but this is my first one with the 'good' format. Let me know what you think about the video, my team, and my tactics.
  2. Ryoshi

    Ryoshi's Reports

    This will be a collected thread of reports. Game 1: Had my first 6 man game a few days ago against a Union player. Since it was my first regular sized game, the details are a little foggy, but here's a quick summary: Line-ups: Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Siren, Kraken, Angel, Greyscales Union: Blackheart, Gutter, Decimate, Hemlocke, Coinssss, Mist Turn 1: Union receives the kick. Influence gets spread out pretty evenly between teams. He dances the ball around, gets ready to threaten with Mist down the far left flank. I advance most models up, Angel threatening forward with Salt within 4", get Shark pretty far forward on my left flank with Greyscales and Siren on the right flank, kept Kraken back in more of a central goal-keeper position to lock down Mist in a future turn as well as provide bonuses to Siren. Turn 2: Union wins roll off. He loads up melee models and gets ready to go on a murder spree with Blackheart and others. Shark ends up surprising him with his threat range, and takes the ball and scores while also popping his Legendary (4-0). Knee Slider to safety. With some more limited options in terms of who to engage and kill, he sends Blackheart, and Gutter, along with Mist to engage Angel. Due to some unlucky rolls and some inability to engage the way he wanted to, she just barely survives. I use momentum to heal her as best as I can. Hemlock poisens Siren and Greyscales, Decimate gets the ball down the right flank, and Kraken trundles around in the center-field. Turn 3: I win the roll off. Shark engages and messes with the Union players, generating lots of momentum. Angel survives the first Union activation, she goes next, heals, stands back up and uses Nimble. Decimate managed to get the ball back down the other flank and passes through their lines until Hemlock gets it and advances behind a wall to a good position. Gutter and Mist get ready to strike next turn while contributing to as much melee carnage as possible. Siren gets a clutch Seduce on Hemlock late in the turn to get her to pass her the ball, and she dodges back behind Kraken. Turn 4: I lose the roll off. Gutter goes first and starts murdering both Salt and Kraken (who has finally advanced far enough forward). Siren gets the ball to Shark, who manages to get up field and score off the left flank again! (8-0) Battles errupt here and there, and Blackheart has now given Angel the death sentence he wanted to earlier while collecting the ball. (8-2) Turn 5: I lose the roll off. Some battle happens, but I'm mostly going for the ball. Early this turn Blackheart on max INF charges into Kraken, dances past him, takes a shot on goal and score, putting the total at (6-8). The ball goes out on the right flank, and Greyscales picks it up while going up the right. Turn 6: I lose the roll-off. There's not much stopping a 4 INF allocated Greyscales at this point, and with only one activation, and with Decimate being the only real tackle threat but only have a 1" melee, it's looking great for the Fish. Gutter gets max INF and activates, advancing to just within Chain-Grab range, and rolls. Miss. Rolls. Miss. Rolls. Miss... and then finally hits on the last one. It isn't enough. Greyscales activates, spending his first INF to dodge 4" out of melee. He then advances just within 6" of the goal, but still in melee and spends an INF to attack the Snake Mascot. All five TAC dice roll 1s or 2s. Nothing. Spends his third INF to attack. 4 Hits! With a momentus dodge out of melee and closer to net, he takes his shot with his last INF and scores! (12-6) After thoughts: This was a very exciting game. For next time I should... 1) Learn more about my opponent's players. Union seem very strong. 2) Ensure that I advance Kraken up much earlier in the game. He could have been a good punching bag and momentum generator for the Fish while my other players scored. Momentus KD on 1 with reach seems great. 3) Remember to activate Angel earlier in the turn and use Nimble. Keep Salt within 4", as DEF 6 at all times is GREAT! 4) Don't forget to heal. Healing is great.