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Found 10 results

  1. So this was my first attempt at a Guild Ball battle report. Already thinking about some more in depth narration on the next one including draft discussion prior to the game, a quick recap at the end and a display showing the score or at least updating it as points are scored. Other constructive comments very much invited and appreciated https://youtu.be/iFpc1PH5-UQ
  2. Lineups: Corsair – Greyscales – Siren (2) – Avarice and Greede – Hag – Tentacles Thresher – Tater – Grace – Jack Straw – Peck - Harrow Farmers kicked off in what would turn out to be a game defined by defensive play. The fish tried attacking early with greyscales receiving the ball and moving forwards to threaten the goal only to be taken out by Thresher before he had a chance to do anything. Corsair, Siren and Avarice and Greede tried to boss the centre of the pitch while Greyscales came back on after a quick icy sponge to tussle with Grace for the ball. Grace won the race to the ball on the right wing passing the ball back along her lines to Jack Straw. It was then that the shenanigans that so often come to bedevil the modern game started to dominate the game. Avarice and Greede made no pretence at all of going for the ball and instead chose to beat on Thresher until he had to leave the pitch. Jack Straw lost the ball to Corsair who passed to hag and then on to Greyscales who this time chose to take the ball wide. Tater charged into the fisherman defensive formation finishing off Avarice and nearly taking Siren down as well, she managed to only temporarily escape her fate however as Jack Straw soon got in behind the fish defence to take her out too. In an interesting play from the fisherman Greyscales chose to hold onto the ball despite being in scoring range while Corsair and a returned Avarice and Greede ganged up on Tater and took him out. The farmers attempted to return the favour and remove Corsair from the game but seemed intimidated by Siren’s steely glare and stymied by a small wall Corsair was taking cover behind. The farmers unable to score or take out any more players soon started incurring time wasting penalties from the ref, after seeing those penalties take the fisherman within one goal of victory greyscales finally moved up and tapped in the goal for a Fisherman victory. Though the game lacked in spectacular goals it was not short in controversy with claims that Avarice and Greede had been paid off to take out Thresher before the game. The fishermen next play the butchers in what looks to be a more exciting game with Shark having recovered from the crossbow injury he sustained against the engineers.
  3. Hey all, My brother and one of his friends from the Colorado meta recorded one of their games for your entertainment on You Tube. It follows the double speed video with added commentary format (similar to Don't Touch the Beard and Run the Length format). Feel free to check it out and post your thoughts in the comments! Superior Strategist pilot battle report
  4. ::update:: 600 page views already! Thanks everyone Hello all! A blog I recently started with Scalpel as my current main focus. The Autopsy report. i hope you enjoy and please shoot me any feedback! http://autopsyreportgb.blogspot.com/?m=1
  5. Hello all, Just in case you had any interest in reading a from-memory battle report with my Fillet-Butcher's team. It's depth is a bit inconsistent, but that's what happens when you don't take notes due to the clock. Enjoy if you like this sort of thing! http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/09/kicks-for-kids-tournament-battle-report.html
  6. Told in silly greentext format. >be me. >play mainspring, pin vice, velocity, hoist, colossus, salvo vs fishies >Playing to 8 vp >losing 6 to 0 >Run in punch things with Colossus at top of round 2, get four of his models bunched up and to 5 hp because colossus is amazing. >Opponent runs salt up, everyone's grouped up, Kraken too far away to help as last activation for fishies >#abouttobemoresalt >Pin vice goes, runs up. Alternator + Controller on Mainspring. >#onlyhas6hpleft >Mainspring sprints up, does dance in center of models to end turn. >#lolheexplodesingloriousfire >opponent realizes too late what has happened. Kraken gets stopped by Salvo. >End of round. >score 8 on upkeep. Win the game >yourtearssustainme.jpg
  7. I’ve been to the first Guild Ball tournament in Sweden. It was hosted at LinCon in Linköping and was also my first tournament. This is a sum up of my games. My roster: Shark, Salt, Kraken, Jac, Siren, Sakana, Gutter. (All my painted models) I ended up leaving Gutter out for all my games. Game one - Hunters Lineup: Theron, Egret, Fahad, Herne, Jaecar, Zarola. By the sidelines: Avarisse, Hemlocke Highlights turn 1 I won the roll for initiative and chose to receive. Theron kicked off and I fetched the ball with Salt and dropped it close to my other players. I then proceeded to pass the ball around for momentum while he started to position his players. When my fully loaded Sakana received the pass from Shark and dodged up towards the goal he asked to see Sakanas card and got my plan. He then put Pinned and Snare on Sakana and placed his forest in front of his goal to block LoS. I thought I had lost the first turn goal attempt at that point but after some measuring and thinking I charged Theron, got a wrap, and could double push double dodge and 1” momentous dodge to a position where a could hit someone else, dodge again, and then just see the goal and score. After that Jaecar badly injured Sakana, put his trap down in the middle of the scrum and the turn ended 4-2. Highlights turn 2 My opponent won initiative and had to choose between preventing Shark from scoring and preventing Jac from pushing Egret off the pitch. He chose to lock down Shark with Jaecar and I then proceeded to push Egret off. He killed Sakana and moved the ball with Zarola to his corner and dropped it there. Score 6-2. Highlights turn 3 Egret came back on in the corner with Zarola and the ball. Sakana came on in the opposite corner since Jaecar was parked in my other corner. Shark was killed in the beginning of the turn and the ball moved a little along his left flank with Egret. Score 6-4. Highlights turn 4 Shark had just come back, Sakana was too far away from everything to do anything meaningful and the ball was dead on the other side of the pitch. I put influence on my models in the scrum; Kraken, Jac and Siren, with the plan to kill Fahad to try and get what VPs I could before I clocked out. I managed to kill Fahad with Kraken and Jac (with a crowding out bonus from Salt) before I lost Kraken to Theron and Herne. Egret moved the ball up to Jaecar who scored for the Hunters. I had a lucky scatter on the goal kick that landed close enough to Siren for her to go back and grab the ball, sprint up to within 4” of his goal and score with the help of the “Tap It In” plot card. The game ended 12-10 in my favour with very little time left on both our clocks. Game two - Morticians Lineup: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Rage, Mist. By the sidelines: Cosset. Highlights turn 1 I chose to receive the ball and Ghast kicked it to me. I moved the ball around and it ended on Sakana but he could not reach the goal. Possibly because of an embalming fluids from Silence where I didn’t clear the burning condition. Score 0-0. Highlights turn 2 Silence did shutout on Sakana preventing him from scoring early. Rage charged Sakana but didn’t manage to kill him this turn. Obulus puppet mastered Shark into the Scrum with himself, Dirge and Ghast and they killed him. When Sakana finally got to shoot at goal he missed. Score 0-2. Highlights turn 3 Sakana finally got to score and then Rage killed him. The goal kick went to Mist who later scored for the Morticians. Salt tried to stop him by tackling the ball of him but he countered and got it back. After Mists goal I kicked the ball towards the scrum. In this turn my opponent reminded me of Unpredictable Movement just before I activated Kraken. I then proceeded to move Kraken to within half an inch of him and he dodged away. Sad times. After the goal I activated Jac. He had about 3 influence on him and called Salt over to help with the assist. I punched on someone to get enough momentum and then did his heroic to break the scrum and jog with the ball towards the goal. He was not in range to make a shot on goal but shot the ball to open ground a few inches left of his goal. The turn ended 4-8. Highlights turn 4 I lost initiative but my opponent was unable to get to the ball. My first activation was Shark who did Quick Foot, charged someone to generate 1 momentum, Tidal Surged himself to the ball and managed to score. I then had 6 seconds left on my clock. In my opponents next activation he clocked out with Obulus. And I managed to win by doing nothing in my activations and gaining VPs each time he activated someone. Final score was 8-8 before I got my four clocked out VPs. Game three - Butchers Lineup: Ox, Princess, Boar, Shank, Boiler, Tenderiser. By the sidelines: Meathook, Brisket. I have been looking forward to playing the butchers and I decided not to worry too much about the clock and just have a good game. My first two games had been really intense. Highlights turn 1 I won initiative and chose to receive. When my opponent deployed he deployed heavily towards his left flank. I don’t think he had anyone on the right side of his goal. I was a bit confused but deployed Kraken in the center, Shark and Sakana on my left and Salt, Siren and Jac on my right. Boar kicked off the ball and Salt picked it up. I passed the ball around and got it to Sakana. He charged Tenderiser and managed to get his double push double dodge of to move Tenderiser away from the goal before he scored and dodged back a little bit. Shank responded by charging Sakana and putting a few points of damage into him. Nothing too serious. Score 4-0 at the end of turn 1. Highlights turn 2 I won initiative and got a beautiful legendary of with Shark where I catched his whole team except Shank (who had 1 influence). My opponent literally did nothing turn 2. Shark or Sakana scored. Can’t remember who. The goal kick scattered to Boiler who picked the ball up. I tried to seduce it of him with Siren but with Boiler having swift stance up she didn’t manage to pull it off. The turn ended 8-0. Highlights turn 3 Siren charged Boiler in an attempt to get the ball from him again. This is when I learned that both her Tackle and Seduced are in her 3:rd column which I never reached with the 4 influence I had given her. He passed the ball to Ox and killed Siren. Jac got the ball off Ox and kicked it up field and Shark or Sakana scored my final goal. I won the game 12-2 with about 24 minutes left on my clock. After round three I was the only player with 3 wins. Game four - Engineers Lineup: Ballista, Mainspring, Compound, Colossus, Ratchet, Salvo. By the sidelines: Hoist, Velocity. At this point I was very tired and I don’t remember much of this game. This is how it might have happened. Highlights turn 1 I lost initiative and kicked off with Siren. He picked the ball up with Colossus and passed it to Ballista. I tried to Seduce the ball of him with Siren but failed. Beautiful saved her this turn. Score 0-0 Highlights turn 2 Shark scored a typical Shark superstar goal but I cannot remember the details. He tackled the ball off someone and scored. Siren Seduced Colossus and passed the ball to a flank with the plot card that allowed me to pass immediately without spending influence. Sakana picked it up and moved it up the flank. In response my opponent moved Compound into position to block Sakanas way to the goal. Score 4-0. Highlights turn 3 I think I won initiative and happily put 4 influence on Sakana, popped smoke and charged Compound only to trigger gluttonous mass! I had totally forgotten that he had that ability and it ruined my shot on goal. Instead I tried to kick the ball to the other flank, closer to Shark. Some engineer picked up the ball and Shark eventually got it from him and scored. He kicked the ball out towards Colossus. In this turn the engineer shooters got Siren knocked down and down to 1 health. She used a point of momentum to stand up and walked back towards my side of the pitch. Score 8-0. Highlights turn 4 Colossus started the turn by charging Siren with the ball. I think he considered scoring at first but then changed his mind. The charge took out Siren. I activated Jac next who tackled the ball off Colossus and passed it to open ground near Shark. Shark picked it up and scored my final goal with 34 seconds left on my clock. Final score 12-2 and I was the winner of the tournament.
  8. Hall Of Legends

    Hall of Legends Match Reports.

    Hi all, Mr Hall here, I write a gaming blog (currently very focuses on guild ball) and I wrote up my game reports after each game/tournament if you feel like a read, follow the link: Tournament-Winter Wreath : http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-guild-hall-winter-wreath-tournament.html
  9. Hello all! My second game has come to pass. I learnt a lot and hope my third game will go a bit faster since this game had to end before reaching 12VP and that's after 4 hours of play! We ended it at Brewers 8 Engineers 6 (all take-outs, no goals) Click here to go to my blog and read the report! If you decide to read up, enjoy the read, it is a rather long report even though I did not take notes. The lack of notes cause the end to be somewhat blurry... The brew was reaching my lips (Duvel is an awesome beer) and clouded my memory a bit. Thanks for having a look! See you next time!
  10. Desertspiral

    Paralyzed by choice

    Hi guys, So I had an interesting game this evening against local pundit Shano. It was my Engineers vs his Fishermen Ballista, Main spring, Ratchet, Velocity, Decimate, Gutter Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Siren, Avarisse and Greede, Gutter There was a lot of toing and froing for the whole game. I won the toss and elected to receive having Velocity go nimble and run up to retrieve after Siren kicked the ball. She kicked it back successfully to Decimate and was hanging out in some crates. The game started to go downhill when Siren pulled a clutch lure on her (def 6) and pulled her into the open for Avarisse and Corsair to charge her. The game took a while and fast forward – Shane is on four minutes left and I have about ten. Clutch initiative roll; I’m at +3 and Shane is +2 – I drop a six and take it. Now here is my dilemma. Shane is on ten points and I have 8 after Mainspring detonated Salt off the pitch in the last turn. I have three options at this point, although in retrospect I didn’t consider Gutter until driving home. 1) Ballista (6) – use him to charge Avarisse and try for the six hits to get 3(2) damage for the take out. Then use the momentum to shoot a bonus time’ Dead bolt at Sakana and then make two more attacks to get the take out there. With Gutters assist he should be able to get it done. The trickiest part is landing the dead bolt. 2) Velocity (4) – Have her hit Siren (in cover – 3 dice) looking for two hits to get the momentous push/dodge and walk up to score. 3) Gutter (4) – Have her reposition slightly to get Avarisse into melee and Sakana in b2b then buy an attack on Av (in cover – 3 dice, but kd so 2+) probably get ~2 hits, and take momentous damage and then buy a second attack with bonus time looking for the scything blow. One scything gets the take out and two momentum and lets her use the last two attacks to deal two damage to Sakana – should be easy right! I ended up going with Ballista – who in retrospect is probably the weakest option since his charge needs to net the six hits (I rolled 3 one’s) and then had to flurry Avarisse on one dice (in combat with Sakana). I got the take out and Sakana was now on three but I had two influence to deal three damage. I bonus time the first attack and only get one four before his counter attack, which dodges him out of melee and that’s that. Corsair with six then charges gutter and cuts her down for the win. With hindsight I wasn’t happy with the Velocity play since 2 4’s on three dice can be treacherous and I only had three attempts at it. If I’d seen the gutter play I would definitely have done that since I feel it has the highest chance for success and it insulates her from counter attrition by healing 8 health and keeping her a bit safer. I’ve attached a map so you can see the game state. Also – as I think about it more opportunities arise. Siren was only on three health so as a failsafe if velocity tagged her for one hit on each of three attacks she’d get the take out and the momentum then be able to score with her fourth influence. So many options! Going down 12-10 felt ok as I had reasonable odds to win and just picked the wrong path to victory. Cheers all Tobias