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Found 30 results

  1. I just finished painting my Engineers. So I was watching a Youtube game and the application of the penalty from minefield did not seem either consistent or right all game. It seems to me that if you stand still in a minefield there is no damage. (Getting up from is not moving) Being pushed or dodging or "Where did they go" are not 'advances' but feel as though they should suffer the 4DMG. Is the damage applied for dodges or pushes ? Does it affect figures that can fly? I can't find specific mention of this in the clarifications. Sorry if I missed it.
  2. MechMage

    False Start

    It has previously been ruled that an advance that covers a distance of 0" is not an advance and so doesn't trigger effects that look for the end of an advance such as Stop Slacking! and Counter Charge. If an advance covers a distance of 0", does it start? Consider Peck standing within 4" of Ballista under the effects of Minefield and also within 6" of Compound who is within 4" of the Engineers goal post. The farmers player wants to move Peck an inch but wants to avoid being charged by Rush Keeper so he declares that Peck will make a jog. Immediately Peck suffers 4 damage from Ballista's Minefield. This in turn trigger's Peck's Pain Response, allowing him to made a 1" dodge. Still within 6" of Compound, the farmers player declares that Peck ends his advance. Since 0 distance was covered by the jog itself, can Compound use Rush Keeper to charge? Does Minefield not trigger until Peck actually covers no distance with his advance? If so, does that mean that an advance has not started until some distance is actually covered? Suppose Ballista has Minefield Up and is base to base with Benediction. Benediction attacks Ballista twice, each time pushing him 2" directly away for a total of 4". Benediction then jogs away from Batista. Does Benediction suffer damage from Minefield? By the time he actually covers any distance, he is more than 4" from Ballista.
  3. I'm a relative new Engineer player, and favour Ballista & Locus pretty heavily. With this in mind, there are a couple questions regarding these two models, and some of their non-standard means to kick with them. Regarding Ballista: When Ballista uses Breach!, it's treated as a free kick. My question is can this kick be a goal-kick, and if so, I would assume the kick would then have the 1 momentum cost? Regarding Locus: When Locus uses Remote Control, in a similar manner as above, can this also be a goal-kick or pass? And as above, I'd assume that if you're allowed to make a goal-kick, you'd have to pay the 1-momentum cost, right? On the other hand, if you use Remote Control to make a pass, if it's completed successfully, do you gain momentum? Further, can Locus be the target of this pass/kick, and would you gain momentum to pass to yourself?
  4. Johan

    Learning Engineers

    I’ve picked up the Engineers as a second faction after playing Fishermen for about 2 years. I thought I’d document my learning process and share some of my games as a way of asking how to improve and learn quicker. I intend to play Engineers competitively. I’ve decided to start by learning Ballista because I like the gunline idea and that’s also new to me. I’ve had 2 games so far and this is how they went: Game 1 Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound. Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Greyscales, Sakana. Result: 2-12. I received and killed the ball behind all my players. He had a hard time scoring but eventually did. Sharks legendary wasn’t that scary since I had mainly allocated influence to be able to use my shooty character plays. This game took a long time and was not on clock. Compound did an excellent job of dragging the game which would have worked to my advantage if the game would have been timed. I tried to score with Velocity but, even though it took him a long time, he eventually tackled the ball of her to score. I managed to kill Siren and got Greyscales down to 1 HP. Probably could have killed him but it didn’t matter. I never got Ballista into melee. I’ve learned in later games that I should. Game 2 Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo. Butchers: Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Meathook. Result: 8-12. This game was closer. I kicked with Ballista and got a lucky scatter that put boiler out of position but he managed to grab the ball anyway. I did a crucial rule mistake here where I thought burrow had an infinite range. It sure made the turn one goal run with an Overclocked, Second Wind Hoist very easy. I took the dodge after the goal and jogged away from Ox and Boar but Boar (with Tooled Up and The Owner) managed to take out Hoist (now with They Ain’t Tough) in one activation. I got the ball back with Salvo after the goal kick using his heroic for a teether ball. Felt very nice. Turn 2 I scored with Mother after Meathook had left her on 1 HP and bleeding. Boar took care of her after the goal. I tried to score with Velocity but Ox and Boar killed her before she got there. Ballista did a little more melee here which felt good but Meathook pushed him out on a counterattack which was unfortunate. I’m not used to having 1” melee. I feel like Ballista could get a lot of work done with just an extra dice from a gang up. At the end I avoided taking a take out on Boiler since it would allow him to come back and stop my Hoist goal run. As it turned out I should have taken the take out and focused on taking someone else out after that. My attempt to score with Host made it so that he managed to score with Brisket, and I did not have anyone to do a rebound goal with, which allowed him to kill someone for the win. Setting up goals feels like much more work than I’m used to with my Fishermen.
  5. I've been messing around with Rage as my union addition. The goal is to have this one-two punch with him and Boar. Anyways, I played a game with it and wrote up a battle report. http://midwestwargaming.com/butchers-ox-vs-engineers-ballista-battle-report/
  6. The season proper is under way and the Rage train has no brakes but that didn't stop the Lord Artificer from trying to build some. Hoist kicked off, in preparation for his signature burrowing goal run but Gutter hid the ball behind a bank of trees the prevent it so the Cogs bombarded the Unionists with volley after volley of blast grenades. Bounding forward off the ball, Rage hacked into Ratchet and spooked the Maverick into stunned inaction. Ballista tried save his subordinate, but the Usurper skillfully ducked and weaved to avoid the assault and turned upon his attackers. In what seemed like an instant, he and the Broken felled Ballista, Ratchet, Salvo and Mother and the Engineers were forced to abandon the match do to severe medical trauma. (Or more specifically their player had to leave to help a sick friend but fortunately he's fine now.) Final Score: Union 7, Engineers 0 "That was a disappointment." Commented Hemlocke after the match. "The old gods are sure to be cross that we didn't finish the match I had dedicated to them. I think I'll stay away from the forest for a while.
  7. MechMage


    The Union and Engineers met on the pitch for a show of exemplary ball play. The former butcher wasted no time in demonstrating the superior ball work for which she was hired but missed the critical goal by a single step. The Lord Artificer wasted no time in punishing this mistake and sent the Betrayer Beyond Redemption off the pitch in a stretcher, but his focused attention game the Union the chance to score. There was a brief pause in the action as both teams jockeyed for position but Avarisse lacked the patience and hurled Mainspring at the Engineers, smashing in a blazing fireball. That was all the cover Brisket needed to rocket back onto the pitch and score to the cheers of the crowd. It was all the Cogs could do to regain composure and recover the ball before football machine, Fangtooth battered a path through them to slam the game winning goal in the net. Final Score: Union 12, Engineers 4 Fangtooth gave a very inspiring speech afterwards that moved this reporter to tears. I pity any player who loses the opportunity to play by his side.
  8. Second Guild Ball video I've edited. My brother and I intend on doing more because right now we love this game more than our other war-games. Enjoy.
  9. Hi guys. I have started to dabble a bit in Engineers as of late and while they are really fun - they are giving me some roster headaches. Since no model is truly a write off, but rather everything has its specific use. Previously I were enjoying the drafting a lot with being able to delay the captain choice in response to my opponent, then enter OPD update, and it became a lot trickier. Also, knowing kick off or receiveing was a huge boon I feel. I am leaning more and more towards single captain roster (either captain), and tinkering the roster to that captains needs in a larger degree. But in the back of my head there is something telling me that going single cap could be missing out. I do feel like the Engineers can tool their choice of rank and file players a lot more than many other Guilds, and hence captain is not as crucial as for others. How are you guys coming to terms with your rosters? Pin Vice? Ballista? Both? Discuss!
  10. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  11. Hey all, I participated in the Spring Fling this past weekend, the largest US Guild Ball tournament to date. It was an awesome event, got to catch up with a lot of people I know, including the awesome Liberty Guild Ball crew, the chicago guys, the capital guild ball group, and all of the other people I've have met in my GB travels around the east coast/midwest. I brought my Engineers to the event. This is the team I have been playing the most the past few months, its the team I took to the Captaincon finals a few month ago and did pretty well with, so I was hoping to be competitive with them in this event as well. My 10 was the following: Ballista, pin vice, mother, rachet, hoist, colossus, harry, compound, velocity, salvo. I can talk more about my thoughts on team composition in a separate thread. I knew I would be playing mostly ballista this event. I do like pin vice, however I really believe she only makes it into a few matchups (and ideally is receiving then as well). The issue is that Ballista plays the flexible 2-2 game soooooooo well, and can deal with most annoying defensive options. In particular, he is much better than pin vice at getting the ball off of UM models and stopping some of the extreme ball killing tactics I was expecting from any of the chicago guys. Note: Some details may be off, if so I apologize to any of my opponents in advance! Going from memory here. Day 1 Game 1: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Alchemists (Midas) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Alchemist Lineup - Midas, flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Katalyst 1, Harry (?) Won roll off, chose to receive. I played very cagey, killed the ball effectively for the first 2 turns while I shot at his players and force him to come into me. Vitriol gets a bonus timed deadbolt to neutralize her turn 1 on the kickoff. I unfortunately don't remember too much about this game, and I apologize to my opponent Derek for that, it was definitely a good game. I know I was eventually able to pick off 2 of his players and score a goal. He eventually gets a return goal with mercury, and I respond with return goal. Result: 12-4 victory I definitely was able to control this game pretty well. He couldn't get his players into me to attack the ball well at all, and I was able to hold onto it until I had already started winning the scrum and then could convert it into a goal and a few take outs. Derek was a great opponent, and he recognized pretty quickly my strategy and did his best to try to push through despite having to play the losing side of a slower grindy game. Game 2: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Butchers (Ox) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Butchers Lineup - Ox, Truffles, Shank, Minx, Meathook, Boar Won roll off, chose to receive. Ox kicked. I grab the ball, get my passes going, deadbolt ox and second wind back to safety. the ball eventually goes to hoist, who has dodged up and has the nest down to score the goal whenever. He decides to throw the marked target onto a model so that shank can Whered they go and charge in, generating a momentum so ox can at least stand up. I end up knocking down shank and getting him crowded out a bit. I throw overclocked hoist into boar who generates some momentum and scores a goal, staying engaged. he kicks the ball back out towards the right flank where ox and meathook are. I win the roll off, do some additional setup on shank. Minx goes in, gets singled out on the counter attack. Eventually, ballista is able to kill shank, who is in melee with him, and then walk over to minx and one round her with all of the gang ups, KD and singled out. He legendaries with Ox and is able to take out a snared colossus with his full stack. He is trying to figure out if there is a goal angle for meathook, I kindly and cheekily help him out a bit so he can take the shot. I then basically immediately respond with a ballista breach goal for the win the next turn. Had he held on to the ball it goes a bit longer, however Ballista probably kills Ox next round, and then meathook is very lonely sitting next to my team. Result: 12-6 victory Felt very comfortable here. My opponent, the awesome Alex C from Philly has had some good success against a few engineer players with ox recently, and thus chose him into me for this matchup. I think a bit of his experience with the matchup may be skewed by skill disparities - I feel this is one of Ox's worst matchups in the game. Ballista can control him very hard, and very quickly wittle down his health, to the point that Ox can basically never go near Ballista or risk getting taken out. Ballista's counter also is brutal against ox, forcing him to have to hit the KD or basically be highly likely to be pushed out. At the same time, the engineer team is still threatening goals much better than ox butchers realistically can. Game 3: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Union (vRage) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Compound, Rachet, Hoist Union Lineup - vRage, strongbox, Harry, Gutter, Minx, Mist Pretty sure I received here. This game is a bit blurry in regards to turn by turn. I know Hoist went in and scored the first turn goal, then dodged into cover. He played who are ya. Hoist promptly dies to vRage. He goes into hardcore ball killing mode with mist. The rest of the game is pretty straightforward. He comes into me, starts ripping into my players. I get colossus up on the right flank, get him into position and threatening mist. I win a disadvantaged roll off turn 2 or 3, which puts me in an interesting situation. Mist has the ball next to his goal. Colossus is in range to charge and shoot. At the same time, I have ballista and another player who have put themselves into bad situations near vRage and the team. I end up deciding it is more important to go for the points and give up the 1/2 players, rather than trying to save 1, which may or may not even do anything and allow him to further kill the ball. Colossus charges mist, who defensive stances. I need 2 6's on 8 dice to get the momentous tackle, but get nothing. I had gotten that, I have a 3 die tap in to put me up 8 to 2, which I think puts me in an excellent spot. Instead, I end up settling just for getting the ball on my next attack. He goes ahead and murders 2 of my players and starts working on compound. I basically go into scatter my players mode and abandon the scrum. The next turn, I score early with colossus, he takes out compound and mother (I believe). He is on 9, I am on 8. I continue avoiding the fight as much as possible and getting my models into position to threaten the ball again. I make a mistake with Colossus and dodge him towards cover. This allows him to walk mist and pick up the free ball from the kickoff and then unsnap it. We measure, and the ball is JUST over 10" from Colossus, meaning I can't grab the ball and pass it back towards ballista or anyone else on the team. He ends up killing someone else, and I eventually clock moving a player up trying to threaten the ball for next turn and giving him the final point. Result: 8-12 loss Not sure if compound was a mistake here. Harry feels dangerous because vRage kills him so quickly. Velocity may have been the answer. Although compound is the better battery player, having another striker threat vector may have been enough to tip that final goal into my favor. Felt pretty good with my play here. My opponent, Alex Botts of Chicago/STW fame, is an excellent player and really does a great job at pressuring and taking control of the board with vRage union. I felt that I did very well at recognizing the board state and what my win condition was and adapting to that by abandoning the fight and leaving my players to their fate while gunning for the ball. Game 4: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Butchers (Fillet) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Butchers Lineup - Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Tenderiser, Meathook, Brisket 1 Believe I received, not sure who won roll off. I played the first turn pretty standard, threw out blast earths to wittle down fillet and anyone else I could hit. She ends up throwing out a pain circle and not doing too much else. I don't recall the exact sequence, but fillet eventually charges (possibly quickfooted) into rachet, blood reigns getting him and mother, and puts him down to 3 but forgets to legendary to kill him. In return, Fillet gets KD, singled out, and crowded out a few times. Ballista comes in late in the turn and puts fillet down to 1 or so. Hoist, who had been holding the ball, passes to ballista before the end of the turn. I win the momentum race and end up killing fillet and then shooting the breach goal. I believe I mostly kill meathook in that activation as well. I definitely kill meathook at some point in the turn putting me to 8. In return in the same turn he goes to score with Brisket but accidentally makes 1 too many attacks and forgets he needed the extra influence to super shot. He eventually scores with brisket. We spend a lot of time doing not much of anything, with me putting mostly ineffective attacks into brisket and him moving boiler and princess up. He eventually gets boiler and princess into colossus, putting a solid hurt onto him. At this point, I am fighting for the ball back with brisket (may have been after a bad scatter) and trying to find a goal angle (as he had healed most of his players). However, tenderiser is proving to be really annoying, as it is hard for me to find an angle where I can get better than a 2/3 die goal needed 5's, which I didn't feel comfortable taking. Meanwhile, my clock is running low fast. Fillet is able to return to the field and get setup to go into colossus, killing him and another player with legendary and trying to grab the ball to end it with a goal (which would have been an amazing 8 point activation). However he gets a little too focused on the goal and takes a dodge to get set up for the goal and forgets about ballista's counter attack, which pushes fillet out of melee and out of goal range. I am then able to get the ball cleared out towards hoist with mother. Hoist is then able to grab the ball, burrow, charge tenderiser and push dodge him out of melee, setting up for the 4 die tap in needing 4's and I get it for the win. Result: 12-8 victory I felt very comfortable early in this game. I felt that I baited fillet into overextending, which I was able to convert into 6-8 points. I think the length of the day may have been getting to me at this point, and I spent way too much time doing all of nothing while he slowly positioned himself to start getting points. This put me low on clock, which caused me to make a bunch of small positioning errors. I had thought I had lost it once fillet went in for the 8 point run but luckily my opponent forgot about ballista's excellent counter attack. I was happy with how I was able to manuever the ball to a safe spot to set up hoist for the goal run. Great game and great opponent (Brad M). Day 2 Game 5: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Morticians (Scalpel) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Morticians Lineup - Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Rage, Graves 1 Won roll off, chose to receive. Opponent kicked off with Ghast. I am able to grab the ball, pass around and throw out blast earths and deadbolt rage. He moves up super aggressively with Scalpel and ghast. A little fuzzy on the details here, but I know I am able win the roll off turn 2, deadbolt scalpel and score the breach goal. He ends up scoring with scalpel and second winding back to by ballista. Ghast does an unmasking on a few models, but then slowly gets surrounded by the rest of my team, and gets a good chip of damage onto him. I also get the ball back to ballista. I win the roll off, put 6 on ballista and generate some momentum, KD scalpel and get her down to 2 health and score a 2nd goal. He then goes and bonus times a shutout onto hoist and misses. Had he hit it, it definitely slows down the game a bit, potentially, makes it last another turn. However hoist then goes, reps blast earth to kill a KD scalpel, putting me to 10. At this point, ghast is completely boxed in by my team, so he takes an activation and then I go ahead and kill ghast with a combo of colossus and Harry. Result: 12-4 victory After the game, my opponent mentioned that the engineer player he typically plays with loves to play very passively and shoot and back up a lot, which is why he chose to position ghast and scalpel aggressively. I think he was not prepared for me to switch from that controlling shooting style turn 1 to a much more aggressive goal scoring style throwing ballista up into his team. I was able to take advantage of that and take control of the tempo, knowing that I had 2 eventual takeouts more or less in the bag. Again great opponent and great game. Game 6: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Union (sBrisket) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Union Lineup - sBrisket, Coin, Mist, Averisse & Greede, Harry, Gutter Lost roll off, opponent chose to receive. Colossus kicks, opponent is able to recover with mist and pass it along. I start generating momentum with blast earths from rachet. He ends up throwing gutter up into easy threat range of colossus. A&G score the first turn goal, I put who are ya on greede. Colossus is able to KD/single out and push gutter into range of ballista/hoist. They go into gutter, generate a bunch of momentum and put her down to 1, hoist gives ballista the ball. 2nd turn, ballista goes and kills gutter, then deadbolts sBrisket and scores the breach goal - believe he puts up minefield and dodges back or second winds. I kill greede with harry. He moves harry and averisse up, does a few things to my harry. At some point, ball scatters and lands on averisse who snaps it. I end up tackling the ball with hoist, moving him to the right flank and unsnapping the ball. Brisket is able to legendary, get the ball and score with aplomb, dodging just out of 1 of hoist. I kick the ball pretty aggressively, hoping for a decent scatter. It sends up in a pretty live spot for both me and my opponent. I win the roll off. I make a huge mistake here (my time was getting a bit low, definitely had time to think it through though) and only allocate hoist 3. I go first with hoist, grab the free ball and land within range of ballista and rachet - true rep blast earth, hit sbrisket, dropping her to 2 and gaining a momentum. Had I had 4 on hoist here, I bonus time the second blast earth, kill brisket and hold onto the ball. I then am almost guaranteed to get the takeout on harry (who was very overextended) before he can get mist or anyone else over to the ball, or get 2 more takeouts. Instead, I pass the ball to colossus, who was up the field in cover on my opponent's side of the pitch. I make another huge mistake here. I use the momentum for teamwork action, I dodge colossus closer to the goal, making the goal next activation super easy, but also putting him within threat range of gutter. I did this to make sure he was out of threat range of brisket - however I think I overestimated that threat - he would have had to sprint around hoist to avoid the lethal parting blow, and then would be very susceptible to a counter from colossus, and even if if he did manage to get the ball he couldn't get back nearly into range of the goal. Had I kept colossus back here, I think my opponent is extremely hard pressed to do much except steal the ball with brisket, and then he likely loses her in return. Anyway, he ends up going in with gutter and KDing colossus and getting the ball off of the scatter onto mist. I go with Colossus, spend a momentum to stand up, then walk to exactly 2 inch away from both mist and gutter. I then make another big mistake and attack gutter, getting a little greedy and forgetting that the KD is a big threat against colossus on the counter. I whiff my attack and he kd's me. Then mist goes and scores the goal for the win. Result: 8-12 loss. Overall, was happy with my play except for the final turn. I felt that I had decent control and tempo of the game, and had the options on the table to bring it home. That said, my great opponent (Sheridan) played extremely well and went for the aggressive goal scoring plays he needed to do to get the win, and was able to pull it out. As for the matchup/draft, Harry probably was a mistake here. Was a bit on autopilot at this point. Compound stops the turn 1 averisse and greede goal, and can still go and kill greede later on if he gets thrown in for a goal on later turns. Overall Thoughts *WiP*
  12. S3 announcement Obviously things are mixed up now. Exciting! I'll try to rework the doc so there's room for people to add notes about their S3 playing experiences. I don't have any myself yet, but I will soon. I'm also in America now, so playing bandwidth/tournament time is very different. I'll post my own experiences of course, but I made it a google doc so I could easily hand out edit perms to the community or anyone else who becomes more active than I am. Best, Drillboss ---- Intro This is the start of an (IMO) overdue Engineer's tactica. To start I'm just compiling various reports and tactica articles into one place--the astute reader can mine the reports themselves for what works and what doesn't . As I have time I'm going to fill in my personal thoughts on each of the players, then lay out tips and tricks for building and piloting teams run by either of our captains. I definitely intend to lean on the community as I know Ballista much better than I know Pin Vice, though I'll start with my own thoughts on each and look forward to hearing ideas about running either of them. If you have reports or tactica here or on another site which you'd like added to the list in the OP, please shoot me a PM or post here. Cheers, Drillboss Overview TACTICA GOOGLE DOC Because I find it easier to edit, actually going to maintain the tactica at the above link for now. Feel free to comment and ask questions right in the doc as I chop it up. Reports and Other Posts My own reports + shameless plugs: S1/S2 Early Vassal Stuff (Ballista) WCWW Winter Wreath (Ballista) Grinstead Cup and Proving Grounds (Ballista) Skull Cup (Ballista) Insert Funny Name 2 (Pin Vice) Vengeance (Pin Vice) Clash of the Guilds 2 (Pin Vice), Rush Goalie 2, Pumpkin Cup, Bend it Like Bonesaw, Great Balls of Fire (Ballista) UK Masters Weekend (Ballista) BIG Sweaty Balls (Ballista) Kickabout at Colours (Ballista) S3 Heretic Games Casual Tournament (Ballista) Las Vegas Open (Ballista) --- WCWW Interview about Engineers My "Plumber's Guild" Engineers More Reports and Tactica (feel free to PM or post if you'd like to contribute) Inverted Polarity (Discussion + Reports on Both Captains) Pin Vice Reports Ballista Almost Gets the Bounty Engineers at the Southern Ontario Open (Pin Vice) Fish's Engineer Reports (Pin Vice) Roley's Engineers (Pin Vice so far) [S3] Byron Coaches the Engineers Sweet Graphic of All Engineers Playbooks pre-S2
  13. Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  14. Derelict

    Facing the engineers

    This is a popular topic these days, and I'm running light on ideas. Plus I dont want to bump an older thread so...We have a force in our meta who runs Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Colossus, Ratchet, and Harry, though lately he played Velocity and it worked well for him. I usually play into him with Midas, Naja, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Harry, and Compound. in S3 he's basically the one I have no answer for. If he kicks I typically score quickly and he fires back, scoring at the top of T2. He plays a line across the middle of the field, with Colossus on one end and Ballista on the other. This has the great effect of having Ballista's TO threat be an L, across the field to Colossus or in front of him. Ratchet tools up Ballista almost 100% of the time except when a viable target doesn't present in which case he uses blast earth to funnel toward Colossus, Harry, or Ballista. If I kick he will sit on the ball scoring at the end of the turn which only makes sense for any of us since it exposes your striker to be a MO farm. The real problem is Hoist. Between replicating Burrow to make a dodge, Tough Hide, Reanimate, and Sturdy, he literally parks him 6" from my goal in the middle of the pitch with the understanding that he is not worth the inf cost to attack him. Final score is almost inevitably 12-8 or 12-6 with a first goal by Hoist, 2 TOs from either Ballista or Colossus/Harry team up, finished by Ballista's Legendary. I can almost always score, but he only occasionally exposes Ratchet or Harry and conditions being present for vKat shenanigans are iffy so swapping there seems like a losing proposition. Thoughts?
  15. boffin777


    When using ballista's legendary is there a an accident misprint? his kick is represented as ' 4/6" ' where as his breach adds [+0"/+4]. is it plus 4 kick or is it a misprint/the wrong way round and is meant to be [+4" / +0]. +4 to kick dice is odd as intervening models cannot intercept, are ignored and then get knocked down. Just curious as im in big league and a player has asked. although we think it is a misprint, its easier to make sure Thanks!
  16. Hey all, Last weekend I went to the Las Vegas Open, which was hosting the Guild Ball Western US Regional Championships. I still haven't had very much S3 practice, but was hoping that I could scrape through to the 8 man championship depending on the size and strength of field--and of course with a little luck. Due to not having much time off I only scheduled to attend Friday and Saturday of the Open, with my plan being to play casual Warmachine on Saturday if I didn't qualify for the Championship. Qualifier Round Lineup: Ballista, Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound, Colossus, Gutter I took both captains to keep people guessing, though I had no real inclination to play Pin Vice. Maybe into Fish, but for fluff and nostalgia reasons I prefer Ballista. Mainspring is more efficient than Mother even though he is less good at retrieving/killing the ball and enabling Hoist jank. I wanted to not think about giving my Mascot influence. Velocity and Hoist are an excellent scoring duo; Velocity is an excellent striker anyway, and Hoist is great when taken with her. Hoist also pairs with Ratchet for a robust gunline, while Ratchet brings Tooled Up and Fixer on top of Blast Earth. Compound and Colossus are the in-faction reach bros, and Compound is a battery which I love. For my Union spot, I wanted more reach, so it had to be Gutter or Harry. Everyone has been taking Harry, and I can't imagine not doing so with Pin Vice--so naturally I took Gutter. Actually, @Maurice just told me new Chain Grab was fun, and I wanted to confirm. --- The field was pretty small with only 17 players. With 4 rounds, this meant the 4-0, all 3-1s, and the top 2-2s would make it through to the top 8 for the next day. Round 1 vs Don's Union Ballista, Mainspring, Velocity, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet vRage, Coin, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Minx Don is from my local (California) meta, though we'd never played Guild Ball against each other. He was rocking vRage only. I didn't want to drop Gutter due to Usurper paranoia which was probably unfounded. Velocity kicked off. Harry retrieved the ball and used some creative fire to stop me from scoring right off the bad. Mist was on my far left. Ratchet and Ballista did some bombing (with a Deadbolt into Minx too, I think) but Rage was very cagey. Compound put up Odour. Mist made a goal run but the positioning was such that if he used Acrobatics he wouldn't have the inf to kick--so he risked the Rush Keeper. Compound stripped the ball, then Mist took it back. Velocity went last, took the ball, and gave it to Mainspring for safe keeping. I won the roll and had my team dogpile Mist for murder reasons. That went swimmingly, as Velocity, Compound, Ratchet, and Ballista were all able to put hands on Mist. Then I realized that Gutter was staring down the whole clump. Whoops. At least Mine Field was up. This didn't go as badly as it could have; due to positioning of the clump, only Ballista and Ratchet took significant damage. Minx went first to get some Snared up then Gutter + Red Fury and other things blasted Ratchet apart and left Ballista very hurt. Velocity escaped to near the goal but got engaged by Coin. My momentum was low, but Mainspring put a snapshot through Velocity (3 dice needing a 5, then 3 dice needing 2 4s) which succeeded! Ball went out to where Mist came back on. Ballista died to Rage. There was some fighting back and forth. Another turn and Velocity is still clinging for dear life even though Rage has beaten her up. Ballista comes back, and he, Colossus, and Compound get in an epic fight with Gutter, Rage, Minx, and Harry that sees Colossus, Minx, and Harry taken off the pitch. Mist scores. When the dust settles on the turn, the score is 10-10 (1 goal 3 takeouts apiece) with the Union up 3-2 on momentum. I win the roll. Colossus comes back on to engage Mist, who is still on 6 health. Ballista charges in for the kill. 12-10 victory That was a hell of a tone-setter. Round 2 vs Garrett's Alchemists Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, vKalalyst So in this game, I lost the starting initiative roll, but I think that was the only initiative roll I lost. We had a handful of even rolls and even a deficit which I won. That really defined a lot of what happened. After a rather cagey opening with Smoke's team having the ball, Ballista and Ratchet shot Katalyst and Gutter and Colossus went deep in hope for a good second turn. The initiative was even so that was a big gamble, but it paid off. That being the case, Gutter Chain Grabbed Mercury off of Katalyst and dropped a few Scything Blows on Kat, Mercury, and Smoke. My opponent tried to rectify the Katalyst situation and got some momentum and health back. He'd left the ball on Smoke, though, so Colossus stripped it and scored. Ballista got up in the business and punched Katalyst to death; it wasn't long, of course, before Gutter and Ballista were both Poisoned and Burning. I loaded them up, because even though they were deep and conditioned, Colossus was positioned to stop Katalyst with a good charge if he came on too close. As it happened, Katalyst played a bit cagey and came on within 4" of the edge of the pitch--my opponent didn't know about Unexpected Arrival. With Katalyst handled a second time, Gutter and Ballista went about fighting Smoke and Mercury. Calculus and Ratchet were having a weird little tango of their own while Vitriol crept down my right flank with the ball. I was sort of hoping for the goal so Ballista could score with legendary, but ultimately Vitriol lacked the distance when she failed to stick the needed number of dodges off of Mainspring. Instead, with the help of Colossus and some bad attack dice on my opponent's part, Ballista and Gutter pulped Smoke and then Mercury. 12-0 victory Round 3 vs Nick's Masons Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Honour, Marbles, Granite, Mallet, Harmony, Tower This was a grind. I kicked off with Colossus and used an early opportunity to Chain Grab/Scything Blow Tower off of Granite. This led to a pile on Granite and Granite's Demise, followed by the monkey and Honour taking out Colossus. In this game, I noticed a major pattern against the Masons: I'd get a bunch of momentum at the start of a turn if I was lucky, but that momentum advantage would evaporate over the course of the turn as the Masons generate a *lot* once their people are lined up. I got a bit tunnel-visioned in trying to kill Tower as my opponent had the ball nicely tucked away on Harmony. We're talking Gutter, Ballista, Ratchet attacks, and I think even overclocked Compound up in the business. Ultimately, a weird opportunity came up when Tower was on 4 health (why couldn't it have been 3? :'( ) and Ballista was in range to sprint onto Harmony, who was in cover and about 11" from the goal. Ballista shot Tower to put him on 1 and on the floor, then used his marvelous MT on a 1 to get the ball off Harmony, legendary, and score. He then Knee-Slidered to engage Tower. Tower died, but so did Gutter and Ballista. The scrum thickened, with Granite inching toward the pile (now consisting of Colossus, Compound, Marbles, Honour, and Mallet, with Harmony off to one side with the ball and Ratchet and Mainspring staring from the other). In the following turn, I was losing the fight, but my opponent's clock was low. I had a massive derp moment in which I moved Compound to get away from the monkey. This was doubly dumb as 1) the monkey hadn't activated and 2) I wanted right into Granite's threat. Long story short, Harmony comes on cleanup duty and the turn ends with Compound dead and Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Granite, Harmony, Colossus, and Mainspring all getting poisoned. Harmony and Marbles clear because he has momentum to spare. Opponent wins init, times out during Honour's activation (but kills Colossus), then scores with Harmony. 9-12 loss Lesson learned here that even with Gutter, the momentum math just doesn't work out for Engineers trying to straight outfight Masons. Need the ball and some denial, but more on this later... Round 4 vs Owen's Engineers Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Velocity Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Salvo, Compound, Velocity In a match we were both dreading (sort of), I face off with @MilitaryCoo on a new continent. We'd last played in Bristol at Clash of the Guilds 2, he rightly beat me due to my traitorous playing of Pin Vice. None of that this time, I say! The tone of the match was an interesting one in that the winner would definitely qualify, but the loser still might. We both expected a depressing denial-oriented grind... ...which was not what happened at all. Instead, it was an utter shootout--the kind with the ball, not guns. I received for the first time all day, but due to some goofy play and being scared of Salvo (who had kicked) the ball wound up on Gutter in my deployment zone at turn's end. Colossus was up his team's gut, but his Ballista, Hoist, and Velocity were all up in my face. Our respective Mainsprings durdled around on my left flank. Initiative was even going into turn 2. He won. First, his Velocity scored. Easy. I sent the ball right to Colossus, who was just able to sprint onto Owen's Compound for a score of my own. He sent the ball to vaguely near Salvo, and Salvo, being the mensch he is, Tethered the ball and put another in. I then sent the ball to my Ballista, who bobbled up, Deadbolted Owen's Ballista, and scored with legendary. 8-8 just like that, only a half hour into the game total. Hoist and my Velocity were engaging each other, but Hoist was too far from his Velocity to be able to take Acrobatics--and besides, he only had 2 inf. My Velocity had 3 I think. Seeing too much risk in putting the ball in the middle of the field again, Owen sent the ball to my left--the Mainspring territory. It landed where, had his Mainspring not activated immediately, my Mainspring could have picked up the ball and sent it to Colossus for a snapshot. His Mainspring recovered the ball and my Mainspring moved to engage and force a parting blow should his Mainspring want to pass to Salvo. My Velocity was too far to stop this. Basically, whichever Mainspring could win the ball would be able to pass to the respective scorer and end the game. His Mainspring couldn't get away from mine to pass to Salvo directly, but he could pass to space for Salvo to clean up over two activations (though I didn't see this at the time). Thinking Velocity and Compound couldn't really stop him, I had them and Ballista engage his Ballista. Gutter got enough Scything Blows to put his Ballista and Velocity in a scary situation which required answering. Owen won initiative again and chose to go first. He could risk walking his Mainspring away from my Mainspring for the snap shot, or he could save Ballista (who was on 5 health) and Velocity from Gutter. He chose the latter. My Mainspring had 3 inf, but over two 2-die attacks and one 3-die attack failed to get the tackle on his Mainspring . His Mainspring passed to space. With no way to stop his Salvo, my Ballista hail mary'd his Ballista. Owen had no spare momentum for a counter-attack, and my Ballista rolled utter fire on his five 8- and 9-dice swings. I think we saw he missed 5 or 6 dice total out of five attacks. Like a boss! Ballista killed his Doppelganger, Salvo scored (boo!), and that was that. 10-12 loss Awesome game--much more interesting than expected--and to have so much rest on the Mainspring battle was hilarious. In retrospect, I could have sent Velocity or Compound over by Salvo to be ready to interrupt the Tether Ball double activation play. Lesson... learned? With a 2-2 record and 43 points for, I just barely scraped into 8th place, placing me in the Championship the next day! Western US Regional Championship LINK
  17. In which I give highlights of a few rounds at a nice event and comment on my absence of recent comments: Hello Cog friends, It's been a while. The move back home from the UK and new work project have left me with not a lot of playtime. I'd been planning to go to the Las Vegas Open (reports from that will be separate), so I knew I needed practice. There's no better practice than a small tournament, which we happened to have at Heretic Games in San Bruno thanks to heroic efforts of @kryzak organizing our scattered meta. Thanks, dude! The event was two weeks back and my notes were sparse, but here's what I remember. Take everything with a grain of salt, as prior to this event I'd had maybe 5 or 6 season three games, none of which I won. :/ I brought Ballista, Pin Vice, Mother, Colossus, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Compound, Avarisse and Greede I didn't plan to play Pin Vice at all but figured she would get me more mileage out of the drafting option. Compound and Colossus were both in because I love 2" reach; Avarisse and Greede because I've been fascinated by their jank, which I witnessed on Vassal. Hoist is Hoist, Velocity with Acrobatics seems like a great scoring threat, and Ratchet I wanted for condition help and to turn up Ballista's damage. He could also form a gun battery with Hoist. --- Round 1 vs Alek's Alchemists Ballista, Mother, Avarisse and Greede, Velocity, Compound, Hoist vs Smoke, Naja, vKatalyst, Calculus, Harry, Vitriol I remember something along the lines of Velocity and Hoist trying to go up one side, and Velocity being able to durdle around and score in spite of fire issues. Vitriol must have also scored because she was all up in my lines. My whole team dogpiled Vitriol and managed to kill her, which seemed sweet until I remembered I was playing against Smoke. I had the joy of Ballista, Compound, Avarisse, Greede, Hoist, and Mother all being under legendary. Good one Drill! And then VetKat joined the fray... In spite of the issues there I was able to kill VetKat. Greede died, and somewhere in there Smoke must have gotten a goal. Eventually Alek ran out of time, and in haste + being new to GB tournaments gave me the opportunity to go first on a key initiative. Avarisse was KD'd and poisoned from things that had happened previously, but a loaded Ballista killed Harry (Smoke had run away) and stood the man back up. Kat put Avarisse back on the floor and banged him up bad. I had Avarisse... heal himself? I don't remember. He should have stood up but maybe there was a reason he didn't. Calculus came in and was able to chew through Avarisse's 7 or so health with Alek's final minute of play. 11-12 loss It was a crazy game; wish I remembered more. Round 2 vs Zack's Engineers Ballista, Mother, Avarisse and Greede, Compound, Colossus, Velocity Pin Vice, Mother?, Velocity, Hoist, Harry, Salvo Highlight for me: My Velocity kicks off, his Pin Vice chills with ball having received it with a pass and dodged forward for free. My Vel sprints up to Pin, punches her to burn Close Control, punches her again to take ball, then Pin counters and burns my Close Control. Due to Pin and blockers Velocity makes a 1 die goal kick... and misses! Oh well. Salvo had a chance for a goal run but it got stifled by Horrible Odour. I think I eventually got a goal through with Colossus, and I know I killed Salvo. I tried very hard to kill Pin Vice but in spite of Colossus and Ballista's best efforts she was just too slippery. My opponent got a goal through with Velocity, but ultimately clocked out leading me to get I think 6 points from time, but it may have been 4 with me forgetting a takeout. 12-4 win Round 3 vs David's Alchemists Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Colossus, Compound Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst, Harry, Compound I kicked the ball to a place where my opponent couldn't easily get it, though I would have had to overextend to get it myself. There was a big forest that Midas pulled Katalyst into, with my opponent learning only then that Forests only block LoS if you are opposite them. Ballista Deadbolted Katalyst and he + Colossus got set up to tear the big man apart. It took longer than I wanted but it got done. Midas got a goal in and Vitriol was down my throat. This game wound up being the only one in which I used my legendary, and it was in a very silly circumstance: I had made a chain of bad decisions that left me with no momentum. Ballista had 2 Inf and was able to walk to get the ball, but due to the forest and my opponent's excellent use of Compound I couldn't get Ballista to a place where he could shoot on goal with just a Jog. That being the case. I Deadbolted Katalyst (who had come back on) for a momentum and used Legendary to make a 2" pass to Colossus. There was no model positioned to stop Colossus from then running up on Compound and scoring a goal, so it was worth it, but just weird. Vitriol scored. Hoist took the ball and hid while I slowed the game down. My opponent ran out of time Hoist scored. The score was 11-8 in my favor. But my opponent won the initiative. It took him longer than a minute to resolve Vitriol getting the ball from Ratchet, getting in range, and scoring, so I won, but we rolled it out anyway and he would have scored. It was his first GB event on clock, and we were both exhausted. 12-8 victory ---- So not a terrible outing with 2-1 on the day, and I definitely learned a lot. My play has slowed down, but it was still fast enough to clock all three of my (new to GB clock) opponents. That's something? I thank @MattyBurns for making us play with a 35 minute clock and pairing me against @UciB's Obulus that one time. I broke my losing streak, though never without the clock's help. Avarisse and Greede were cool and did a lot of damage even though they couldn't seem to roll too well. I never got to live any scoring dream with them, though, and Engineers are not hurting for KDs, pushes, or Singled Out. They are hurting for reach though, so my inclination is to experiment with Gutter and Harry, with a preference to Gutter because I'm a snowflake! Report on LVO coming soon (in a separate thread, probably). Thanks for reading!
  18. Hello, when does Ballista's Breach! wear off? There are two parts to his legendary: During its activation, this model gains [+0”/+4] KICK and may make a Kick without spending Influence When this model makes a Kick, the Kick ignores intervening models, cannot be intercepted, and all other models, except the receiving model, on the ball-path suffer the knocked-down condition. Q1) If Ballista makes a Snap Shot later in the turn, does it have the Breach! knockdown effect? Q2) If Ballista makes multiple kicks during his activation, do they all have +0/+4 and Knockdown? Q3) If Ballista gains a 2nd activation after using his Legendary Play in his first activation, does he gain the +0/+4 kick during that 2nd activation? Q4) Depending on the answer to Q3 - If he gains the +0/+4 kick, does he also gain the Knockdown kick? The whole legendary play, as written: Breach! During its activation, this model gains [+0”/+4] KICK and may make a Kick without spending Influence. When this model makes a Kick, the Kick ignores intervening models, cannot be intercepted, and all other models, except the receiving model, on the ball-path suffer the knocked-down condition.
  19. Does Rising Anger trigger when the model with it, moves into Ballista's Minefield and suffers 4 damage? Because as worded, rising anger triggers on being damaged by and enemy model..... so mine field is not the model, so I assume the damage taken does not trigger it.
  20. Hey all, "Finally" took the jump into buying engineers. I started playing guild ball 3 months ago and started with the brewers. Struggled at first, but lately have been seeing quite a bit of success with them in my local meta (wins and very close losses). But as I started with brewers, I was always so intrigued with engineers (I'm an engineer, robots, crossbows, colossus, and bombs. How not?). So I love brewers but have just constantly been thinking about engineers. Got a good deal on their entire team so I took the jump and decided to also order decimate and rage as for brewers all I had was gutter and hemlocke. So, I'm just fishing for some hints and tips towards the team. Also, anyone want to explain why decimate is so good with engineers? Like, I've read/listened to a lot about the engineers and I've picked up some gameplay/strategies and everyone always just mentions decimate being so critical, but never explains why. Goal threat? Damage? I do know that he seems to work better than gutter because he does more consistent damage as gutter can be lack luster if she isn't hitting that momentus scything blow. Thanks everyone!
  21. Hey folks, Last weekend marked my final tournament during my year in the UK. Plan is to be back for SteamCon, but this was nonetheless a bit of a last hurrah. That being the case, I had to play Ballista. The venue was the massive Newbury Racecourse. I couldn't find the proper way to the grandstand in which the event was held, so had crawl underneath a trailer with my models in hand in order to get around a fence. Nonetheless I made it with plenty of time to spare! The tournament was to be three rounds with 12 players, so there was a possibility of multiple undefeated players at the end. Mainspring came off his base on the way out of my case which was sad as no one had glue and, while we were at a Games Expo, I didn't feel like purchasing more. Lineup started with the usual (lately) of Ballista, Mainspring, Rage, Decimate, Colossus, Ratchet and then for my last two I was waffling. @orange was there playing Ox so I felt like I needed Salvo to keep him honest. I hadn't used Gutter since the Master's open in which things went horribly, horribly wrong, so I thought I could dust her off and have some fun. Thus my lineup looked awfully like the murder-cogs builds that were in vogue early in Season 1 before Decimate lost reach--the exception being that I had Colossus and planned to use him in every round with no exceptions. First Round vs Craig's Fillet Butchers Ballista, Mainspring, Rage, Decimate, Colossus, Ratchet Fillet, Princess, Brisket, Shank, Tenderiser, Gutter I still don't know that I'd call this match favorable, but this is my favorite Ballista team to take against Fillet. Autodamage is good, Decimate is good, and Colossus really shines as he pivots between being an enabler, a distraction, and a scorer. Perhaps more importantly, I have now (probably) played this team against Fillet more times than most Fillet players have played against Ballista, certainly in events. Dark-horsing is a thing! There was a big obstacle toward the middle and Colossus kicked off out to the left. Brisket retrieved and sent back, but remained in Ballista's threat. Ballista walked out to within 12.5" of Fillet to make her need to use a pass, hugged cover, popped Minefield, and tried a Deadbolt on Brisket. It hit! 55%, but still very very exciting. We burned some activations, Rage Tooled Up Ratchet, Decimate Second Winded Mainspring, and then (and this surprised me) Shank shot Colossus with A Thousand Cuts. Suddenly I was quite scared of Fillet getting a billion momentum (whereas before I thought she was just going to trash Ratchet). Gutter was also lined up to do Bad Things™ next turn. Ratchet got Brisket with one TUBE and Tenderiser with both, then Overclocked Mainspring, who wound up getting Shank and Brisket. Fillet bonked Ratchet a few times and then Dodged to engage Rage and healed herself (I D-Stanced her charge which helped). Colossus walked through the obstacle, and, clutch man he is, stuck the KD on his first swing on Fillet. He then did 1 damage, and finally got what I really wanted with his KD> to give Rage a charge on a KD'd Fillet who was in melee with both Ballista and Colossus. Rage did his thing and nearly pasted her. He didn't quite finish the job, so Fillet stood up with a forfeit and healed with momentum from Home Crowd. I think she had 4 inf. The first put a 5-dice attack into Ballista (2 crowd outs + cover) and Ballista countered with 10 dice (2 gangups + Give as Good as you Get), putting her back on the floor for good. Decimate finished the deed handily, then Gutter piled in and started beating the tar out of Decimate and Ratchet. My opponent held his momentum even though Brisket was still on 1 health--perhaps because she had no Inf. Colossus charged Tenderiser, who had the ball, but Defensive Stance + Counter Attack meant that I didn't get the T>> I needed to be safe. I did a KD> instead, then used my remaining swing to finish Brisket. I think Ballista Deadbolted Gutter and tried a Snapshot via Colossus, but in spite of 4 dice it missed with 2, 3, 3, 5. Dicey anyway but worth trying. Shank took the ball to where I couldn't stop him. The next turn Fillet came back but Brisket did not. Rage and Decimate brought Gutter down with some crowdouts from Ratchet. Fillet took out Colossus with help from Tenderiser and the dog. Tenderiser charged Ballista, and in spite of my Defensive stance rolled 9 hits before armor o_O. He just knocked him down and pushed him a bit though, as the dog and a weakened Fillet were nearby. Shank scored, taking the score to 6-8 with me behind. I got lucky though, and the ball landed right by a KD'd Ballista. He stood up, Deadbolted Tenderiser, and I assessed the board. Fillet was on 6 health and I had enough momentum to bring Mainspring back and overclock him (I had healthily farmed Gutter). If I could do one tick of damage with Ballista, then later one tick on a charge with Mainspring, Fillet would die in maintenance. I tunnel-visioned on that a bit but ultimately determined that Ballista had to sprint for the goal, which he did without issue. My opponent sent the ball where I wouldn't be getting it. Ratchet brought Mainspring back and Mainspring blew up on Fillet, Ballista, Princess, and Tenderiser. I was now ahead by 1 momentum, and the score was 10-8 for me. Fillet won the initiative. I think that, since her Legendary was still live, Fillet could have killed both Ratchet and Ballista to end the game. Instead, she killed Ballista, grabbed the ball, and sent it to Shank who was engaged by Colossus. He stuck the pass and I was fully expecting a 2-dice snapshot attempt, but instead my opponent dodged Shank away. What he didn't see was that the KD'd Tenderiser was in Rage's charge range, and had only 8 health left between the Blast Earths, Deadbolts, and recent Bug Bomb. Rage closed out the game. 12-10 win for Ballista, 1 goal 4 takeouts Second Round vs Alex's Obulus Morticians Ballista, Mainspring, Colossus, Rage, Decimate, Gutter Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast, Silence Alex had some awesome-looking Morts with a splash of sky blue in their palette. He only had the 6 models with him as it was what he had painted. I wasn't sure of his experience level and didn't want to probe too much at the beginning of the game but Obulus always scares me anyway, so I put Gutter in. Reach is nice, and without Mist around I was less sad to not have Compound. I kicked off with Colossus to a side of the board that had Dirge and a nice obstacle on it. Dirge retrieved the ball then tried and failed to pass to Cosset. Dirge was left in Colossus's threat range. The Morticians mostly milled about and I delayed activations while playing threat ranges. I Tooled Up Colossus. I don't remember the exactly order of things here but I scared the Morticians into playing around Minefield and managed to keep Ghast off me that turn in spite of Obulus. Gutter and Graves ran into positions where they were starting at each other. Colossus charged Dirge with Steamroller, then whiffed his second attack, leaving Dirge on one. Obulus had the ball and Gutter was within 8" of him, looking scarily at the goal. At the top of the next turn, my opponent Puppet Mastered a fully loaded Gutter away. I was wary of losing the chance to kill Dirge, so Colossus just got it over with and moved toward the center. Cosset pulled Ballista into Ghast's charge threat, and my team proceeded to pretend Cosset was the ball. First, Ballista knocked her down and pushed her a few times. Next, Gutter hit her with a Chain Grab. Gutter was out of Graves' threat until Silence hit her with Fluid (also putting the fluid in Rage's way), doing a tick of damage to let Graves charge in. Decimate jogged and Second Winded to engage Cosset. Ghast knocked Ballista down in base-to-base contact. Rage positively detonated Cosset and farmed her for momentum, as she was engaged with Decimate and Gutter. He then stood Ballista up. Silence had the ball. At the top of the next turn Ballista knocked Ghast down in melee, Sprinted over to Silence, took the ball, and hit him for another momentum. I had 2 inf left, but didn't want to get cute, so Ballista scored right then, dodging onto the goal for cover. Gutter was looking really hurt but I hadn't given her Inf. Ghast tied up Rage, but didn't do much. The bad dice on Ghast and Graves would be a big problem. Less crucially but perhaps more brutally, Silence threw another Enbalming Fluid on Rage and Colossus--getting Snakeeyes on both. Colossus pushed Ghast off of Rage. Obulus sent the ball to Cosset, who dodged down my flank. I played Too Flash on her. Rage charged Graves, who was not able to do a lot to save himself from the Rage/Decimate/Gutter dogpile. He died. At the end of the turn, Gutter sprinted to where she would be able to charge Cosset the following turn with me up on enough mometum. With the Flash Token, Cosset on only 8 health, and me bonus timing all my attacks, Gutter did the job. 12-0 for Ballista, 1 goal and 4 takeouts I felt a little dirty after playing that team against an opponent who turned out to be fairly new. Hopefully it was a good game for learning, though, and being that it was Obulus, I was cagey and scared until the very end! Third Round vs Dave's vRage Union Ballista, Mainspring, Colossus, Rage, Decimate, Salvo Veteran Rage, Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Hemlocke, Mist I put Salvo in because I felt like it. Since it was potentially my last Ballista game with models for at least a month, and Salvo is so bound with Ballista (especially in the fluff), he was going in. Never mind that he doesn't like a Rising Anger Captain or Smelling Salts! It was happening. Plus, he can football. Also, this was a pair down, as out of the twelve of use there were 3 undefeated players. It was fixed at 3 rounds and Charles had won both of his games 12-0, so I was pretty sure I couldn't win the event. Still, I wanted to win! Ideally, I could get a bunch of kills as I was in the running for most kills (Adam, the TO, had made an award each for most kills and most goals). However, I was keener on 2nd so ready to take any scoring opportunity available. Such is the Ballista way. We joked that this is the game in which Ballista builds a time machine so present Rage can go forward in time and kill future Rage. Or something. There can only be one! So the opening of this game was terrifying with Gutter kicking off. Fortunately the ball went to a place where Ballista could get it, Dead Bolt Gutter, pass to Colossus, and Second Wind to a safe(ish) spot. I knew Smelling Salts + Quick Time would let Gutter get to me, but I was willing to accept such a resource exchange. The Decimates stared at each other on my right flank. Mist went way out left where I couldn't touch him. Salvo waited for Smelling Salts to drop, then put Gutter back on the floor with Tooled Up shots. Unfortunately I got greedy and missed my last shot, leaving Salvo in Quick Time + Charge range of Rage. Undeterred, I carried out what I usually do turn one if I have One Touch Football: Colossus "pivots" 8" off of Ballista using teamwork then sprints in for a goal. Worked beautifully as it often does and it wasn't something my opponent had seen. Rage got in on Salvo, but due to my Defensive Stance had a rather poor showing. Nonetheless he stood Gutter up, had her come in too, and started hurting Salvo. Union won initiative and Rage pasted Salvo (with Legendary up) before Charging his past self! Sometime during this turn, Colossus knocked Coin down. Hemlocke sent the ball to Mist. Gutter, then Ballista, then my Decimate piled in on the melee near my goal, severely damaging Gutter. Mist scored. My Rage nearly killed his Rage. His Decimate lined up to join next turn. Mist scored and the ball got to near Colossus, but not near enough to do anything immediately. I won the initiative from a deficit of 1 and could have either scored with Colossus (though momentum would have been hard) or killed vRage. The original plan was to do it with my Rage, but Dave played Home Crowd so I opted to let Ballista do it instead. Ballista killed Rage with a Deadbolt, then Dave played Immediate Response. 5 momentum?! Ballista might have moved the ball to where Colossus could score. Don't remember. Regardless, Dave now had to choose between saving Gutter and stopping a bonus-timed Colossus goal. Hemlocke took the ball to where Colossus definitely couldn't score then. Rage killed Gutter and Tooled Up Decimate. He then healed up to 9 to make a kill from his Decimate awkward. My Decimate ran way from the fight and left Mist on 7. At the end of the turn, Colossus jankily whacked Coin for momentum sprinted to engage Hemlocke around an obstacle (I probably spent 5+ minutes on that damn measurement, using all the widges we had. it was rough). He made it though, and if I won Init I could strip the ball and probably win. I was up 1 momentum. So of course I lost the initiative, and vRage and Gutter came on the right side of the board. Hemlocke blinded Colossus, then Decimate tried to do 7 damage to Mist, but missed one attack leaving him on 1. vRage went in on Colossus and did half his health + a concussion, along with healing Mist. Ballista would not have it, and I prayed for and Bonus Timed a Deadbolt. It hit, then Ballista finish Mist on the floor in melee. Salvo milled about looking scared. Gutter got the ball. Colossus used Sprint + Ramming Speed to book it away from Rage and Gutter. His Decimate bonus timed all her attacks to get the 3< she needed to make killing my Rage a thing, and it worked! So the score was 10-8, and the I was one ahead on momentum with Gutter left to activate. Gutter passed to Hemlocke to try to make it even but missed the pass. I guess Dave thought I was still on 8, because he left Gutter near midline of the pitched and very close to the edge of the board. He didn't heal her. We both rolled 1s on initiative, so my Rage came back on in charge range of Gutter and killed her in two swings. 12-8 to the Engineers, 1 goal and 4 takeouts Debrief With that, Charles/@orange won the event with Ox because in his last game he shredded Tapper Brewers 12-2. We looked over from our game early on and saw 5 brewers missing from the Pitch. I took 2nd, and my Fillet opponent from round 1 got third. He also got the most goals with Fillet! I, for my part, snagged this beauty: Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks to Adam for organizing a great event. It was a proper sendoff for my time with Ballista in the UK.
  22. These are a bit overdue so I'll put in what I can remember. Went to BIG Sweaty Balls over in Bristol a couple of weekends ago (16 man event, unsanctioned) to take Ballista out for another spin and shake the rust off. I'd been running Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Compound, Colossus, Rage, Decimate for a bit. When I saw that the field had @kestershero with Esters, a few Fillets, and not very many Masons or Ox's, I opted to drop Salvo for Hoist in my 8. First round was against Chris L's Masons. Salvoooooooo.... Lineups: Hammer, Marbles, Tower, Chisel, Brick, Mallet Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Colossus, Decimate, Rage I figured I could bomb his squishies and slow him with fire, and hopefully Rage would help me bite back when Hammer connected. As planned I did significant damage to Mallet with Tooled Up Blast Earth + Bug Bomb, but Hammer inevitably go to Ballista. I'd put Ballista forward with Mine Field to make him the most accessible target but have a bit of punishment. Hammer killed Ballista at the beginning of turn two, and Colossus, who had originally been pushing upfield, charged back toward my lines to put Hammer on the floor. Ratchet, Rage, and Colossus dogpiled Hammer. Decimate finished off Mallet and Ratchet wound up finishing Hammer with much crowding out including a returned Mainspring. Tower fell in line where Hammer had been and Chisel took Decimate nearly to death. Ballista, Hammer, and Mallet returned. At the top of the turn, Colossus broke off and snagged a loose ball, knocking Brick down for the momentum needed to get a goal. Tower got a response goal (I think; there may have been more takeouts) then I killed the ball. Decimate lived dangerously and brought Mallet low, then my opponent didn't heal Mallet, so Ratchet finished him. Chisel eventually finished Decimate (or maybe Hammer did). With the score at 10-10 but the ball dead and most Masons out of position, I set about trying to kill tower by putting him on the floor and just going crazy with Ratchet, Rage, and Colossus. There was a lot of jank involving Rage being denied the charge and the real possibility that Tower could just walk away and deny the whole thing. I know it got to the point that Tower had already been externally healed, and he was on 9 health, so I figured a fully loaded Ballista could bring him low enough that he wouldn't survive two attacks + bleed from Rage. Ballista Deadbolted then Flurried him, and finally charged with 13 dice. Tower defensive stanced to be 3/2, but even still Ballista got 7 hits after armor, killing him! Rarely has Ballista done such things in melee. 12-10 to the Engineers Second round was against @TwoBands Hunters. Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Egret, Chaska, Hemlocke Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Colossus, Decimate, Rage Same lineup again because I wanted to bomb the cat. Ratchet also is nice to clear Snared, Bleed, and Poison off of Colossus, and even the heal is an okay return against a team with few proper damage buffs. The short version is that Ed's dice on Jaecar and Chaska were being deeply unkind leading to them having a very unproductive time against Decimate. Colossus scored a fairly early goal by heroically peeling the ball from Hemlocke (through Defensive Stance) and then kicking through her. I got some shots on the cat but then the cat hid. Colossus kept getting poisoned and snared but Ratchet was clearing him. There was a weird mini-game of Furious denial with Colossus holding the cat down and Jaecar then Theron trying to stop Rage. Ultimately though, in spite of Gut and String, my pushes freed Rage up and let him onto Jaecar. Dead Jaecar. It was after coming back on and trying to help Chaska with Decimate (far on the other flank) that Jaecar's dice really crapped out. Ed then invested in a getting a goal with Egret but had some trouble getting the momentum. When he finally did, he missed a 4-dice shot. In the meantime, the Ballista/Ratchet/Colossus/Rage deathpile closed in on Theron, culminating in Theron explosively dying to Rage at the top of the next turn. Egret finally got her goal, but with my pile of momentum from Rage I was able to fully bonus time a snapshot from Ballista through Decimate, who had previously converged on the goal from the opposite flank after losing Chaska and Jaecar. Ed got my sporting vote for this one as his dice were really just cruel at a bad time--Jaecar generating no momentum and not getting a dodge is not okay. 12-4 to Engineers Third round was against James D's Butchers Fillet, Truffles, Boiler, Boar, Tenderizer, Shank Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Colossus, Decimate, Rage Same lineup again as this is the one which has had a fighting chance against Fillet. With burning and cagey play I scared Fillet into staying back; Shank came in instead. Shank died to Rage and many bullets, then I positioned Ballista to bait Fillet into clearing burning and charging Ballista under minefield. She did it, and Colossus (I think) put her on the floor before the turn ended. Rage pasted Fillet with Charge + berserk at the top of the next turn and Tooled Up Decimate as Boiler piled in on the middle-of-board obstruction we were starting to cluster around. I think the ball was on or near Tenderiser (having scattered off of Fillet) so Colossus did his thing and barreled through for a goal in spite of Tenderiser and Boar's protests. There was a lot of jank on my part to mitigate Boar getting properly midfield, and the addition of Truffles to the situation didn't help. Ultimately though, Decimate put Boiler in a bad way, and Ballista was able to kill him with a Deadbolt, narrowly get around the pig to the ball, and get another goal in before Fillet had properly rejoined the fight. 12-2 to Engineers Fourth and final round was against @kestershero's Brewers Esters, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper, Stoker Ballista, Mainspring, Colossus, Hoist, Compound, Decimate Change in lineup! Basically I'm not confident in the efficacy of burning versus Esters, and Rage does not like Reach, Gluttonous Mass on a captain, or Unpredictable Movement. Compound has killed the cat for me a few times he Friday actually doesn't like him, so I was hopeful there. Hoist is a mensch against Brewers especially if they take Stave. I received and had One Touch Football, so I sent Hoist in for a goal on my last activation. Esters with 4 was able to hurt him and get first turn, but not quite finish the job between her two activations, and with that Hoist ran away toward the Brewers backfield. Colossus sneakily piled in behind Esters to push her further back and into a Forest, putting her out of the action for a turn or two (I hoped). Esters had legendaried to give Scary Buffs™ to Hooper. On the other side of pitch, Ballista, Decimate, and Stoker were skirmishing with Stoker winding up on the floor and quite hurt. Ballista was called upon to finish the job in melee or not be able to kill Stoker due to Magical Brew and healing. I (over)invested in gaining dice for the attacks, spurred on by his success at killing Tower, and Ballista just barely put Stoker in the dirt. Not having 2 damage until 4 hits is rough. Hooper piled in and pulped Decimate, who I think had the ball at that point. Colossus swooped out of the forest, knocked Hooper down while getting the ball, and put another goal in. Friday got a goal in response to that. I sent the ball where I hoped it was safe from Esters. Compound joined the melee to hopefully get Friday dead. I did manage to get Friday on the floor, and Ballista was making good headway. On my last attack with him, I had on momentum and Friday had only 2 health left. Compound was standing next to her with 4 influence, but I got impatient and wanted the game done then! I bonus-timed the last attack, which was a critical mistake. Not only did I not kill Friday, but Compound got knocked down and pushed away. With no momentum for me, Compound's activation was wasted D: . The only influence I had was 1 on Hoist, who was with a still very Gluttonous and Massive Esters. Whoops. Scum, for his part, ran away from the melee... ...only to be within 7" of my board edge. This was my avenue to get my last 2 points. Decimate came back on and walked to engage Scum, who had no Inf (Greg was going first). We confirmed that Unpredictable Movement is valid during the Maintenance Phase, and Scum ducked away. Friday needed to heal, so she cheekily called the cat to her (out of Dec's walking threat) and punched Compound three times. To my relief, she generated only 1 momentum, which she used to heal herself. Ballista then had his chance for redemption and charged the cat while loaded with 6. He did M1>>, then bonus timed a Deadbolt, which hit, then punched the cat twice more to leave him on 2 health. In retrospect I should have probably taken the KD on the charge. The cat was back in Decimate range. With no momentum get the cat up and away and plenty of time left on the clock, Greg spent 6 or 7 minutes contemplating the best way to save the cat. Ultimately the best option was the first he'd considered: punch something with Hooper and heal the cat up to 6, then hope my dice fail. Decimate came through, though, and with Bonus Times (and possibly crowding, don't remember) shredded the feline to take me to 12. 12-6 to the Engineers Still chasing the Bounty of Bounties, but it felt great to give Ballista such a good run at a (small) full-sized event. I even got a Hunters team and a mat out of it! The Hunters are in the box until I move back home, but it was quite the haul . Thanks to all my opponents and to Jim for organizing, and double thanks to Adam, who gave me a ride so I could actually play in Bristol on a Sunday.
  23. Hey all, Last weekend I took Ballista to Mansfield for the UK Guild Ball masters invitational hosted by @malladin.ben. It was a two day event with the first day being a last chance qualifier of sorts. As I already had the invite for the Engineers slot, I thought I could use Saturday to do some tinkering with the lineup and explore options for Sunday, in addition to getting more general Ballista practice. I'd been feeling pretty good about Ballista coming from the previous two weekends of events, in which (due to a mix of kind dice and playing quickly) I'd managed to only lose to Ben Allen's Union, albeit twice. @kestershero almost convinced me to borrow his Union or Butchers for a change of pace and chance to clear my head since my previous 12 games had all been Ballista in tournaments. I ultimately opted to stick with Ballista with a lineup which was a major divergence from what I'd been playing (Colossus/Compound/Rage/Salvo/Ratchet/Decimate). I particular I wanted to revisit Gutter, and while I was at it I figured I'd bring my favorite paintjob on a model to date in Avarisse and Greede. Thus, my lineup for the day was Ballista, Mainspring, Compound, Colossus, Avarisse and Greede, Gutter, Ratchet, Rage I'll give brief summaries of the games below. Altogether, the day was a bit of a mess due to a mix of me being an idiot and a few inopportune lost initiatives. 1 Fillet (Chris T. / @EpicChris) Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Avarisse and Greede, Shank Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Ratchet, Rage, Colossus This game started off very nicely with me kicking and Chris being completely caught off guard by the Second Wind Bug Bomb. A key missed pass from Fillet led to Boiler's death in the maintenance phase and me poised to secure the ball and wreak havoc going into turn two, with me up 2 on initiative. However, Fillet won that initiative, and in spite of my backpedaling I couldn't quite stop the pain train once it started. There was an opportunity in which a Deadbolt on Brisket would have likely swung the game back for me, and I had another 2 up initiative at one point, which I again lost. With that my team was rent apart though I got 2 more kills (I think) before going down. 6? - 12 loss, 2 or 3 takeouts 2 Theron (Rob T.) Theron, Fahad, Hearne, Chaska, Jaecar, Egret Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Ratchet, Rage, Colossus I kicked off with Colossus and he and Chaska spent much of the game staring at each other on a flank with Chaska in rough ground holding the ball. TUBEs (tooled up blasted earths) and Bug Bomb put Fahad, Hearne, and Jaecar into a bad state before we even closed--Fahad died to Mainspring. In turn 2 Ballista knocked down Hearne in Melee and Jaecar with a Dead Bolt before popping Mine Field. Rage killed Hearne. Jaecar beat up Rage but could not heal the Mine Field or Dead Bolt damage due to having to spend to stand, and Ratchet + another Bug Bomb kill him. Gutter + Colossus + Ballista eventually beat Theron to death. Gutter then got the ball from Chaska and gave it to Colossus, who took it in for the win. 12 - 2, 1 goal 4 takeouts 3 Obulus (Ed B.) Obulus, Dirge, Bonesaw, Graves, Ghast, Silence Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Ratchet, Rage, Colossus This started off nicely with a long stalemate. TUBE's got the bird turn 1, and after the scrum matured Obulus got a goal but I subsequently killed Obulus. This wound up being my undoing, because with Obulus on the back of the pitch I totally blanked about his legendary and proceeded to wrack up 9 momentum, which got taken and used to heal a bunch of Morts *and* win a key initiative. I put up every fight I could but in my ensuing tilt also forgot Bonesaw's reanimate, though I was able to kill Silence. Graves turned on with Scything blows and general damage and I think Colossus and Rage both died... at any rate Graves, Ghast, and Bonesaw were all down my throat and with Obulus back in full support mode I was unable to turn it back. 6 - 12, 3 takeouts 4 Honour (Andrew) Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Flint, Decimate, Avarisse and Greede Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Compound, Colossus, Avarisse and Greede After that huge error I was in sort of a "screw it" mode so I took a team maxed on Big Guys + Gutter. I'd kicked off with Colossus and had success skirmishing with Decimate and Mallet using Ballista, Colossus, and Gutter. I killed Mallet but wound up conceding a goal. On a key turn, I managed to get 3 up on momentum with Gutter poised to finish off both Decimate and Flint in one go. Honour got a goal in the meantime, but that was the price of the board state, and Gutter was further positioned to pick up the ball and toss it safely to Ballista. However, Masons won the initiative and Honour came in hot, killed Gutter who was on 12 health. This being the case, I got frantic but managed to stabilize the game state as my opponent was running out of time. I got the ball miles away from Flint and in a place where Colossus was threatening a goal but largely untouchable. As my opponent ran out of time, Honour Sup Stratted herself in range of Greede, who was at my goal. For whatever reason I panicked (tilting again I guess) and moved Gutter, thinking in my head that Sup Strat was an end of turn thing. Had I not done that, I think I could have picked up 6 points from clock and then closed out with a goal. As it was, Honour walked in on Greede in cover on 3 inf and managed to get it done. 3-12, 1 takeout 1 timeout 5 Corsair (Mark) Corsair, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Ratchet, Rage, Colossus By this point my brain was dead to the point that I forgot my turn one Second Wind on Mainspring. Fortunately I hadn't yet Overclocked him. I'd kicked with Colossus and managed to get a kill on Siren. My opponent got an earlyish goal with Sakana, and I commited in on Corsair, Jac, and his Gutter with Ballista, Colossus, Rage, and my Gutter. I was able to take out his Gutter but lost Rage, then was narrowly unable to take down Corsair as well :/ . There had been a point just previously in which I could have gotten a goal with Colossus, but I opted not to because of the ease with which my opponent could get a slingshot goal. In retrospect perhaps I should have done it. At any rate the Scrum of Ballista/Colossus/Corsair/Jac was extremely depressing as once my Gutter died no one was capable of actually killing anyone else. Ratchet was mostly derping around as he had become separated from Ballista, but he might have killed Siren a second time--I don't remember. Sakana got the ball and missed once, but eventually got the goal for the win. 4? 6? - 12, 2 or 3 takeouts ----- So yea, that was pretty bad, and in particular the miss of Reach and Tough Hide in that last game reminded me of why I'd been taking Decimate over Gutter. I was unable to close out a handful of key kills throughout the day and my football options were never quite dynamic enough to feel like I could play that game. I won Most Sporting though, which was quite affirming and a bit of a surprise as I felt like I must have been complaining throughout the day :/ . Hopefully my opponents had fun, then. For my part, I at least learned a lot, and was determined to not let my tilt carry on into the next day and my starting match against Steven Newton's Morticians. Hoping to repeat my "I play better hung over" experience at Vengeance, I hit the hotel pub with some of the other guys and got into a few pints while mulling over my lineup. The plan was thus: having had no practice with Pin Vice in almost a month, it was just going to be Ballista. I had been missing Hoist, and I knew Steve and at least a few other key players were somewhat scared of Hoist, so I figured I'd bring him back. My lineup for the masters invitational was Ballista, Mainspring, Rage, Colossus, Decimate, Compound, Salvo, Ratchet, Hoist. To be continued...
  24. Ballista Engineers(Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Gutter, Decimate) Blackheart Union (Coin, Gutter, A+G, Mist, Decimate) Blackheart received, with Salvo kicking off down the right flank. Decimate grabbed the ball, Second Winding back behind a wood and out of LOS. Salvo sprinted up to touch the wood, hitting Decimate with a Floored Bolt and using Swift Strikes to dodge out of the wood and therefore out of LOS of the Union lines. I made a mistake here -- I should have 1-diced a floored bolt on Avarisse, before the Pumped Floored bolt on Decimate. As it was I couldn't shoot Avarisse and still dodge to safety due to tough hide, wasting an INF and leaving myself open to Avarisse walking throught the woods to slap Salvo later in the turn. The ball scattered behind the Union goal line, stopping momentum generation and forcing an activation in ball retrieval from Mist. The next few activations were basically each team playing cagey trying not give the other any opportunities, with the Union and extra Greede activation gaining the slightly upper hand. Avarisse walked into the wood and hit Salvo once for Singled Out and then Gutter and Blackheart came over to lay the smack down. Salvo survived on a handful of wounds but the momentum generated meant Union took second turn. The rest of the game was quite scrappy, with the woods proving to blunt most of both team's effectiveness, but the Union momentum generation consistently giving Mark the first activation and leaving me unable to get the upper hand. Engineers don't enjoy a game of attrition (they're better at it than Fish, but really need to score to tip the game in their favour). After 4 takeouts to 2, Mark timed out and was struggling to find the last 4 points but Mist being Mist grabbed the ball and headed for an obstacle on my deployment line for cover. Decimate had just returned from her second sojourn off the pitch and charged her, getting just the Tackle (not the T<< she needed to make herself safe, but that was fairly unlikely against DEF5). Blackheart seized the opportunity, Dodge, Commanding Aura and two attacks being enough to clear Decimate from the Icy sponge level she had. The ball scattered 3 inches from Deimate towards the centre of the pitch, and BlackHeart chose not to snap it. At this point Velocity had one INF and was engaged by Avarisse; without enough INF to both kick and go Nimble, the parting blow was ~50/50 to knock her down but she slipped away, grabbed the ball and kicked it to Ballista, standing dead centre of the pitch with 2 INF. After his next activation (Gutter pounding on Gutter in a desparate attempt to score 2 points), The score was 10-7 to Mark. Ballista saw his chance for glory and jogged within rabnge of goal, 4 dicing a shot to push the score to 11-10. One activation was all Mark had to win or I'd take first place. Me: "Can you take anyone out in one activation?" Mark: "I don't need to, I have Mist." Me: "...s%$t" Mark did exactly the right thing, put the ball 10" srtaight down the pitch from goal and then sweeping it with Mist to score a bonus timed shot. If I'd activated Mainspring or Salvo and done nothing with them then the score would have been 10-8 before I scored with Mark having no option to stop it. Instead I let Ballista get ahead of himself and gave Mark the only chance he had to take the game. Fair to say I won't be making that mistake again soon...
  25. Took my Engineers to the Skull Cup down in Southampton this last weekend. Pin Vice is painted but I've had very few games with her, and moreover am a bit out of practice. Ballista is still my boy (for now), so he was my captain. The lineup: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound, Colossus, Gutter. Hoist, Compound, Gutter, Colossus is my preferred team against Morticians. The idea is that it's a bunch of Reach and then you have Hoist who really helps with Ghast and can take WTG from Mist if your opponent gets too cute. Salvo, Compound, Gutter, Hoist is another team I like quite a bit--between Hoist's True Rep options and just all around being a tanky footballer, then Salvo and Ballista's control setting up Gutter, this team runs quite nicely. Compound is Compound. Both these teams are denial-stacking lineups, which is a concept I'll discuss more later. In the last slot I was debating Avarisse & Greede (Mason Missile Insurance), Decimate (another great damage dealer and footballer), Rage (efficient momentum generation, Tooled Up, bleed), and Ratchet. My thinking with Ratchet was that the Bug Bomb has gone out of style but used to be something I'd use a lot, so perhaps I could catch someone out with it in a pinch. That, and @nobby hates Ratchet... which is probably the main reason I brought him. In retrospect I wish I'd brought Rage or A&G (still not sure). I think Hoist, Colossus, Rage, and Compound could work into Alchemists but I'll need to mess around with that. The matchups (to be filled in with details later this week): Michael's Morticians Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, Gutter, Compound vs Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Casket, Bonesaw, Cosset Morticians kicked and Hoist retrieved the ball. No Mist meant no desire from me to True Rep. As mentioned my opponent was new but I'm still wary of Obulus, so I was slowly moving the ball as the turn got on. Bonesaw had come up the middle. Gutter flung herself up the flank but just out of where Cosset could get her (Dirge and Cosset were out on a flank). Obulus activated before the turn was done and with that I moved the ball to Ballista, Second Winded to anchor him into position, then dunked the ball + Mine Field at the top of the second turn. Cosset and the bird stayed back because of the Minefield. Casket, Hoist, Compound, Bonesaw, and Silence were having a party in the middle of the board that saw Hoist get Heavy Burdened and generally have issues doing things. In turn 3 Gutter got onto Cosset and Dirge, killing Cosset and leaving the bird barely alive. Ballista tried and failed to finish the bird, then on a charge (bonus timed for 12 dice with crowding) Colossus finished the job. My opponent made a clutch play with Shutting Out Compound who had gotten the ball off of Casket. I think it was at the top of the following turn that Compound went deep, bonked Bonesaw for some momentum, and scored the winning goal. 12 - 0 to me 2 Goals (Ballista and Compound), 2 Takeouts (Gutter -> Cosset, Colossus -> Dirge) With a few more counterattacks from my opponent + later Obulus activations, I could have had a very hard time, though Morticians without Mist and Ghast are decidedly less painful for Ballista. Ben's Union Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo, Compound vs Blackheart, Coin, Decimate, Gutter, Rage, Mist So this was again Ben who went on to win the event. Having just won 12-0 (so difficulty jump) and still feeling rusty--and even more not having a good track record against Union--I expected this to be rough. I thought Ratchet would be nice for the bug bomb to tip the damage over and give me more momentum at range, but in retrospect I think he was just a liability. Gutter kicked to me and I should have put 6 on Ballista, but instead I gave him 4, along with 3 to Salvo, 4 to Ratchet, and 2 to Compound so he could get the ball and give it to Hoist. After I got the ball I sent Ballista to Dead Bolt Gutter and retract, but he missed the bolt on 2 1s. Gutter then pulled Hoist and rolled solid damage on him. Salvo went to hopefully KD and push Gutter into Blackheart's way, but rolled 1,2, then 1 on his bolts. He hit the last KD bolt though. :/ Not a great start. Blackheart came in heavy and just trashed Hoist, tackling the ball in the process and dodging away with his last hit. Mist was then free to daintily grab the ball from where he'd left it. In the ensuing scrum I recall the following: Hoist went up the side to get Mist and Ratchet, Ballista, and Salvo tried hard to down Gutter. Mainspring finally did the job with Overheat, but due to failing to get his dodges caught Ballista in it as well. Fortunately he got Blackheart and Rage. Decimate joined the party to start beating on Ballista and Blackheart killed Salvo. Mist ran around playing Keep Away from Hoist. Ben brought Gutter in on a flank and Second Winded (the plot card) her into Rough Ground, so her back edge was about 5" from the board side. He gave her no influence, so I put Salvo back in on the same side. Ballista was in a bad way. Decimate finished Ballista and moved onto Ratchet, so Salvo did me a solid and pushed Gutter off the pitch. Blackheart... did something this turn? We got to a turn where Blackheart had 6INF and 6HP and was poised to send Ratchet to oblivion, but I won initiative and Compound (bless his soul) walked in and with crowding out managed to kill Blackheart. With that swing, and the score 6-6, it looked like I might be able to swing it. However, Mist was able to score and I kicked the ball out for real thinking I'd need to score in response. Ben was clocked now, and the score was ticking for me but Mist was looming. 7-10. 8-10. 9-10... I had a chance to win it with Salvo charging Mist and picking up a loose ball. Had he landed 3 hits on 8 dice, he'd have been able to push-dodge out of Mist's melee and pass to Hoist for an attempt at a 4 dice snapshot (I had no momentum at the time of the charge). He didn't... so instead I just Bonus Timed the pass with Pumped and hoped I could win init (I was 1 down). I didn't, and Blackheart came on the pitch and managed to kill an already very wounded Hoist, but only just! Damn, but them's the breaks. 9-12 to the Union. 3 Takeouts (Mainspring -> Gutter, Salvo -> Gutter, Compound -> Blackheart), 3x Timeout, (1 almost goal for Hoist) Jaque's Morticians Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, Gutter, Compound vs Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Rage, Mist Now *this* was the killer game of the day, and it was an exact repeat of the lineups we'd played at Dark Sphere. Yes, this was the best of 3 between me and @UciB and it was a brutal nailbiter. I'll preface by saying that his dice were garbage--or at least that a startling number of 1s came up. Silence missed the kickoff and the ball scattered in exactly the wrong direction, which let me place the ball on Hoist. The premise of my team and why I play it into Morticians is that 1) it gives me as much reach as possible and 2) it layers denial to the point that I can control his control. It's not a perfect game in that respect by any means and Ballista/Colossus's low defense are certainly liabilities against Silence. The game plan is to use Ballista on the periphery since only he needs momentous inspiration, kill the ball while setting up kills with Gutter/Deadbolt, and do my darnedest to force an early- to mid-turn Obulus activation. The Mist/Obulus combo is really hard for Ballista to stop, but if the ball is away from Mist and Obulus activates, the game is on to make a play on goal (possibly gambling on winning initiative to do so). With that in mind I had the ball on Ballista, whom Silence had Shutout, but who was too far from Obulus for a Puppet Master. I sent Gutter up the flank just barely into threat of Ghast (including Puppet Master), and Jaque went to set that up. I'm not sure if it was because of non-direct movement or an actual mismeasurement, but Ghast wound up not having the range to get Gutter two turns later. Hoist and Ballista were able to pick up solid momentum post-Obulus and Ballista passed to Hoist to send him further upfield. So positioned, Hoist was able to get a goal no problem. Colossus was sort of durdled into the middle to hopefully crowd out and help Gutter. In the evolving situation in the middle, Obulus and Ghast laid into Gutter and Colossus bonked Obulus. Mist was able to break free with the ball and score past Compound, but figuring out the angles burned a lot of Jaque's clock. I put the ball into a dead state again, this time out with Mainspring on my right flank where *no one*, not even my team, would be getting it until I was ready. Gutter died and I had Vengeance tokens on Mist and Obulus, so I brought her in on my left flank where she could likely kill Mist with Scything Blows. Obulus was just in range to get her, and I thought I could be safe with Don't Touch the Hair, but I'm dumb and let Obulus get in B2B. So I lost 4 inf and another 2 VP in that moment and Mist was able to get away--terrible play on my part and well-capitalized by Jaque.Nonetheless, I kept the ball dead and Colossus, Ballista, and Hoist diligently controlled Silence, Rage, and Ghast. Mist tried to break through the middle but that ended with him knocked down, engaged by Ballista, and very near to Dirge. On 9 health. Then came my second unfortunate blunder that made me feel very rusty. I lost init but Mist wasn't going anywhere--still, Ghast managed to pick up a momentum (only 1! these are the dice I'm talking) off of Colossus. Gutter came in again, and, when I clearly had range to walk in and swing on a def 4 Mist 4 times for 6 dice a pop (7 for a lot of it because with Dirge going to die to Scything Blows one may as well Bonus Time after healing)... I charged instead. I forgive myself a bit because we were both over 40 minutes at that point, but it didn't feel like a mistake I'd have made a month ago. That being the case, I both lost an attack *and* Mist was able to defensive stance. I wound up getting two scything blows and 1 damage, killing the bird but leaving Mist on 2. Jaque managed to extricate and heal Mist, get the ball on... someone? Then get it to Obulus. Obulus did as Obulus does--everything (Obulus goal for the win, but not with even a minute to spare). 6-12 to the Morticians 1 Goal (Hoist), 1 Takeout (Gutter) James' Brewers Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Salvo, Gutter, Compound vs Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Stoker, Friday, Mash I find Brewers terrifying but was hoping that with reach and momentum from Gutter, control from Ballista and Salvo (especially into low def), and Hoist's sturdy + general awesomeness I could pin the Brewers down long enough to score two goals while killing the cat and one of Spigot, Friday, or Mash. I was massively relieved at the lack of Hooper and have very little experience against Stoker. I kicked with Hoist and Mash recovered the ball. I put 5 on Hoist to threaten True Rep or good momentum, 5 on Ballista, and 3 on Salvo. I was thinking about Super Shot Hoist. However, when my opponent dodged Tapper 4" forward instead of keeping the momentum, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get in there with Ballista and Dead Bolt him. The control/momentum game panned out for me, and while I couldn't get the ball I started turned two with a knocked down and hurt Mash very near a slow Stoker, both in range of Gutter. Gutter did most of the work on Mash, then I think Salvo finished the job, and I let the goal happen thinking I could get the ball through to Hoist eventually. Tapper went into Salvo and somehow left him alive, then Gutter killed Stoker. This point in the tournament was a blur but Minefield went down somewhere in there, and Spigot failed to kill Salvo, whom I had stood back up. Some number of commitments and major mistakes later (the worst being planning to Deadbolt Tapper who was engaging Ballista then charge Ballista into Friday to get the ball, but then forgetting to do the Deadbolt... jesus) James' brewers were up on me 8-4. Now I was really on the back foot. None of my players were dead but Friday was *still* camping the left field and Mash had come in on the right. Salvo was hanging on upfield, with Gutter still nearby. Hoist was deep in Brewer lines and not far from Stoker who had been brought back. I knew that Hoist scoring would bring me to 8 and then promptly lead to a loss as with the board positioning Brewers are great at scoring. I asked for Spigot and Stoker's health and heard that Spigot had 7 and Stoker 3. In actuality it was the other way around, which was important... but I was tired. I won init and had Gutter in range to possibly kill Spigot and then Stoker, but definitely to kill Spigot. Thinking Stoker had only 3, I sent Salvo to finish him off with a Floored Bolt -> Kick Bolt. After the second shot, I said "and he dies" and that's when I learned what I heard wrong. I was freaking out but I softened Stoker further. Tapper then jumped on Gutter, knocked her down and beat her away from Spigot, then dumped his momentum to heal Spigot and Stoker. I had no momentum, but Gutter dragged the KD'd Spigot over to her without issue and finished the job. I realize now that my opponent must have forgotten Magical Brew, because he believed he need to activate Friday to get some momentum. This being the case, it was Hoist's turn to be a hero. We measured and found that Stoker was within 4" of the edge of the board, still KD'd. Hoist had 5 and was in walking distance. 4 Momentous push-dodges later Stoker fell off the pitch. A 5 dice kick after that, and I'd won. 12-8 to me 4 Takeouts (Salvo -> Mash, Gutter -> Stoker, Gutter -> Spigot, Hoist -> Stoker), 1 Goal (Hoist) Adam's Brewers Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Salvo, Gutter, Compound vs Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Hooper, Friday, Stave So had the following exchange at the beginning of this game as we were both pretty burned out. "2-2?" "2-2." "So we're playing to see who gets a positive record?" "Yup." :/ The control comp had just panned out, so I was set on the same team. Adam dropped the original brewers, and it was on. I kicked off with Hoist again and this time managed to nab Lob Barrel early in the game. In an effort to play around Lob Barrel (and because he missed one of his own), the Brewers wound up in these sort of triangles with Stave on a leading edge. A few Kick Bolts into stave collapsed that formation into a KD'd Stave next to Spigot, and it was only after moving Scum to block that he realized I could line Gutter up and was nigh guaranteed the initiative. Even with the crowding out, Gutter swiftly blendered the cat and left Spigot low enough that Salvo easily picked him off. But it was not to be so easy! Friday broke out for a fairly early goal, so I was kept plenty honest. Spigot came in with Sideline Repairs after I had given Hoist 3. He was next to Hoist and about 4.5" from the edge. Hoist hit the Push Dodge to get him to 3.5", then dropped a barrel at both their feat to set Spigot off the side. Due to Sturdy, Hoist was cool to keep walking and get the ball while watching the goal. So again I was in a situation where Hoist could score but doing so would quickly give my opponent another goal. Instead, Hoist just chilled while Tapper murdered Compound. The ensuring explosion weakened Friday to the point that Salvo could pick her off, and after that point I farmed up enough momentum for Hoist to Glide to the goal and Bonus Time a shot, winning it. 12-?? to me 4 Takeouts (Gutter -> Scum, Salvo -> Spigot, Salvo -> Friday, Hoist -> Spigot), 1 Goal (Hoist) I don't remember if it was just Compound or Compound and a Goal or something else. I went into writing these notes thinking it was a 12-8 win but it was apparently either 12-6 or 12-10. Don't remember o_O ----- So hopefully that clarifies both why it feels like Hoist is the man and why in actuality it is quite hard to say. This is probably my favorite team (Salvo, Gutter, Hoist, Compound) with the Colossus -> Salvo sub a nice option in Morts. I feel like the big blind spot is Alchs, where maybe I'd like Colossus for Salvo and one of Rage, Decimate, or A&G in for Gutter. I'm really not sure. As mentioned, I'm not a fan of Velocity with Ballista these days. Maybe it's Pin Vice time but the Master Artificer still seems owed his due. Thanks for reading!