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Found 12 results

  1. Recently picked up the kick-off box, trying to create a Guild Ball community here in Porto (Portugal), so I think spending some time on minis I'll be doing demos with will be worth it!
  2. Pending Forum Suspension

    Kicking the ball out of bounds

    So for the first time I chose to tactically kick the ball out of bounds with Fish. I had 3 players yet to activate in the middle of the pitch and had gotten all of the other player's models to the sides. I hadn't planned on the strategy but I was up 10-4 with 2 models basically dead and the ball in a scary location near my goal. I kicked it out and the ball scattered exactly where I needed it to get two models to set it up for the win. Excited about the win but later felt kinda dirty about it. I know that it is in the rules and the other guys shouldn't have ceded the middle of the field (he's brand new to the game, maybe 5 or 6 games but first time with this guild) but it still made me wonder if kicking the ball out of bounds in an effort to recover seemed fair. After not really coming to a reasonable moral conclusion I thought I'd ask everyone else for their opinions. Do you guys think the ball scattering from center is the way to play this? Is it still fair in wake of the season of footballers? Would throw ins being resolved from the side they were kicked out on (similar to actual football) be more reasonable? Is a goal kick for the opposing player possibly more fair in an instance that the ball leaves the pitch after a pass a good alternative? Do I need to get over myself and accept that it is a viable strategic option and advantage of it? What do you guys think? EDIT: To clarify before anyone asks I did indeed kick it to a spot on the pitch and let the scatter do the work.
  3. The rules on generating momentum when the ball is behind the friendly goal line states: Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by that team’s Controlling Player. The part I'm confused about is "by that team's Controlling Player" Is that in reference to all of the triggers, or just to the ball being placed? Because how can a model make a goal kick on it's own goal? Thanks!
  4. Hello, 1. Suppose a friendly model is holding the ball near the friendly goal line. During that friendly model's activation, an enemy causes a Knockdown on that model, and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 2. Same situation as 1, but this time during an enemy activation the friendly ball-holder is knocked down and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 3. Suppose an enemy model is holding the ball near the friendly goal line. During a friendly model's activation, the friend causes a knockdown and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 4. Same situation as 3, but this time during the enemy ball-holder's activation they are knocked down and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? Thank you.
  5. Would you like to play in a guild ball tournament with a McDonald's 10 minutes walking distance from the venue? Would you like to play in a guild ball tournament with a KFC 10 minutes walking distance from the venue? If you don't want to brave the worrying streets of the north, stay inside the venue and buy stuff from the tuck shop! As per usual this will follow the usual tournament rules. Bring 8 fully painted models (This includes basing) and pick 6. The more official type out of these rules are below. 1. "‘It’s not over, ‘til it’s over’ In this format a tournament takes place over a set number of rounds with the victor and runners up being determined only after the final round has been completed. Use the table below to determine the number of rounds recommended based on the number of Players at the tournament." 4 Rounds 2. "‘Play to the final whistle’ Games are played to a 12 VP win condition." 3. "‘Team Tactics’ Chess clocks are set to 45 minutes per Player. Admin/Clocked out time is 20 minutes total with clocked out Players being allowed 1-minute activation. Round length is 110 minutes total." Not to mention that this tournament is run by one of the infamous Stockport 5. There are 16 seats available, paypal 10 GBP to 'owen.rutter.3@gmail.com' and choose the friends/family option. Beanie Games 26 Bishopton Lane Stockton on Tees TS18 2AA Player List 1. Quinn Duggan 2. Chris 'Who Cares' Rutter 3. 'Dead' Steve Atkinson 4. Craig Butler 5. Darren 'Badger Attack' Longworth 6. Stevie Date 7. Russell 'Hyperactive' Hunt 8. Dave Dawson 9. Michael Dawson 10. Johnny 'BadDice' Cannon 11. Simon 'The Deviant' Moony 12. Andrew 'The Colon' Snowdon 13. Kevin 'Dark Horse' Stace 14. Eddie Chater 15. 16. Christopher Smith Owen Rutter/Padawan
  6. Can a marker be placed in the middle of an advance? Lets say Chaska moves 3", places his trap and then finishes his movement? In the Rulebook under the Ball Marker is "During its activation, a model in possession and not engaged may give up possession at any point." However, the "any point" wording is missing on Big Game Traps and Pit Fall. So, is there a difference between the ball marker and Pit Fall and Big Game Markers?
  7. veneratedaniel

    Casual Ball No.2

    So after using my first casual ball and speeding up the game i noticed a few moments every so often that i needed a 360 scatter, so with that in mind and with a second ball i went about making the next scatter ball, Here is the result. Please feel free to steal this idea.
  8. EldarVeteran

    Curve Ball

    Decided that if the ball is going to snap to a mini's base, then I might as well make it clear what figure has it. Here's my Curve Ball (I have cut a curve out of the base so it fits flush with the mini).Works with the goal as well:
  9. If Siren has the ball and successfully passes it to Kraken, can I then have Kraken dodge 4" with the gained momuntum AND drop the ball to a player next to him at the same time? The rule for dropping the ball reads "an active model in possession ... may give up possession at any point during its activation" and in the definitions section active model is defined as: "Active model refers to the model currently being activated. During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action." So in the example above, when Kraken makes the dodge does he become the active model and is therefore referred to as the "model currently being activated" which then allows him to drop the ball?
  10. Hello everyone! On Saturday, November 7th, the Long Island Guild Ball League had our first official session! With 8 people showing up, it was a success, beyond what I had thought. I took some pictures and will be uploading all of the pictures that get taken to this Imgur album. Enjoy following us through our growth as a meta, we'll be sure to supply you with plenty of pictures!
  11. This is my guild ball log, the first guild I'm working on are the brewers. First, like so many others, the ball: And some wip picture of my goal
  12. when you kick the ball what line does the kick have to follow? i appreciate the ball travels along a 30mm wide path but where does the centre line of the path start and finish, specifically from the point of view of passing or shooting. it doesn't appear to explicitly state what the path of the ball must be in the rules, although the diagrams show that it is centre line of kicker to centre line of target and hence that’s what we've been playing - and what feels like it fits with the intent. Is this correct? There has been discussion within our group as to whether you can alter the line of kick to avoid intervening models but still get to the target model. With that in mind, if its not centre to centre, does the full width of the ball path need to be within the width of the targets base or can you kick such that only the edge of the ball path hits the target, to avoid intervening models. i appreciate you have to kick to the model and cant kick to the 1" snap zone if you want it to be a successful pass. Alternatively can you adjust the line of the kick such that the width of the ball path is within the width of the target base but the line of the kick is not centre to centre. This would be possible when kicking to or from models with a base larger than 30mm and we have encountered this several times, most frequently with shooting on goal. I did a diagram to demonstrate this but cant work out how to get it into the post.