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Found 16 results

  1. In the rat catchers launch format, if Avarisse and Greede end their activation both in base contact with a sewer token, can they both use Skulking Around to leave the pitch and put both benched squadies onto it?
  2. So I was looking thru the steps in the Maintenance Phase(page 20) and noticed that I can remove the Take out condition and choose to leave models out. I pointed out during game night that I could choose to keep Greede out of the Pitch and return him with Drop Me Off and was told that I couldn’t do that. Basically the question is can I do that and if not then why?
  3. When Greede is picked up by Avarisse, he is being "taken off the pitch." He then removes all conditions. My question is, 1. does he also remove any nerfs (such as "dirty knives") and buffs (such as "tough skin")? 2. Does he heal any health? If below his ice pack health does he heal to his ice pack health? Or does he heal to full health EVERY time he is picked up and taken off the pitch? Or does he heal no health at all?
  4. MechMage

    Box Drop

    Suppose Avarisse advances to be base to base with a square obstruction. Can he Drop Me Off so that Greede is placed on top of the obstruction or is that not considered being in base contact with Avarisse?
  5. I've got a few questions about the big league plot card Blind Eye and how it interacts with the benched trait. Normally this card allows a taken out player to be replaced with a different player from the roster when it returns to the pitch, almost always via icy sponge. Note that the plot card does not remove the taken out model from the roster but because it is no longer on the board and not suffering the taken out condition, there's normally no way to return it to the pitch. Memory is a player who returns to the pitch via Brainpan's Thought. Does this allow a new model to enter the pitch via Blind Eye as if using an Icy Sponge token even though it is not the Maintenance Phase? Greede can return to the pitch even when not suffering the taken out condition via Avarisse's detach. If Greede is taken out and the Blind Eye card is played, during the next maintenance phase someone else walks onto the pitch. That turn, during Avarisse's activation, can he use Detach to walk another new model onto the pitch? Since detach is not a once per turn ability, although it's only possible once under normal circumstances, and Greede remains off the pitch, not taken out, can Avarisse repeatedly try to detach Greede until every player who can play for that team is on the pitch at once? I don't think any reasonable Longshanks would allow it, but I'd like to know what rule if any prevents this farse.
  6. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  7. Hey guys I'm back again with another episode of RTL! Let me know your thoughts and please like, share, and subscribe. It helps the channel a lot. This is the fifth episode of Run the Length a game play commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Union game against Craig Cassata Adepticon Team Tournament Champion explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Facebook page can be found here: facebook.com/fairgamestore Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  8. RedSam

    Leprechaun Greede

    This just seemed too good to pass up... And his buddy Irish Avarisse
  9. Simple questions that has stirred some debate at my FLGS and was wanting to get an outside ruling. I feel like I have it answered, but would like some back up or clarification. At the start of the game, when setting up can Greede start the game detached? Or does he only become detached on Avarisse's activation? Also, the same question goes for Brainpan and Memory. Does Memory only come out on Brainpan's activation? I think between the wording on "Detach," "Benched" and "Thought" there has been confusion in my group over when these guys show up on the pitch. Sorry if this has been addressed already. Thanks for the help.
  10. Suppose Avarisse and Greede are seperate. They activate, and Avarisse fails a charge before Greede has advanced. Does Greede effectively lose his advance because "the active model’s activation immediately ends." (Season 3 rulebook page 23)?
  11. Episode two of my (soon to be) critically acclaimed YouTube series Run the Length is out! In this episode my Alchemist's Take on Alex Botts' Union. Alex Botts is one of the hosts of Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. He can be found on the forum @Slothrop His twitter is @leftslothrop Strictly the Worst twitter: @StrictlyWorstGB
  12. tatsujin


    A real noob question here and I'm probably over thinking this, but... How does Greede get into play? He starts the game Benched and I cannot see a mechanic to bring him into play. Help?
  13. Hello Guild Ballers, I've started throwing paint on my third union model! It's Avarisse and Greede! I'm having a lot of fun to paint him up but as always I'm struggling to find the time to do it all in. I'm grubbing in the vegetable garden and my birds (I'm breeding cockatiels, canaries and budgies on a small scale) feel like multiplying and scream for nestboxes more food and a lot of love. But I'm nog complaining, I love it all and just wish a day had more then 24 hours in it! Why do we need sleep? I'd like to be awake 24/7 to devote myself more to my favorite pastime that is become Guild Ball! Go have a look at my #wip: Avarisse and Greede Till next time!
  14. Relevant rules: Taken out is a condition A model reduced to zero wounds is removed from the pitch and receives the taken out condition Detach allows Greede to be placed on the pitch during the maintenance phase Scenario: Greede is detached from Avarisse, and for whatever reason is reduced to zero wounds. This is the trigger to be removed from the pitch, and the taken out condition is applied. The opponent gains two VPs. In the next maintenance phase, Avarisse uses Detach to place Greede on the pitch in base contact. He has zero wounds, and the taken out condition, so cannot generate influence, be allocated influence, or activate. During the activation phase, someone spends two influence on "Come on Mate" to remove Taken Out, allowing Greede to Activate, who then uses "Take a Breather, Lad!" to heal 4 wounds. This seems pretty counter-intuitive at first, but reading all the relevant rules I can't see any reason why it's not possible. It's costly and slow (3 momentum and effectively takes two turns before Greede is effective again, and he's vulnerable and worth 2 VPs every time he dies). Am I missing anything?
  15. Not sure if this is the best place to write this, but... It blew me away that the Avarisse and Greede kit came with magnets. As in, that makes it one of the coolest kits I've ever assembled, so mad props to Steamforged for the design. For those who haven't put them together, you get three so that you can put one on Avarisse's chest and the other two on baseless Greede/a chestpiece for Avarisse. If it came with a fourth, that would be a helping hand toward finding a good place to put the detached piece. Current considerations are on Avarisse's base or on my goal token. As it stands I'm going to go purchase this fourth magnet myself, but if it had come with the kit, that would have been amazing (I really like the magnets they chose, too). Just a thought. Cheers, Dustin
  16. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Avarisse & Greede

    After a few days off from painting I'm back to it, this time with Avarisse & Greede! I really didn't like these guys to start with, but I bought them anyway as I wanted the entire Union, and they've definitely grown on me. I haven't tried using them yet in a game, but seeing as they're compatible with everyone I'm hoping I'll get some good use from them! I was originally going to ignore harness-Greede and just glue the empty harness onto Avarisse, but after some thought I decided to try and use them as they were intended. I put a coating of water-effect resin onto the back of the harnesses and onto the area around Avarisse's chest before varnishing, so I'm hoping that extra little layer will give them a bit more protection against chipping. If the worst comes to the worst, I can just touch up the worn areas and go back to the original plan of permanently attaching the harness.