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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a quick question about the "within" term used in the rules and want to make sure we are playing it right in games (we have a completely new group of four players). This boils down to what within means in the rules. A model being within an AOE just has to be partially in for the effect to occur correct? For example, Sakana has the Character Play Smoke Bomb, creating a 3" AOE on the field that gives cover to models within the AOE. Shark and Sakana were just under 3" from each other in game. I placed the AOE so that it was just covering a sliver of each model's base. In the given case, both Shark and Sakana would be receiving cover from the AOE, even though their bases are not completely within the AOE, correct? The other time this came up in the same game was when Grange was using his Legendary, Huge Tracts of Land. This places 2 harvest markers within a 6" pulse. My opponent could place the harvest markers 6" away from Grange, even though just a sliver of the base is actually in the Aura correct? Basically, does "within" mean only a portion of the base is within the Aura, Range, or AOE no matter what the effect is and not completely within the given range? Is there any exceptions to this if that is true?
  2. I’m sure I’ve asked this before but it’s been a while since I’ve played and this question always comes up... AoE, SUS or not SUS, what is the difference and how long does an “ongoing” AoE last, end of turn or until moved?
  3. Hello! It's time for me to get some aoe upgrades for my paper cutouts that I have used this far. My question would be what aoe markers do you guys use, and where to get it? :). I have tried the official neoprene markers, and while they look good, they are a paint to put over/under figures, removing at the end of the round, etc. Are there any alternatives to them, like ring markers? I saw metal rings in Vincent Curkov's videos, and they seem to be useful, and easy to handle, but couldn't find 3 inch rings anywhere :D. Thanks for the answers in advance!
  4. Pending Forum Suspension

    Placement off of the board

    In this thread: It was determined that a ball could be unsnapped, and thus placed, in such a way that a throw in would be required. If a ball can be place so that a portion of it overlaps the edge, does this imply that other "placed" markers or effects could also be? I can't imagine that there would be much benefit to the first of these but the others have me curious. 1) Markers - Harvest markers, traps, Mother's nests and the like. Most analogous to the ball and makes me think that they can be 2) Theron's Forest, Smoke's Legendary and AOE's that specifically state place - It is placed and there may indeed be cases that this is strategically beneficial to the team placing. Something is making me think that so long as the center in within bounds it would be legal. 3) AOE's that don't specifically state "place" (noxious blast, molotov, and the like) - Again I would assume that as long as the center is in bounds it would be legal. These could also have strategic value, most specifically in formats where the pitch is narrower than usual. Didn't want to clutter up the previous post as it was similar but not DIRECTLY related.
  5. Hello, I have read a few clarifications on Momentous inspiration, but there is one clarification I could not find. If i use Ratchet's character play "Blast Earth" while within the aura of Momentous inspiration, and I successfully hit 2 enemies with the blast earth, do I generate one momentum for EACH enemy i successfully hit? or is it one momentum regardless of how many enemies were successfully hit by the character play?
  6. JacctheInsomniac

    Smoke's AOE Abilities

    1. Does Smoke need Line of Sight to the AOE's she's choosing for Chemical Breeze and Alchemy Mix 2. If an AOE effect is duplicated with Alchemy Mix such as Mercury or Calculus's, then are models within the duplicate when it's positioned considered to have entered it? (While these models begin burning/poison...ing?) 3. If you drop Chemical Shower onto a model who is not currently suffering Poison, do they begin suffering poison in addition to the immediate 3 condition damage, or are you required to find a way to fulfill the "enter the aoe" clause for them to begin suffering poison. 4. Does Venin's Sacrificial Puppet benefit from Momentous Inspiration?
  7. HazMatt86

    AOE effects

    So I'm still fairly new to the game and was wondering if AOE effects stay till end of turn? if they do does that mean blasted earth goes away at the end of the turn?
  8. I was wondering if you had to roll to get off an Embalming Fluid with Silence. I saw the clarification page said, "DO not roll to hit a target spot, only for models under the AoE." So my question is, Does the AoE go off even if no models were hit? I am guessing that the effect goes off but the models just don't take the 1 point of damage or get burned; is that correct? Last thing, does the AoE stay for the remainder of the match? The reason I ask is because the token set only comes with 1 template for Embalming fluid but it seems like it is something that would happen a lot.
  9. Vitruvian Goblin

    Ranged Brewers?

    Ahoy-hoy! I've just managed to acquire the beginnings of a Brewers team (Starter box plus Spigot and Scum) but haven't played with them yet. I know that the standard way to play them is as a beaty team but I was going through the cards and it struck me. Esthers, Scum, Stave, Stoker, Hemlocke and Spigot/Friday could be a weird ranged option for the Brewers. Access to Lob Barrel, Blind, Fire Blast and Blast Earth sounds even more condition extreme than the Alchemists. Now, I haven't used this team (not got the minis) but I was wondering what people thought of this idea. Tried it? Is it just plain stupid? Freaking amazeballs? Let me know. I'll also accept rampant abuse.
  10. Hi All Sorry if this has been covered else were but I can not find any post covering this. what is the difference between an on going effect and a sustained one as both are removed in the end phase? thanks in advance
  11. Hello, There is an ongoing discussion on a french FB page dedicated to Guild Ball: It all started with Theron's character trait Nature's Growth. Nature’s Growth Once per turn during this model’s activation, the Controlling Player may place a [3”] AOE within [8”] of this model. This AOE may not be placed within [3”] of another terrain piece. This AOE is forest terrain. This AOE is removed in the End Phase. 1- When you place an AOE from a character play, the rules say that you position a template with its centre within the range of the Character play. Is it the same for a character trait? For example, for Theron, is the AOE centre within 8" of him or can you have the template's edge just touching the 8" limit, putting it at 9,5" max? 2- Theron character trait says that the AOE may not be placed within 3" of another terrain piece. As I understand 'within', it means that no part of the template can be located under 3" of another terrain. Am I right? The question arose because if you have 6 or 7 terrain pieces on the field, it becomes really difficult for Theron to place the forest template. 3- Last question: is the Goal post considered a terrain piece when placing Theron's AOE? Thank you in advance for your answers. K.
  12. Does Charmed trigger against AOE character plays? Example: Stave places a Lob Barrel template so that it hits both Boar and Brisket. Does he need 4s or 5s to hit her? Charmed [Male] This model gains [+1] DEF against each Attack or Character Play made against it by the named model type.
  13. Hello, I was wondering where the 3" Pulse from Fillet's Blood Rain originated - from Fillet, or the model that you attacked to trigger the Blood Rain. Thank you. Edit: The Flurry from Ballista originates from the model that you targetted, but it also has an 8" targeting range instead of triggering from the playbook. So my guess is that the pulse happens from the model hit by the Blood Rain, but I'd like to be sure.
  14. Hello there. We came across a question in a game the other night. If you declare a charge and enter into Mercury's Fire blast AOE, can you immediately spend an MP to shake the condition and continue the charge without penalty? The wording on spending momentum is "A team may use any number of Momentous actions, at any time, as long as they have MP." We played it as you can spend it and continue the charge. I couldn't find anything on here about it, but I more than likely didn't read it. But for my sake, I would like proper clarification. Thanks all, Dalton
  15. Does ARM effect all defensive roles against a character? Such as a Character Play bought with influence, AOE, Pulse attacks, Parting Blows and anything else? Some of us have read the rules differently, and although the rules don't explicitly say it, it seems like the intention to me?
  16. I asked this in the other forum, but just found out about the switch so I'll ak here too. I'm most likely over thinking this and he probably does, but if a character places an AOE (such as Noxious Blast) and does hit Ghast, will he trigger Rising Anger? Or is Rising Anger only triggered off a direct attack against Ghast?
  17. Hi When using an AOE play, if there is a friendly model within the AOE do you roll to hit against them or are they automatically hit? I have heard contradicting opinions from either side. Cheers
  18. HowNotToWargame

    AoE and LoS

    Forgive me but gone through the book and really cannot find it.... Do AoE block line of sight at all? I understand some give cover if you are in them but... does that mean you cannot see through them if the model is on the other side? Feel like I have missed something really simple. Sorry if its obvious!