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Found 151 results

  1. Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years. Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally): On I went to do some Fishermen! Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain: Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!
  2. So I have played a few different teams never being truly happy . I am looking to devote my time and energy into alchemists. I predominantly play against Morticians, engineers, masons and blacksmiths ...in that order Wondered what would be suggested to go against these teams. Or any things I should be prepared for /not take into these teams. I like Midas but have yet to make him click. I love Katalyst either version Vitriol never seems to pay off for me but that could be cause I am using midas poorly.
  3. Advices to an event

    Dear fellow guild members! In my local meta there will be a one day event on next saturday. There will be upper and lower side, and i'm in the lower. The other players will bring alchemists, brewers, blacksmiths and union. My questions are the following. 1. Against these guilds, wich captain would be the better choice? I think the gamers would bring these captains: Union: Rage Brewers: Tapper Blacksmith: Ferrite or Burnace Alchemist: I think it will be Smoke. 2. What tactics I choose in these games? 3. What squaddies will be the core of my team each games? I know, this is so theoretical, but I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or help
  4. Hi, First post. Ok, starting out. I'm very new, and GB is fairly new to my area. I play Alchemists. When using Calculus/Mercury. Does the AoE effect need to do damage to apply burning? Or can I wiff the damage roll and still apply the burn? Also, I have read pretty much everywhere to activate Smoke last to spread the AoE's. But isn't that pointless? As the Ongoing effect of the AoE is only applied if a model ends their movement in it or moves through it. Is the a specific ruling, where when Smoke moves the AoE, he 'moves' the enemy model into it? Any clarification would be much appreciated. I've now played two games with 0 conditions up due to this. Thanks.
  5. Forum! Run the Length is back and it is a brand new year. We are kicking things off with my last Alchemists game (for a while at least.) This episode has everything there is action, there are goals, there is new OPD. And best of all the longshanks is guest starring! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Follow Sam on Twitter: RedSamNotBlue https://twitter.com/RedSamNotBlue Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ The Longshanks.org
  6. Can the anatomical precision be declared when making a counter attack. Is making a counter attack declaring am attack.
  7. 3 Goal Team

    Hello once again everyone. I wanted to pick your brain on experiences trying to win games with three goals instead of a standard 2-2. I could be wrong in this but I’ve found I’m having a hard time getting more than one takeout post Harry. Kat1 is usually good for one if I supplement Decimate but I can’t seem to get the second takeout before my opponent wrecks me. I’ve tried AG but they are too slow and take up way too much influence to be effective. I get condition damage can wear down a team as well but Smoke is awful at retrieving the ball so I prefer to use Midas in most games. Is anyone using a lineup with Mist? Thinking that a potential lineup of Midas Naja Vitriol Mist Venin and Compound could be great for 3/0 games but not sure if they can survive long enough. Also worried that Harry is too good of a control piece against Tapper, Blacksmiths, Ox, Farmers, Masons to not include. Any opinions would be most welcome!
  8. Forum, Episode 13 of Run the Length is up! In this episode, I finally take on the dreaded Corsair! The very matchup I complain about on Strictly the Worst. I hope you guys enjoy! This is the thirteenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I break down an Alchemists vs Fisherman game against Pat Van Value explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is known for seeking value not only in guild ball but in all aspects of life. He also Co-Hosts a podcast with me Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Skip the Draft: 3:14 Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ How to play my Smoke list: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/38884-how-do-i-play-smoke-well/
  9. My second game on the Stadium, this time Masons vs Alchemists. Masons: Hammer, Mallet, Tower, vHarmony, Brick, Marbles Alchemists: Smoke, Calculus, vKatalyst, Compound, Venin, Naja My kick off was guite good, so the Alchemists didn't pick the ball. Hammer did it and smashed Venin, as he was passing by. Vening died in the beginning of turn 2. Hammer then used Hammer Time! and scored a goal. With Knee Slider and Tactical Flexibility he went back to his ranks and I had a solid turn coming. Fortunately for me, Calculus kept missing with Blind. Later that turn Tower killed vKat and Hammer scored again. 12:0 for me, yay!
  10. Shark vs Smoke game 2

    Since the first game only took 10 minutes, we played a rematch with the same lineups. Fishermen - Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Angel, Hag Alchemists - Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Mist, Vitriol This was a really good game, with a lot of back and forth scoring, and stealing the ball. Mist scored a goal early on in turn 1. Shark played Super Fan and was able to sprint 9" and dodge 6" from tidal surge with the Guild Identity card, and then kick from 8" to counter score. In turn 2, the ball was thrown back to Vitriol, who got it to Mist and scored a snap shot goal. The ball got thrown in to greyscales, who got some momentum, jogged and dodged 4" to shoot a tap in goal. I didn't bonus time it and Greyscales missed the tap in. Shark went to pick up the ball, legendaried so Calculus would have a hard time moving, and Shark scored the tap in goal. Thrown back into Calculus, who was able to pass it and it scatter right to Mist. Start of turn 3, Angel jogged and attacked Mist, and didn't hit any 5's, Mist rolled 2 6's on the counter attack and dodged out of melee. Mist then went and scored a tap in for the win. If I had just been able to get that 1 hit tackle with Angel, I could have super shot and passed 10" to Greyscales and gone for my own snap shot for the win. Cool game, very fun when both teams go entirely for the ball and no take outs.
  11. Played against my roommate going for an all out ball game. Played with new deploy and GiC. This was the shortest game of guild ball ever. Fishermen kicked off and scored 3 goals in 3 activations! Fishermen - Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag GiC - extra 2" dodge once per turn Alchemists - Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Mist GiC - extra condition damage Turn 1 - Shark kicked off near the edge, ending in fast ground. Sakana and Greyscales deployed up front. Calculus got the ball, and tried to blind Shark, which missed. With no other option of somewhere to put the ball fearing Shark, she kicked the ball of the edge to hope for a lucky scatter. Unluckily, it went 5 inches toward alchemist goal. Shark sprinted 11" off the fast ground, then dodged 4" with tidal surge, and legendary played to hit 4 enemy players. Then shot a 4 dice goal and made it. the ball was thrown in, and Mercury missed the pass to Vitriol. Greyscales dodged and jogged around to grab the ball and passed it to Shark, who then made a snapshot goal. The ball was thrown back in and passed to Vitriol again, this time she got it, and kept the momentum. Sakana went and dropped smoke and charged Vitriol, getting 6 5+'s and wrapping. Then passed to Shark who scored another snap shot!
  12. Played Alchemists vs. Farmers Alchemists: Watch the World Burn, Smoke (C), Flask (M), Calculus, Katalyst (Vet.), Mercury, Vitriol Farmers: Eat Hearty, Thresher (C), Buckwheat (M), Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater Starting Setup The Start of turn 2. Starting with Vet. Katalyst Tater knocks down Vet Katalyst after healing 16 Hp. The start of turn 3 [Hint: It's bad for Smoke :( ] The end of the game with a Vet. Kat. Witness on Millstone A close call to be honest even though Vet. Kat. kill Harrow and Millstone with a Witness and Vitriol scoring a goal. If it had ended even one activation later Tater would have finished Virtiol (3 Hp) with a charge on a surrounded Mercury scoring 4 points and Thesher could have scoreded a goal next. Good Game :)
  13. Another 2nd round escalation league game between the Alchemists and Masons. Masons: Honour, Harmony, Flint, Marbles Alchemists: Midas, Vitriol, vKatalyst, Naja The Alchemists absolutely dominated this game, the Masons just couldn't contend against Katalyst. The win was completed by all take outs (Hidden agenda to win without scoring a goal) Alchemists won 8-2.
  14. Have at ye. Quality is low. So is the cost. #content
  15. I took Vet Kat!!

    So my last game I sat there wondering why Compound was on the pitch and Vet Kat was in my bag! So last night Chris offered me a rematch and used the starter Blacksmiths 6 and I used Smoke, Naja, Calculus, Mercury, Venin and of course Vet Kat. I had to kick to Chris so I chose to use Naja so that I could threaten the ball straight away. I was then able to use Naja as a road block for Chris during turn 1. I did lose Naja to Iron but I peppered Chris' lines with poison and fire and also sent Venin up to the half-way line to be a secondary road block. Naja died to burning in the maintenance phase and I lost the roll off for turn 2. Score 0-1. Turn 2, due to Chris wanting the first turn saw the Smiths quite weak (we GIC'd and he took tough as nails and I let the world burn). Chris nailed Venin to go 0-3 and I hammered his line again (he had most of his models up the the half way line) and retreated back to my goal. I blinded Ferrite to stop her scoring or moving as well and Chris let Iron exposed to be charged by Kat. He stormed in, killed Iron and weakened Sledge and witnessed to go 4-5 and Smoke then legendaried to take Sledge to 2hp. This meant in the maintenance phase Sledge died (6-5) and I had 7 momentum so went first. Turn 3 saw me not need to fluff some rolls with Kat and I could win first activation. He came back on and charged Ferrite. First hit he took 5hp off of her and 2 to a nearby Cinder who was on 4hp at the start of the turn. He witnessed and rolled, I scored exactly the hits needed to kill Ferrite and Cinder to for 6VPs and win the game! What I learned: Keep V Kat back, he's so threatening that he makes strikers worry, especially with the condition damage you do. I tried to play clever to just keep hitting the Blacksmiths from range, it worked but it's such a strange concept for me! I really enjoyed it, although Chris didn't Go Harriet the Hat!
  16. Smoke led a more physical roster against the blacksmith guild. Katalyst was chosen for Kickoff and a nice little breeze brought the ball to the far left side of the pitch. After some slow positioning Furnace charged Katalyst for eraly momentum, but he did not consider the backswing of old Kat. Avarisse and Greede teamed up with Kat and crushed poor Furnace. While Ferrit was slowly approaching the goal from the flank, the other blacksmiths struggled to withstand the pressure from the alchemists. Sledge was sperated from his Master and got beaten up real quick. Anvil could do nothing about it and was bullied himself by A&G. When Ferrit was finally able to score a goal, the game seemed dire already. Smoke made a quick return goal and the blacksmith conceded to the dominant alchemists.
  17. Smoke Naja Vet Katalyst Calculus Compound Harry the Hat Vs Esters Scum Mash Friday Spigot Pintpot Smoke kicked off and Spigot picked up the ball before passing to Friday on the brewers right flank. Friday and Scum shot down the side of the pitch heading for the goal after the cat received a pass from its teammate. Compound tried valiantly to get in the path of the goal threat with his rush keeper and horrific odour but with some impressive dodging from the mangy moggy a cat goal was scored Meanwhile in the middle of the pitch a fight started between Harry and Pintpot with Naja in support. Harry and Pintpot took chunks out of eachother before Harry shot off to help out Vkat against esters and Spigot who he was gradually chewing away at with several blows and intensifies. Smoke began to work her way up the pitch only to be tackled and howzat'd by Mash into a patch of rough ground. This led to a 2nd Brewer goal by Friday. The ball was kicked out and landed right next to Smoke who used momentum to clear the knock down condition (after Harry clobbered Pintpot some more and took a hit himself to raise momentum) before cloudjumping away and sprinting off to tap in a goal. The ball was kicked out to Spigot who ran away from Vkat down the same flank as Friday before passing the ball to her who then tapped it on to scum for a second cat goal of the game ending 12-4 to the brewers. Moral of this story- don't get stuck in a brawl with brewers and always kill the cat!
  18. Oh why didn't I take Vet Kat!

    Chris and I finally got a game in and he wanted to use his new Blacksmiths. I chose Smoke and took the GIC Let the World Burn. He chose tough as nails for the 5 heal rate. Line-ups were: Smoke, Naja, Vitriol, Compound, Calculus and Mercury. Chris took the Blacksmiths starter 6. I started with the usual 'gun line' and pelted his team with fire and poison whilst Vitriol retrieved the ball and held on to it with clone. All conditioned up Chris bombed forward to take control of the centre of the board. This is where I felt I should have taken Vet Kat over Compound. Compound did nothing all game and I desperately missed the ability to do damage with Kat. There were so many conditions on the board and I couldn't take advantage of them! I had taken Compound to counter the goal threat of Ferrite and Iron but you live and learn. Anyway, Chris lost a jammy roll-off for turn 2 with me rolling a 6 and him a 1 when he had 4 momentum. Turn 2 Mercury died and Chris just kept healing 5 so I couldn't do the damage. Vitriol lost the ball but retrieved it and passed it back to Compound. She took a beating but didn't die until turn 3. At 4-0 up Chris was rampaging through my team and although we reckoned that I might get a goal or two there was no coming back for me as Chris could score easily and kill my team so we called it after 3hrs play (the game was a bit of a grind!). What I learned: 1: Take Vet Kat! Just keep him back he can even act as a goalkeeper. I didn't use him for fear of Ferrite surfing him to the goal but I missed his damage output too much. As Chris said he would not have been as aggressive had he been there and I might have won by turn 2 had VK been on the pitch. 2: Vitriol. Hmm, I think she's needed in this team for the low tackle to beat all of that armour but I can see now what JJ was saying about not worrying about using her in every game. Harriet the Hat for the Win!
  19. Again the brewers bring the Brawl no goals only take outs!
  20. Butchers get smoked

    Played my Alchemists into Butchers. Using Smoke for the first time (2nd game with Alchemists overall) Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vet Kat, and Vitriol Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Vet Ox, Boar, and Meathook. Butchers got some early kills in but wore thin on the condition game and they lost their leader after failure to shoot a tap in goal. Alchemists win 12 - 6.
  21. My team: (c) Ferrite, Iron, anvil, sledge, Furnace, Cinder Opponent Team: Ferrite, Iron, anvil, sledge, (C) Furnace, Cinder Highlights: My Iron scores turn 1 -4:0 My sledge takes out sledge turn 2 -6:0 His Cinder scores turn 2 -6:4 my Ferrite scores turn 3 -10:4 His cinder scores turn 3 -10:8 Iron takes out Furnace turn 4 -12:8
  22. My team: thresher, buckwheat, milestone, Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow Opponent Team: Fillet, Princes, Boiler, (V) Brisket, Meathook, Boar Highlights: Thresher takes out Boiler turn 1 - 2:0 Thresher takes out Fillet turn 2 - 4:0 Thresher takes out princes turn 2 - 5:0 buckwheat scores turn 3 - 9:0 jackstraw scores turn 4 - 12:0
  23. My team: thresher, buckwheat, milestone, Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow Opponent Team: Corsair, Tentacles, Greyscales, Jac, Kraken, Siren(V) Highlights: Thresher takes out Greyscale turn 1- 2:0 Thresher takes out tentacles turn 2- 3:0 Grayscale scores turn 3- 3:4 Thresher takes out Corsair 4- 5:4 tater takes out Kraken turn 4 -7:4 Grayscales scores turn 4- 7:8 thresher takes out grayscales turn 5- 9:8 jackstraw scores turn 5- 12:8
  24. This was the final game of the tournament, I forgot to take pics but here's one of me playing the final round (with my back to the camera). If I won this game, then I had a chance for 3rd place, since my first round loss won the tournament. I deployed Tapper and Hooper up front, and kick off. Vet Kat was on the wing, and Hooper / Spigot combo was able to take him out turn 1. My opponent got the ball to Vitriol who scored turn 1. Tapper and Hooper went in to attack Mercury and Calculus, while Spigot and Friday tried to hold the ball and bring it upfield. Vitriol and Smoke kept stealing the ball back and they scored again. I was able to take out Vat Kat, and Mercury and Calculus so the score was 8 - 8, and I had a choice to either kill the ball (but allow his returning taken out players to get it uncontested) or throw it in the middle. I tried to pass it upfield to Spigot, but Smoke was able to steal it and pass it around. Vitriol had the ball in goal range, and Spigot stole it again, and kicked it upfield. Unfortunately I just couldn't prevent Smoke from getting it and kicking it towards Vitriol, who scored for the win. It is really hard for Brewers to stop Vitriol from scoring, next time I think I need to forget about Vet Kat and focus on killing Vitriol and Smoke.... but then letting Vet Kat have his way isn't great either .... overall great game and was really close at the end. I think if I had used a momentum to dodge Spigot further up after getting the ball, then perhaps I could have stayed out of Smokes range (wow she has a huge range!) Overall I played pretty well this game, and played decently at the tournament, even though I ended up going 1-2.
  25. Scalpel lead the Morticians onto the field against the Brewers for the third time in nearly as many weeks. After the kick-off, the Brewer's mascot, Scum, retrieved the ball to their lines. It seemed like an easy goal for the Morticians captain, who dashed ahead of her team to attempt to retrieve the ball from him and start the game with an early lead. As fate, or perhaps some other manipulative force, would have it, Scum proves to be too elusive, controlling the ball and preventing Scalpel from scoring. From that point on, things unravel for the Morticians. The Brewers are just too comfortable in a scrap and systematically dismantled their opposition once Scalpel was taken out of the game. Brewers win over Morticians: 12-6 Scalpel sets her sights on an "easy" goal opportunity. After the failed goal attempt, Scalpel gets separated from the team The Morticians claw their with to a few VPs, but once the Brewers killed the ball, there was no recovery in sight