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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all, I am finally going to make it to my first tournament ever in early July and would like to do well enough to justify the road trip from Wellington to Auckland (will be a big effort involving an 8-10 hour journey in a car with my wife and three kids...). I have been mostly playing hunters throughout season 3 but want to go back to my roots for this tourney for a few reasons. 1. Butchers are choice 2. Won't have vMinx and Minx no longer available. Nor will my Alt Mataagi be painted 3. I only really use about 7 different hunters players... I have settled on the following for my 10 but am open to changing it based on trial and error and advice from experienced tourney goers: Ox, Fillet, Princess, oBrisket, vBrisket, Boar, Boiler, Meathook, Shank and Minx (I don't/won't have access to vGutter). Had my first training game last night against my mate that came third at US nats. He was using Obby morts. Obs, Pelage, oGraves, Vileswarm, vHemlocke, BP&M vs my Fillet, vBrisket, Boar, Meathook, Princess and Shank. Game went average as I brushed off my Hunters webs. Scored late turn two with vBrisket to be generating more inf than the morts for the first time ever. Game ended 12-8 to morts and I was feeling fairly annoyed as I could have easily won by just playing the ball a turn earlier. Anyway, what I was hoping for from my Butchers bretheren is not so much advice vs Morts (have beaten them enough to be confident into them) more I want to get advice on playing into super cagey playstyles. It is not something we really do in the local meta. We are generally pretty aggressive in our playstyle (kinda have to be vs Peter Williams). However since vengeance and his time in the states my friend has been playing far more cagey (translation: hanging back and not really committing much to the game) and it really threw me yesterday. I kept fuelling the tooled up Obulus take out game, first Shank, then Fillet, then he got two goals with the boatman. Basically no one in his team apart from Obulus and memory made it past halfway (wuss). Given that I fired vBrisket upfield for the goal on turn one (dodge and sprint through fast terrain) I was only able to quick foot one player for the first couple of turns meaning they were all way out of range and he kept it this way all game. Super frustrating. How do you all deal with cagey play? Do you just shut up shop and play cagey as well. My opponent suggested just holding the ball in my half and forcing him to commit, which I see the value in until I get caught out with the ball near my own goal... So please, sage advice welcome
  2. So I am sort of new to Guild ball, been a little into it for the past year or so but almost never played. With my local games shop setting up leagues now I have managed to get a good few games in and really feel like knowledge of the rules is less and less of a problem. The trouble is, I'm still an indecisive player. I find myself hesitating far too much and I worry it makes for frustrating games for my opponents. I'd really like to improve on this, so can anyone share some advice for speeding up my play? Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I'm new player and I would like to make my own Morticians goal. I have no idea where to start. It would be nice, if you can give me advice, about what materials/tools/paint should I use. I would like to make me a coffin (something like on the picture attached, sorry for stealing to whoever did that great goal). I've been googling, but I'm little bit confused. Thanks for any advice! PS.: (I couldn't find any thread like this, so hopefully it will not be deleted, thank you.)
  4. So I picked up the "kick off" set this week, and fell in love with the game. I'm a big fan the way the engineers look, and am looking for advice on how to get a deadwood/rusted look? A deadwood Mother with rusted metal parts would look particularly badass.
  5. I have a game scheduled for later this afternoon against a friend who will be bringing Alchemists. This will be my third or fourth full 6v6 game of GB. I know Alchs are good, I know they're fast, and I know that they like their AoEs. I was wondering if you all could enlighten me as for as specific things to maybe watch out for, and maybe how to counter it. I have all the Fish models other than Corsair, vSiren, and Tentacles, and have a Gutter model. Thanks!
  6. masterkdog

    Brush type advice

    Hey all, i have been using an army painter "hobby Highlighting" brush since I began my GB painting journey last year. It is starting to look a little worn. I was just wondering: how long should I hold onto a brush before putting it out to pasture? what is a decent but cheap brush option that is similar? What is the difference between "hair" types? I.e Toray, sable etc. What is better? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  7. I usually contribute to this section of the forums as an Alchemist player, as that's the team I've been playing since launch day. However, this time I need your help as Mason players. At Wyldhammer in Yarmouth last month, I was lucky enough to win The Battlehammer's WAAC raffle and am now the owner of a complete painted Masons team (w00t!). I've told Parker if he can paint up the promised Hammer model by the 17th, I'll play Hammer Masons in the Norfolk Autumn Open in Norwich. Problem is, I've played Masons three times in casual games and only once with Hammer (in which I foolishly let him get triple-teamed by Decimate, Compound and Calculus, almost an exact replica of how I killed him myself the only time my Alchemists have faced him). I've seen a great Honour-based tactica here, but I haven't found anything giving me advice on how to play Hammer yet. So far, I get the idea Masons really want to travel around the pitch close together (except maybe Flint), especially with Hammer to take advantage of Hammer Time, Iron Fist et al. This obviously makes them very vulnerable to ranged guilds (Alchemists...) I'm thinking they might need to take the 1st turn slow and not risk getting someone isolated unless they can guarantee the initiative t2. I'm seeing a starting line up of Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Mallet, Brick, Chisel, with Decimate and Mist on the bench. I have access to Tower and Harmony (I don't think they'll be so useful, but correct me if I'm wrong) but don't own A&G (I'm one of those players who will actually avoid something if it seems too broken/good - it'd feel dirty to play them, but I could be persuaded to find/borrow them now I'm using someone other than the Alchys). So help me! I'm not bad with Alchemists, but I have very little experience with Hammer Masons. Give me some pointers on how to setup, tactics, things to be wary of and anything else you think might stop me going 0-48 on Saturday...
  8. quotemyname

    Season2 Squad Test

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of trying out / proxying the following list at some point so that I can see if buying the models are a valid decision. I'll list the full 8 team members I'd take to a tournament (The first 6 listed being the 'base squad' and I'd branch out from there if needed). *Players are the ones I would be testing as I don't own them. Captain: Fillet Mascot: Truffles* 1: Brisket2* 2: Rage 3: Shank 4: Avarisse & Greede* A1: Tenderizer A2: Gutter*
  9. isquishpeople

    Brand New to Guild Ball

    Hi Folks. I went to Salute recently and had a demo of guild ball. It didn't go well, my son did me over by taking out 2 of my team and then scoring a goal whilst I desperately ran away! I decided that the Fishermen weren't for me and thought I'd give the Alchemists a try. I'm playing a friend in a couple of weeks time in my second game of guild ball and I have a problem. He has the mortician's guild and has done his research on here and even gone and bought some reinforcements too. Cheeky blighter... I've got the following models to play with.. Midas, Calculus, Venin, Compound, Mercury, Katalyst, Vitriol and Flask. I was thinking of running something like - Midas, Mercury, Catalyst, Vitriol and Flask. I don't know whether to take Compound, Katalyst or Venin with this team. I'm thinking Katalyst would help with his intensify, but then I like the defence of Venin and compound looks cool (which goes a long way in my book) Would any experienced Alchemists mind giving me some advice as to which might synergise better and things to watch out for in my Second game? Thanks so much 'Squish
  10. Hazard_Syndrome

    My 1st 6

    Hey guys, so I mainly play Morts (don't hate me, I play them badly) and I dabble in Butchers. After getting some Union to play for each team, I ended up getting Blackheart and Coin... I figured I may aswel have a third team. I've got Gutter and Decimate on my painting table, but this is what I have so far as my 1st 6... what are your thoughts on this lineup? Blackheart Coin Rage Mist Minx Fangtooth
  11. Sandwichdan

    Team selection theory

    Hello everyone! I'm due to head to my first tournament at the end of the month and wanted to ask a little bit of theory regarding team selection. How much do people tailor thier strategy and team selection depending on what team you're facing. Do people tend to swap out one person or create entire different line ups and strategies depending on Matchup? The tournament is 8 players plus captain and Mascot, choosing the entire roster in secret before the game at stage C. I'm always talking Ox, Princess and boiler but the size of the pool has almost given me too much choice and I just wanted to hear some theory talk. - Dan
  12. Salutations all! So I've been playing quite a few games with my Engineers, and was having a good go at them when a realization came upon me that really help fine tune my playing with them... A "push" can be UP to the listed number. One of the 'issues' I was having was Salvo pushing his targets too far away from him, or Balista knocking someone away before I could do enough damage to them. Combine that with Mine Field, where models take damage for being pushed, I could easily push someone out of Mine Field if I wasn't careful with my positioning. But add in the realization that I can push UP to the distance listed, and now I can shoot someone then push them away on the last shot...or not at all, and then finish them off with something else. This added a level of finesses to my use of Character plays and Playbooks that let me be more precises with what my engineers did. Plus, with Minefield, you can push the enemy model .001" and trigger them taking more damage. I hope this helps out some newer Engineers learn how to utilize the tools of our trade. See you on the Pitch! DevilSquid
  13. DiceLocker

    How do the Engineers work?

    When I'm selling guys on the game I go through each of the factions and point out a few cool things about their play style and what the team likes to do...but when it comes to the engineers I'm just not quite sure how to sell someone on them apart from 'They bring crossbows to the pitch...' So how do you do it? How do the engineers work that is unique to them?