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Found 3 results

  1. Smoke led a more physical roster against the blacksmith guild. Katalyst was chosen for Kickoff and a nice little breeze brought the ball to the far left side of the pitch. After some slow positioning Furnace charged Katalyst for eraly momentum, but he did not consider the backswing of old Kat. Avarisse and Greede teamed up with Kat and crushed poor Furnace. While Ferrit was slowly approaching the goal from the flank, the other blacksmiths struggled to withstand the pressure from the alchemists. Sledge was sperated from his Master and got beaten up real quick. Anvil could do nothing about it and was bullied himself by A&G. When Ferrit was finally able to score a goal, the game seemed dire already. Smoke made a quick return goal and the blacksmith conceded to the dominant alchemists.
  2. mr baron

    Mist v A&G into Fish

    Given the popularity of Fish in the current Meta I am looking at my Union choices, and it seems to me that it Mist and A&G are the way to go in most cases. The line up that I am planning is Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, BP & M, Graves, with a Union player. I am leaning towards Mist as I think his card is a bit better into Fish than A&G. With Mist, the roster has 4 2" reach models which helps with the overall match up. I am concerned that A&G with a 1" reach and low Def becomes a momentum battery for Fish with their 2" reach models. Curious what the rest of the folks think about this matchup.
  3. Hi, after some consideration about the use of A&G, one question came to my mind. What happens when A&G are both on the pitch during the influence allocation and I then reattach Greede, during the A&G activation and then detach him in the same activation? Averisse gets 3 influence and Greede 1. A ) Is the influence on Greede lost ? B ) Goes the influence on Greede to Averisse and he can have through this way 4 influence, instead of his limit of 3? C ) Does Greede keep his influence and gets it back when he detaches in the same activation? I think B is the most unlikely, cos that kind of stuff was erased from the Coin, too. Thanks for the answers. Kind regards Alex