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Found 7 results

  1. If vDecimate uses her heroic play Duelist's Advance and then attacks a player benefiting from the Clone character play or the Glutenous Mass trait, can she make a free dodge or does the defensive trigger prevent Duelist's Advance from triggering?
  2. From Page 14 of the Season 3 Rulebook (bold added for emphasis): Target Number Tests Many actions a model may make are resolved using a target number (TN) test. Models use their attributes and apply all relevant modifiers to gather a number of six-sided dice (D6), in order to generate a dice-pool. Each relevant action confers a base number of dice to the dice-pool; action specific modifiers are then applied. All other applicable modifiers are then applied from Character Traits, Plays and other in-game effects and abilities. This will provide a total dice-pool for the action. The target number needed is shown as a number in brackets. When making a TN test, each individual die rolled in the dice-pool that equals or exceeds the target number generates a successful hit. Any die that rolls less than the target number is unsuccessful. Some actions will have modifiers that affect the number of successful hits after the dice-pool has been rolled. A TN test is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. In many TN tests, additional hits improve the overall result. The character play Clone used by Snakeskin and Vitriol reads: Clone 2/ S - The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2”] Dodge. The trait Glutenous Mass reads: the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the poison condition. Gluttonous Mass The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Some character plays like Piledriver, Tutelage and Midas Touch and some Plot cards like Who Are Ya? and Vengeance can grant additional net hits to an attack. What does it mean for a model to be hit by an attack? Does it mean that the attack is successful? Does it mean that some dice in the target number test generated a successful hit? Based on previous rulings that Clone and Glutenous Mass affect character plays triggered off of playbooks, I'd guess it's the former. Suppose an attack against a model benefiting from Clone or Glutenous Mass generates no hits; the TN test is not successful. A token is removed, added net hits to the attack. Is the attack successful now? Since it wasn't successful when the dice pool was rolled, does the attack 'hit' and trigger Clone or Glutenous Mass? Do character plays that grant net-hits behave differently to tokens that grant net-hits?
  3. Greetings, I've been looking over my characters and noticed with Snakeskin that she has Clone. Clone: The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2"] Dodge. If I charged someone with her and they declared a counter attack. If I selected Clone as one of my results would they trigger it or because I'm charging would it not be triggered until the next enemy attack? My logic is I make my charge my movement ends and then I make my attack so I'm no longer moving. I'm sure this is to prevent her getting free dodges from parting blows.
  4. Divinum Fulmen

    Snakeskin's extra sword?

    Ok, I'm putting together Snakeskin, and there's this extra sword included. Seen in this pic, right below her sword and about her leg. It's nowhere on her in the official pictures. GIS doesn't show anyone using it. No one seems to know what to do with this thing. It has a small nub, like it fits into a cavity, but no such thing exists on Snakeskin (aside from the smaller ones for her arms and leg). I've also Googled this using several key words, and no one is discussing this mystery sword (only the lack of a base tab, My bro. joked this could just be her base tab. ). Kraken's rope coil seemed hard to place, with few pics using it, but I did figure out the official placement for that so I'm wondering if this could be something similar. I would just leave it off, but I'm being payed for assembling this team and I don't want to miss a part.
  5. looking to buy (if price is low enough :p) doesn't matter about condition as long as theS2 models have cards Hemlocke Snakeskin Harry The Hat TenderiseR Esters Mash cheers!
  6. Arcnode

    My first 6 players

    Hey guys. I have just picked up the alternative union starter (Blackheart, coin and A&G) and was hoping for a but of help on expanding to 6 players. I am an engineer player but I fancied giving a team that want to smash face a try. I think I will be getting rage and gutter because they are solid player for dealing damage. I am struggling to decide on my 6th player. I'm currently thinking either snakeskin or minx becauae they both look pretty cool. both are mobile and have some decent damage capability. Which would be the better fit? Or am I better with someone else entirely? Any advice would be much appreciated
  7. CaptainKindling

    The State of the Union...

    I've just finished painting up my final Union model - Gutter - so figured it was about time to put up a picture of my little purple and red quartet. It may be 2:30am on a work night, but I'm sure not going to let rationality get in the way of hobby! Originally I wasn't too fussed about the Union, but when I did a 2 team pledge with the Kickstarter it bagged me a pair of free models, so I went with Gutter and Mist, giving me a compatible player for my Fishermen and Masons respectively. At the Expo I then picked up Snakeskin and Decimate, so at this point I'm just Coin and Blackheart away from having a full team, so I may as well go with it! So here we are, Decimate, Mist, Gutter and Snakeskin, all finished and ready for action. I haven't lavished these guys with the same time as the Fishermen, but am happy with them overall. My only major issue with them is that I completely messed up the skin on Snakeskin, but on the tabletop she's such a dynamic model that the attention doesn't really fall there.