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Found 23 results

  1. Kueller

    My Fishermen :)

    Siren Angel Shark
  2. IHatethePuppy

    Player Choices into Fish

    I play a lot of games into corsair fish, like a silly amount and I want to be able to better articulate the choices I make into the match up so I'm writing up this piece. Any amount of CC will be appreciated and I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. FIshermen and their options- (Assuming the line up is shark,corsair,tentacles,gutter,greyscales,hag,jac,siren,vsiren,sakana) Shark- Shark is not the captain choice I believe any fishermen player would make in morticians he has a VERY linear game plan that is easy for us to disrupt with our control elements and very little way to switch it up efficiently. Silence Obulus and Casket combine to make him a very very sad boy. Corsair- The captain you'll see 90% of the time drag is very good at isolating our squishy models if you allow them to, and easy knock downs mean a combination of him and gutter will kill almost any of our models he can catch (besides casket) in one turn- and the combination of sturdy, close control, and tough hide make him extremely annoying to interact with outside of character plays. Tentacles- In my opinion one of the strongest mascots in the game, the combination of close control and a 2/6 kick makes him great at holding the ball and giving it to who needs it when it's time for scoring. Blind is a great tool for corsair to have in his control tool kit. Gutter- I consider gutter one of obulus' worst nightmares she can catch him with her quick movement and can drag him in while beating up a model like casket or ghat that makes it easy for her to hit her drag. She'll be in every corsair line up you play against. Hag- A fantastic threat range extender and great at breaking up and re positioning scrums, my most common fish opponent has lately stopped using her against me- I'm pretty sure this is because fear doesnt work if the puppet is attacking her- making her a bit of an easy take out and momentum farm if she ever ends up invested in the scrum. Greyscales- A good striker that's hard to pin down- sometimes I see him sometimes I don't generally only taken if they feel like they need another striker after sakana. Jac- Goad, and his heroic are important control pieces- he's very good at breaking up a scrum and tough hide makes him relatively difficult to take out. The local fish player and myself see him as a good way to break away from being bogged down by casket. Siren- Another important control piece, beautiful makes it very hard for us puppet master her without giving away obulus- lure in conjuction with drag can create positioning nightmares and seduced can strip the ball off of our models very easily. V Siren- Generally not as good into us as Siren 1 but dread gaze can be very annoying when we're trying to hit things. Escape fate also makes her very difficult to take out. Sakana- An all around good striker that requires very little set up and has some nice defensive tech with poised. He's like a mini shark. They'll take him almost any game for the two inch reach, the weak point, and the goal pressure he can provide. Keep an eye out for poor positioning of him though, because he can make a very juicy puppet master target if he's starting the move in cover. Morticians My line up (post rats) Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, SIlence, Ghast, Skulk, Pelage, Brainpan and memory Scalpel- Lets get her out of the way. I have her in my roster solely for kicking off against blacksmiths. She's a really fun model and isn't really terrible into alot of stuff just generally worse than obulus. That being said The only game into corsair I have tried with her was lost 10-12 so maybe there's merit I haven't seen. Oblulus- Good ol' obby. This is the sort of match up where early you want to use puppet master to set up a nicely positioned scrum early then have him stay on the fringes of it and go for goal runs when the opportunity is there, using puppet master to strip the ball off of corsair or tentacles is a great way to get around close control. Rigor mortis in this match up is generally best used when it'll swing an important momentum race or when you need to heal several models in one activation and can't do so other wise. Dirge- The little guy's stock has gone down since sic 'em has gone away but he's still miles better than vileswarm. Use him to block drag lanes and provide crowd outs/gang ups. Graves- I never leave home without the good doctor 2" reach, a decent playbook for stripping the ball, beating down, or re positioning models, tooled up, he really does do almost everything in this match up he likes to poke around the scrum with his reach and tool up casket or memory for take outs. He can also take a few influence and turn it into some bleeds in the scrum which can go a long way against some fish models. Be on the look out for sweet spots for consistent scything blows. It won't happen often but when it does it's super value. Casket- The other model I play in every match up- he is a fantastic tar pit being near unkillable for alot of factions. Heavy burdening an out of position corsair can be back breaking and his rough ground can be a super annoying momentum tax if the scrum is positioned poorly for them. Trying to casket time some one (if possible gutter) is of course very strong and a tooled up casket or memory last activation followed up by a first activation casket will do it to most models in fish. Casket timing corsair is honestly not very realistic but I have done it once (and yes it feels very good :p) SIlence- I like Silence when kicking off. Kicking off with silence and keeping him 12 from corsair allows you to during your first activation fire blast directly in front of corsair then re position how you'd like to decrease corsairs turn one pressure. Corsair is a fantastic tucked/shut out target and as such I always allocate at least one to silence to threaten to do exactly that. Which can mess very hard with how the corsair player needs to do their activation. Just like in every match up hes an annoying control piece. Just be careful with his positioning because he can be an easy take out for them. When deciding who/when to tuck or shut out its important to note that ALOT of their killing potential is tied up in two activations in corsair and gutter. Ghast- Ghast takes silence's spot when receiving he's caskets Scrum buddy. 2" reach a knock down on two and fear are all things fish find pretty annoying. Jamming him and casket into a scrum properly can force the corsair player's game plan from a 1-4 to a 2-2 which is significantly more difficult to do against a team that has obulus messing around with where the ball is. Skulk- A goalie model would seem great into the "scoring" team however I don't like him into corsair. While horrific odour can mess with their goal runs and lightning reflexes can be a pain for greyscales he doesn't bring enough to the table to make it in this match up. Pelage- While she is a murderer that can realistically bust through corsair's tough hide while tooled up our goal isn't a lot of take outs in the match up, if they happen great but I prefer not to have a model in the list who commits entirely to that, so she doesn't provide enough for our game plan to validate a spot over other options. Brainpan and Memory- Brainpan and memory are fantastic in this match up- their flexibility really shines in it. memory can be used early to block drag lanes and is uniquely good at hunting down hag or greyscales while tooled up. Their unique way of movement and "One, Two!" Can also be used to help them escape scrums once they're done providing their crowd ups and gang ups to allow them to set up their goal runs. A memory parked in front the opponent's goal is a snap shot machine, with a 90% success rate with bonus time! These are my thoughts on fish relatively unedited thanks for the read and leave any CC! Thanks
  3. Forum, A new episode of RTL is up on YouTube. This one features Ethan Christiansen from Two Guys and a Pitch. We play one of my most dreaded matchups Farmers into Fisherman. There are lots of new animations in this video let me know what you think of them. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Music: Epic - Bensound.com Ethan's Blog: https://twoguysandapitch.blogspot.com/ The Longshanks Pitch Planner: http://longshanks.org/terrain/ Farmers Errata Episode: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-36-errata-farmpocalypse Game Plans Video: https://youtu.be/iRPdTnBnRp0
  4. https://www.patreon.com/posts/17714162 In this episode Andrew and Jason go to a local tournament, and Andrew starts to regret his life choices. This is one of our bonus episodes. Join us at 'goalkeeper' level or above and get this episode and access to our entire back catalogue! Find us at www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  5. Celary

    Let's go fishing!

    Good morning, fellow Engineers. I'm curious how do you handle the Fish and which captain is your preferable one. I'm afraid that Pin Vice cannot score faster than either Shark or Corsair, so I'm stuck with Ballista. I can blast my opponents for a turn, but beginning from turn two I get picked one by one and gutted without mercy. What is your way of dealing with them?
  6. MechMage


    Continuing his unstoppable winning streak, Rage faced off against Shark in today's match. Things started out well for the fish when Jac goaded the normally quite professional Mist to spoil his infamous kick off goal, but the Brawler fumbled the pass to Siren and left the Allure of the Seas scrambling into the back field to recover. Minx and Rage chased Greyscales and the flustered Elder Fisherman made a critical misstep that left him eating dirt beneath the Usurper's boot. Shark scored in his characteristic fashion and Jac barely got the ball away from the Union winger and kicked it wide for fear of the Mysterious Shadow's mastery of ball craft. This desperate move proved ill advised as the Feral Hunter shot across the field, weaving between Siren and Hag to score. Shark repaid the Union in kind but he soon met the same fate as Greyscales and Jac failed to retrieve the ball from Snakeskin a second time. The Chameleon darted between the fish and artfully scored a goal to end the match. Final Score: Union 12, Fishermen 8 Distrait that Snakeskin was somehow alive, Rage chased her through the stands with murderous fury. The Morticians will have to work over time to contend with civilian casualties.
  7. Goldfinger590

    Hunters get a little Salty

    Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Seenah, Minx, Vet Hearne, and Chaska Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Jac, Siren, Greyscales, and Sakana. Hunters made a bunch of ball handling mistakes this game. Turn one: Hunters choose to receive the ball. Chaska receives and kicks the ball to Seenah giving him a 4" dodge (where I should have dropped the ball) as Shark proceeds to quick foot/ charge Seenah steal the ball and tidal surge off wrap and kicked a goal. Shark legendary hitting 4 of my team. Minx and Vet Hearne manage to leave Shark on 3 health. Jac slingshots salt to grab the ball but lacks the influence to score, stopping 4" from side of the table. 4-0 Fish Turn two: Hunters win initiative and send Chaska to boom box Salt off the pitch... miss... Salt scores! Seenah retaliated and killed Siren and Vet Hearne killed Shark! 8-4 Fish ... thought I killed the ball and 2 Fish were looking to die turn 3... Turn three: straight roll off for iniative... Fish win roll. Salt charges Chaska snaps the ball, and Chaska defensive Stances and Salt needs 3 4+ on 6 dice... just 3... where did they go... tap in goal... Salt scores! 12-4 Fish moral of the story even if you slaughter and bog down fish you gotta keep an eye out for the slippery otter!!
  8. Goldfinger590

    Fish get snared in their own nets

    Played my Hunters in Fish Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Vet Hearne, Seenah, Minx, and Chaska Fish: Shark, Tentacles, Hag, Greyscales, Siren, and Kraken Fish won the roll of and choose to receive, Bear kicks off and get barely over the line setting up a charge for whomever dares to grab it. Kraken takes the bait and the Fish pass the ball around until Hag misses the kick to Shark... Shark manages to bounce off Theron for a goal!! Theron sets up a forest in front of V Hearne. Sprints and takes a shot snaring Kraken. V Hearne walks up and skewers Kraken jumping within an inch and knocking him down, Minx charges Kraken adding some damage leaving it to Seenah to Bear Hug Kraken... Chaska sets up trap and shoots Shark snaring him... End turn one: 4-3 to the Fish Hunters win the roll and start with Chaska who walks into base contact with Shark and takes 2 shots pushing him off the pitch. With Shark knocked out and Kraken roughed up it left squishy Fish left to scramble for the ball which was left just above the goal line in the corner of Hunters deployment zone. Minx and Fahad mange to take out Angel and Seenah Manages to reach Kraken who made the mistake to drag V Hearne off Greyscales and gets another Bear Hug knockout... End turn two: 10-4 Hunters Hunters win roll off again and Seenah charges Tentacles for hugs... Hunters win blood bath 12-4
  9. Warpstoned

    Theron Secures a big Catch

    Hunters took on Fishermen on this lovely day and both teams had done their homework, as Hunters employed Go to Ground the fishies Paid to Win. The line ups were Theron (looking awfully young) Snow Chaska oHearne Minx Jacear Shark Tentacles Angel Sakana Greyscales oSiren Highlights of the game: - Sakana kicking off in fear of getting Shark arrowed by Theron. That seemed to be a baseless fear as Theron missed all of his shots on Sakana whom then could snag the ball and put it in. He got beaten to the ground for his troubles though - the fisherman life is a hard one. (2-4) - The ball gets punted around and the whole fish team eventually ends up snared. Shark eventually gets the ball and scores, later than he'd like due to being a prime prey for the Hunters dirty tricks. - Minx takes out the mascot and misses a goal shot, ball going extremely deep into the fish backfield (6" to the 6). Hunters almost timed out. - Jaecar fetches the wayward ball and scores 1st activation, time is up for hunters (7-8) - Fish has no real good space to kick the ball. Minx gets hold of it from Siren and punts it to space (7-9). Theron gets a hold of it and scores while running the length to lock the wounded returned sakana completely between minx and jaecar - surely sealing his fate (11-10) - The fish gets the ball up to shark but it is too late. oHearne forest jumps into engagement with the trapped Sakana and downs him as the last possible activation for huners before time loss (12-11) - The hunt has been successful and the Fisherman captain has been captured alive. The Longshanks will be pleased.
  10. Pending Forum Suspension

    Is Shark Worth the 10th Spot in my Team?

    Ghost town in here since changes I am running: Corsair Salt Jac Siren vSiren Sakana Greyscales Hag A&G This leaves Shark, Kraken, Angel, and Tentacles. Kraken I really don't care for. He has been nothing but a MOM battery for my opponent the last several games he has played and I don't see a situation where I would take him over A&G in a Corsair list. So Tentacles or Shark? I am inclined to take Angel on the principle of not taking 2 mascots. Shark is good but I think all he is going to do is sit on the bench because... well I mean we have Corsair and you can split up the job that Shark does among players. What are your 10 after the changes?
  11. Full disclosure: the two Guilds I play at the moment are Fishermen and Masons, but I think the recent errata to Shark and Siren were a step in the right direction. However, the replacement of Gut & String with Stagger seems to have missed the mark. What follows is a pair of suggestions to change Stagger and Gut & String to bring them more in line with the models they should be on. Shark: Gut & String replace Stagger, but change its effects; you'll have to rename G&S on Jaecar, but the effects there are fine (alternatively, apply these changes to Jaecar's character play as well, but I'm not familiar enough with Hunters to speculate as to whether or not that's a good idea) leave CST/RNG/ZON/SUS/OPT unchanged change effect to "Target enemy model suffers [-1] TAC and [-1] DEF." Comments: the main idea is to put an ability named thematically for the Fishermen back on that team, and since that name has two parts, give it two effects. As for the effects themselves, I wanted them to stay in line with Shark's design as a scoring juggernaut, but also allow protect the Fishermen a bit from counter-attacks and parting blows without reverting back to the near-complete lockdown of the old Gut & String + Caught in a Net movement debuffs. The [-1] DEF alone is just too weak for a play in the third column, and it was weird that with just [-1] DEF the play leaned toward encouraging the Fishermen to pile into the target instead of darting away (which the [-1] TAC facilitates). Since there's still no movement debuff, the enemy team can swarm Shark and beat him down, but the [-1] TAC gives Shark and his teammates a little more resilience. Having said all that, I agree with JacctheInsomniac's and Larhendiel's assertion below that Caught in a Net was the real culprit on Shark, not Gut & String, but I proposed the above changes because SFG has already wandered down the other path. Granite: Epicenter or Stagger Granite seems to be intended as the negative image of Shark, since she's a slow model that tries to cluster enemy models around her. The movement debuff on Gut & String was redundant because if the enemy model tried to disengage from Granite using an Advance, they'd be facing 8 TAC with a KD in the second column anyway. Frankly, if you get the 2 KDs to put Granite on the ground, you deserve to be able to run away without that extra [-4"/-4"]. I initially wanted to propose a character play with the effect "Target enemy model suffers [-1] DEF, and this model's Melee Zone becomes 2".", but as Siberys rightly pointed out, tracking those two effects with the same kind of token is confusing, so I split my proposal into a buff version and a debuff version. Option #1: Epicenter CST: GB, RNG: S, ZON: -, SUS: Y, OPT: N Effect: "This model gains [+1] TAC and its Melee Zone becomes 2"." Comments: my buff option for Granite's non-Tar Pit character play. Instead of keeping the movement debuff, I wanted to reward Granite for actually getting into combat and staying there. Putting the increase in Melee Zone in Granite's base kit might be too strong, but I think it's a nice addition to her as a character play because, it limits the number of models that can use her as a pinball bumper if she makes a decent attack, and I think it's thematically appropriate that she have a kind of "entrenched" mode. The idea is to extend her control over more of the pitch and make it more resource intensive for enemy models to escape that area. Option #2: Stagger (only a usable name if Gut & String is restored to Shark) CST: GB, RNG: P, ZON: -, SUS: Y, OPT: N Effect: "Target enemy model suffers [-1] DEF and does not generate Momentum from playbook results." Comments: my debuff option for Granite's non-Tar Pit character play. This version is about punishing the few models that Granite does catch; the effects are stronger than those of Epicenter, but focused on individual models instead of an area.
  12. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  13. Erests

    Looking for LE Shark

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase the LE Shark model. Super excited to pick up the game and love the faction looks, just not a fan of the base Shark posing. Thanks
  14. Have had a recent discussion with players at my local, I am the only fish player there and whilst pretty new to the game I have started to grasp the concept of how to play a goalscoring fish team, my problem seems to be positioning and usually due to my play style and from some fair few games I have watched played with shark goalscoring fish teams like my own they open up for easy counters for other teams playing goal scoring teams, with the other teams having the ability to easily blow up any fish player with the abundance of KDs or 2" melees to ignore counters against players who have a have 1" melee its very easy to take a player out then score a goal and end games very fast unless the fish player can take someone out or is exceptionally good against players who know their team. I feel that the missing thing for a shark fish team is a goalkeeper. The reasons behind this are that when you play a goal scoring team, you can find yourself with a gap somewhere on the field after dodging around and getting out of being killed, the enemy team if they are not focused on takeouts or have a single goalscorer ready up pitch can get the ball up and score in a single activation. I have experienced this against Butchers season 3, Masons Season 3, Morticians Season 3 and Union Season 3. Other teams got a little bit better at scoring this season and fish stayed pretty much the same, It is great, but now they don't really have a defence against other goal scoring teams that have that ability to get the takeouts by the time you get your first two goals, unless you get really lucky or really well positioned with players on their kick. I feel that a reasonably balanced goalkeeper that adds a challenge to the counter-score threats but not overpowering, with the current goalkeepers being very limited, i.e compound and tenderiser being very powerful tanks and vet velocity being a very controlling player something in the middle of those would balance well 14-16 health 5 tac playbook with some footballing, dodges or pushes character plays and a kd in there somewhere reasonably small movement 4/6 with a 2" melee 4+1 defence 1/3 inf 2/7 kick or something goal defence and rush keeper maybe and a character play similar to quick time or balls gone on a 5 success to move about more near the goal would like to hear peoples suggestions and thoughts on the matter, what they think would be a balanced keeper stat-wise for a fish team and if they think it would be a nice way to fill that lacking space in season 3 fish
  15. I’ve been to my second tournament. I had a good day and met a lot of nice people. This is a sum up of my games from memory. I’d be surprised if I haven’t got something wrong in here but overall it should be pretty accurate. My roster for the tournament was Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter, Greyscales and Angel. Game one - Union Union team: Veteran Rage, Coin, Mist, Fangtooth, Hemlocke, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Sakana, Greyscales, Angel. Highlights turn one He kicks of with Fangtooth and I retrieve the ball and start the passing chain with the plan to end on Sakana for a first turn goal. He second winds Fangtooth and run him up in my face engaging Angel just a few inches from my deployment line. I note that Sakana cannot escape a blind attempt from Hemlocke and I have to bet on Hemlocke missing the blind which she didn’t. I therefore refrained from my turn one goal attempt and hold on to the ball. I use Shark to generate enough momentum to put me ahead for the roll off. I had carefully kept out of Rages threat the whole turn one but forgot about Red Fury which he uses to good effect on Fangtooth to punch on Angel and generate momentum. Highlights turn two I win initiative and use Sharks legendary and Gut & String to good effect to lock most of his players down. I then score with Sakana. He kicks the ball out to Mist and runs far far away to my left flank where I cannot reach him. I approach Mist with Greyscales but he is out of range. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and load Greyscales up for an easy goal but fail to get the ball off Mist who then runs away again. I generate momentum and heal the best I can. I try to walk Angel away from Fangtooth using both Nimble and cover but he rolls three sixes and knocks her down with damage. My opponent tries to pass the ball to Fangtooth with Mist but misses and the ball scatters towards my goal where nobody is in a position to retrieve it this turn. He gets his damage train going and start to take out players but also clocks out. The game ends 7-6 in my favour at dice down. Game two - The circus guild Circus team: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, Compound. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales My opponent had made a really nice conversion with his alchemists into a circus guild. Highlights turn one I win the roll off and choose to receive. He kicks off with Vitriol and I retrieve with Siren and pass to Salt, I miss the pass but Salt can intercept it. He charges Salt with Vitriol, steals the ball and scores. I kick the ball out and it lands about two inches away from my deployment line. I leave it there thinking it’s safe there and activate someone without influence to stall an activation. He activates Smoke, teleports to the ball, shoots and score. After two activations I’m down 8 points. At this point it’s clear to me that I cannot score for quite some time as he’ll just score back and win the game. I also wish I had chosen Gutter as that would have given me a stronger takeout game which I now desperately need. I use Shark and I believe also Sakana to push-dodge Smoke and Vitriol towards the board edge behind my goal. I manage to then push Smoke out and Vitriol close to the edge with Jacs heroic and ramming speed. I keep the ball on Shark. Calculus and Mercury successfully throw their AoEs at me. Highlights turn two I win initiative and start by pushing Vitriol off the pitch with Jacs heroic. He charges Calculus at Sakana and push-dodge me into his aura poisoning him. I keep the ball on Shark and try to generate enough momentum to keep initiative and heal and clear enough conditions to stay alive. He uses his legendary this turn to apply some damage on Salt and some more models but don’t manage to kill anyone. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and start by using Sharks legendary and score a goal. He kicks the ball to Vitriol who starts by taking out Salt. My opponent had forgotten about Loved creature. Vitriol ends her activation by passing the ball to Smoke. I activate Sakana, tackle the ball from Smoke, disengage, move upfield and pass the ball to Greyscales. I could also have passed the ball to Shark for a snap shot but that felt like a bigger risk. He activates Smoke, teleports over to Greyscales and tries to tackle the ball 3 times on 2 dice (cover and crowd out from Sakana) but fails. I activate Greyscales, Where’d they go out of Smoke’s melee and score for the win. 12-10 in a game where I was down 0-8 after two activations. That felt really good. After round two all three Fishermen players were undefeated. Game three - Engineers Engineers team: Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Compound, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kick off with Siren. I kick the ball close to my left flank and into an obstruction. He retrieves the ball with Decimate and kicks it to Pin Vice who dodges. I forget to play Too Flash. I was thinking about getting the ball back with Seduced but choose to Lure Decimate instead and push her off the pitch with Jac. Pin Vice puts Alternator on Hoist. I thought he’d want to steal Scything Blow from Gutter with Hoist and carefully consider his threat range if he were to pass and dodge but as it plays out he actually don’t even want Scything Blow. He takes Goad from Jac after I’ve informed him that he cannot steal Where’d they go from Salt which is what he really wants. Shark charges Pin Vice and generates momentum. Gutter spends one momentum to glide and charges Pin Vice too. I forget about Compound and he counter charges Gutter and knocks her down. I clear the knock down with momentum but lose my charge attack. With the remaining two influence I trigger gluttonous mass and do a Scything Blow on Compound and Pin Vice. Highlights turn two I win initiative and Shark legendaries and Gut and String compound. Velocity scores a goal and I immediately counter score with Sakana or Greyscales. Hoist picks the ball up, passes to Velocity and Goads Jac. He accidently puts Hoist in Gutters melee doing so. Gutter activates and does three 6 hit swings on Compound for 12 damage on Compound, 9 on Pin Vice and 6 on Hoist. Highlights turn three I win initiative and put four on Gutter. Gutter goes first and does the same thing all over again taking Compound and Pin Vice out and leaving Hoist on one hit box after Reanimate. Hoist activates and walks up to Shark and hits him and generates momentum. Shark counters, does two damage that is reduced to one by Tough Hide and takes Hoist out for the win. Game four - Corair Fish Opposing Fishermen: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Jac, Kraken, Avarisse & Greede. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales. Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kicks off with Siren close to a board edge. Sakan picks the ball up and I eventually push him off with Siren Luring him in and Jac pushing him off. We jockey for position until our last activations where I charge Shark at Jac and try to push-dodge myself out of harpoon range. Corsair passes the ball to Tentacles, dodges 4“ up the field and I play Too Flash on Corsair. At the end of it I’m still just in harpoon range and Corsair beats a bit on Shark. The ball stays parked on Tentacles close to his goal. Highlights turn two Sakana burns the flash token and some influence on Corsair and double push-double dodge him away from his team and puts Weak Point on him. Corsair beats on Shark but fails to kill him. Shark spends one momentum to clear the knock down and dodges out of Corsairs range, knocks Jac down and jogs up to Tentacles but is one influence short of a goal shot when he finally gets the ball off him. Tentacles immediately takes the ball back and Kraken finishes Shark off. Highlights turn three Sakana starts the turn by tackling the ball of Tentacles, dodges away but not out of melee and scores a goal on two dice with Tap In. He kicks the ball to his Jac who I cannot reach with any of my players even though Siren had enough influence for a Seduce. He takes Greyscales out and passes the ball to Corsair. Highlights turn four Corsair scores a goal with his legendary. I kick out and pick the ball up with Salt (who had one influence) and drop it in a spot close to his goal but out of reach for him. Both Siren with four influence and Shark with six influence can easily get the ball and score from where it is but Siren is knocked down. I activate Jac and does a momentous knock down on Avarisse who sacrifices his movement to stand up. I activate Sakana who also sacrifices his movement to stand up and generate two momentum of Kraken by dodging away from him toward Greed who is nearly hugging the board edge right behind his goal. This turns out to be a mistake as Kraken charges me, I forget to defensive stance and he does Release the… to push me off the board. I’m getting low on time at this point and tunnel vision and forget that the current standing is 6 to 10 as I score a goal with Siren. The smart play would have been to heal Siren with Shark and go for Greede. I don’t think I would have killed him but I could potentially have push-dodged him off the board. He kicks the ball out to Sakana who under Corsairs legendary takes a five dice shot on goal and scores ending the game 12-10 in his favour. This was a very tight and enjoyable game that I think the better player won. My opponent was better at managing his clock and was able to capitalize on my mistakes. I placed second with all tiebreakers equal to my second round opponent, winning since I bet him. Conclusions The all striker build that I used game one turned out to be a great disappointment for me. After he had killed the ball I had a hard time getting it back and no other way of scoring VPs. In my third game on the other hand Gutter was really strong and Shark can set her up very well with Gut and String. She also adds a whole new dimension to the team which makes it more versatile. I need to play her more. In the final game Salt really shined when I was able to move the ball to a spot on the pitch from which I could score at any point but he couldn’t reach.
  16. Another Figo League report for you all! https://minnesotaminiaturemurdersports.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/guild-ball-figo-league-gameweek-three-fishermen-v-alchemists/ Yes, I know: More pictures! And I took more this time! But then I switched phones between playing this game most of a month ago and writing it this week. More pictures soon. I promise.
  17. Hello! I experimented with a new form (for me) of Battle Reporting for Guild Ball. Take a look and let me know what you think! https://minnesotaminiaturemurdersports.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/guild-ball-figo-league-gameweek-1-fishermen-v-brewers/
  18. So, last night's game against our local brew-meister went as usual - a lot of fish with Broken legs. I really struggle with what to do in this match up, especially if I have to kick off to him. Scenarios A - I kick off, he has the ball and I have no good way to generate momentum without exposing myself to getting ganked. If I don't engage he gets to shuffle about a bit, pick up momentum with passes and position himself to beat on me in t2. B - He kicks off, I get the ball I generate momentum with passes along the back and then score. I start the next turn with initiative but still have to retrieve the ball from a scrum of angry brewers. T2 I have again the choice of stand off, or get stuck in. I'm interested in what Shark team you play into: Tapper, Scum, spigot, Mash, Hooper and gutter. Last night I tried something a little different by maximising my striking potential, but I just found myself even less able to generate momentum. Shark, salt, greyscales, sakana, siren and angel Previoulsy I have run Gutter instead of Angel in that six.
  19. Hi all, i have a tournament comming up next saterday and decided on playing fish( since no one else is playing them) . I am strugeling with the 8 i should take, first of all the captain choise, shark or Corsair? I have been playing Corsair a lot lately and realy enjoy playing him specialy his ability to grab the ball from a dictance, i know a lot of people see Corsair as a fight captain however i love playing footbal with him Shark might do this better tough but with Corsair i feel to have more options. Shark then ,our supperstar for football better then Corsair however ball recovery becomes i bit more tricky or am i looking at it wrong? my Shark 8: Shark, Salt, greyscales,angel or sakana ( still need to see if angel brings enough) gutter, hemlock, fangtooth, Siren my Corsair 8: Corsair, Salt, angel or Sakana, Jac, greyscales, hemlock, fangtooth, gutter feel free to comment on my lists aswel, i still have 2 games planned where i'm gonna try angel and play Shark as my Captain but your advise would be apreciated.
  20. Old Greyscales

    Shark Vs Corsair

    Hi Fishermen Just wanting to start a general discussion on both the Fish captains, and everyone's opinions on them, mainly on Corsair and how he stacks up to Shark. I've heard only good things so far, and i'm wanting to know a few things from those who've played both, in regards to how they performed/played with Corsair as their Captain instead of Shark. Questions: How have you found Corsair better/worse than Shark? Which teammates does Corsair Synergise well with vs those who can merit being dropped sooner in a Corsair-led team? How do Fisherman play as a team with Corsair, and how does that differ than with Shark? Would you still consider playing Shark over Corsair/vice versa, or is it "X all the way!"? Again, just a friendly discussion for beginners, or just people who are overwhelmed at the prospect of two captains, and want some help/guidance on how to play a Corsair led crew and how it differs, and whether or not that playstyle is for you. I would input, but i fall into that second category xD Thanks in advance- Happy Scoring
  21. Hey guys, I think we’re going to need a bigger boat… With the release of Pin Vice for the Engineers, I'm feeling the squeeze. I'll be doing a few posts here comparing the Fishermen and the Engineers in terms of foot-balling ability and coming to some sort of conclusion about whether or not we're getting edged out of the top-spot by the newer Engineer releases. First, a comparison between Captains: Shark vs. Pin Vice RELEVANT STATS: -Shark has a 2” further Kick. Shark has +1 Health, and 2” melee. Pin Vice is female (slight advantage). PLAYBOOK: -Strikingly similar. Pin Vice can deal more damage more easily, has a Momentous Tackle, and has more Dodges. Wow. -Shark can use his Character Plays via GB results. Nice. CHARACTER PLAYS: -Quick Foot & Alternator are a toss up. Quick Foot is shorter range and costs 2 INF, but doesn’t deal 3 damage -Gut & String is a nice debuff that stacks very well with Shark’s Legendary. -Deletion is a great buff and gives bonus damage and a ‘free’ Bonus Time but deals 3 damage. -Tidal Surge gives more immediate utility for 3 INF with a 4” reposition, but is a 1x/turn play. -Controller gives more control over activations, allowing a chain-activation at a cost of 3 INF and 3 Health. Opens up some incredible interactions with timing and goal scoring, especially when combined with her Legendary. HEROIC PLAY: -Shark doesn’t have one. -Pin Vice will probably not use hers very often, and it is unnecessary in some team line-ups. LEGENDARY PLAY: -Shark’s “Caught in a Net” is awesome, and a fantastic Debuff with great control. -Pin Vice’s Well-Oiled Machine is awesome, and a fantastic buff to probably her whole team allowing 4” Dodges for free, plus Momentum. CHARACTER TRAITS: -Shark is Light Footed, so better on the pitch with more terrain. -Pin Vice has Close Control, so more offensive as a ball carrier. Ryoshi’s Verdict: -A solid tie. They’re in the same league here. This IS saying something as Shark is probably the best goal scorer in the game. Pin Vice is awesome, and a great boon to an already strong footballing Engineers team. ... Next up... Velocity and Angel
  22. Work in progress of my Fishermen team - Jac is not painted yet. Krakens base is not finished either. Will upload more photos when I collect them.
  23. CaptainKindling

    Fisherman's Guild: Shark

    Figured it was about time to add the captain to the Fishermen team! Put in a late night on ol' Sharky, mainly because Wednesday night is games night at my FLGS and I didn't want to play a game with a half-painted model for fear of chipping! So my currently painted Fishermen all assembled... Just Siren and Greyscales left to go, and then I should be able to make a start on the goal for the team