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Found 6 results

  1. Kueller

    My Fishermen :)

    Siren Angel Shark
  2. Ik-tornado

    How to buff Angel?

    Hey guys, I decided to start up a blog today as a convenient way to write long stuff and be able to include images since the limit on here is so low. I'm not super professional at all that website junk but this first entry is focused on making Angel an interesting choice in the roster through buffs, with a short paragraph included in the beginning for my own relief over her sculpt. https://tornadogb.blogspot.com/2017/09/angels-in-goalie-box.html Also suggest more Angel fixes in this thread! I want her to be fun and effective to use within the next few errata passes.
  3. Hey guys, just got my starter box and really excited to paint these guys. I've never based or assembled mini's before, so I have a couple questions. On Angel's hand and staff, how in the world do you make this secure? The connection point is tiny! Also Shark's hands don't line up that well, do most people put green stuff on his left wrist? Is it possible to pin anything but the feet on these 3? Thanks in advance.
  4. veneratedaniel

    Fallen Angel

    So i have played a few games with my fish, Normal line up being shark, Salt, Jac, kraken, Skhana, and Angel, i have swapped angel out for a few games for Siren can have found that she performs ALOT better, i swapped them over again tonight to no help, i think i might be playing Angel wrong essentially i am using Shark to take the spot light and get the first goal, my plans where to use Angel to try and retake the ball from the opposition and score off from that basically covering both sides of the board with strikers. Being so fragile i am finding she gets taken out in a single activation from the opposition, with Shark being on the other side of the pitch, and salt being Jacs back up/ shenanigans outlet, there isnt too much +1 +1 that Angel is getting. What am i missing from her ? is she just a bad player for the team ? or more of an acquired taste which only develops over game time. the Treat that Siren can put out is also just insane compared to Angels range
  5. Work in progress of my Fishermen team - Jac is not painted yet. Krakens base is not finished either. Will upload more photos when I collect them.
  6. CaptainKindling

    Fisherman's Guild: Angel

    And following on from Salt, here's the first painted human member of my Fisherman's Guild team!