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Found 159 results

  1. Hey guys I'm back with a new video! No it isn't another episode of Run the Length. It's another Blog! Run the Length to return in 2 weeks. In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month and go over the new models released this month. I cover where i think they fall within their respective teams from a competitive perspective.
  2. Starting things off and joining the union!

    Good day folks! Just starting off in the world of Guild Ball and decided to throw my lott in with the Union. I've purchased Blackheart, Decimate, Gutter, Vet. Rage, Coin, Strongbox, Hemlocke, Fangtooth, Minx, Mist, Harry "The Hat", Snakeskin, and Avarisse & Greede. I also snagged the Kick Off! box and pre-ordered Seasoned Brisket. I wasn't able to track down a reasonably priced orig. Rage when I was making purchases and from what I've seen on the forum, he requires a very specific play style to get the most out of him. I've only ever played with the Brewers and Masons and spent the entire time learning the game so I really didn't get much strategy from them. I was wondering, who are the brawlball, football, and versatile characters in Union? As far as the current meta. Also, are there any good comps for Fangtooth? I really enjoy his model and was wondering if there was a play style that could actually support him.
  3. Im selling off all my spare models as I have all teams. Alchemist - Smoke (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Obulus (metal) unbuilt, unpainted... Morticians - Obulus (metal) built, unpainted (staff snapped at hand) Morticians - Dirge (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) built, unpainted (very top of staff snapped) Morticians - Silence (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - 2 x Graves (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Graves (resin) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Brainpan + Memory (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Limited edition Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Vet Ox (metal) unbuilt, painted stripped Butchers - Boar (metal) built, unpainted Butchers - Brisket (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Princess (metal) built, unpainted Fish - Hag (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Masons - Granite (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Brewers - Pintpot (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Union - Rage (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Theron (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Hearne (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Zarola (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Jaecar (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Egret (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Farhad (metal) unbuilt, paint stripped Please pm me if you are interested in any to discuss price, would prefer they went to a good home as they are sitting on my shelf next to my painted teams. Prefer to sell teams as a whole if possible. UK based and attend many events if you want to save on postage. Pics available if requested
  4. Lunatic's Guild Ball models

    Hi guys and gals! I started playing Guild Ball about two months ago. The Union was the faction of my choice because I like the models, enjoy the variety in play styles and model selection, and they have the most hats. I finally got the bases done and here they are: I may need to steal some good ideas for a goal post that fits the Union theme. Maybe I can find a chest of gold that fits the scale... My next painting project will be the Farmer's Guild as soon as I get a hold of it.
  5. I have the full collection of Union models for sale, it will be everything you need, see the list below. These are painted to a very good standard and looking to take offers for these before going to the shady world of eBay. Excellent collection for those of you who don't like painting and want to game since Union are pretty awesome right now. Based in Scotland but will post anywhere. Blackheart Veteran Rage Coin Strongbox Avarisse and Greed Mist Decimate Snakeskin Harry the Hat Hallahan Rage Hemlock Minx Fangtooth Gutter A goal token and ball with a nice crime and punishment theme Blurry photo with all the models Some close ups
  6. Looking to trade out some extra items i have acquired. I HAVE: Union: New: Decimate and Vet. Rage Masons: Original Honour(Painted), Flint(Painted), Mallet(Painted), Harmony(Painted) New and unpainted: Kickoff Flint, Kickoff Marbles New Masons momentum/influence tokens (won em in a tourny but already had some) Other: 4" Hunters Patch (Won in a tourny but dont play them) Full S3 card set for the following teams: Engineers, Butchers, Alchemists, Hunters I WANT: (Preferably Unpainted) Brewers: Esther, Quaff, Mash, Pint Pot, Vet. Spigot Union: Token Set Morticians: Any.... Chibi Cards: Honour(really want), Blackheart, or Tapper Can send pics upon request. Tried posting one or two but it keeps giving me messages about size limitations no matter how many times i try to resize it.
  7. Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    @DrillbossD and I were just starting to have this conversation in another forum thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main page and let everyone weigh-in. I'm a new guild ball player and am slowly filling out my Engineers team, so I'll probably be picking up one or two of the models recommended here. Question: If you can only take one Union model in your tournament 9, who makes the cut and why? Feel free to respond however you want or use this small form below: Union Model: Nine Model Roster: How does this model support your team roster? What do you hope to accomplish with this model?
  8. Episode two of my (soon to be) critically acclaimed YouTube series Run the Length is out! In this episode my Alchemist's Take on Alex Botts' Union. Alex Botts is one of the hosts of Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. He can be found on the forum @Slothrop His twitter is @leftslothrop Strictly the Worst twitter: @StrictlyWorstGB
  9. So I don't want to try and keep track of multiple threads so I'll just link the Alchemist's Guild and Brewer's Guild that I have already done and add the new stuff from now on to this thread. I got a few Union options for my first two guilds and figured I might as well go a little bit further and get enough to field the Union as a team too. I'm sure that wasn't the exact intention that SFG had. So first off I made and painted a ball for my Alchemist's: And here's the Union I have all painted up. I tried some of the blood effects paint for the first time on this team and it worked fantastic. Ended up using it on almost the entire team. They are a bloody bunch of criminals and killers anyway so it fits. Not super excited about the dead pirate and now that I say that I might have to repaint/modify him to be an undead pirate. I went with the turtle because I just like him a lot better than that sad snake. I bought the LE Rage during the Black Friday sale, and he came out much better than I was expecting. Harry was the first Union player I purchased and the one I was the most excited to paint. I've made a few alterations and touch ups to him but I'm happy how he looks now. Decimate, I had to fix. It was the easiest alteration I've done to Guild Ball so far. Cut off her head and turn it around. Gutter, well there's not much to say really. I dirtied up her chains pretty well and added some rust and blood. Really like the changes she got for Season 3. One of the reasons I want to give the Union a go as a team. Had a pretty good time with Avarisse and Greede. Took a little work to make sure Avarisse didn't look like Galactus with the color scheme I chose.
  10. Hey guys. Just getting into GB but dove in head first and have a lot of models to paint. I'm wondering if I should get Union players to paint them in the theme of the guild they are eligible for, but I probably won't if the list of Guilds they can play for rotates yearly. Anyone know if that's the case? Thanks
  11. So, I'm looking around my guild ball collection, and I realize I have a union team except for mascots and a captain. I go online and order mascots, vet rage and (wait) -- I can't get Blackheart. If the rest of the union is sold individually, it would make sense to at least sell Blackheart that way as well. You can have my money, and I can play Union. What say you Steamforged?
  12. Hello from Belgium

    Hello, Living in Belgium (Namur), playing a lot (too much ?) of games. Start playing Guild ball a few months ago (Alchemists and Union). Ludiquement, David,
  13. Contract says that A&G have "simultaneous activations". Reattach says "at the beginning of this model's activation"... I am wondering if it's possible to Advance with Avarisse into Base to Base with Greede, Then Reattach with Greede before he does anything during his part of the activation.
  14. Hi, after some consideration about the use of A&G, one question came to my mind. What happens when A&G are both on the pitch during the influence allocation and I then reattach Greede, during the A&G activation and then detach him in the same activation? Averisse gets 3 influence and Greede 1. A ) Is the influence on Greede lost ? B ) Goes the influence on Greede to Averisse and he can have through this way 4 influence, instead of his limit of 3? C ) Does Greede keep his influence and gets it back when he detaches in the same activation? I think B is the most unlikely, cos that kind of stuff was erased from the Coin, too. Thanks for the answers. Kind regards Alex
  15. [Sorry if this is somewhere else answered, but a search didn't results in anything clearly discussion this interaction.] 1. So my opponent's Venin gets in on my Harry 'the Hat' and applies Sacrificial Puppet. Rising Anger wasn't triggered yet. 2. On the next activation, I send in Esters who does 1 DMG "to Venin", strips the Sacrificial Puppet and the 1 DMG is applied to Harry 'The Hat' instead. So the question is, does this damage to Harry 'The Hat' trigger Rising Anger? My opponent and I agreed to play it that it does NOT trigger Rising Anger under the rationale that, despite Sacrificial Puppet being an enemy model's (Venin) Character Play, the source of the damage was a friendly model (Esters). An onlooker to our game was certain that Rising Anger would trigger for precisely the opposite reason. Just looking for clarification. Thanks in advance.
  16. Union in S3 for a beginner

    Hey guys and gals, getting back into GB with season 3 and I'm playing some Union! I only played a dozen or so games of S2 so I'm still very new to all this. what's a good starting roster for Union?
  17. So that Union Choice

    Having a hard time coming up with who would be the best union choice. I actually think they are all perfectly viable. Some just random thoughts was wondering if you guys had thought about it. Most of this is thought from an Honour perspective , but a lot can be applied to Hammer. Avarice and Greede : These guys sure are interesting. I think they slot in very well into the masons line up. With Tough hide can hold the center , and still has that all round solid play book. Also has interesting goal score mechanics, which i haven't fully wrapped my head around. I'll just have to play him to figure this guy out Snakeskin : Such a small change. But such a massive impact. Now she gets momentum on a stick! Can very much be an off tank with nimble and clone available to you. Especially when fighting males. But has good goal threat now with those < on column 1 . Also Masons one of the few way to get a condition out on opposing players (non momentous mind you) Mist : Went down a few notches. Competes heavily with Snakeskin i think now. But still a very fast striker, and that attack into cover ability is very strong! I always took Mist over flint in the Season 2. Now with the one union rule, i am sad to say i doubt i will probably run Mist. Still Def 5 is nothing to sneeze at... Minx : Wow baby, This feral cat went up a few notches. Incredibly fast. has a re-position at the end of the turn, Great speed and dodges, Low damage, but more a set up others piece. She makes for not too bad a striker when you think about it. Shame about the 2/6 kick, but still. Can just be a Influence battery and do something, which is great since i often find myself influence starved. Also Snared is an obnoxious condition enabling other players to hit easier, plus -2 speed. Decimate : Nothing changed. She is a great damage dealer, has second wind which is just an awesome first turn spell for enabling any missile that you wish to send out. Also a very strong footballer. A very solid choice and was in every Mason line up so hard to pass up at this stage (thinking Granite may change this?). EDIT: okay so second wind is next activation, So no double second wind for price of 1 Dammit for I really want Minx, Snakeskin, and Decimate in my lineup... I am favouring Decimate still mainly because second wind and the all round player (apologies for the little bit of a mind dump format) So what are your thoughts? who will likely make your 9??
  18. S3 Midas with Harry

    straight to the point, do you guys think Midas will be allowed to snap shot for free if he is within 4" of Harry after using his legendary? While this is a very specific circumstance to make it work, it could be an amazing/devastating combo. what do you guys think?
  19. Finally I'm all pumped to show the miniatures I painted for my Alchemist team. And the first guys from my brand new Union... while lamenting how hard it is to get a nice yellow or white right... I just took a yellow/white/black paintscheme for my Union- time for the "I AM SO SMART! SMRT"-dance. Full team: Close up1: Mist/Decimate front: Mist/Decimate backs: Sorry for the crappy mobile phone pictures. I will re-upload them after I can get my hands on a decent camera.
  20. What is happening with Union?

    So we've all read and seen it... "Finally, the last thing which we’re sure all you eagle eyed readers out there have noticed is the lack of the Selective rule… Don’t worry, that’s not a typo. Till next time, let us know what you think of the changes to Fillet and Minx on our Facebook, Twitter, and our forums at Steamforged.com! We’ll see you back here on Friday to discuss Organised Play and the changes to Union models. And if you missed it, join in the conversation about Seenah now." Last week we were told we'd hear about the changes to Union models. Presumably something about how Selective would or wouldn't work going forward. What happened to this info? It looked like the Friday Blog post was a little off and didn't include the information I, and I am sure a few other folks, were waiting to hear about. Anyone know what or if we will be getting this info now as the blog machine appears to be rolling on with no mind to what was missed?
  21. Selective Suggestion

    My friend had a pretty brilliant idea, instead of having Selective work on a per team basis. What if it worked more on a more per model basis? So let's say it works based on who they won't work for, we will call it Animosity. Here is an example. Shark - Mist, Gutter, Hemlocke, Minx Corsair - Decimate, Fangtooth, Snakeskin, Harry So, Shark would have a different Union list than Corsair would to better illustrate their lore and style. This would also help the balance, since a player may be problematic with one, but not the other. We can expand this to make it that even a few Non Captains are also on the list, so continuing with Fish for the example. Sakana went on a few bad dates with Gutter in the lore and gets... Sakana - Gutter So, Corsair could normally bring Gutter since he doesn't exclude her, but if he brings Sakana then Gutter refuses to come along. NOTE - THIS IS ALL EXAMPLES... I personally recommend having a Master List for each team, printed separately in a single card, one printed in the rulebook. As well as there should be more than enough room on each player card to put the info in the same location where the game currently list Country/Gender/Player Position.
  22. Season 3 Union

    Pure speculation here...but, with today's release of Season 3 Minx one of the largest takeaways seems to be here lack of the Character Trait "Selective." I feel like there are a lot of people out there hypothesizing that with the new Union limitation to one per team that possibly every team will have access to every non-Captain, non-Mascot Union player. That being said, if you have the choice what ONE Union player are you taking on your Smoke team? And which ONE Union player are you taking on your Midas team?
  23. Season 3: Fillet and Minx

    Hello Coaches! Today on the Blog we're looking at the Season 3 changes for Fillet and Minx! http://bit.ly/2fZ7bJc Let us know what you think of the changes below!
  24. Masons and Union

    Here are pictures of some Masons and Union that I painted for a friend. Enjoy! [You can see more models and angles at www.whpictures.blogspot.com.]