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Found 11 results

  1. Wolfchild

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    I’ve seen the Gameplan deck appear and they apparently replace stage Plot deck? This isn’t apparent in the downloadable GuildBall rulebook tho ...... So are we supposed to use one or the other in future games? -I’m returning after years away from the game hence my ignorance to current events.
  2. I'm a bit confused with the wordings regarding advances. Is standard advance a different thing than just an advance? I understand that every jog is considered an advance but am I correct assuming that being an additional advance makes it different than the one a model can make anyway, ie. the standard advance? In short and easier question: Does using the free additional jog from Stamina prevent Bolt from using the Good Marker completely?
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Big League Cards

    So we aren't running a Big League but it is on the bloc for our next one. Looking through there are some really sweet plot cards for a lot of the guilds but the Fisherman cards are... well honestly they are rather uninspired. Catch of the day is really the only one I think I'd be interested in. Even the rare plot card is pretty meh. Not saying they are bad but they are just kind of... boring. Compare Fish plots to: Bolt Action, Transmission, Spring Loaded, Ye Olde Pain Train, The hook suffer you, slick with blood, bone crushing tackle, off kilter, bad pint, all fall down, hidden knowledge, experimental mix, bonded, sister act, distant friend, unsettled debts, bella tricks, or pretty much any Union plot. Yeah I mean they have some lame and boring ones too but I just can't help but feel like I am going to use the plot cards available to everyone or find one of the fish cards that is worth more to another guild. Perhaps I am undervaluing them. Anyone play fish in a Big League and want to offer some insight? Are sponsorships as good for fish as they look on paper?
  4. Hi, Suppose I have a Super Fan plot card. Do I play (and resolve) the card immediately when the goal is scored (before Run the Length is declared and resolved) or do I play it after Run the Length is used. Thank you. Super Fan Requirements The friendly team concedes a goal. Rewards Instead of making a goal kick, the Controlling Player may place the ballmarker in possession of a friendly model within [6”] of the friendly goal-post. S3 p44: Run The Length! After scoring a goal the active model may spend [1] MP to immediately make a [4”] Dodge; this Dodge takes place prior to the Goal Kick.
  5. Johan

    Permanent "Tap In"

    Since the plot card "Home crowd" has been made permanent and "Husbandry" sort of has I think there's a small chance "Tap in" could also be made permanent. That would be a nice buff to most Fish strikers bar Angel.
  6. Hi All, I dont have the card in front of me, so apologies if this is obvious, but can this card be used on the first turn if you lose the roll off to kick or receive?
  7. Hey guys, We started the Big League and a few of us have different interpretations on how the rules for plot cards work during the league. I have a couple of related questions. 1. "Coaches begin the campaign with access to any Guild Ball Season 1 or 2 Guild Plot cards from the core game and any of the Common Campaign Plot Cards found in the Guild Ball Season 2 Campaign Cards set." (S2 rulebook, p. 55) Since there are multiple copies of basic cards in the campaign deck, does that mean that you can fill your pool with multiple copies of the same card, to increase your chances of drawing a card? If so, does this extend to S1 or S2 plot cards as well? Can I buy my friend's "Don't Touch the Hair!" and add it to my deck, even if I already have one? Or is there a strict "no more than one copy of a specific card can be in a player's plot deck." 2. Since players are encouraged to sell plot cards to one another, can a player trim down his/her pool, to reduce the random element, or must a player maintain 12 plot cards in the deck at all times? Thanks in advance! The campaign system is really awesome. BT
  8. This response doesn't really address the OP's question, which is: Can a model with zero influence declare a charge? The Too Flash token is removed after the charge is declared, however declaring a charge carries a cost of 2 INF, causing an insurmountable loop for a model with 0 or 1 INF.
  9. BelgianBrewer

    Brewers Team Plotcard

    I looked and didn't find this one in the brewers forum yet, so I tried to link this Brewers Team Plot card: Cheers
  10. Let's say my opponent's Casket does Casket Time on my Blackheart, but I have a Miraculous Recovery plot card in hand. How is this resolved?
  11. The rulebook does not actually state anything about plot cards becoming redundant after claiming the reward set out on them. Does this mean that some plot cards' rewards can be redeemed more than once in a game? Or are they meant to be discarded after the first time? Thanks in advance.