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Found 142 results

  1. Hi all, Mr Hall here, I write a gaming blog (currently very focuses on guild ball Morticians) and I wrote up my game reports after each game/tournament if you feel like a read, follow the link: Tournament-Winter Wreath : http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-guild-hall-winter-wreath-tournament.html new match report- Vs Masons http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-guild-hall-morticians-vs-masons-3116.html and - Vs Fishermen http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-guild-hall-morticians-vs-fishermen.html and Leeds Winter Warmup- http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/01/legendary-play-guild-ball-tournament.html Vapnartak 2016 http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/02/legendary-plays-guild-ball-tournament.html Vs. fish 16/2/16 http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/02/legendary-plays-fishermen-vs-morticians.html vs Butchers 23/2/16 http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2016/02/legendary-plays-butchers-vs-morticians.html
  2. Hall Of Legends

    Hall of Legends Match Reports.

    Hi all, Mr Hall here, I write a gaming blog (currently very focuses on guild ball) and I wrote up my game reports after each game/tournament if you feel like a read, follow the link: Tournament-Winter Wreath : http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-guild-hall-winter-wreath-tournament.html
  3. Flying states that u can move over intervening models and terrain. That's fine. It doesn't however clarify if it still triggers Parting blows while leaving melee zones. - please can an Admin / Rules boss clarify? I can only assume that without specifically saying otherwise, that Flying and other similar abilities still DO trigger Parting Blows from leaving Melee Zones.
  4. Let's say my opponent's Casket does Casket Time on my Blackheart, but I have a Miraculous Recovery plot card in hand. How is this resolved?
  5. Hello and welcome to my display cabinet, which will also serve as a work in progress thread I recently bought two starter sets: Morticians and Butchers. I also did some work on Silence which I bought before the starters, but I'm totally not happy with him so I'll probably strip the paint off and start again. So I'm working on Morticians first, the skintones more specifically. Second try at using Scale75 fantasy paints (undead flesh set) and I'm totally not happy with those paints (anyone of you tried them yet). The paints are super-transparent, which makes it very hard to dillute them. When the paint dried and you apply a second layer, or even paint next to them (for example when painting the eyes), this paint easily "bleeds" into the previous coat. Anyway I tried to achieve something decent with them, but it cost me a lot of time and frustration. But hopefully the start of a fun project
  6. Clanger

    Clanger's Stuff

    I've just finished painting all of the Guildball models I own. Firstly because they have been a joy to paint and secondly because I love this game.
  7. Hello, When reading this http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/14640-multiple-snap-shots-permitted/ , I got to wondering about other weird non-activation shots. So, when Bonesaw is attacked, if he hasn't yet used Football Dervish, and gets 2 hits on a Counter-Attack, could he immediately kick with Football Dervish? If he is in range to make a shot on goal, may he, and if he does so does it cost a momentum? What happens to the current activation (of the enemy player) if the goal makes it in? Thanks and best, Drillboss EDIT: Relatedly, could he pass to another Morticians player and then have them make a Snapshot?
  8. It's quite confusing, since the team color is black. Are the guild balls that are colored white momentous, or is it the ones that are colored black? For example, which is Momentous, Casket's Heavy Burden, or Dirge's Singled Out? Is Ghast's Unmasking Momentous?
  9. So I've been playing the game about a month, and this is a post to display my paint work ranging from my frankly horrendous job with my first team being Union, up to the more passable efforts towards my current team the Alchemists with all those in between. I apologise for the lacklustre photo quality (or rather lighting quality), I live in a basement flat so lighting is somewhat lacking. The post is picture intensive, all hosted via photobucket (wasn't sure as to rules on pictures, please let me know if I need to break it up across posts mods!). As the title suggests I'm an average painter at best, and this post chronicles the progress I've made across the range. A real testament to the quality of the sculpts, and how they enable generally hapless painters to end up with a half decent looking miniature. Hats off to the guys at Steamforge for making that something they consciously aimed for. The Union So we start with my Union, happiest with Blackheart and Hemlocke... But they're tabletop at best. The Morticians Much happier with how the Morticians turned out, went for a super simple palette and opted for the popular monochrome look. Easy to do but effective. The Brewers So for the Brewers I started experimenting with eyes, and took advantage of the chance to improve my ability to paint flesh... Which I'm absolutely woeful at painting. But certainly felt I'd made progress compared to the Union. The Alchemists Started with Flask, relatively simple model as I am in no way am capable of even attempting NMM at the moment. Next came Vitriol, not a huge fan of the model or more the pose, but following several games on Vassal I had finally settled on the Alcs as my go to team so wanted to put in extra effort and time to getting them looking good. Really happy with the result and noteably the way the scarring turned out. Now comes my 'party piece', King Midas. Hands down the best model I've painted to date, at least in my opinion. By far my favourite model in the range, and my favourite model to use in game so was extremely pleased with how he came out. And finally, my WiP Alchemists goal. Lots of bits donated by a friend from my club, combined with the Gibbet from Blotz. Thank you for taking a look, any comments and critique is appreciated! Cheers, Alex
  10. LeadDiceandBeers

    Morticians' Tactics

    I wrote a blog post about some of the Morticians' tactics I use that may be helpful for new players, and the link on the old forum wasn't transferred It can be found here: https://leaddiceandbeers.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/tales-from-the-crypt/ Let me know if you have any other suggestions and I can add them too.
  11. SmellyWabbit

    Wabbit's Mortician Team's WiP

    So after taking a break from all things wargaming, I returned to the club and Rich was running some demo games and had with him a big box full of shiny metal. Someone pointed out the Morticians starter and that was it, new game, new toys. I've already made a start on the project and thought I'd share my progress here. To start with, the initial build of the Obulus, Graves, Cosset, Dirge, Ghast, Silence and, possibly my favour mini in the whole range, Casket. oh, and a ball.
  12. Hello! After commenting on the wonderful work of others, and realised it was probably time to post some of my own finished figures. I backed the Kickstarter and ended up enthusiastically committing to a few teams ... erm, all of them to be specific. Well ... they are awfully nice figures, aren't they? So I took the plunge and have started with the Fisherman's Guild as they were an early favourite of our group. Salt finished. Can't quite get a shot with the little fellow in full focus. Khaki base, some wet blending of White on his adorable little tummy, more Khaki and a thin brush to pull out some individual hairs. I didn't go with the white and grey dapple that the character card offered, and painted without bothering to look at a picture of a real otter, but it's a reasonable match - apart from the nose being a little too red rather than brown. His collar is in team colours, so at least something was right! Ball finished. I'm oddly proud of this, as normally my attention span goes to pot for detail of this nature, but it turned out alright. Based with Beasty Brown, panels painted in Khaki then lots of thin Parasite Brown washes on the panels. Both Kraken finished. My attempts to do skintones still need improvement, as what feels like a super smooth transition is exposed for the lie it is when you take photos at this distance. That's okay, I won't beat myself up over it - just try and do a little better on the next one. One is a little more worn and rusted than the other, as I love my rust effect in a bottle and felt obliged to use it on at least one Kraken. Happy with how the Experimental Pants worked out, as I haven't tried to do a denim type fabric before - and blue glazes on the leather and metals to tie the non-skin items together worked out better than I hoped, so there'll be more playing with glazing in the future. I'll endeavour to update on a regular if infrequent basis, but thanks for looking and thanks to everyone else for producing awesome painted figures that I thoroughly enjoy looking at on all the other threads. So there you have it, my last six weeks' work condensed into my first post!
  13. Tollstar_Deluxe

    Confidence self cast...

    Hey people, Just a query regarding Obulus targeting himself with Confidence so he can reroll the next puppet master play he would do for example. Can this be done - just wanting to clear it up as it makes it a lot easier to target midas and snakeskin etc when their going for the goal. Cheers in advance.
  14. Just confirming some personal fears if anything - pretty sure he can do this. It's expensive, but situationally good if it does work.
  15. If Obulus uses Puppet Master to force a successful pass to himself (or another teammate I guess) does this generate MP? Puppet Master: 4 8” - - This model gains [1] Influence. Target model immediately makes a Jog, Pass or Attack without spending Influence. If target model is an enemy model, it counts as a friendly model during this action. This character play may only be used once per turn. This seemed weird, but we ruled it yes based on: Active model refers to the model currently being activated. During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action. pg. 27 and An active model that makes a successful Kick action and passes possession to a friendly model gains [1] MP for their team. pg. 56
  16. Hi All, Really happy to see the cards for the Morticians and Masons, out, as I'm curious to find out how both these teams play. My initial impression of the Morticians was 'wow, they have a hard time generating momentum' That said, I haven't played a game with them, so I don't know if this initial impression will bear out or not. I did however, have a number of questions regarding the individual players… Dirge - Can his Follow Up "After an enemy model moves out of this models melee range and finishes their movement, this model may automatically take an out of turn movement directly towards that model" ability only be used once per turn? Graves - Crucial Artery. "This model automatically causes the Bleed conditional effect on an enemy model affected by an attack or play from this model" Do you need to cause damage in order to get this effect? Ghast - Rising Anger. "This model gains +1 MP each time it is damage by an enemy attack." err, did I miss something? Is MP allotted to individual models? I thought it was a pool that you could drawn on. - Fear "Enemy models must pay +1 INF to any action targeting this model" directly targeting this model? or even indirectly? - Scything Blow. "This model deals 3 dmg to each other model within 2" " is that just enemy models or friendly models too? Cosset - Crazy "This model gains +3 TAC if damaged by an enemy. This effect remains in play even if healed" So basically she becomes 7 TAC for the entire game once she is damaged? Silence - Not really a rule thing, I just found it weird that Enbalming fluid could be thrown farther than Kraken can throw his harpoon. Obulus - Legendary Play: "All enemy models within 16" suffer 1 DMG and the enemy team lose all momentum generated this round" Does that mean both momentum generated before the Legendary Play AND after it? - Misdirection "Target enemy model loses 1INF. Nearest, Unactivated enemy model within 4" of target enemy model gains +1 INF. If no valid models within 8" then this model gains +1 INF." I'm assuming the 8" is a typo? Because what happens then if a there is a target enemy model within 5 - 7"? -Puppet Master: "This model forces an enemy model to immediately make a 1 INF out of activation action. This model gains 1 INF. This model is classed as friend during this activation." What about in terms of momentum? ie. puppet master model successfully kicks to someone else on the mortician's team, does which team gets the momentum for the successful pass? Can the controlled model use momentum? If so, from which pool? Granted that these are 1.0 cards, I just thought I would give my thoughts so that some of the holes in abilities could be fixed. Assuming of course that I am understanding the ability correctly! Hope this helps.
  17. LionTamer

    Mastering the Morticians

    Like many of you, the Morticians caught my interest with their concept art, and have held it ever since. While part of their stat line leaves much to be desired, where they really shine through with is their ablilities and plays. I think this will mean that they are a trickier team, to both use, and play against when someone is using them well. This thread is to share your favorite Mortician strategies/sinergies, debate tactics, and generally improve the over all play for Mortician coaches.