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Found 142 results

  1. Bbzs

    Balls gone wild!

    Another League match, this time against Union! My agenda was a win without TOs, so oGraves get benched and Bonesaw come in - the first time for me. Rage kicked the ball for a first turn aggression, but I made a few (10ish) passes and only went in dodge+charge range with Brainpan. Had a miss with Dirge and with one of the Brainpan kick too (that's why he moved in), but still had 6 momentum against 2, so my first activation was an unexpected arrival and dodge to goal range with Bonesaw on Averisse. Ball went into Benediction, and here I remembered to take pictures. One activation later Scalpel went in and get the ball, dodged in to kick range and put the ball in again. This time my opponent kicked the ball far and wide, and with a 6 to 6 scatter it ended up far far away almost in a corner. He killed a few players on my side - but I secured the ball next turn with Second Wind, and no one left there to stop Scalpels another goal! Very interesting to see this kind of play, which is far from my own playstyle.
  2. I think this has got to be one of the longest games in Guild Ball history, after nearly 3hr 45mins of playing. My local Pundit graciously played against me whilst I started the long process of learning how to play the Spooks! Team Lineups: Hunters: Morticians: Skatha Obulus Zarola Dirge Fahad Ghast Ulfr Bonesaw Jaekar Graves Minx Brainpan and Memory After an epic battle that saw Ghast remove his mask and send Ulfr running off the pitch like a little girl, Obulus and Skatha both finding the goal, the Hunters whittled down the Morticians to a 12-7 win, even though Ghast sat for nearly three complete turns holding on to the ball within striking range of the goal. (in my defence was trying to get that last elusive point to win before giving him the ball guaranteeing him instant victory!) (the moment Ghast removed his mask!) (Jaekar fending off all that the Spooks could throw at him!) One of the longest games but definately one of my most memorable!
  3. what started off as a promising game for the spooks in the third week of our local escalation league with some marvelous positioning and scoring from captain scalpel turned into a quick defeat after ballista was able to surround cosset and take her out to win in one fell swoop after an impressive defensive play from scalpel where I pulled out all the stops, almost wining the game straight away but alas cosset proved to be my undoing once more. the game ended with a score of 4 to 8 engineer victory. Its not all bad tho I learned some new tech about mother and her nests, I knew there was something to it but I was never really sure what she could do until now.
  4. A League game against a 'Brewer' guy, where my only Agenda was to make 6 VPs in one activation preferably to win the game with it. I forget to take a photo at the beginning, than we have a rather quick end. He kicked off, I used the ball to position the tooled up Scalpel into Stroker - who kicked, but was Silenced right away, so had to stand last. I did some thing, what you never should if you want to win, but Esters come up short to kill Scalpel, not even with the help of Mash and I still had the ball. I killed Esters and kicked a goal in the same activation with my captain! I had my agenda, and also my little happy dance. The goal kick went to the previously abused - and therefore pulled back - Stroker. I engaged him with Dirge, Cosset charged in, but failed to kill and Tacle from the charge and one inf. The ball ended up on her after the scatter anyway, so she made a pass to the already engaged Scalpel who scored again with a SnapShot! My dice was extremely strong in this one. I truly like the Kick About League, the agendas are teaching game elements, I just start to explore now - my meta/country only started to play on S03.
  5. Fish win 12-0 in a closer game than the score would suggest. Obulus fails a key puppet master and misdirection on Sakana allowing him to escape with the ball and pass out to shark who manages a hat trick! Bad dice on my opponent's side is what mostly helped pull fish to victory. Roster Fishermen: Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag. Morticians: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Cosset, Graves, Mist. Kick off after Sakana Fail to get the ball over the line, so Mist starts with ball. End of 1 after shark scores his first goal. Sakana is in a sticky situation. Luckily Hag comes in and does a clutch legendary moving 8(!!!) models and pulling Sakana from certain death after Silence passed a Shutout on shark but failed to get tucked on Sakana.
  6. Irishwristwatch

    A Game Of Whifs

    Trying to get together a themed game as well as finally get to try out my Skatha and winters moon, but my opponent and I did not expect to have a game run 4+ hours with enough whif rolls to make the game last two more turns after my opponent originally wanted to call it. This was only my second game with hunters, so having Skatha I decided to recieve and I managed to get the ball to Skatha, then after a move and snowball get her into the rough ground. My opponent, having had a Jaecar doing hit and runs from rough ground knows the pain I can do, with Jaecar eyeing that rough ground like a starving jackal. Obulus moved up and dragged Ulfr towards rage. This starts a scrum directly in the middle with my opponent not quite able to seal the deal with both Cosset and Rage hammering on Ulfr. Then comes bear, and bear does what bear does, which is managing to kill rage and leave me with some good set up for next turn. Cosset also ends up taking a nap with bear hug. Skatha then sinks a goal, and the ball goes to my opponents left. He finally manages to kill Jaecar with a tooled up memory along with Ulfr, but the problem is he had to ignore a relatively vunerable Skatha to do it. Bear moves in for the kill and manages eventually to kill Graves. This is when things get weird. Cosset gets down the pitch and passes to Dirge, who flys straight on looking for the once dice kick, and fails. This leaves him in a terrible spot, and thinking about it, I went with Skatha on 6 influence to try and deal the 5 damage I need to kill the bird. She fails in that, only doing a total of 4 damage. So now my opponent has to figure he has to get the bird to safety and try another kick. He manages to kill VHerne on the next turn and go for a bonus time bird kick. He fails again. It's 11 to 6. I just need one more to close this, but Jaecar goes in on 4 influence and whifs some more. He goes back to his home in the rough ground, and I'm sitting scratching my head. The game feels like its on borrowed time. Finally V Herne comes on from the bench with an angry, twitching face and smacks the bird off the pitch, leaving the score 12 to 6.
  7. What was supposed to be an easy game for Obulus and the Morticians turned into an embarrassment when the Farmers guild won handily! A close fought match, Grange, the acting captain, said that the Engineers guild was largely responsible for their victory. Reportedly, Jackstraw, as well as many of the Farmers' weapons, had some upgrades by the Engineers, and it showed-- the normally harmless scarecrow managed to dance through Obulus, Graves, AND Vileswarm to score the winning touchdown! Customers flocked to Engineers workshop for upgrades to their own household tools and Mechanica, proving how successful both the game and the sponsorship truly was. In particular, their special clockwork blades given to Windle was used to devastating effect as he managed to singlehandedly take out Graves, Brainpan, Vileswarm, and even the terrifying Ghast! With the Morticians shamed by this tremendous defeat, the Engineers sponsorship of the Farmers has no doubt greatly advanced their plans. (We forgot to take pictures. RiP.)
  8. Seeing as how the images themselves have data too large, here are two game reports for demos I ran for new players at my college, they were sort of impromptu and are missing some things (pitch, plot cards, etc) so lets refer to it as backyard guildball. Reports hosted via imgur https://imgur.com/a/NMjIC
  9. Line up: Morticians - Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Silence, Ghast, Casket. Brewers - Tapper, Scum, spigot, Mash, Stave, Friday. Final score: Morts 12 - Brewers 0 Morts: 1 casket time takeout on spigot, 1 takeout on Friday, 2 take outs on scum, and a goal.
  10. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/581741-episode-49-talking-season-3-morticians-with-charles-nurser-charles-nurser In this episode Andrew and Jason talk to Charles Nurser Charles Nurser about the Morticians guild, how he plays them and which models he takes in a lineup. Then Jason can barely contain himself and he talks about Blackheart. Again. Like the podcast? If you do, why not support us on our Patreon page at... www.patreon.com/singledoutgb Support us and get instant access to our exclusive podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time!
  11. Still playing Farmers and throwing support to my first love, the Butchers! Same line up I have brought to my other games: Grange, Peck, Tater, Windle, Harrow, and Jack. My opponent fielded Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Brainpan and Memory, and Mist. We played this game using GICs. Farmers took Crack of Dawn, and Morts took Near Death Experience. Grange kicked off and turn 1 began. Ghast charged Grange, knocking him down and dealing a few points of damage. Grange stood up and returned the favor, knocking Ghast down, popping Honest Labor, dealing a few points of damage himself, and forgetting to put down a Harvest Marker. Fortunately one of the Markers put down for Crack of Dawn was in position for Windle to spend later after Peck and Jack pushed him up with Quit Slacking! After Grange Obulus jogged down to pick up the ball, entering Tater's Counter Charge range. Tater knocked down Obulus and Silence, but the Old Spook was able to pick himself back up and dodge his way into position for the next turn. Turn one ended with Tater surrounded by Silence, Mist, and Dirge, and Windle jogging up, eating a Harvest Marker, and killing Ghast. 3 - 0 Farmers. Turn two Obulus dodged into range with Grange, got his needed momentum, and shot a goal. He then dodged back into the scrum at the center of the pitch to add pressure to the very wounded Grange. A fan handed the ball to Jack, who then dodged onto the nearby Harvest Marker and added his crowding out to Obulus and Brainpan. Jack successfully Crop Dust'd Obulus and Memory. Grange knocked down Obulus and Brainpan and put up Honest Labor. Mist left the Tater scrum and positioned himself for the tackle on Jack. Tater killed Silence and left Dirge with 1hp, and was then engaged by Ghast. Windle ate a harvest Marker left by Jack, then promptly killed Obulus. Turn two ended 8 - 4 Farmers. Turn three Mist tackled the ball away from Jack. Jack countered, tackling it back, forcing Mist to tackle again and leaving him with no momentum to take the shot. Mist kicked the ball towards the goal. Tater killed Dirge and put more damage on Ghast. Brainpan took the ball and shot a goal. The ball was kicked out into space, far away from any players. Grange knocked down Brainpan and Mist, leaving a Harvest Marker for Windle. Obulus couldn't get in range of Windle and failed a Puppet Master on Jack. Windle lumbered up and killed Brainpan, ending the game 12 - 8 Farmers. Another victory for the Farmers, and another vote for Butchers Gutter!
  12. It's crazy how the promise from Pin Vice to "upgrade" Jackstraw motivated the farmers to harvest some Mortician's Farmers: Grange, Peck, Harrow, Windle, Jackstraw Morticians : Scalpel, Vileswarm, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, Silence Farmers kicked the ball to a random place on the field, just letting the morticians take it back... and the game became quickly a big fight in the middle. After 3 take outs and one "Mascoticide", morticians started to flee from Windle and scored (with a lot of chance) a goal, but the farmers quickly took the ball back to also score a goal with... Windle on an assist from Peck ! Oo After a second goal and the takeout of Jackstraw (I said that an upgrade was needed), the farmers won the game by exploding a second time the Vileswarm Final score : 12-10 for farmers
  13. An another League game, with an another KickOff Mason player! I have to say, this escalation format is much more useful, than I thought. This Agenda Cards ask for plays, every couch should learn some point. (Scalpel against Honour, a bloody killing spree from the sultarian!) Scalpel pushed out Honour, than killed Mallet. Cossett killed Flint. Scalpel pushed out Mallet, killed Flint again. Cossett killed Harmony. Lovely day!
  14. The Alchemists are ready to take on the newcommers, it'll get ugly. However, the alchemists know what to do, the ferryman has been pulling the strings and Midas sold a favour for ensured success. These upstarts will never get to establish themselves, it is best to make sure they learn their place... at the bottom of the barrell. The pivitoal moment as Katalyst shutdown the flank against three players and punched Windel off the field after slapping the cock to the ground. The ball was on Bushel at the time, and she should be able to score, unless Harry or Calculus could stop her. Yet, a goal would not win them the game, and Midas knows it all too well. He can wait for the last activation of the turn. As expected by an inexperienced team goaded on from the shadows Bushel gains tunnel vision and scores her goal gaining personal honour, yet the game was lost. Midas picks up the goalkick and with a cynical grin speeds past Grange pushing him far out of the way and elegantly slipping within scoring range finishing the game with screamer of a goal. Better luck next time newcommers, it might cost us making a deal with the devil, but we cannot let the new team become established.
  15. The hunters and the morticians. Some back door dealings have been made. Obvious reached out to the hunters for some help. They obliged in exchange for the return of their sister in arms "minx". In the end it was a close one. Egret scores a goal, and seenah is the head of take outs. This time he was in able to get that. He hid be hind his spook bretheren. The morticians took the win with a goal from the arterial bleed giver graves. Hearne took a final stand to make the shoot but it seems luck was with the mitts as graves hooked one in around the scion of the sunfather. I
  16. When a pass goes wrong in your deployment line... Mother is a beast. Puppets are so cute, but making them Mechanika just wrong! (League play against Engineers, 10-0 loss, but get new opponent points at least.)
  17. Honour and Scalpel had a nice little chat about how easier to hitting threes than fours, and anatomical precision is the best when someone has armour... Meanwhile the kids where running around after the ball, look at the small puppet, how cute he is! (League play, 10-2 Mortician win over Masons.)
  18. Second game of the escalation league at the FLGS. my second match was against hunters with Theron, Jacar and Herne vs. Scalpel, Graves and Ghast. final score was morts 4 hunters 6, with one goal and one takeout on Graves for the hunters and one goal for the morticians. iv only played against the hunters a hand full of times but I think their my most theroycrafted team. I knew the hunters got some buffs(I was using the old cards as a reference point knowing that their character plays had been changed but unaware that some of their playbooks had also changed, a mistake that would cost me the game later) but I wasn't entirely sure what they were so this match was a rather rude awakening for me. the hunters pulled ahead for a rather early lead when Theron was able to use blessing of the sun father to snipe graves from halfway down the field twice for what seemed like 7 damage while I was unable to gain any momentum to either clear the snare or heal him up until I could get the rest of my team into the fray, this would lead to a rather early takeout on turn two putting me on the back foot. However thanks the Ghast's head start and Scalpel inherent speed and second wind I was able to get into the fray rather quickly and engage and damage jacar as well as mitigate Theron with a knockdown which caused a fumble which Scalpel was quick to capitalize on by slinking around jacar and scoring a nice momentous result to score a tap in. what followed was a down the field kick that thanks to hernes teleportation abilities got him down the field to threaten a goal before graves could tackle the ball to get it away only to have it stolen again by herne and launching it as close to the goal as possible to keep it away from me. so im left with a free ball touching my goal post with herene and theron poised to score the wining goal next turn if I don't get to the ball now or at least block herne off with someone for a parting blow. so I come up with the plan. I run Scalpel down field with second wind through jacars trap which slows me down but I still have enough movement to threaten herne after using voodoo strings to draw him closer and my jog from second wind I just need to make it past theron and I will be right in herenes face and poised to grab the ball, unfortunately I need to take the parting blow with snare but thanks to slippery Im still at a +4 DEF unfortunately even with my defense and ARM he's able to get 4 hits unbeknownst to me that's enough on his new playbook to get the (where as in his old playbook he needed 5...) knocking Scalpel down and despite a valiant effort from graves(the ONE time I would have preferred vet graves over OG graves)with a last minute parting blow heren recovers the ball and is able to score. im not sure what I would have really done different as im not sure if I could have secured the take out on jacar(who I think had around 10 HP left) or if I should have had obulus instead. although I think Scalpel worked well enough she was able to put the hurt on, scored the goal rather easily, bring some much needed mobility to Ghast, and had a halfway decent shot at blocking herne from recovering the ball from across the field had it not been for snare and some bad info. I think one thing I will change for the next hunter match is to swap graves for silence for shutout and fire blast which would have helped greatly in controlling theron as well as +5 DEF against double snipe. all in all a decent learning experience that wasn't a complete blow out. let me know if anyone has any advice for dealing with the hunters as im always on the prowl for new anti hunter tech.
  19. first game of the escalation league at the FLGS. my first match was against farmers with Grange, Harrower, and Bushel vs. Obulus, Graves and Ghast. final score was morts 6 farmers 0, with one goal and one takeout on grange. I was unable to score my agenda point of wining without takeouts despite scoring a goal with Obulus I was in position to maybe score again with Obulus but the rolls were a bit to risky and I wasn't to sure I could make the distance, compared to the safe bet of a wounded grange with 3 HP facing down a fully loaded graves with the initiative.
  20. MykMyers

    A Toast to the Dead

    This was a very quick one so only snapped 1 pic Lineups Esters Scum Friday Spiggot Stoker Hemlocke vs Obulus Dirge Cosset Ghast Mist Graves Brewers Received A bit of jostling for position Esters Launches AoE's hitting Mist and Dirge (dice spikes) Friday Dirty Knives the Crow and Scores and Knee Sliders 4-0 Scum gets Tooled Up, Esters Damage Buff and Movement Buff from Spiggot and flat out Murders Cosset with Sic Em. 6-0 Dirge dies to Fire and Poison 7-0 Spigot charges and retrieves the ball passing to Friday Friday slots another goal in then gets killed by a returning Cosset 11-2 Ghast and Graves Kill Spiggot 11-4 Esters kills Dirge at Range with Bonus Timed AoE's 12-4
  21. Dear puppeteers, I already asked this question in another guild's sub-forum. Our local store is starting an Escalation league this week and I am considering my options. As it stands, we already have way too many Butchers players, so I will likely be moving away from my first team and get to know something a little... different. Thus, which players of our guild would you recommend me to bring for the first match (3v3)? I was thinking Obulus (never played him, so this is kind of a must for me :)) and Casket (the legendary seems great in the smaller game sizes, PLUS the area affects seem nice as well). I am undecided about the third player. I was thinking about Minx for efficiency, B+M for movement fun, but I really don't yet know my way around the Morticians. So yes ... HELP? :-) For example, what do you think about Obulus, Minx and Cosset? Have a great day, Sebastian
  22. For this game me and my buddy tried out teams builds we've never used before. Estus, Scum, Firday, VSpigot, Mash and stoker. I went for the most football brewers I could! He picked a morticians line up that stunk out the pitch. Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Bonesaw, Casket and Fangtooth. the brewers, usually known for playing a more violent game, decided to try and lure in decimate by showing off their footballing ability in an exhibition game against the morticians. upon arriving on match day they noticed the crowd on the morticians side was much smaller that usual... then the smell hit and it all because clear. Fangtooth and Casket. the pair reeked. Mash had instant regrets coming to the game with a hangover. The Brewers received the ball from Obulus. they had hoped to pass it down the line and get an early goal with spigot. Obulus had other plans. he forced the ball to be passed back over to the morticians. the ball was then passed to bonesaw who glided up the pitch with ball in toe, passing to graves who passed back. the brewers advanced up the pitch, ready to block the striker and muscle their way to the goal. estus let out a blast of fire, which caught obulus. Stoker pat flames onto dirge and bonesaw. graves moved in to try and clear bonesaw a path and build some momentum. the players formed a huge scrum in the middle of the pitch ad it turned into a brawl. graves tried to cut mash in half, but with a little protection from his wife and some cover he managed to escape with only a few scratches. bonesaw, was still in flames. before he could make a break for the goal. stoker piled into him and removed the striker from the game. the ball found its way into possession of casket. mash held his breath and attacked the foul smelling creature. he took the ball and knocked casket away. he then passed to friday. fangtooth swept in from the flank, along with obulus to tie up stoker, trying to lock up the main damage player on the brewers team. estus threw fire onto gaves and dirge. the flames took the bird out. Bonesaw returned to the pitch and attempted to play goal keeper. friday charged into him, bounced from him with incredible success to take a shot on the morticians goal. she tapped in the goal, no problem. a strong early lead from the brewers. the morticians kicked the ball to the flank with no brewers players. stoker gave obulus a few good punches before fangtooth began to beat on stoker with obulus. fangtooth let out a roar, loosing control. he hit obulus hard, but hit stoker harder. taking the pyromaniac out of the game. obulus then made a break from the ball. scooping it up, hoping for a goal in the near future. Casket, no back on his feet, grabbed hold of spigot and began to beat down on him. after scoring her goal, friday threw herself back into the scrum, charging into graves. along with scum. she managed to weaken graves, but he retaliated and took Friday off the pitch. estus landed some big hits into graves, knocking him down and finishing him off, she shouted to mash to hurry and move to the outside of the pitch. her voice was empowering, and mash sprinted towards the other flank. he knew there was no chance of catching obulus so he positioned to receive the ball after the goal. just as obulus was about to take his shot, esutus got within range and blasted the mortician captain with fire. obulus dropped to the ground and the ball scattered in between estus and the returning friday. stoker had followed friday onto the pitch but was too slow to have any real impact so he just jogged up towards to goal. spigot was along, now engaged by casket, and dirge. fangtooth came over and the two big men began to bully spigot, knocking him to the ground. spigot was more likely to pass out from the stench than the punches. Estus scooped up the balland passed to mash. mash planned on running down the flank to score the game winning goal. he was met by graves behind some crates and the two began to fight over the ball. obulus returned and charged into spigot. he hit his several times, but left the final blow for casket. casket scooped up the unconscious spigot and put in im the box he carries on his back. the morticians were back in the game. the score was 11 - 8 to the brewers. with no way to get mash to the goal the brewers turned their heads to a brawl. the cluster of players that had all surrounded sigot was too hard to pass up. estus unleashed a blast of fire. dirge, bonesaw and obulus were all set alight. the fire would kill dirge soon which would end the game. the bird flew away and managed to put out the flames. it was scums time to show what a real mascot can do. the vicious cat dived on the flaming bonesaw. a barrage of vicious slashes from the cats claws took the striker out of the game. the whistle blew. a victory to the brewers and another reason decimate should join them! another great game of guild ball. not sure I would run all 3 strikers again though!
  23. Wheeler

    Morticians mash Brewers

    Morticians on the rise as they continue their path toward hemlock. Obulus plans come to fruition as he puppet masters his way to a sweeping victory. Line up: Brewers- Tapper, scum, friday, pint pot, stoker, hooper. Morticians- Obulus, dirge, silence, graves, casket, ghast. Final score: Morticians 12 - Brewers 0