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Found 5 results

  1. Hunters Guild 6 plus Seenah and Chaska - £48 Hunters Guild boxed 6 £35 Farmers Honest Land £27 Engineers original 6 £35 Resin Chaska £8 Big League kit £8 All unmade and unpainted. Postage and PayPal fees paid by the buyer
  2. Feuerkelch

    Reaping through Masons

    We made a friendly match with the blacksmith event rules. Flint kicked the Ball and Harrow was a good boy and got it for Bushel. Tater was elected as captain for this match, so he was charged up to go for Chisel, while Jackstraw positioned himself and some handy harvest mar... err... gravestones to threaten the goal. Chisel was first to fall and Bushel scored right next to Brick and dodging back to the center. Masons looked for vengeance. Flint scored and Mallet - who was elected as captain for the masons - tried to take on Tater. He couldn't even stopped Taters everlasting grin. Right in front of Mallet Tater got rid of Tower and after a huge scrum in the centre of the pitch Jackstraw brought the Ball to Bushel, who scored for the win. Right next to Brick again. 12-4 points and two souls where claimed for the Reaper.
  3. Ploughman's Fertile Soil rule reads: "When a friendly model places one or more harvest markers within a rough-ground AOE that was positioned by this model, this model's Controlling Player may place one additional friendly harvest marker within the rough ground AOE." Situation: Ploughman has acivated early and placed two rough-ground AOEs within 1" of each other. Now two things might happen: (1) Harrow activates and places one harves marker between the two AOEs, touching both. Can the Controlling Player now place one additional harvest marker within each AOE? (2) Jackstraw activates and uses Crop Dusting. He places one harvest marker seperately in each rough ground AOE. Can the Controlling Player now place one additional harvest marker wihtin each AOE? As I read it, the condition "one ore more" is not met, since there is never more than one harvest marker in each rough ground AOE. I know it is very early for this rules question, but it is an important one to clear up in order to probably evaluate/proxy Ploughman.
  4. I'm not sure if the models were meant to be spoiled, but I just saw cards for the 2 farmers mascots. A mascot with a heroic play and a mascot with a goal threat comparable to Flint's (but with a 2/8" kick stat) look like incredibly fun models. All the Farmer's models look incredibly fun to play, but a heroic mascot just seems too amazing not to mention.
  5. Steamforged

    Welcome to the Farmer Sub-Forum

    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild Sub-Forum! We thought it was time to start sowing the seeds of excitement, so here is a clear version of Windle, you have to admit he looks prett sWHEAT. Like damp hay we spoiled Windle on our recent Facebook Live video showing off the Season 3 Rule Book. The book is packed full of brand new stories, a full colour map (including National Emblems to paint on your National Team) and all characters have had their personal 'fluff' updated to fit with the timeline.