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Found 13 results

  1. Got into Guild Ball lately, but just don't have the time to devote to it. Kinda' went hog wild on purchases so looking to recoup what I can! Really unsure on pricing so if I'm off - let me know. Prices do NOT include shipping - I'll ship to continental US and provide shipping costs as needed. What I want: I'm in the Twin Cities, MN if anyone is local and wants to buy - cash If not, Paypal only Trades? Open to any ideas, shoot me what you got, but looking to recoup $$$ to be transparent.Butchers• PRICE: $185• All Painted - IMGUR - https://imgur.com/a/SGPFd• Based & Coated• Includes off-brand tokens and Feldherr case as shown• Minis:1. Ox2. Fillet3. Princess4. Truffles5. Boar6. Boiler7. Brisket8. Meathook9. Shank10. Tenderizer11. Custom Goal MarkerEngineers • Primed and brown base coat - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $150• Some models damaged as noted below• Includes Muse on Mini token set and blast markers• Minis:1. Ballista (did some additional painting on him as shown)2. Pin Vice3. Mainspring4. Mother5. Colossus6. Hoist7. Ratchet (lost an arm, turned it into a drill!)8. Salvo9. Velocity10. Veteran Velocity11. LocusUnion: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $50• Minis:1. Blackheart2. Decimate3. Gutter4. Rage5. Avarisse & Greede (and standalone Greede)6. CoinAlchemists: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• Includes Muse on Mini token set• PRICE: $1201. Midas2. Smoke3. Flask4. Naja5. Katalyst6. Mercury7. Venin8. Compound9. VitriolFish: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $50• Includes Muse on Mini token set1. Shark2. Salt3. Angel4. Siren5. Greyscales6. Kraken
  2. Hey everybody-- I'd like to start fishing in the community for people who would be interested in being a part of an organizing team of 3-5 people that arranges, delegates, and assists the USA teams going to 2018 WTC. I'm looking for people who are active in the US GB community and expect to be well into next year, and who are willing to commit time and energy to making sure the USA teams get all the support they need. This can range from helping them figure out travel to making sure the team lineups are such that everybody involved is happy to finding replacement players when first choices are suddenly unable to attend. There's a lot of ways that players could be chosen (qualifying events, Longshanks ranking, personal choice) so I don't wanna guarantee the idea that this committee would choose all 6-9 players, but that will likely be a part of the process as well. If anybody reading this fills the above criteria or knows somebody who does, please message me or post here! I'd like this organization to be active and communicative and helpful to the players all year. To be clear, I'm not expecting or demanding my inclusion on this committee. I'm fine being a part of it, but if there's 3-5 people that the US community is largely happy with then I'll happily abstain. Any final lineup of committee members will be public knowledge and if a great deal of people object to any particular person's inclusion it will be changed. Finally, to steal @Frostmane's nomination, I'd like to tentatively nominate @RedSam! Sam's involvement in the community is obvious and I think he's responsible and conscientious as a person. Plus I know he's personally unlikely to try to go to the WTC himself, so he's basically ideal for the organization. Thanks folks! Let's make the USA WTC presence big and bold!
  3. Have: Honour, Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint, and Marbles (w/ cards and kickoff token set) Want: Hunters Starter Set, Seenah, & Minx (All or combo) Looking to trade in preparation for the new hunter set to drop
  4. New player here from Wichita Kansas. Pretty much just playing with my 13 year old son right now, as none of the shops around here carry the game, and there really isn't any kind of a scene that I know of. Hoping with the upcoming release of Kick Off that it picks up some steam around here, as I would love to play in some events.
  5. LogicCrash

    Hello from Arizona

    Just getting started with the game. I've seen it on the shelves of my FLGS for months now but just finally got around to trying it out a few months ago. I was avoiding it because that other sports game was coming out at the end of the year. Figured I should look in to this one before that happened though. I played that other game for years and loved it but obviously support for it disappeared. Now I don't need to worry about that other game because Guild Ball completely blows it away. Steamforged, you folks have done a fantastic job, keep up the good work and keep taking my money. If you are in the Phoenix valley area and looking for someone to get some games in with PM me.
  6. Tournament Length - It's not over til it's over Match Win Condition - Play to the final whistle Round Length - Team tactics Team roster selection -Strength in depth Match Roster Selection - Move and counter move There is a 12 VP win condition. Chess Clocks will be set to 45 minute per Player, with 20 minutes of admin/clocked out time and the round length will be 110 minutes total. Players will select team rosters of 8 eligible models before the event. Players will use 6 of their 8 eligible models for every match. Remember that 1 Mascot and 1 Captain are mandatory choices for every match. Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/729256873843809/
  7. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Bringing GF into the game

    Bringing the girlfriend in the game and she pointed out Truffles from the Butchers as what she wants on her team. I am personally not that well versed in Butcher play and building. What line ups can carry Truffles well?
  8. Atras

    PAX East presence?

    Will there be anyone attending PAX East in Boston on April 22-24th? I'll be there all three days, I'm just debating if I should bring my teams and play mat. If we have a good number of people, maybe we can try to set up an impromptu tournament.
  9. Hi everyone! One of my friends recently got me into the game, and it's taken over my mind. I got full teams for the Alchemists and Morticians while at Adepticon, and now I'm slowly building a Brewers team, with Hunters on pre-order. I'm hoping to be able to get some regular games in the near future.
  10. To anyone in the north east interested to drive out or take a fairy to Long Island, We are going to be holding a tournament on the first Saturday of May, more details can be found on our FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/981067265281521/
  11. Calling all Team Managers! Guild Ball will be joining the list of games and events for Adepticon 2016! We have space reserved for the entire convention and will be featuring demos, open play, and events, as well as a main tournament on Sunday, April 3rd. Other convention details will be posted here as they are finalized but here's everything for the main event. Pre-Registration for Adepticon opens today (11/23/2015) so go reserve your badge and spot now! Adepticon 2016 Dates: March 31st - April 3rd Location: Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel 1551 N. Thoreau Dr. Schaumburg Illinois 60173 USA Badge/Event Registration, Hotel, and other convention information: http://www.adepticon.org/ Vendor Hall Steam Forged Games will be making the trip to Chicago this year! Stop by in the Vendor Hall and say hi to the gents which have brought you this amazing game! In addition to Steam Forged Games, also be sure to check out our other event sponsors: Mats By Mars Muse On Minis Secret Weapon Miniatures Events Thursday to Friday - Demos, Open Play, and a general great time had by all! Friday The Kick-off Event! (12 players) Rules & Format - http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2016/2016guildballkickoff.pdf Items of Note - Fixed team of Captain, Mascot and 4 eligible team members, Fully painted required 3 round / 80min timed rounds event, 8 pts to win, 1pm to 6:30pm Prizes: 1st-3rd Steam Forged Certificate Set, Best in Guild Patches, Achievement awards per round, The Hat Award 'Keger' Ball Casual Mixer! Rules & Format - http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2016/2016guildballkeger.pdf Items of Note - What crazy things can happen when you put 4 different teams on pitch! Think Dodge-ball... with mascots... Beer 7:00pm and onward, this is the time to kick back and unwind, make a new friend (or twenty four of them!) Space is available for socializing, playing Keger Ball, and just regular casual pick-up games. Prizes: Achievement Awards Saturday Scrimmage A Tournament Event (16 players) Rules & Format - http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2016/2016guildballscrim.pdf Items of Note - Roster consisting of Fixed Captain + Mascot, plus up to 6 elidgble team members, Fully painted required 3 round / 35 min per player chess clock event, 8 pts to win, 10am to 3:00pm. Prizes: 1st place Adepticon Medal, 1st-3rd Steam Forged Certificate Set, Best in Guild Patches, Achievement awards per round, The Hat Award Scrimmage B Tournament Event (16 players) Rules & Format - http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2016/2016guildballscrim.pdf Items of Note - Roster consisting of Fixed Captain + Mascot, plus up to 6 elidgble team members, Fully painted required 3 round / 35 min per player chess clock event, 8 pts to win, 3:30pm to 9:00pm. Prizes: 1st place Adepticon Medal, 1st-3rd Steam Forged Certificate Set, Best in Guild Patches, Achievement awards per round, The Hat Award Sunday Chicago Open Regional Tournament (32 players / Two 16 player Divisions) Rules & Format - http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2016/2016guildball.pdf Items of Note - Roster consisting of Fixed Captain + Mascot, plus up to 8 elidgble team members, Fully painted required 4 round / 40 min per player chess clock event, 12 pts to win, 8:30am to 5:30pm, prize support & other goodies TBA After round 4, if there is time the two division leaders will be given the option of playing in a Championship Match if they are both available. Prizes: 1st Overall - Champion Adepticon Medal + Steam Forged Store Credit 2nd Overall - Divisional Winner Adepticon Metal + Steam Forged Store Credit 3rd Overall - Steam Forged Store Credit Best Painted / Appearance - Adpeticon Medal + Steam Forged Store Credit Best Goal - Steam Forged Store Credit 1st-3rd Steam Forged Certificate Sets for each Division Best in Guild Patches Achievement awards per round The Hat Award per Division Random Prize Draws (MatsByMars & Secret Weapon) TieBreak We have access and plan to use TieBreak for all pre-registration, match making, and score tracking for the weekend provided we have proper internet connectivity. In the coming weeks we will be adding all of the above events to the system and sending out communications to all those registered through Adepticon so we can get as many as possible pre-registered before the events start. Kick-off Event - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-kick-off-event/feed Scrimmage A - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-scrimmage-a/feed Scrimmage B - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-scrimmage-b/feed Chicago Open Division I - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-chicago-open-div-i/feed Chicago Open Division II - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-chicago-open-div-ii/feed Chicago Open Championship Results - https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/adepticon-2016-chicago-open-championship-results/feed Contact Information If you have any questions or are a Pundit/TO and would like to assist, feel free to PM JSKrush or email james.kroesch@gmail.com.
  12. Torradin341

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hello all, I'm Torradin341. I was introduced to the game a few weeks ago and have been madly in love with it since. I've been having trouble settling on a team, mostly from the paradigm shift coming from Warmachine and Hordes (so much more movement). Mostly I've been head over heels about the Fishermen and the Masons, but I played some really fun games with the Butchers today, so... We'll see. Maybe I'll just get them all? Anyway, I'm based in Salt Lake City and can be found most days at Demolition Games (super cool FLGS). Stop by if your in the area, ask for Dan, and I'll be stoked to play a game! Also, I'm stoked to be able to register here and join in all of the discussions, though to be honest, I'm mostly a lurker. Nice to be able to say 'hi' though!
  13. Just stopping by and saying hello. I look forward to being a part of the post-Kickstarter tests. I haven't settled on a favorite Guild yet but the game looks great. I'll see you all on the pitch