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  1. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    You are right, you might be able to do it as part of the free charge, but that's probably going to be a very lucky occurrence to get more than 1 marker, or even the marker you really need to get. So planning on having the influence for the sprint is what I'm most likely to do.
  2. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    A good way to tie up Windel is to go after the Harvest markers. If he doesn't get the extra influence and Tac, then he is much easier to control. Sometimes 1 AP on Fahad to sprint over a couple or Markers is better for you than her free charge. Or just avoiding him, his move is low enough that a trap nearby will completely cripple him. If you get to take him out then he is probably out of the rest of the game. If Grange is engaging Seenah I find attack and knockdown is his best option. Hopefully then you can charge something else. There are Farmer counters to those options, but
  3. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    Both are guilds that are lower than normal Df, which means that Engineer character plays will be more effective. (well easier to make sure it hits anyway). So no major plan shifts to engineer game plans from what I see.
  4. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Whilst it is not explicitly stated that you don't have to have a full 10man roster, the only way you can have the minimum 4 players is by not filling the roster. And there is nothing to stop you just writing down 4 models you don't own if you were worried, and just never picking those
  5. Several of the 6 man boxes at the moment are really poor if they are your only box. I honestly wouldn't ever recommend anyone starting Alchemists with just the Smoke box. (ironically its not too bad if you put Midas in it, and smoke does fine in the other box of 6). So maybe that's what they are looking at
  6. Teach me how to vHearne

    Isn't that just extreme winter Camo on oHerne?
  7. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    Can you buy it in a weeks time? if not then I think it doesn't count as released to the general public. If you were to start the game next week you ought to have access to the same models in a tournament as everyone else. So pre-releases, or limited sculpt releases, that aren't available anymore don't count as released to the public Lucky is starching that a little, but I guess the escalation pack is always available to store to buy and run.
  8. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    The OPD says Models that have not yet been released to the general public at the time of the event are not permitted unless those models are readily available at the event venue (such as convention release models in tournaments held at that convention). Alternate sculpts (such as those available through the Guild Ball Kickstarter) are tournament legal
  9. Let's Chat : Seenah

    Seenah is a hard model to stop getting a furious charge, since her mix of free 2" push and very low momentous knockdown often means that they need 4 or more models engaging to stop a free charge. She isn't going to always be able to do anything great with that, but I've also found that she isn't that big a momentum battery unless she is very crowded out. Armour and tough hide do mean that you need a large wrap or a non-damaging low wrap to get 2 momentum off 1 influence, as well as probably 2 or 3 crowd outs. For teams like Shark who thrive off the momentous dodge, yes she is someone that you can get decent momentum from, but even then they are having to focus on her to get more than 1 momentum per hit.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    From what I've read the games was going to be 11-0 after the imitative roll was lost due to 3 players ripe to be taken out. So that's a very different picture to look at than the one you paint. I expect to see thresher a lot over the next few months because he is the new hotness. That was likely to happen even if he was rubbish. Most of my opponents aren't Alex Botts level, so I'm hoping to have a game. Certainly the first time I faced Honest Land I got slaughtered, but the last time I faced it I was able to smash it using the same team as I had in the first before, but understanding its weaknesses..
  11. Getting reaped by the Farmers

    As its been answered, the guildball playbook result still generates momentum. The Character play deals the damage. And so just doing damage with intensify does not trigger hale and hearty to stop the momentum because the play book result does not contain damage. (a result that was 1 would trigger hale and hearty because it has a damage result as well as the GB result)
  12. Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    If you can start making Tuesdays again, you ought to be able to play at Crusaders. There are normally at least 3 of us with teams there, often more.
  13. Getting reaped by the Farmers

    I find that's a good time to Sic him with Flask and hope for multiple intensify's.
  14. When I learnt, I largely ignored momentum. I didn't do all that well, but the team could basically do what they were supposed to do without it, so it was 1 less resource to worry about. (although my opponents weren't using conditions, if they are, you'll certainly need to use it for that). After I got the basics I started using it for things like take a breather and counter attack, and then I started looking at things like Gliding, give and go and defence stance. I found that let me us it gradually. I started with a plan on the number of goals I wanted to score. I started off never having enough influence, but decided on 2 or 3 players that I had a sure plan for, loaded them up fully, and saw what they could do with max influence, and what the rest of the team could do with none, and slowly got used to how much everyone could do with different amounts of influence. You then start to generate a plan for your whole team. I started with only 6 players for a team, so I had no team choices. I think most of the team boxes out there should be playable as 6, and so you can spread the learning. Just work out what your 6 do, and get better with them. as soon as you feel comfortable you can start bringing in different players. Finally some teams don't gel with some players. Each team does have its own style, so after you think you have the basicis of the rules and don't like the team, you might then want to try and find a team that does fit what you like.
  15. You say they have an above average mov2 (in your initial look at the numbers), but the numbers don't support that. I also didn't see anything in the analysis that shows all the masters have short playbooks but thank you fo this, its nice to see this sort of thing