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  1. Parting Blow

    In practise we say they are leaving and work out roughly where they are going (using dummy markers if needed) then make the parting blow before moving the actual model. Unless only unimportant amounts of damage are likely to happen, in which case we may well just do it after the move has finished. Strictly from the rules the parting blow happens just after you leave the engagement, but unless things like KO or tackle might happen, it doesn't matter and working out the exact spot isn't worth the effort.
  2. Without a chance against masons?

    The original poster had no way to stand up after the counter attack because he had already cleared conditions (taken a breather) once on his model that turn and advanced.
  3. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think the team composition of the Blacksmiths will probably mean that they don't get a minor guild. I can't see a reasonable way to bring in extra players without them following the master/apprentice set up, and the team needing to have 3 of each. in most cases non captain masters are stronger than a normal squaddie, and apprentices are weaker than a normal squaddie, so if you could replace an apprentice with a normal player you would almost always want to. But you would almost never want to replace a normal player with a blacksmith apprentice. And if the minor team followed the master/apprentice rule how would it differ from just being smiths? (I'm sure there are ways)
  4. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    Area of specialised knowledge ahoy- Kirai can no longer hire Nix or Snowstorm. Lelu and lelutu and Nicodems Vulture all became rare 1 rather than rare 2. Marcus can no longer hire lawyers. Rusty Alyce lost merc status. Hamlin, Misaki, Jack daw and Vonschill lost the ability to be hired as mercs by other factions. I might have missed a few others.
  5. New Errata

    I think there was talk of this sort of thing happening as the guilds got their minor guilds, although that might have just been Mortician specific.
  6. Farmer Errata has landed

    I think its going to take a little play time to see how this changes them. They can still do a lot of what they did, but its more effort to achieve it.
  7. Without a chance against masons?

    If you are in the situation where several of your team are Knocked down and unengaged, you need to be quite careful in how you move. Ideally you try and get a model with good momentum generating options attacking a model that can't easily knock them down. so you can start using Come on Mate to get other players up, allowing them to take a breather if they get knocked down in the counter attack. It may well be that you need to use models that don't have much influence on them to engage your targets to crowd them out and help you gang up. Also, things like using Shanks Where did you go to engage, rather than your advance means that if the counter attack knocks you down, you can still stand up.
  8. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I don't think they are putting much risk on the players. It is an advance pre-order with low incentives, other than if not enough people pre-order, then they won't make it.
  9. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    You are right, you might be able to do it as part of the free charge, but that's probably going to be a very lucky occurrence to get more than 1 marker, or even the marker you really need to get. So planning on having the influence for the sprint is what I'm most likely to do.
  10. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    A good way to tie up Windel is to go after the Harvest markers. If he doesn't get the extra influence and Tac, then he is much easier to control. Sometimes 1 AP on Fahad to sprint over a couple or Markers is better for you than her free charge. Or just avoiding him, his move is low enough that a trap nearby will completely cripple him. If you get to take him out then he is probably out of the rest of the game. If Grange is engaging Seenah I find attack and knockdown is his best option. Hopefully then you can charge something else. There are Farmer counters to those options, but
  11. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    Both are guilds that are lower than normal Df, which means that Engineer character plays will be more effective. (well easier to make sure it hits anyway). So no major plan shifts to engineer game plans from what I see.
  12. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Whilst it is not explicitly stated that you don't have to have a full 10man roster, the only way you can have the minimum 4 players is by not filling the roster. And there is nothing to stop you just writing down 4 models you don't own if you were worried, and just never picking those
  13. Several of the 6 man boxes at the moment are really poor if they are your only box. I honestly wouldn't ever recommend anyone starting Alchemists with just the Smoke box. (ironically its not too bad if you put Midas in it, and smoke does fine in the other box of 6). So maybe that's what they are looking at
  14. Teach me how to vHearne

    Isn't that just extreme winter Camo on oHerne?
  15. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    Can you buy it in a weeks time? if not then I think it doesn't count as released to the general public. If you were to start the game next week you ought to have access to the same models in a tournament as everyone else. So pre-releases, or limited sculpt releases, that aren't available anymore don't count as released to the public Lucky is starching that a little, but I guess the escalation pack is always available to store to buy and run.