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    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    The Black Dragon Kalameet arrived recently. I found a scalpel easier to reduce the size of the post on one of his wings rather than a file. The plastic clogged the teeth of the file. But mind your fingers! The oddly bent horns I straightened by pouring very hot water on them. (I made tea with the run off!) Pulled and moulded the plastic to the correct shape then doused it all in cold water. He looks like his picture now.
  2. I thought I was giving a tantalising glimpse of the joys and insight on offer in your erudite, seamless, glowing podcast. 😉
  3. Good on the feel of the event, but no "secret tech" revealed and only a very small amount of Jason audible!
  4. The Old Buzzard

    The Rookie Cup

    Apparently cancelled / postponed due to poor numbers.
  5. The Old Buzzard

    S4 Anvil and Sledge

    Had a singled out and & +1 crowd-outs on Boar. Did 8 then 7 then, 8 & he was gone. He had been bashed a bit first.
  6. The Old Buzzard


    I have used her with vCinder. She put the -1 Def on Blackheart and gave a crowd out on the charge. vCinder did enough damage to take him down to 3 health. Taken out 1st activation of turn 2. Awesome
  7. The Old Buzzard

    S4 Anvil and Sledge

    I fear that is requiring too much set up. You will find Sledge, pinned or blinded or some other horror.
  8. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith dice paint alter

    I just put white where they were black. I can see them now!
  9. The Old Buzzard

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    I don't think you can do that. There was a ruling about an engineer, Might have been "swift stance" or "Swift strike"
  10. The Old Buzzard

    The Rookie Cup

    There will be some of the 'Coins' available at this tournament. I am sure we won't be playing until 8pm there are not enough of us signed up.
  11. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Yeah, she has a maximum push distance of 4" in a turn. I was about to argue but re-read the card. 'Strings' is OPT. I can see all the options she creates eating up clock time. "So much to learn, so little time!" (Extra brownie points if you know where that quote is from!)
  12. The Old Buzzard

    Black Dragon Kalameet

    I am wrestling with this at present. I have just about sorted the left wing and have been at it for 40 mins. I tried a file but it clogs the teeth. I don't want to wash it off the file as it will be fine plastic debris that would wash straight out to sea. So I am back to using a scalpel blade. If you do this be careful as I have spent a lot of time cutting towards my hand. Scared myself a few times already! ( bleeding) Two minutes later Just did the right one ! Hot water to straighten the horns on it's head now.
  13. The Old Buzzard

    The Pitch: Ep.19, Frenemies. S4 cards reviewed

    See you in Manchester Lance. 🙂 I enjoyed that. Great to hear the cross pollination of ideas going on.
  14. Having just read the updated clarification I find I have been incorrectly reducing 3DMG to 2DMG for Tough Hide. TH works on 'Plays' not 'Traits'. Is the ATTACK option in 'Grim Vengance' only usable if there is an opponent's figure in her melee zone or can she use her movement to find someone and then use it? Basically how 'immediate' dose this have to be? She had dispatched Esters last night and had to move to use her last INF when she had to walk to find Stave where she did 7, down to 6 as he was KD and has tough hide. (I didn't roll any ones that time.)
  15. The Old Buzzard

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    I never thought of that !
  16. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Scalpel's card up soon. ? tomorrow.
  17. The Old Buzzard

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    You got it nearly all right. Well done.
  18. The Old Buzzard

    Tempo-Smiths. A new way to play Blacksmiths

    Did a similar thing with Scalpel last week. Stupid just doesn't cover it! So many better options. Still kicking myself.
  19. The Old Buzzard

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    I had not thought of that situation. I think it might well do if there is some one else in the melee zone.
  20. The Old Buzzard

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    I would like the 'you must hit me if you I am in your melee zone and not hit my apprentice' kind of thing and a jog towards if you hurt him too.
  21. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    If you would edit out the error I would appreciate that.
  22. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Thanks. And there I thought I had read ALL the words.
  23. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Vet Cinder. Beautiful model a joy to paint. Excellent range of attack. This can be boosted by some team mates and having her kick off. She can have 4 INF. Potential for HUGE damage on the charge. But she does not always deliver. I managed a charge against Graves who Def-stanced and I got 1 net hit from 10 dice! Yes that did 4 to him, 3 to Cosset and 3 to Dirge. But left her within easy reach of Casket who boxed her next turn. Object lesson. Don't be greedy. Loosing 2VP is bad enough, 4 is just silly. There was another target but I would have had 6 less damage overall. I should have taken that. The Sweeping charge damage is not affected by Tough Hide. The 'Sweeping charge' effect is gained by "Choosing the damage result" Not by doing the damage. So the works even with Tough Hide figures. She wants to be charging low def models for best results. (You all knew that, as who doesn't. ) As the spikes in the results really make her sing. But dice are dice. There are as many 1's on each dice as there are 6's. The Grim Vengance 'attack' option can only be taken if you are in melee with a second figure when the first is taken out. To survive she needs to be in the protective aura of Anvil, Farris or Furnace. The +1 ARM makes a huge difference. If you are playing against Farmers or anyone else who heals easily, concentrate the damage. Otherwise spreading the burning and -1 ARM for ' searing strike' with 'Impale' seems a good idea. Why would you choose the rather than the that gives 3 damage anyway? Because she can be good she is also a trap. There are other good players. You don't have to put her in jeopardy. Look at the board state and the clock. There might be better way to win other than massive damage.
  24. The Old Buzzard

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    So my opinion that an opponent would have to be engaged already to use the attack option of 'Grim Vengance' is correct.