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    Veteran Harmony's Sword

  2. The Old Buzzard

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    I have put the figure together. See what you all mean about the wrists being a tight fit. They sure are. Managed that after making the hole for the attached disk a fraction larger with a sharp knife. This left the very large sword she is equipped with hanging over the base edge. I pushed the whole figure into a more upright stance to have the tip 'inboard'. (I think that was how she was meant to be and I had got it wrong.) I then put some cubes of mdf that are a similar size to the cobblestones I have on the bases of all my masons. Approx 2mm by 2mm. These are arranged under the tip of that crazy sword. Just touching the bigger notch. This should negate the huge lever on her fragile wrists as both ends are now fixed.
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    What it says on the lid! Can she be found in the UK? Postage from further afield seems to make it a better deal to buy the whole second box! I have put a post on Facebook offering circa £15.
  4. The Old Buzzard

    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    I have managed to buy this figure for £ on Ebay. Please remove this thread.
  5. collected rule clarification: Computer says "no"
  6. The Old Buzzard

    vet. Cinder

    The 2" melee she has will create havoc on any group of 1" melee opponents she charges into. She might need the 2" dodge to gat back to within 1" of a Master with Sentinel.
  7. So has Bryce over ruled him then? V Cinder's 2" melee barely gets a mention. That feels significant to me.
  8. The Old Buzzard

    Hammer Masons

    I set him on fire with Furnace last time I played against him. Then Cast charged in and did harsh things to him. He struggles into Furnace due to his 2" reach and high ARM.
  9. The Old Buzzard

    Masons INTO gunlines / Theron

    Re your "Side note". You need to look in the Rules clarification section to see if these questions have been asked there. If they haven't, that is the right place to pose your questions, one per thread.
  10. The Old Buzzard

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    And the ball.
  11. The Old Buzzard


    I have won a game because of 'the offside trap' card. Not a famously powerful card. My Fisherman opponent needed more time to get his second goal because of this and I was able to take the ball off him. And then when Furnace has popped his legendary, had one favourable crowd out and was in cover, Shark could not take the ball back off him. Shark was taken out then I scored.
  12. The Old Buzzard

    Best value single box team

    The Rookies are a side line/red herring. Don't be distracted by them. The game is about the guilds themselves. Find a local game store and see if you can cut a deal with him. I Sheffield (UK) we get 10% off the retail price from 'The Outpost.' But I think the postage to the USA would eat that up.
  13. The Old Buzzard

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Ah well ! Perhaps some tweaks to the rule set with be to their advantage. Like the scoring on a 3+ within 4" of the goal helped Fish more than most.
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Maybe Squeak could carry the disease if the were other carriers on the pitch but not if they were absent? Yes Chris he is slow, Robin Reliant is probably right. Likely to fall over if you corner too fast because it has two wheels at the back rather than at the front like the Morgan 3 wheeler.
  15. The Old Buzzard


    Playing Blacksmith my first pass is to discard any -1INF cards the second is to chose all the +1 cards. I look at the initiative score after that. Then I read the card. If the -1INF is also a +7 initiative I will probably keep it after all. You can only throw away so many
  16. The Old Buzzard


    Don't like the idea. You both know which cards are in play. Part of the game is second guessing your opponent as to what cards you have left in your hand and what he/she might have.
  17. The Old Buzzard

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    For storage at home I have mine magnetised and they stand in drawers in a filing cabinet. But I have been looking with interest at the custom cut foam inserts.
  18. The Old Buzzard

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Animal ball is a thing. All mascots, 2' square pitch, no healing allowed. Great fun. If you have Vindictive (animal) on him and the pig they are awesome. It is very tight for INF so every little helps. Wrecker rules
  19. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 wish listing

    Bolt is her only reason to be on the pitch. If you are not trying to score lots of goals there is little reason to take her.
  20. The Old Buzzard

    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    Willing to exchange the Vengance 3 goal token, unbuilt, almost untouched, for her. (My cash is not good enough it seems)
  21. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 wish listing

    I like the "protective Instinct" idea best. It is a very BIG shield after all If Piledriver is +4 then the GB symbol might have to go the the 3rd space on his playbook.
  22. The Old Buzzard

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I don't think they will have a mascot. That would change the flavour of this bit of the Guildball universe. Like adding kimchi to pumpkin pie!
  23. The Old Buzzard

    The Watch

    I said on the facebook page, "This has shortened the odds on them being the Smiths minor guild." But you never know with snippets like this. The lantern in Obulus' hand prior to the release of information about the resin figures was seized as certainty for the Lamplighters guild being next up. They play games with us regularly. I suppose it is consistent with being games developers
  24. Keep it up guys. Now every guild needs a 1 dice character play to hit Fangtooth with before he is charged. (He wasn't seen much before but the consensus seems to be that he will be in every Union team.)
  25. The player would then have to suffer the condition, whether he scored or not.