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  1. Veteran Cinder

    They also suggested that she might be "losing" her master.
  2. WTB Grace & Benny at Vengeance

    They were on sale as blisters in Element Games shop.
  3. So what's your favourite thing about Guild Ball?

    Very small garden, or just a small gate?
  4. Being accused of cheating

    I am sad to hear of you experience. Decline the offer of the next game from him. I am please to say I have not experienced anything like that since starting to play Guildball. In general the scene is not that wound up about winning. WCWW was a podcast.
  5. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Tanners or Leather workers. They could throw foul AoEs with is poisonous stink and have a Foul Odour that the smiths don't mind.
  6. Bonesaw

    Good luck. When he works he is great. And you wonder how you managed without him. But the rest of the time!....... It will be interesting to see how you get on with him. 'Go for the knees' & 'Stick to the plan' might help.
  7. New to Guild Ball

    Good to hear. Where are you? Real games are better than t' interweb.
  8. The Captain: Devana

    Why is that unrelated? So "Death from above" is not OPT it is limited by the number of AOEs on the pitch. If the model is engaged by "Frelsi", (that is engaged & in an AOE) I see no reason why she should not get the +1 TAC & +1 Damage at 6" range. What do you guys think?
  9. Help me with my Scalpel team

    You have quite a lot of pushes or push/dodges in that team. Pushing someone's players off the board is a valid way to get 2 VP. But remember it is a 2 edged sword. Don't stay there too long yourself. Second wind helps. Vileswarm can change humans for 1INF and only gives up 1VP if it is taken out.
  10. Mold lines - the silent (hobby) killer

    A VERY sharp blade. (Scalpel) Files make a mess. Keep the blade clean. The tooth brush idea sound a good one, interdental perhaps? For those hard to reach places. Bill
  11. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    I don't think he can as that happens before the game starts. Tag along is an in game action. The same sort of question was asked about Tentacles & Corsair. It will be in the rules questions somewhere.
  12. Pride!

    It is a very BIG rat!
  13. Vs Ratcatchers

    Diseased & Burning & KD all on the one player means that Miasma has a prime target. You need to be able to apply these to more than one target early in the turn and then maybe do it again. Burnish can remove conditions to replace them with Burning. Furnace doesn't mind. If Furnace is diseased and walks into a player he can reliably do this with 2 INF. I did OK with them last week end using the list mentioned above. On one occasion Cast removed Scourge with 1 INF to spare!
  14. Faction or other specific line up choices

    BE- Much as I like the model, I fear you are correct. Me and numbers never did get on well. I have just looked through the cards and many of the mascots and most of the Masons have on 1. Unless he gets an extra TAC or a team member with "Bag of Quaffers" he does not make the ball retrieval slot. Dodgin' an' weavin' are all very well, but without the ball they are pointless. Bill
  15. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Sorry for being dumb
  16. Swarm's Obedience question

    The distance can vary from 0" to 2". The goalpost they do or don't move towards is the same.
  17. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Please will you explain how you get to the "reliable 6 damage"? I read this last night. Looked at the cards, slept on it, read the cards again and still can't work it out. Bill
  18. A tournament day with the smiths.

    Saturday at the Outpost I played Burnish (C) Furnace, Hearth, Alloy, Cast & Cinder every game Hard ones first, Steve Easton with Morticians! Obulus, Dirge, Pelage, Casket & Sulk. I think it was Skulk. I receive 2ndactivation I run in a goal with Alloy who is battered to within 2 HP of his life for the rest of the turn. Furnace tools up Burnish who hits everything under 3 iterations of the fire blast. Taking 8 health off Pelage who was hit twice. (By the start of turn 3 she was back on full health.) Those were my points and after that I got myself sucked into the centre and died. A master class on how to close out a game quickly and effectively from Steve. 4-12 Fish: Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Sakana, Greyscales & someone else. I received. Passed the ball to Burnish. Shark scored. Eventually before the turn ended Shark had been taken out and some mischief had ben done to Sakana. I managed to make things difficult for him by setting people on fire and scoring a goal myself. Shark comes on the other side of the board away from the action Start of turn 3 Sakana has the ball is on fire and then removed by Cast. Angel has the ball but can’t get away from Furnace. Can’t get through his armour to make a 2” dodge. Sakana retuns on the same side as Angel 2” for the board edge. I had played the Game plan that gave everyone +1 movement. There is also some fast ground. Furnace knocks Sakana back off the board. Greyscales scores. The ball is kicked out to the middle of the board. Cinder scores. 12-8 Fillet Butchers: Princess, Meathook, Boiler, Tenderiser & V Brisket. I messed up my goal run with Alloy. Couldn’t get past the obstruction and Meathook & stay out of Tenderiser’s counter charge. Dropped the ball on Furnace and hid behind the obstruction. Vet brisket scored after Meathook had Fillet had taken chunks out of Furnace. Furnace is KO. Burnish did burning things. Ball went out to Alloy who put DK on Meathook. Then dodged away, walked into Tenderiser’s melee zone & to within 4” the goal bonus timed the goal shot managed 2x 4+ on the 3 dice. Fillet batters Hearth leaving her on 1 health & bleeding. Hearth heals 4 health an KD Fillet. Burnish swaps the bleed for burning. And puts a fire aoe on Fillet. Furnace comes back on & charges V Brisket. Does 0 hits. Manages to do one damage next so she is on fire & -1 Arm Cast takes her out an dodges into Filet to take her down to 2 HP with the help of Cinder & Hearth. Meathook is taken out in the maintenance phase as she forgot to take the poison off. Filet goes 1stactivation to hit Cast. Does 2 damage, counter with 2 crowd outs Cast manages 3 hits takes the 2 damage. Fillet is out! It all gets blurred after that. My clock is almost out, then it is out and so is Boiler. 12-7 Ratcatchers: The box as they cam off the shelf. We are on table 4 or 5. (Don’t remember which. Not been up here since I won a WAB tournament!) I kicked. He passed the ball to Pelage from Scourge. I messed up a goal run with Alloy but did succeed in stealing the ball and dodging back away from the pack. Burnish put out 2 AoEs tooled up landing 8 damage on squeak & Pelage & 4 on Skulk. Did the legendary AoE and took out Pelage! Furnace put Scourge on fire, Hearth KD him and then Cinder took him out with 1 INF spare! Next turn some take a bit of damage from disease. Furnace startles the crowd by charging Miasma. KD for the momentum and kicking a goal. He is then wailed on by the rest of them and is left on 1 HP. Pelage, from her bucket of dice, on one occasion managed 6, 1 or 2 results, Impressive! Piper had not done much but now he had the ball. He Heroic’ed Hearth out of the way and scored. The ball went down the centre of the park for Cast to sprint 8 and bonus time her 4/6 (!) kick to finish the game. 12-8 SO much to my surprise I finished 6th overall. The Game Plans have an impact. Not massive but the +1 INF is worth it to the Smiths even if the words on the card are dross. -1 INF is really hard to cope with. When Cinder & Cast are set up they can be great. Completely different roles. Alloy & Hearth are not to be left at home. Furnace can find an unexpected turn of speed and the 3/8 kick is reliable. I was lucky in that I did't miss a pass or a kick. Always bonus time kicks on goal if possible. I almost had 'average' dice, only once missing with both the AoEs from Burnish. I am sure there will me some errors in this tale. As with all tales it is subject to the vagaries of memory. Most names of opponents have been removed. But when you are beaten by the best I don't think he will mind me including his name here.
  19. A tournament day with the smiths.

    I played Ferrite, Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Farris & Bolt in games 1 & 3 . First against Fillet ButchersI managed 2 goals but failed to finish off either Fillet or Boar and let them recover before recovering to murder me. Iron charged in again Boar and did + . But I hadn't given him enough. Filet was on her beam ends at the end of one turn and I chose a goal rather than the take out. Lost 12-8 Second: my team in this was Ferrite, Alloy, Iron, Hearth, Furnace & Cinder. I played against a new player running Hammer masons. First thing that went wrong was Furnace missing a pass to generate some momentum. The game took us ages and we both made daft mistakes. (I didn't notice my own tokens on the table for 'Dirty Knives'. He forgot something with Hammer and missed a goal.) We timed out. I won 6-0 Third I was outclassed by a Corsair fish team. How will they manage when they can't have Gutter. He had a plan. I didn't. Lost 12-4. All take outs. Iron didn't provide enough hitting power. Def stance on a 4-1 figure messes his plan up. I was pulled in one at a time and beaten up. Not having a mascot and all figures being worth 2 VP hurts in this match up. Fourth game against Ox butchers I tried Ferrite, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace & Cinder. Turn 1 goal with Alloy. Cheeky dodge over an obstruction around Ox then dodged out of the way of a Boar charge after kicking the goal. Furnace hit Ox and Meathook & Vet Brisket were burning. Cast charged Ox and he was there no more. But vengeance came around next turn. Boiler removed Alloy. Ox put up his legendary and removed Cast and then Hearth only had 2 health left! Cinder scored. Boar & boiler removed the rest of the team. The last to go was Furnace. 12-10 Loss. In all the games I never either remembered of thought it was the 'right time' to use any of the Master's legendary plays. Daft mistakes like that are one reason irregular player like me lose games. But it was a good event and the concentrated practice will help me get better. We used the Game plans. Only once did I have a sinking feeling. That was the last game. Other than that I made good use of them and so did my opponent. There was no way I should have taken "Grudge match" when facing Ox butchers! Didn't play it, but my other cards felt rubbish for that situation too.
  20. Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Played Cast today with Burnish and Furnace in the line up. Missed with the shield throw once. But against burning targets she is awesome. A rash decision slowed her to take out a fully stacked Fillet. (3 damage on a counter attack!) Topped out the end of the day with a snap back goal for my 3rd and final win of the day, 8" sprint & 4/6 kick. What a star.
  21. The Casual Mortician

    Tempting Brewers to the sidelines and pushing them off always was a thing. Bonsaw used to help me with this.
  22. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    I think 'Glide' would last until the next maintenance phase too.
  23. Who to kick with?

    Ah yes! The "Devil & the deep blue sea" dilemma.
  24. Model distribution needs to change

    The idea that that singles are sold via SFG online store does not seem unreasonable to be. Especially now that is how the Rookies are being marketed. If stocking is a problem put them on sale intermittently when a production run is viable. In the same style as the “Locker Room”.