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  1. the figures

    I had to spend ages trimming flash off my figures. I mean an hour per figure except for Iron. Bolt's arms were a sod to do as I didn't want to loose his arm or my finger! Anvil has no ends to the fingers of his shield arm. There is a hollow where there could have been a nail. I first thought 'it is just plastic figures.' But I have just cleaned up the figures for Dark Souls. It took me an hour to do them all. Next to nothing. They are a bit bendy but they have been in the box ages. Did I get a rough batch or is everyone having trouble?
  2. Will need to listen to the Engineers bit of this again. At first JL seemed to say they were a boring gun line, then started listing the interesting weirdo things you could do with them. You guys do OK. Don't slap your selves down. Bill
  3. What was your first Guild and why?

    'The Beard' is fun to watch isn't he.
  4. What was your first Guild and why?

    I started with the KS with Masons & Morts. (Another club member got Butchers & Brewers.) I had no idea what I was getting into. I now also have: Union, Blacksmiths, Butchers. All of them painted. I also have Alchemists part painted the rest waiting in blisters. I just bought an Engineers box. (LGS had a good deal. This also applies to the Ratcatchers who are on order.) I wouldn't want to part with any of them. I am known as a Morts player and keep going back to them. But I am always clocking out so I try easier teams sometimes. Just had my first game with the smiths and enjoyed them. But I am perennially unfaithful. Came last at the last tournament for the first time ever. There wasn't even a wooden spoon!
  5. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I have already prepaid for them with my LFGS. That is one of the reasons I am not backing these 2 teams. Had they turned up in summer it may have been different. I was't whooping about them or Godtear at Steamcon either. I was very much in the minority there.
  6. Painted miniatures

    I am just about to start painting. I have only just noticed the basing. I think I might only do that on the bosses. Good straightforward paint scheme throughout your figures. Good idea. Why make it complicated?
  7. Escalation league

    You will be short of INF to get things done. Ferris and Bolt are fast, Hearth could give Bolt 2" reach or Ferrite an extra 2" movement. So probably Ferrite and make her your Capt.
  8. My Blacksmiths (:

    I just tried that from a Flickr a/c and got the same pink background to the field/box. I don't really want to set up another hosting site. But it looks like I might have to to put pics on here.
  9. My Blacksmiths (:

    Have they a more compatible system than Flickr? The type goes pink when I click on it to insert Media. I have chosen "Small" BBC file size.
  10. Pelage

    Yes we missed this week's "Teaser Tuesday". Suppose I will have to paint some Dark Souls figures to get me in the right frame of mind!
  11. My Blacksmiths (:

    I can't get them on here sorry! My files are "too big" I have put them on Facebook
  12. Double Dodge Episode 29

    Don't know why they are not posting this themselves. Shy & retiring they are not! Maybe it is 'cos one was crook and the other just won Cancon, who knows. http://doubledodge.com.au/index.php/2-uncategorised/31-double-dodge-episode-29-sexual-tyrannosaurus
  13. My Blacksmiths (:

    Well done. I like your controlled paint palette. I have more variation in mine esp the metals. They are nearly all done. I have gone for an orange anvil on a blue field and the horse is a palomino. I have struggled with flash especially on the apprentices arms and legs. I will put them on here if I can but they will be on Bookface as it is easier to do there.
  14. I have nearly finished painting all 12. I am arranging a reason for Bolt to be in the air. He is the figure with least paint on. Good information in your article. Would the Captain generating an extra INF be an unreasonable request of Steamforged?
  15. Fahad and Strongbox were mint for me in this. Snow was taken out twice. 3/4 kick on Mainspring I thought would be 'a thing' but he was never in the right place. He pushed Manspring into the pitch rather than off it with Quaff. Mistake.
  16. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    Those 'knives' are big enough to justify that. I have other commitments. So I can't get to the playlets event either.
  17. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    I concur with your assessment "Cole". Hopefully some imaginative 'jank' will have been invented for him. Healing 'disease', or given the size of the implements he is carrying, 'bleed' when he damages rather than an extra choice on a But I fear we are too late to influence his next iteration.
  18. It was a second go at it as the guy I played against enjoyed it so much last time. The extra INF made it easier to make things happen. From looking at Naja's card I can't understand why he needs to be banned. Especially by comparison with the 3 ARM of Wrecker and the movement shenanegans of Mother. The vulnerability of the 'critters' is one of the features that makes this form of the game fun. Commitment and risk are very finely balanced. When Vileswarm blew up he made a mess. I had him in the right place! "Are you sure you want to do a parting blow on him?"
  19. A bit of 'threadomancy' here. Had 2 games of this last night. We played with +2 INF pre team and allowed the 'vindictive' to apply to mascots as we both had one with that trait. The banned creatures were Mother and Wrecker. I had Vileswarm, Fahad, Mainspring, Princess, Coin & Strongbox. Against Buckwheat, Quaff, Dirge, Truffles, Marbles & Snow. I won both the first was a goal by Fahad and the second a goal by Vileswarm. Who knew he had a 2/4 kick! The inability to heal in this form of the game makes them very vulnerable, except for Truffles! (Tough hide!)
  20. Pelage

    Excellent news!
  21. Pelage

    SO, if the mascot is with the aura for the cloak of rats 3 damage or snared to be applied and the pet owner chooses the damage: is 'Loved creature' triggered? He chose it.
  22. Collected Ratcatcher's Spoilers - Skulk and Pelage

    These rat catchers are said to come from the sewers. Flares are wrong when wading in water. I suppose you could tuck them in your boots, but then why the sequins? Thanks. The dictionary (SOED) was using was published in 1933. It was my dad's.
  23. Collected Ratcatcher's Spoilers - Skulk and Pelage

    Can't find "meme" in the dictionary. And if he is wearing sequinned flares he can't be a rat catcher! The make up is just to impress Pelage.
  24. Collected Ratcatcher's Spoilers - Skulk and Pelage

    What is a "Memer" and how can it be extraordinaire?
  25. Pelage

    The best time to hit her/hurt her is at counterattack. You weren't getting momentum anyway.