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  1. The Old Buzzard

    Card Game Expansion

    I bought the card game expansion at SCUK this last week-end. Had a game there too. We survived!
  2. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 Blacksmiths Primer

    Well done. A neat summary and your spelling gets better as you go on.
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 differences

    Has Disease been added to the ‘Conditions ‘ page ? I couldn’t find it earlier.
  4. I understand that if the game times out and the score is level the kicking team wins. (i.e. whoever kicked at the start of the game.) As both players achieve the win condition at the same time, It sounds as though this would fit that scenario.
  5. The Old Buzzard


    I think you have. But what do I know.
  6. The Old Buzzard

    Smashing face (Pintpot)

    The word "Target" is missing so you don't roll dice is how it seems to me.
  7. Having just read the updated clarification I find I have been incorrectly reducing 3DMG to 2DMG for Tough Hide. TH works on 'Plays' not 'Traits'. Is the ATTACK option in 'Grim Vengance' only usable if there is an opponent's figure in her melee zone or can she use her movement to find someone and then use it? Basically how 'immediate' dose this have to be? She had dispatched Esters last night and had to move to use her last INF when she had to walk to find Stave where she did 7, down to 6 as he was KD and has tough hide. (I didn't roll any ones that time.)
  8. The Old Buzzard

    S4 butchers.

    SO! How are we to cope with the damage output of the butchers? Out score is the only sensible thing I can think of. But you have to get the ball back!
  9. The Old Buzzard

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Thanks for clearing that point. It is entirely possible that the figure attacked would still be there and the take out could have been done to a character hit by the sweeping charge. If the model taken out had been in possession of the ball, and there is no Counter attack coming into vCinder, does the ball scatter happen before she has to dodge, as she might be able to gain the ball? Is this an "Active player chooses order of events" situation?
  10. The Old Buzzard

    “Voodoo Strings” & Stoic

    That makes sense to me. 'Spirit bomb' could be used to move the Stoic model then though.
  11. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 Discussion

    The area of Poison or Burning damage around Calculus, Mercury and Venin has gone up to 2" so it is unavoidable if they are to be engaged. I think Cast's stock may have gone up. Burnish seems an auto include against them.
  12. The Old Buzzard

    S4 butchers.

    There is a lot of Glut mass (Resilience) in Brewers. I guess that will help. Fire to slow them down elsewhere.
  13. The Old Buzzard

    Traveling with Terrain?

    I use old box files and the sort of foam you got in the boxes of metal teams and the KR bags. You can then pack it in anything.
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I think the stamina on Bonesaw means he isn't trapped by a 2" melee model on the 'wrong' side of him when he wants to go for the goal. He can split his movement into 2 sections. Does Silence's ability that means he can choose how much INF to pay for his character plays mean he can put down the fire AOE for the cost of 1? Scalpel will murder the world! +1 INF on Ghast. "Nice" We now have 2 mascots! vGraves can give Vileswarm 2INF for 1 MP! An excellent trade as they should generate ...... well more than 2 MP as well as a fist full of damage. In a beater team they look like a good combo. Get the rats & Memory in a crowd and then charge in with Ghast, 'unmask 'and there will be bits of poisoned rat, puppet and the opponents team spread to the winds!
  15. The Old Buzzard

    Lend a Hand

    Oh! Hadn't clocked that one.
  16. The Old Buzzard

    Season 4 Discussion

    Well done guys. All well reasoned and not too over the top. (What has happened to the internet? Reasonable!) We will have to learn how to cope without Ferrite's speed buff for all the team after she runs away. Personally I will miss the 3 armour on Furnace's legendary. On one occasion he was able to stand in cover and deny Shark the ball with this. But there are so many neat tweaks to the players that should keep us all happy. I have not used Alloy & Hearth in my last few games. Coped OK. Didn't really miss them. There is so much other goodness available. But I just heard about her legendary when Capt!
  17. The Old Buzzard

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Yeah! They could be mistaken for Smiths
  18. The Old Buzzard

    Old Iron King Painted

    Love the glowing hand effect and the way you have his skin holding in the hot magma core. If you are a beginner you are learning fast.
  19. I can bullshit with the best of them Andrew.
  20. The Old Buzzard

    Traps mechanics changing.

    There is loads of stuff out there that you can make traps with. You don't even have to buy it! All that is needed is a 30mm base & some imagination.
  21. I maintain that Gaffer is the man we want. He is the only one of this troop that could have any credence as a master. There is loads of cool stuff he could have or do.
  22. The Old Buzzard

    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    The Black Dragon Kalameet arrived recently. I found a scalpel easier to reduce the size of the post on one of his wings rather than a file. The plastic clogged the teeth of the file. But mind your fingers! The oddly bent horns I straightened by pouring very hot water on them. (I made tea with the run off!) Pulled and moulded the plastic to the correct shape then doused it all in cold water. He looks like his picture now.
  23. I thought I was giving a tantalising glimpse of the joys and insight on offer in your erudite, seamless, glowing podcast. 😉
  24. Good on the feel of the event, but no "secret tech" revealed and only a very small amount of Jason audible!