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  1. The Old Buzzard

    Scalpel woes

    You can't be pushed over scenery! I forgot. I think you might have it there. There is not much on a board but farmers (and engineers [A case for using Mother] ) can add to it.
  2. SHE said "Yes" . So I have paid for my ticket. Just need to get some practice in now!
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    Thanks as I have a game planned at the club this week.
  4. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    The "Thief" card has "Lucky Break" as his special action that is recharged at the Bonfire. "....draw 3 cards from your deck" Does this increase the size of your hand? If it does how long can you keep 9 cards in your hand? Or is it over after your next activation? I am asking here as well as rules questions don't seem to be replied to in the 'Dark Souls' section and I remember Bryce doing a promotional video for the card game.
  5. In particular it is the kick off pressure from vDecimate. I am struggling to find a plan to cope with her. She is quite able to take out an apprentice a turn and second wind back out of the way or just imprison them to take them out at the start of the next turn. Has anyone got tricks that work? Do I just ignore the ball for the first activation and advance the whole team with Anvil?
  6. The Old Buzzard

    Advice needed to cope with vDecimate

    Thanks for that. I haven't run oCinder since vCinder came out. Yesterday I had Anvil as Capt. I spent 2 to 'While the iron is hot' everyone up the pitch walked to the ball and then passed the ball to Sledge. dodging both Anvil and Sledge 4" to my left as they were within 4" of Hearth. vDecimate picked on Anvil. Long story short, I won 12-8, 2-2. 8-0 up after 1st activation of turn 2.
  7. The Old Buzzard

    Field Medic and wraps

    Maybe you should ask this in the Rules questions thread.
  8. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    Thanks. But I have already put the question into this forum. (Different title) There seems very little SFG support in this part of the forum.
  9. The Old Buzzard

    SFG Player Loyalty Scheme Returns?

    I have had an email this week reminding me of £5 I have in value of loyalty points. Don't need anything at the moment though. If it still valid I will try to use it against this year's Steamcon ticket.
  10. The Old Buzzard

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    You understand my point exactly!
  11. The Old Buzzard

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    PLEASE don't let Cutlass have "goal defence". That is the last thing Smiths need!
  12. The Old Buzzard

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I have read almost all the posts in this thread. An interesting collection of ideas/opinions. I was engaged with this years Draft. My only problem was my own lack of initiative and therefore inability to find out where you recorded games at Steamcon. There was a big queue at the shop when I looked and Bryce was too busy to be doing anything other than running the tournaments. Guess I need to be more pushy in these situations and go for the throat like Ritch!
  13. The Old Buzzard

    Lucky Break

    The "Thief" card has "Lucky Break" as his special action that is recharged at the Bonfire. "....draw 3 cards from your deck" Does this increase the size of your hand? If it does how long can you keep 9 cards in your hand? Or is it over after your next activation?
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Rules Question: Pyromancer Fire Orb attack area

    No I don't think he does. "Fire Orb" & "Great Fire ball" are 2 different cards. I feel that the "Fire Orb" damage, like the "Silver Knight Spear" are probably going to be the column indicated as they are different. If they were going to be 'any column' they would both have been the centre column on the card. Also the "Moonlight Butterfly Horn" has this script at the bottom of the card "This attack hits every enemy in the same column as the target." But I have no inside information and am merely applying what seems logical to me.
  15. The Old Buzzard

    Tempo-Smiths. A new way to play Blacksmiths

    It doesn't work now as the cards have been changed. But the concept is still good. It is difficult to win the momentum race because to opponent's figures can be removed so fast. 2 good swings with Sledge is a maximum of 5 MP! But there are other ways of applying pressure. Watch the Beardminis you tube "Don't touch the Beard" where he plays against Barry. I think it is number 25.
  16. The Old Buzzard

    Undead Legionnaire attack

    Played them last night. Got it wrong. First time I have ever got that far! My knight had loads of health so I don't think it made any difference.
  17. The Old Buzzard

    A simple wish.

    And the best of the season's greetings to you too!
  18. The Old Buzzard

    At Home Ball Episode 3 - Navigators vs Fishermen

    Didn't see that last goal coming!
  19. The Old Buzzard

    Bolt Vs Cast

    @Gauntlet Yet again you are correct. Though I disagree about whether or not she is worth a slot. I would remind you about Hearth's 'Instruction". That changes the odds for getting the
  20. The Old Buzzard

    Bolt Vs Cast

    This is all correct. But she still has great movement and kick stats setting her up as a striker of the ball as well as the opponent. Is the 4 INF given to her going to get 2VP or 4? The opposition does not know the answer either because at the start of the turn neither do you.
  21. The Old Buzzard

    Bolt Vs Cast

    Watch "Don't touch the Beard" 25 and you will see the benefits of running them both. 🙂
  22. The Old Buzzard

    FOUND ! "Desperately seeking" ​​​​​​​ Chaska

    FOUND! Arrived in the post on 8th Dec.
  23. Desperately seeking Susan Chaska Well like in the film I am asking you to get in touch. Has anyone been able to get a single Chaska figure? I coped with the missing Seenah by buying the rookie model. Didn't want the tusks anyway. I emailed SFG after buying the boxes of the Hunters at Steamcon UK asking if they had any figures of him available. I got this reply: Steamforged Support Team (Steamforged Games) Nov 30, 13:27 GMT Hello Bill, Many stores still have Chaska available as a separate model. I recommend checking out serval online retail stores. Has anyone had any luck? The closest I got was Leonedis games who sold the only one they had as I was negotiating my Paypal a/c. (Too slow.) Elsewhere the cupboard is bare. I find the postage from Europe and the USA can double the price of the figure. Anyone know any tricks I am missing?
  24. The Old Buzzard


    Sherwin said in one of the talks he gave at Steamcon that he didn't put in extraneous details. It is silly but plausible because Esters was wracked with grief at the death of Mash.
  25. The Old Buzzard


    Looks like the dog survives. Can't see Decimate having 'Second wind' after inhaling that smoke. Rats did it for sure. But Esters set the tavern on fire when she dropped the candle. The "It " they did was the murder of Mash. Maybe we will get a vet Pintpot and Hooper out of this. Furious charge on Ppot would make him over powered. 🙂