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  1. Verse Farmers Tech

    Good luck! Love to hear how you get on Are you going the whole hog and using Scalpel too?
  2. Don’t Touch The Beard Xmas Special!

    Enjoyed that. Watching and listening to a lit of stuff on here today due to the weather matching the decorations on the video. (Snow not reindeer!) Painting the Blacksmiths as I go. They may well get their first outing later this week.
  3. Nyk's Adventures

    How come Scum didn't UM away from Flint? Good story and a good game. It is sleeting here today which is why I am on the forum during the day.
  4. The Rookie

    Keep me posted about the event you are planning in Barnsley. I would need some notice due to commitments I have already made. There are several guys who come to our club on Farm Rd on Thursdays in Sheffield who come from Barnsley. Solid blokes in every sense of the word "solid". Bill
  5. The Rookie

    Good stuff. Credit for the chutzpah to put this up. Well done. I live on the other side of Sheffield. So I hope to see you some time. I saw Mr Mountain, (played a game on a table next to him) but never knowingly caught side of the other half of the 'Singled out' dynamic duo. I concur with your views about the 'Rookie League'. Great fun and it would go down well as a 5 game, one day event. I recon the Heroic podcasters have that mechanic right. I plan to go to Steamcon next year but had problems with the noise levels in the "Brutalist" decor of the cellars.
  6. Good stuff guys. Some of your conclusions are wrong and you have not allowed for team interactions in the ball fondlers section. Still worth the listen.
  7. Purchasing Expansions

    The kickstarter expansions are currently promised for September 2018 ! I am afraid most of the backers are less than impressed with this. When the retail sales will start is anyones guess. It might be September 2018 or Sept 2019 or something in-between ! Who knows? Communication has not been good.
  8. Verse Farmers Tech

    Must be worth a try!
  9. Verse Farmers Tech

    I played a game against Thresher. My only points were when Casket pushed Tater off the pitch. I stupidly did not use Silence to put a fire AoE in front of Thresher. Got him killed instead. The rest was just not with the mention.
  10. Good stuff. If you only have one "off" suggestion in a script that length you do very well! I have never thought of doing that with Hooper. Had not noticed 'Tough skin' was on his card. Bill
  11. Finished 1st Tournament

    Can you do the 'Second wind" after scoring a goal? I thought your activation ended the moment you scored. Season 2 rulebook page 24, right by the pic of Vitriol; at the end of the section "Shooting at Goal". I just found this in the clarifications section. To answer my own question- YES you can! (I was robbed recently ) "Second wind is outside activation."
  12. Scalpel or Obulus

    By putting extra influence on a model she is about to delete?
  13. Scalpel or Obulus

    Tormented A to be within 6” not P would help.
  14. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    I played Obulus,Dirge, Bonesaw, Casket, Graves1 & B+M. Used B+M to generate Momentum. Casket got capt Ferrite and scored with Obulus. 2 more less, notable take outs.
  15. Best of the Season to You!

    A Happy Christmas to one and all! And whatever the equivalent is for the Guildball Universe. Something along the lines of "A cool Yule" or "Happy Hogswatch" I guess. Bill