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  1. The Old Buzzard

    FOUND ! "Desperately seeking" ​​​​​​​ Chaska

    FOUND! Arrived in the post on 8th Dec.
  2. The Old Buzzard


    Sherwin said in one of the talks he gave at Steamcon that he didn't put in extraneous details. It is silly but plausible because Esters was wracked with grief at the death of Mash.
  3. The Old Buzzard


    Looks like the dog survives. Can't see Decimate having 'Second wind' after inhaling that smoke. Rats did it for sure. But Esters set the tavern on fire when she dropped the candle. The "It " they did was the murder of Mash. Maybe we will get a vet Pintpot and Hooper out of this. Furious charge on Ppot would make him over powered. 🙂
  4. The Old Buzzard

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    Thanks I have one on order due to arrive some time between tomorrow & Friday. An outlet in Hampshire UK!
  5. The Old Buzzard

    FOUND ! "Desperately seeking" ​​​​​​​ Chaska

    Thank you! I placed my order with the UK based Firestorm Cards. He & his 3 traps should arrive between the 5th & 7th. A considerably better deal than anywhere else as it did not involve international posting.There are apparently 2 left.
  6. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmiths in Season 4

    Thanks. Another full, thorough analysis. Anvil's 'Strike while the iron is hot', if there is nothing in the way, can be an unexpected 2" dodge out of melee in the right circumstances. (He hasn't used it earlier in the turn.)
  7. The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith overview

    An extensive and impressive body of work. Takes some reading but looks worth it to me. Well done.
  8. The Old Buzzard

    FOUND ! "Desperately seeking" ​​​​​​​ Chaska

    Some wag on Ebay in Italy claims to have 8 and is asking $31.69 + $11.32 shipping. Not quite that desperate.
  9. Desperately seeking Susan Chaska Well like in the film I am asking you to get in touch. Has anyone been able to get a single Chaska figure? I coped with the missing Seenah by buying the rookie model. Didn't want the tusks anyway. I emailed SFG after buying the boxes of the Hunters at Steamcon UK asking if they had any figures of him available. I got this reply: Steamforged Support Team (Steamforged Games) Nov 30, 13:27 GMT Hello Bill, Many stores still have Chaska available as a separate model. I recommend checking out serval online retail stores. Has anyone had any luck? The closest I got was Leonedis games who sold the only one they had as I was negotiating my Paypal a/c. (Too slow.) Elsewhere the cupboard is bare. I find the postage from Europe and the USA can double the price of the figure. Anyone know any tricks I am missing?
  10. The Old Buzzard

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    And it was my question in the Q&A after the Keynote at Steamcon.
  11. The Old Buzzard

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Thanks. It printed out well. Minor guilds get and extra guild plot and +1 to the dice roll for initiative.
  12. The Old Buzzard

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Just like the rulebook!
  13. The Old Buzzard

    Alchemists underrepresented in merchandise?

    Crucible was on the 'Best painted' cert I got some time ago. Back then that was the only place you saw her at tournaments.
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    I have sent an enquiry to SFG about the unavailability of Chaska. I was sold both boxes of the Hunters at Steamcon. But Chaska & the bear are not in them. I filled the bear slot with the rookie. Nothing like that available for Chaska. It appears he was only ever a single figure. No reply yet. Not holding my breath. I couldn't get on at midnight. No access. Don't know why. I tried for 10 minutes for 00:02 then went to bed.
  15. The Old Buzzard

    Ferrite considered bad?

    She was really good in the same way that Alloy was really good and Brick was really good. SFG have made us make choices by trimming some of the very best bits off models to make us use others. That is the 'Stick'. There is also 'Carrot': Furnace, no sluggard with the ball himself, has got a better legendary. (+1 TAC turns up the damage of the apprentices) Anvil, messes up a Butchers legendary if you activate that after Ox has popped his. Works in the mirror match too. Hearth gives out up to 3 free Instructions as well as the 2" melee on every one. This takes more set up and I am not convinced by it. I have seen others struggle and not tried it yet myself. I think Burnish's carrot is not up to much.