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  1. Lead, Dice and Beers blog

    Good research . A spelling in "Jack straw" 'Obsolete' is what you meant. I had no idea a 'Windle' was a measurement or a 'Jack Straw' was a scarecrow. I am weird enough to recognise the others though. Bill
  2. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    He likes doing it slowly. Not into force multipliers More of a lover than a fighter
  3. "I hope it came across that I wasn't suggesting they are a copy of the masons. Just feel that there are similarities between them. " It is probably reasonable to say that are as similar as Butchers and Brewers.
  4. I too think the condition game and messing with their activation order will be the way to cope with them. The kicking game is the way they will finish. I would lay money that they will start off by flattening some opponents. The low movement will make them attractive to push off the edge of the board to get past the Tough Hide. Good podcast by the way.
  5. All aboard the ghost train

    Well done! Was that with your Scalpel team?
  6. Brick or Tower

    I have not yet done that. Wrecker will get back into the action more quickly too. He is also arguably more durable than Flint.
  7. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    I think you are accurately representing the story line we have been given.
  8. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    This is all out of date now! They are a different model.
  9. Scalpel... Again

    If you have them in your team and are all morts the FIRST thing you move every turn is the puppet. If you don't you will forget him. You can put him in charge lanes for things like The bear, Boar, Rage and Vet Ket. Not engaged, just in the way.
  10. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    SOoooo... are the blue ones momentous for Masons and the yellow on momentous for the Brewers? With the smudged momentous for both? Bill
  11. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    There you go! I am wrong again! It puts up the value of 'Close Control' then doesn't it.
  12. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    I don't think you have to use all the results in a playbook option. I have been wrong before and will be again but that is the impression that I have.
  13. Future Guilds - I'm hoping for Bankers!

    "How about a guild of thieves? Quick, dodgy, stealing your TAC, to increase theirs." This has to apply to the Bankers. They will also generate influence and momentum from nowhere calling "comfortable easing" They might stop to drink 'proper tea' but you will remember that "property is theft" So you just lost all your momentum. 'Fraid I am getting all Socialist on you here. I had better back off !
  14. Cinder!

    That would make her a 'Glass slipper' rather than a 'Glass cannon'