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  1. The Old Buzzard

    VS Blacksmiths

    When I played against Farmers I lost to Thresher. He deletes Apprentices.
  2. The Old Buzzard


    I am no good at tech of the sort that is being discussed here. But if another forum is set up please include me in the loop.
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Thanks for that. As the forum is closing I just saved it to my computer.
  4. The Old Buzzard


    I will miss this forum. Yes it has been quiet recently A repository of well moderated opinion and useful ideas. A source of inspirational photos of figures, good tactical advice and useful rule summaries for me to give to new players. Can't see the algorithm driven platform of Facebook providing anything like it. I am not overly impressed by the most modern platforms. (Though I am a heavy consumer of podcasts.) I don't appreciate their ephemeral nature. But when the piper who pays pulls the plug we are left to plod on regardless. So as the dolphins said just before the earth was demolished: "So long and thanks for all the fish!"
  5. The Old Buzzard

    Totally lost on shipments and waves

    I had a tweet from them saying they will be "keeping updates to the Kickstarter campaigns, but sharing them with facebook & twitter. " Try tweeting SFG. I was not bowled over by the answer but at least I got one.
  6. The Old Buzzard

    Request: Mercury Success Stories

    He can hit a figure needing a 2+ eg Farris who is and apply the 2 DMG & Burning to Bolt who might be in cover need a 4+ with 2 ARM from Sentinel. Also the 2" Aura of burning can deny charges to 1" melee players at the edge of their range.
  7. I just finished painting my Engineers. So I was watching a Youtube game and the application of the penalty from minefield did not seem either consistent or right all game. It seems to me that if you stand still in a minefield there is no damage. (Getting up from is not moving) Being pushed or dodging or "Where did they go" are not 'advances' but feel as though they should suffer the 4DMG. Is the damage applied for dodges or pushes ? Does it affect figures that can fly? I can't find specific mention of this in the clarifications. Sorry if I missed it.
  8. The Old Buzzard

    Scalpel woes

    You can't be pushed over scenery! I forgot. I think you might have it there. There is not much on a board but farmers (and engineers [A case for using Mother] ) can add to it.
  9. SHE said "Yes" . So I have paid for my ticket. Just need to get some practice in now!
  10. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    Thanks as I have a game planned at the club this week.
  11. The Old Buzzard

    Advice needed to cope with vDecimate

    Thanks for that. I haven't run oCinder since vCinder came out. Yesterday I had Anvil as Capt. I spent 2 to 'While the iron is hot' everyone up the pitch walked to the ball and then passed the ball to Sledge. dodging both Anvil and Sledge 4" to my left as they were within 4" of Hearth. vDecimate picked on Anvil. Long story short, I won 12-8, 2-2. 8-0 up after 1st activation of turn 2.
  12. The Old Buzzard

    Field Medic and wraps

    Maybe you should ask this in the Rules questions thread.
  13. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    Thanks. But I have already put the question into this forum. (Different title) There seems very little SFG support in this part of the forum.
  14. In particular it is the kick off pressure from vDecimate. I am struggling to find a plan to cope with her. She is quite able to take out an apprentice a turn and second wind back out of the way or just imprison them to take them out at the start of the next turn. Has anyone got tricks that work? Do I just ignore the ball for the first activation and advance the whole team with Anvil?
  15. The Old Buzzard

    Dark Souls The card game

    The "Thief" card has "Lucky Break" as his special action that is recharged at the Bonfire. "....draw 3 cards from your deck" Does this increase the size of your hand? If it does how long can you keep 9 cards in your hand? Or is it over after your next activation? I am asking here as well as rules questions don't seem to be replied to in the 'Dark Souls' section and I remember Bryce doing a promotional video for the card game.