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  1. The Old Buzzard

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    So this is a "Don't know yet" then is it? Interested as I have just finished the rats.
  2. The Old Buzzard

    Faithful Box Delay

    I have mine. Picked them up from the FLGS today. 🙂
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Ideas about minor guild

    And just watch your clock run out! All those decisions and measurements to make. I would finish the game next week
  4. The Old Buzzard

    3 player blacksmith team?

    Two apprentices would leave you too short of INF to do anything. 7 will have you on parr with the others.
  5. The Old Buzzard

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Spice doesn't seem to have a right knee on the figure. It seems to be there in the art but not the mini. Maybe she has a wooden leg!?
  6. The Old Buzzard

    using 'rush keeper' in the maintenance phase

    Thank you one and all. You all demonstrate that I need to read the game sequence more carefully. I now notice that if Horizon were taken out again. He would not generate any INF. Though the player would have to be particularly unlucky as 2" is the biggest push available from a charge.
  7. There was some discussion on Facebook about Horizon returning in the opposite deployment zone. It was then commented that this could, if not placed carefully, trigger rush keeper as it might be an advance into range for the counter charge. Does this count as the once for the turn? If so which turn? The one you just had or the one that is being set up?
  8. The Old Buzzard

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

  9. The Old Buzzard

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    I have put the figure together. See what you all mean about the wrists being a tight fit. They sure are. Managed that after making the hole for the attached disk a fraction larger with a sharp knife. This left the very large sword she is equipped with hanging over the base edge. I pushed the whole figure into a more upright stance to have the tip 'inboard'. (I think that was how she was meant to be and I had got it wrong.) I then put some cubes of mdf that are a similar size to the cobblestones I have on the bases of all my masons. Approx 2mm by 2mm. These are arranged under the tip of that crazy sword. Just touching the bigger notch. This should negate the huge lever on her fragile wrists as both ends are now fixed.
  10. The Old Buzzard

    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    I have managed to buy this figure for £ on Ebay. Please remove this thread.
  11. collected rule clarification: Computer says "no"
  12. The Old Buzzard

    vet. Cinder

    The 2" melee she has will create havoc on any group of 1" melee opponents she charges into. She might need the 2" dodge to gat back to within 1" of a Master with Sentinel.
  13. So has Bryce over ruled him then? V Cinder's 2" melee barely gets a mention. That feels significant to me.
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Hammer Masons

    I set him on fire with Furnace last time I played against him. Then Cast charged in and did harsh things to him. He struggles into Furnace due to his 2" reach and high ARM.