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  1. New Team Mats

    It was first on sale at the Steamcon in Leeds. I got mine there. I get more questions about the game at my local club now that I am using it. It is a good piece of 'eye candy'.
  2. Momentous Inspiration and Sucker Punch

    No quite as cheesy as I thought! This is a good thing.
  3. Hi from Macclesfield, UK

    There are 3 separate groups in Sheffield. The Wargames Emporium, The Outpost and Sheffield & Rotherham Wargamers. If you look them up on Facebook they are all there. I haven't made it to the Emporium yet, they meet on Sundays, The Outpost sometimes has games on Tuesdays or Thursdays. There is a tournament on the 28th, Next Saturday. A 32 man event. There are still places available. I am a founder member of the last of those groups. We meet on a Thursday evening. We have been a club since 1999. I am struggling to get others to play Guildball. "There are too many games!" "It takes too much thinking about!" But I continue to plough my Guildball furrow. Bill A.
  4. An idea to "fix" Vileswarm

    How's about giving them a +2 crowding out bonus for Morts and them never suffering from crowd outs themselves? They are a swarm after all!
  5. The Casual Mortician

    I recognise this! Do it all the time.
  6. VHemlocke Play Test

    As someone said earlier up this thread, if you use 'Midnight offering' to get her into BTB with her target she can get around that! There are so many teams I want to practice with at the moment! To quote Peter Sellars: "So much to learn. So little time!"
  7. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    Just prepping my figures. They are soooooo much cleaner than the Blacksmiths! There is a mold line visible in Pelage's hair, one around Skulk's head and on one of Piper's arm's. No problem in dealing with those. Far better quality control in this batch.
  8. Space for the widgets and spare models is important. Access to a pub or bar is great but someone is probably driving. Time and space to chat to old friends/opponents. Hopefully these are the same people. Crazy spot prizes are a bonus. But enjoyable. If your tournaments are good people will tell their mates and will come back. You may have to expand. Good luck with your plans and your venues.
  9. Tackle on 1 - Episode 1

    Thanks for that. R.I.P. plot cards.
  10. Listen to this one for the enthusiastic support of Mr Perkins & Guildball Tonight for the old guys not liking it. I think I count somewhere in the middle. As an old guy who likes most of it.
  11. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Been thinking about this during the last 4 hours. I guess Burnish is there to provide extra 'burning' targets for Cast too. So Cinder's burning damage isn't needed.
  12. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    So you find Iron is 'better' than Cinder. Is it the access to high damage levels, the pushes? It can't be the kick stat! The last time I was pasted by butchers I found Cinder allowed me to have more targets burning than he could put out. So Cast had a choice of targets. (So took out Ox. Who came on again over some fast ground, popped his legendary and returned the favour.)
  13. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    It looks as though that is what Henry is saying. She might have just got a lot better! I guess some one will be "checking".
  14. Exiled to the Peaceful Grave

    That is a different kind of crazy! What has the snake got to do with it? Still think "Dark Doubts" is a give away at only -2MP. But yes I will play her. Those movement shenanigans are going to be very useful.