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  1. Just waiting on the non-deposit part of the hall to come back to me and to be paid and I will get everyone their refund. Thanks for understanding guys. @relaxeddave not sure if you saw this matey.
  2. Hi chaps and chappettes, sorry for the silence recently, I am afraid I am going to have to cancel the event and get refunds sent out to everyone asap. Some things have happened beyond my control and was not expecting them to crop up suddenly. I can only offer my apologies for this and obviously a refund for everyone. Some may have noticed my facebook is offline atm so the event on there may not be showing, I do however have a list of everyone attending and paypal addresses but if anyone could let rik and jai travers know it's cancelled as I dont know if they are on here, it would be much appreciated. Again, I am very sorry for the short notice Warfare in Reading is on Saturday though if anyone is stuck for anything to do now though! Oli
  3. nobby

    Changes to Mason's Rules - Season 3

    New loved creature is poo. Mascots did not need this change. They should have just looked at individual mascots rather than an overall thing.
  4. nobby

    Wow Harmony!

    On a personal level, I didn't feel Harmony needed changes. However, the changes that have happened are all great ones so I am not going to complain about her. Mascot changes though...
  5. Always been 32 players Dave! Just not had the sign ups this time.
  6. They both are Dave, cheers, Matty paid up Friday night Also it's now safe thankfully as up to the 16 I needed to cover the hiring costs!
  7. nobby

    Avarisse and Greede Ban?

    Not as much as seems to be in the states though. I mean could it be that we are just better players... Yes. yes it is. I bet you they don't.
  8. nobby

    Wow Harmony!

    It's not every game! Just a lot of them and depending on how Flint has performed the game before. Or if I am playing the female team of dooooooooooooooooom.
  9. nobby

    Masons Resculpts

    Some of us do use her and have great success with her...
  10. Up to 14 now as selfy had to drop, but another two sold Also reminder that it is a championship style format so choice of 9 players 1-2 can be mascots and 1-2 can be captains. SO if you took two of each, you would only have a choice of 5 other players for your team. You then use 6 of those like normal as a friend has got confused about it...
  11. nobby

    Veteran Spigot

    NO! HARMONY! Although him and Harmony together is fine. As it's spigot and even I think he is a top chap.
  12. Mid October is the latest really unless I can find a new venue. The pub the last one was in was fully booked so back with the community centre by mine (so out the way of town) which is a tad expensive for the times needed