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  1. Lemminkäinen

    New to Steamforged

    Ah, yeah, I remember now! I was Math Mathonwy on those boards. Good to see you're still about and kicking! Guild Ball is a cool game with cool minis.
  2. Lemminkäinen

    New to Steamforged

    Mananarepublic? From Sweden? From Dragon Painting from a long time ago?
  3. Lemminkäinen

    Ox s4 composition

    Yeah, but that's the reason I couldn't get up using Mom when Boar counter-attack KD'd me again on my attack (because you can clear conditions only once per activation using mom). I had two Influence left that went to waste because of that.
  4. Lemminkäinen

    Lovely subtle changes to previewed models.

    I don't even understand the "non-family-friendly" part. I mean, if you take the front flabs to be boobs, I suppose you could make that argument but then just change the flabs! (They already start at her neck so don't look all that booby to me but whatever). Otherwise she really doesn't read "feminine" to me but is simply monstrous so to know that she is actually a she you need to read the fluff and then we are kinda far from "FLGS does or doesn't consider something family friendly".
  5. Lemminkäinen

    Ox s4 composition

    "Whiffed it pretty badly"? He caused a KD which meant that the subsequent Boar counter-attack KD wasted me two Influence and thus saved your Boar from (likely) getting Concussed which would've made him useless for a turn. Dunno how much more you expect for zero Influence out of a model
  6. Lemminkäinen

    Lovely subtle changes to previewed models.

    I'm fine with changing but why did they change it to such a bad model? The little critters seemed to have lost most of their detail and Grimgut looks like a sculpting amateur's first try at a Nurgle demon 😖
  7. Lemminkäinen

    The Character Design for this Game is SO Good.

    I think they do up the technology level by quite a bit, though. I mean, the Engineer's and Alch's robots and cyborg parts have this magic archaic look to them but the new Miner stuff is just kinda diesel punk -looking. It looks a bit jarring when the other guilds have almost no tech and then there's just a couple who look like they belong to a different genre altogether. My favourite concept is probably Scalpel and my favourite mini might be vSpigot. There's a lot of superb designs, though, so kinda difficult to pick just one.
  8. Lemminkäinen

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    So out of the fifteen Guilds for GB you can actually buy six? That sounds completely crazy!
  9. I'm looking for Veteran Graves and Bonesaw and if someone happens to have one or both and also wants to get rid of Vileswarm, I'd be happy to buy that as well. I live in Finland so Europe preferred.
  10. Lemminkäinen

    Corsair S4

    So you just pushed them all off the field? Six players per game (well, six minus the clock, I suppose)? That's maybe even more impressive!
  11. Lemminkäinen

    Corsair S4

    Wow! It seems that a brawl ball against Ox or Tapper would be complete suicide. I also don't understand how you can generate enough damage to kill six Brewers. Crazy impressive!
  12. Lemminkäinen

    Brick's blind spot

    Will people still use Brick in S4? Or, as Petepe above kinda implies, has Granite replaced Brick completely?
  13. Lemminkäinen

    Season Four Blog

    Yeah, it's indeed difficult to imagine how she would compare favourably to Tapper unless he gets hit super hard.
  14. Lemminkäinen

    Season Four Blog

    I was honestly a bit disappointed in the new Esters. She looks fine power-wise but somehow she just looks really boring. And I say this as someone who is a great fan of simplifying and getting rid of stuff that's complex for complexity's sake. Her losing the artillery aspect makes her a bit one-dimensional. I mean, the aura and her playbook are certainly powerful but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. Oh well, I guess we'll see how the rest of the Guild shapes up. And maybe she's fun to play with as GB stuff is always a bit difficult to assess "on paper" IMO.
  15. Lemminkäinen

    Daughter of Falcons - First Impressions

    I really doubt they have anything to do with finecast. Tons and tons of minis companies use resin but no one else than GW used finecast (which is non-toxic) that I know of.