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  1. Lemminkäinen

    S4 arrives october 12th

    Ooh, I like that - great idea! Maybe they could have coloured and black-and-white versions and if you use the black-and-white ones, you need to paint them for tournaments?
  2. Lemminkäinen

    S4 arrives october 12th

    I heard that they aren't random but rather grouped into packets based on the position. So there's a card box for Captains, one for Mascots, one for Goalkeepers, one for Midfielders, and so on.
  3. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    The core rules aren't bloated as you note - their evolution has been very gradual. But I do consider additional cards as new rules and getting a large number of them to be bloat. Now, "a large number" is naturally extremely subjective but the Minor guilds will add about 50% to the number of profiles in GB which I hope makes "a large number" under most denominations, wouldn't you agree? I posit that in order to be competitive in GB you need to have a pretty good understanding of an opposing line-up and that basically means that you need to be familiar with most of their players. If there's more than two models that you have never faced before, you're at a distinct disadvantage, I think. And just facing a model once isn't really enough to get you familiar with them since the synergies in GB are very deep and skill is such an important factor to gameplay. Most models can do many things and be utilized in several different ways (and I'm not talking trivial stuff like "this beater models also has a 3/6 Kick stat" but more involved things that usually have to do with Character plays and such) and you need to keep yourself familiar with all of this stuff (if you meet a Guild every two years, you won't get very familiar with them). And I do believe that that's what ultimately killed Malifaux around here. There was just too much stuff to keep up with and keep in active memory. It became too much of a burden and too much like a second job keeping up to date. And if you didn't keep up to date and someone else did, then you lost as the skill disparity grew ever more pronounced. And I feel that Minor Guilds represent a far greater leap in complexity than anything that has ever happened in Malifaux and on top of that I consider GB in general more skill-intensive and more cerebrally taxing than Malifaux. YMMV. Do you think that it shouldn't be running?
  4. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    My apologies for being dismissive. You are correct, I should've addressed it better. I don't consider a musical instrument to be a competitive thing. You don't duel better musicians and lose a hundred times to various gotchas. You also basically never "win" with an instrument. I consider those new players but yes, that's what I'm mostly talking about. We had a thriving Malifaux community which just sort of died. We had lots of people playing a dozen games or so then just fade away. And we veterans weren't playing tough lists - in fact, my lists tended to turn basically absurd but I still won handily because the skill gap is so gigantic and there's so much to grasp (and GB is even more daunting than Malifaux in this regard, IMO). And it wasn't just me. @Furnacehas played a ton of games against the noobs and I don't think he ever lost even a single one and he never brought abusive lists. And there were others as well. And now the veterans quit as well because keeping up with the rules bloat was too much work for people with families and house renovations and business trips and other games and whatnot. We are down from like twenty active players to three or so. I've now played a dozen or so games of Guild Ball. I'm something of a "super veteran" skirmish gamer and have experience with something like twenty or so systems. And Guild Ball is the only one where I don't even consider attending a tournament after a dozen games since I know that it would be just me getting my ass handed to me. But it seems that most people here are convinced that rules bloat won't become an issue. And I hope you are right. It's just that I've just witnessed a game die to it and doubling the number of factions is kinda the most radical move I've ever seen a minis game do at one go...
  5. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    40k isn't very skill-intense and often a simple switch of forces will let you defeat very seasoned players since army choice plays such a gigantic role. And even though there's a ton of rules, the combos and synergies and clever interplay doesn't play such a big part. 90% of the models all you need to know is how tough they are on a very rough scale and how they shoot/melee. Often the mere outward appearance of the models gives you enough of a clue so that you can play against them competitively if you know what your own models are capable of. I don't think that anyone has suggested that a noob should be able to beat world champs. And it is entirely possible that I'm just somehow dense but I tend to lose the first three matches against a Guild I haven't played before if the opponent is somewhat competitive and knows my Guild. With the minor Guilds the number of these "learning autolosses" is pretty crazy and you need to immerse deeply into the game to keep your know-how up. I think that's a very bad analogy and not at all applicable here due to a crazy number of extremely fundamental differences between learning an instrument and taking up Guild Ball. Sorry.
  6. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Sure, if you take all nuance away, then it works like that. But diving into Frostgrave is a bit different from diving into Guild Ball. And diving into Guild Ball in 2016 will be very, very different from diving into it in 2020 from the looks of it.
  7. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I think that in general width is better and had they added all the new Minor Guild models to existing Guilds the whole game would likely have imploded Just noting that my original worry isn't mitigated by balance as such. Models like vGutter whose scope you can understand pretty well just by reading the card are a lot more important than balance when considering the dangers of rules bloat. Power creep is a separate matter (though it, too, can most certainly lead to an unhealthy game).
  8. Lemminkäinen

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Sure, it's easy to pick up and play. But when you join an existing community, you'll be losing a lot and this is going to get worse the more Guilds there are. And losing tons and tons of games isn't very fun and might lead to that new gamer looking elsewhere. If your whole group is new, then you won't have that problem, naturally, until your group "matures" and then new people join.
  9. A provocative thread title, yes. Sorry. Hopefully the thread itself will be less cringeworthy. But I think that GB is a very, very complex game. It takes several games to learn how to play against a new Guild. It already seems like a daunting task to learn the Guilds enough to be able to attend a tournament without autolosses under time pressure against setups with three or more models that you've never faced on the table before. But the Minor Guilds are now going to double the number of Guilds in the game. Will this make GB completely impenetrable to newbies? I think that bloat is a true danger for a minis game's longevity. Arguably Malifaux is getting too unwieldy to grasp for anyone but the most dedicated people with a thousand profiles and three thousand combos to learn and appreciate. And I dunno what's going on with WM/H but from a complete outsider's perspective it sure looks impenetrable. Am I being a chicken little or is there a real chance that the sky is falling? And in the latter case (well, I guess in the former as well), what should be done to mitigate the effects? Do we even need new players?
  10. Lemminkäinen

    Veteran Decimate

    Is it just me or does she replace Mash almost completely? Almost as good with the ball and being Pushy and just way, way more durable and way more killy. Also faster.
  11. Lemminkäinen

    Parting Blow

    I dunno - some of the issues relating to world trade can be a bit hairy and it might take even over a minute to uncork some of the more difficult unsolved mathematical problems like the Riemann Hypothesis.
  12. Lemminkäinen

    Salute 2018 offers/sales?

    Will minor Guilds get rookies?
  13. Lemminkäinen

    The Rookies are here!

    Why the bizarre oily surface texture for the renders? It looks just really weird. And... why?
  14. Lemminkäinen

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Distillers (especially) or Innkeepers (to a somewhat lesser extent) would be super close to the Brewers, though, making the identity kinda mushy between them. I doubt it would be something that close. And I dunno that Thieves are all that cliche. Or I mean, of course they are, but I'm not sure that SFG have tried to steer away from the cliches so far and I'm sure that the execution would be plenty distinct and innovative. And finally, Thieves' Guild doesn't mean that everyone in it would be pickpockets and burglars but rather general organized crime allowing for a very wide variety of characters. Probably not called the Thieves Guild, though, as that seems kinda illegal for a Guild so maybe Loansharks Guild or Honest Businessmen Guild or something
  15. Lemminkäinen

    Parting Blow

    I've kinda wondered why people use widgets in that way - why put the widget in front of the model and then lift it on it's corner where it can slip? Why not put the widget next to the mini touching the side of the base and then move the model along the widget? That way you don't need to move the widget and you can even do an accurate take-back as long as you keep the widget where it is. (Naturally so that the "starting" line of the widget touches the widest part of the base and then that same spot touches the other end at the end of the movement)