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  1. relaxeddave

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    Will do, if there is one thing playing Guild Ball taught me was expect change .... lots of change!! One of the reasons I had a break actually it was just really annoying me. I know they care and want to balance things but the amount of core mechanic changes was really (and probably still will) driving me crazy
  2. relaxeddave

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    After a year away I was about to pose the same question !! Thanks for the update.
  3. Yeah all good, hope things are all ok. More to life than games ... well almost Season 3 looks awesome so far !!
  4. Hi there ... When is the kick off for the event ? All going ahead I trust ??
  5. relaxeddave

    Ch-ch-ch Changes !!

    So I was curious of other peoples opinions on something I have been 'chewing' over recently and that is the coming changes. Now the changes themselves seem quite good, I've agreed with most if not all and thank Steamforged for their constant support of their awesome game. However, and this isn't a table flip moment, the constant changes are beginning to annoy me. It seems that every six months we have a couple of months where we are waiting for the next raft of changes (or season) to hit or are still waiting for models to be released and are left with models that are .... not unplayable by any means, but when I know they are going to change soon I feel I'm 'wasting' my time playing them in their current format. I am a father of two young boys so my gaming time is limited if that helps put things in perspective. As a Brewers player primarily I currently have Tapper (change), Stoker (change), Scum (change), Vet Spigot (unreleased) and finally Quaff (only just released) for a total of 5 models out of my roster in some sort of flux, sure I can use proxies and this and that and it isn't like they are broken right now but just highlighting my point. I do however appreciate that the game is still new and Steamforged are probably still finding their feet and getting things balanced but if this were to continue it would be a real negative for the game in the longer term. Are the new seasons to close to one another ? should they take a little more time to nail it first time ? Obviously they need to advance to make ££ to continue making this awesome game. Anyway, that is my musings. Again thank you Steamforged for your efforts but I am a little 'nervous' of the future. Dave
  6. Pretty sure @JJLayfield and @MattyBurns are keen, do you need confirmation soon ??
  7. relaxeddave

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Cool, thanks for the assistance, I'm listed, see you all in a couple of weeks !
  8. relaxeddave

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Just wanted to confirm I'm on the players list, we organised via FB I think but just wanted to make sure as I'm not listed here
  9. relaxeddave

    Kickabout at Colours, Newbury, 10th Sept

    No problems at all, bummer you can't make Dark Sphere.
  10. relaxeddave

    Kickabout at Colours, Newbury, 10th Sept

    Payment sent!
  11. relaxeddave

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Sure, Dave Payne
  12. Sign me up for this one, had a great time on Saturday just past.
  13. relaxeddave

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Has this now sold out ? I thought I had missed out on it
  14. relaxeddave


    Actually in a game last night Stoker scored a goal for me and missed a second (w/ 3 dice .. boo) so he can certainly sneak up there as a foil for Mash and suddenly be a 2nd (3rd) goal threat.