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  1. It'll still move onto your node if it can reach. Plow's movement + range make it very tough to avoid apart from on lvl 4 encounter where the board is much larger.
  2. DamtheMan

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    You sure you didn't miss Block/Resist dice from your weapon? Sometimes, especially if you know an encounter with Crossbows is coming, you could pick a somewhat weaker weapon, but one that gives you a Resist die, since killing regular Hollows isn't that tough. Even without it, 2 Crossbow dudes should be doable with just one Black die for defense (looking in the vicinity of 3-5 dmg taken in the opening attacks, then kill one, survive attack from the other, then kill it). It might cost you your Estus, but if the alternative is just plain dying, you're basically losing a spark anyways, so use Estus. Kiting Soldiers so you can clear out the Crossbows in two turns should be easy enough in most cases, so you oughta face maybe one attack from the Soldiers (as you'll want to move in and attack to kill one if they are both in proximity), easier still if playing Warrior. Encounters do only reset upon death or rest.
  3. DamtheMan

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Did you use the initial 16 souls and then clear the first room three times for another 6 souls? 22 cards and no improvements (that's what, 1/3rd of the Treasure deck)? Sounds really bad luck. It honestly doesn't take that much of improved gear to get rolling, hell, my first ever run, beat O&S with Blessed Rapier (so 3 Black dice best attack, plus one if weak arc). My session logs if interested: https://boardgamegeek.com/plays/thing/197831?userid=166107
  4. DamtheMan

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    I haven't used any houserules, have yet to lose a game. Most of my games have been 1-hero, couple of runs 2-player. Have I died? Yes. But never failed to the point I ran out of sparks and failed to kill the boss. BTW, are you the streamer Prod by any chance 😁 ?
  5. DamtheMan

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Hollow Soldier should be doing 1-2 dmg normally against all but Assassin, Crossbow Hollows are the biggest issue early on, no doubt. You should be able to kite away from the Soldier, kill one Crossbow dude, then the other the following turn (hopefully not having taken max dmg from the bolts), finish off the Soldier at your leisure. One thing I think you might be overlooking is that when you go in solo with 1-hero, you start off with 16 souls in the cache: "The soul cache usually starts with 0 soul tokens, but in a game with just one player, the soul cache starts with 16 soul tokens instead." (p. 13) So you'll want to spend those to draw Treasures and upgrade as needed, realistically you should be packing at minimum Blue + Black for Block, double Black for Resist before entering the first encounter, unless you get really bad draws.