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  1. Prod

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Maybe I have made a mistake with the rules. If you leave the initial encounter, does it reset? I thought the encounter was done (if you beat it) and only resets if you die or rest at the bonfire. Unless you are saying to rest to reset the initial encounter. Even then, 22 cards is a decent amount and I agree something useful should be found by then. But the improved items I did draw all had higher stat requirements. So I could draw a bunch of cards, I would be down 3 sparks and need a minimum of let's say 2 stats improved to 3rd tier.. that would be another 12 souls.
  2. Prod

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Nope. That's pretty great you haven't lost a game solo. I actually could not finish my first solo. The second encounter had 2 cross bow and 2 soldiers. I had no useable equipment drawn after 3 sparks. Still tried my luck, but as luck goes (when rolling 1 black die for defence) it wasn't on my side. Still a fun game, but I suddenly see why a person would re order the treasure.
  3. Prod

    Single Payer Difficulty Issue

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, it was my first time playing so I had the initial curve there. I actually figured out my error the day after I posted. As mentioned, I needed to rush the crossbows because they do 3 DMG and I had one black die for defence. I was taking a beating from the get go. Overall it is a pretty awesome game. I always try to not implement house rules, but down the line I might. Soloing is so dependent on the gear you initially draw, it can make it very luck based in the beginning in that regard.
  4. I am attempting the game as a solo player. My first encounter is 1 x Hollow Soldier and 2 x Crossbow Hollow. I have went through 2 sparks already and was able to kill 1 opponent.. My issue is the soldier can do a max 4 damage and the crossbows a max 3 each. How are you supposed to be able to win at some point? 4 +3 + 3 = 10, which is all the health I can lose. IF I am lucky and actually block it partially, I am still so limited because the next activation, it all starts again. I was really hoping this game was like the video game, but it seems extremely luck based because of the dice. I could see if you can actually survive, when you have better equipment you could have a chance and maybe try to strategize.