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  1. SeasickJ

    First turn

    This is something I struggle with on Ratcatchers. I usually have Piper Kick off but from there I struggle on who to activate next
  2. SeasickJ

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    Any tactics here?
  3. SeasickJ

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    I lost in the tournament last night against them. Managed a goal but they built up a ton of momentum and just got goal after goal with Fathom and Windfinder. Rats lost 4:12.
  4. SeasickJ

    How do I find Vassal games?

    I love using Vassal for trialling new tactics. Downside is having to zoom and scroll a lot. But great for playing.
  5. My experience has been mixed. I've had some brilliant wins but more losses as I am fairly new. The hardest Guilds I've come across: Blacksmiths, Navs and Morts (Obi is a tank)
  6. SeasickJ

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    Hi. I'm still learning the ropes with the game and started with the Ratcatchers. My question is what would a good line up be against Navigators. I've tried most players and came to the conclusion that Piper, Graves, Squeak and Miasma are vital but not sold on who else to use. Pelage's passive moves were avoided by opponents and Skulks odor does nothing against the rerolls but I like the armour buff he has and the KD. Scourge is just low DEF for a heavy hitter and got pushed around by Ebb+Horizon when up the ground with Piper. Would Bonesaw benefit against Navs or be a liability?