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  1. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    The evolved lickers join the party Also Birkin Stage three And Zombie Brad
  2. I used the spiders in the sewers and the Ivies in the Lab. As they are tied to event cards, it is easy to determine which scenarios can they be used on or not. I dont have the box nearby now, but each enemy is tied to an event card, and that is described in the Survival Horror expansion
  3. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    Some additional zombies...
  4. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    The lickers! It took a while for me to find a right colour combination for them...
  5. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    More zombies, cops and Marvin, and also two zombie ladies
  6. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    Ok, this just needed some time between uploads. The spiders. I decided not to paint the black strips as in the original digital models, as they would not look good in the model. And Hunk, ready to be used in the 4th survivor scenario
  7. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    I spent some extra time this morning, adding some monsters and Mr Death to the team... I started with these zombies as they are the ones you find at Umbrella lab, and I am about to enter that scenario It seems that I cannot upload more pictures. Hunk and the spiders will need to wait
  8. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    Just painted Ada today, so I can show the original cast finally painted. Escaped from the sewers today, barely, due to the spiders poison. I need to speed up and paint Birkin for the final scenario.
  9. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    I started playing RE2 as soon as I managed to open and classify all contents. After three games, I decided that the game needed to have painted minis, so I started with the heroes and some special monsters. Here are the main characters... The G-Mutant And the zombie dogs... It was rewarding to spend some time in Leon and Claire´s jacket. I am specially proud on the final result with Claire´s... Ada, Hunk, the spiders and Birkin are on their way now