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  1. FearLord

    SteamCon USA - LCQ

    How many people are qualified for US Nationals?
  2. FearLord

    Holiday Sale

    You are conflating the word ‘deal’ with the word ‘bargain’. A deal is an offer and acceptance of that offer - here the offer is a chance to pay the retail price of limited edition models that are not generally on sale. You are free to accept or decline that offer - using the word ‘deal’ does not mean that you are getting the product at any kind of discount (although by any real metric of measuring this, you are in fact getting a discount over what you would pay on the open market for these things - your only real alternative is eBay, and you are likely to pay more than Steamforged will charge you). Whether an event like this is good or not depends very much on whether you want the product or not - the mystery boxes caused a lot of noise, but it’s hard to deny that they were heavily discounted over retail price. I myself skipped those as I didn’t want to get content that I wouldn’t use. Really it just seems an odd thing to complain about - you either want the limited edition models or you don’t - if you want them, pay for them?
  3. FearLord

    Holiday Sale

    It's a chance to buy limited edition models that aren't for general sale. It's not been advertised as a discount...
  4. FearLord

    GIC you are using

    Crack of Dawn for a Thresher list since it’s essentially just free influence in turn 2 as well as a few abilities being immediately on. With Grange, either of the other 2 - most likely the extra healing as the double crowd out doesn’t stack.
  5. FearLord

    Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    Just the full team really - Millstone and Buckwheat are also pretty key models I like to use with Grange - having a second captain is a big deal though, and it doesn’t hurt that Thresher is a total beast 😜
  6. FearLord

    Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    I’ve spread my wins out! 2 Alchemists, 2 Fishermen, 1 Farmers - aiming for the 2nd Farmers one at Harlow to complete the set 😜 Kind of want to shelve the Fish for a bit - I’ve been waiting a long time for my Farmers, but I’d like to get my Alchemists and Hunters back to the table at some point as well.
  7. FearLord

    Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    I had a personal best year for competitive play this year - 12 tournaments and 5 wins (with the Harlow one still to play for next weekend) - so hopefully try and better that I guess! Want to finish painting my teams (a few models for Alchemists and Hunters, half of Farmers and Union and all of Masons) and play a few different teams at some events!
  8. FearLord

    Release Schedule - what we know

    Where was it stated that the Union in Chain models would all be in one box? It wasn’t on the stream...
  9. FearLord

    Fallow is up

    It's possible, but looks much harder to squeeze in than in a Grange list. Thresher is often bringing Millstone, Harrow and Jackstraw to maximise available influence and Harvest Markers. This leaves him with just a single Reaper slot, which I usually give to Tater for his dangerous counter charge potential. Fallow could fit in here, and offers some protection, but forces Thresher to play a little closer to the pack. They compete more for Harvest Markers (Tater rarely needs pull one apart from emergency healing), but there's the potential to just give her influence I guess...
  10. FearLord

    Fallow is up

    Yes. You'd go to 5 but no higher.
  11. FearLord

    Black Friday Sales

    Just up to date with Errata cards with their Shadow Games Art work on rather than their Guild Ball Art.
  12. FearLord

    Fallow is up

    I think she kind of takes the same slot. Windle does more damage and scores you more VPs but Fallow gets you better defensive tech. Hard to run both though...
  13. They are 'active traits', so require a separate action.
  14. FearLord

    General Question about Death on the Pitch (fluff)

    I think it's fair to say that Guild Ball is all fun and games, until some one gets hurt...
  15. FearLord

    Spoilers: vHarry

    She looks about half of Calculus's age... other than having the same kind of weapon (which presumably means a poison AOE - or at least an AOE of some kind) and dressing like an Alchemist, and being female there's not much similar about them...