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  1. Double Dodge Episode 23 #omfgtheworst

    Peck has dodges not pushes...
  2. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Heal rate 2 is definitely harsh (probably harsh enough that it makes me unlikely to play it with Corsair), but the impact it can have can be potentially game defining if it's played at the right point. While I think crushing blow is really harsh, the alternative of Fillet getting counter attacked by pretty much anyone's and them getting 3" away from her is equally brutal in terms of impact to say nothing of the utility to use it for an extra 2" of threat on Greyscales or Shark (or anyone using a playbook dodge for distance)... Its definitely good for a Shark game plan that's looking to win by early turn 3 at the latest. It's the balls to the wall choice, whereas Pay to win is the more cautious choice - better healing and insurance vs missing shots (which is often the weakness of Shark's game plan - over 5 rounds, you need to make 15 successful shots to win, and missing one of those at the wrong time can be fatal - missing 2 in the same game usually is fatal). I could see using all 3 of these (Ground Work as the default Corsair card, with the other 2 as flex Shark choices) with the caveat that for me, the reason I talk myself out of Shark in competitive games with my Fish these days is that his game plan gets significantly worse as your opponent's skill level goes up - Pay to win speaks to me more on this basis as it brings some momentum efficiency and covers disaster whereas Slippery Fishes kind of emphasises that Shark problem - I'll destroy less experienced players even easier by clever application of the dodge, but lose harder in attrition and against opponents who know what to expect. It does indirectly assist with getting the ball back into play vs ball killing however (just by adding movement to get closer to it) which is quite nice though.
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Which Guilds in particular? I suspect your initial win rate with them was partially down to your opponents not know how to deal with the team, and they may have now started to adapt. Difficult to see how any of these cards could completely stop you winning games unless you have identified how the other cards lost you the 6 games?
  4. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    That was pretty much Season 2 wasn't it? 😂
  5. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Pay to win seems strong to me - it makes Shark's entire game plan a lot less dicey. Missing goals doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it can be fatal. Having a safety net is really good for him in my opinion... Also, it doesn't save just 1 momentum a turn - you can take all shots in a turn without bonus timing, until you miss one. That's a decent deal to me since 3 dice kicks are likely to go in, but sometimes don't... Just as long as Fillet isn't going first with Crushing Blow of course... 😜
  6. GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Thanks for this - I'll leave a rating! Is it possible to add cards that have been spoiled in blog articles like Ploughman http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/the-farmers-guild-ploughman and Hearth http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/blacksmiths-guild-home-is-where-the-hearth-is ? no idea if the card files in the article work for what you do, just curious? Thanks!
  7. Error?

    Seenah is charmed by Harrow as well... I mean, only enough to only mildly maul him, but still...
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I guess the best advice I can give you is "don't believe everything on the internet"? 😜
  9. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Only one or two vocal Masons players thought they were bottom tier. I haven't seen or heard any top players saying Masons aren't viable this year.
  10. Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    I won a 14 man event on Sunday using Grange, Peck, Tater, Harrow, Jack Straw and Windle in all 4 games. The event had 3 UK WTC players using their chosen teams and I had to beat 2 of them to win. Windle was crucial to my success.
  11. Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    There aren't sanctioned events any more, and events aren't 'official' unless Steam Forged are running them.
  12. Power Rankings before WTC

    Don't fall for the results orintated thinking Alex! Even if they beat you win Pin Vice, stick to your guns 😜
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    To be fair, Masons were one of the 4 undefeated teams heading into day 2... Daniel had a bad Sunday, but it could have been different...
  14. Tater is overrated

    He's never a bad spot for influence- his momentous 2 is very reachable in a Guild with lots of crowding and this adds up quickly with tooled up and Honest Labour... He's not as Killy as a properly set up Windle, but he has none of the down sides either, and actually covers a lot of the rest of the team's down sides...
  15. GIC General Theory Thread 

    It doesn't matter who kills Dirge - you get 1 vp when he dies.