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  1. Mananarepublic

    New to Steamforged

    I am more into Godtear right now but I've been eyeing the Fishermen guilds. /M
  2. Mananarepublic

    Godtear EA kit

    Hi there, any chance you still have it and would be interested I selling just Rangosh and the magician/golems? I have the other 4 already. /M
  3. Mananarepublic

    Lovely subtle changes to previewed models.

    I really liked the old model - maybe I feel like there are way more sexual sculpts out there 🙂 Maybe they can improve on the new model a bit and everybody will be happy. /M
  4. Mananarepublic

    New to Steamforged

    Yup - I'm still alive. /M PS: Originally from Sweden, now in LALA land
  5. Mananarepublic

    WTB Rangosh and Shayle

    Managed to get hold of the basic early starter kit - wanted to see if I could get hold of the two additional champs so we can play 3 v 3 🙂 /M
  6. Mananarepublic

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Agree - all look great but the frozen hunters are especially great! /M
  7. Mananarepublic

    New to Steamforged

    LOL! I would have come quicker if I knew there were cookies!!! /M
  8. Mananarepublic

    New to Steamforged

    Just managed to get my grubby hands on one of the early playtest kits for Godtear (ebay)... so figured I would join the forum and post my progress as I work on the models. /M