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  1. Jathom

    Tracking Info?

    Do orders from the webstore usually have tracking info of some sort? I got a notice 11 days ago that my Black Friday order shipped. But I've had no sign of it since then. I realize it's international (coming to the US), but 11 days seems like a long time. But I didn't get any tracking info in the shipping email and there isn't any listed on my orders page. Does Steamforged just not do shipment tracking?
  2. Jathom

    Glad to be here!

    I'm in Orem, UT. There's a small group that plays at one of the shops here, but I can't stand to play anything with unpainted figs if I can avoid it. So I haven't played with them yet.
  3. So after some trials I finally got to make an account! I'm looking to get more involved in Guild Ball. I bought a bunch of stuff at LVO 2017 and then my preferred haunt closed down and all my fellows scattered to the winds. Then I moved states. I haven't played a game since that intro game LVO. So I'm getting my Union painted up, ordered all the Order stuff on Black Friday and am now just waiting for my package to ship. Was hoping to have them for next week, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Oh well, I still have Snakeskin, Coin, and a ball to paint up! Anyway, looking forward to lurking the forums!