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  1. Philm

    Looking for KS Tapper

    Guys, I know this is a looooooonnnng shot, but I am looking for a KS Tapper. Does anyone have one they are will to sell please? PM me if you do. Thanks in advance
  2. Philm

    Rush Goalie 2 - 21st May East London

    Just paid Conrad, so you can stop sending Kev to moan at me now. ?
  3. Two quick Qs: Do you have to pay the extra inf when counter-attacking ghast or parting blowing him due to fear?
  4. Can we get an official ruling on it please?
  5. Edit: Thread merged with another thread that the OP opened (asking very similar questions). This all sums up to needing a clarification on how exactly Fear works. Title has also been changed to be more descriptive of the content herein (will make it easier for people looking for answers in the future.) - ThatGaryGuy! Question from other thread: If brick counter charges ghast as the first attack against him during a turn, does he need to spend the 1 inf for fear? I assumed so but wanted to check. Also I assume that if a furious model charges ghast they still pay the 1 inf cost due to fear. Phil
  6. Hi guys just checking here, but when ballistas minefield is up do enemy models suffer 1 damage when being pushed? It states reposition but also says when 'they' take a reposition movement. Phil