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  1. Benesato

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    Yes, I received one of my (overseas) Black Friday orders about 2 weeks ago, I think it was. Still waiting on my other order, but that has a resin Hunters team as part of the order, so I guess they're waiting for them to get finalised. I had this same pain. I sent an e-mail, I posted a forum message, and "Suck it up and just pay every order's shipping separately" seemed to be about the only response from the forums, and no response from my e-mail. I feel your pain, and it especially sucks they they had no provision to simply add to an (unfulfilled) order for Black Friday, especially knowing that it would be a week or two before human eyes would even look at most of our orders, but from hour to hour stock was selling out but also being restocked. I really, really hope they make better preparations for next year, as I would have been much happier spending that extra shipping cost on an extra LE figure or Chibi pin, and it should actually less work for Steamforged to have 1 order, requiring 1 box, requiring 1 shipping label, requiring 1 handling, instead of doubling their handling and frustrating many of their customers. This would also help Steamforged even more by eliminating a heap of e-mails they would have received about combining shipping and such. I think we just have to accept that Steamforged are much better game designers/developers than they are savvy PR or business people. And I'd probably rather it be that way around.
  2. Benesato

    No news of Black Friday Order

    So, did you resolve this in the end?
  3. Benesato

    Bolt Vs Cast

    TL;DR They're not really comparable, but lots of comparing went on, so they are. Bolt's better, but Cast is better, but they're both about as good as each other. At least that's what I take away from the discussion, so I guess I'll stick with considering it a dead heat for now.
  4. Benesato

    Bolt Vs Cast

    Thanks for the suggestion. Always good to find a new source of information, and interesting to see Bolt and Cast tag-teaming. Still no closer to any insight about which, in practice, tends to be more effective (if either), but I guess Blacksmiths' Guild players are more into forging steel than sharing trade secrets or conversation.
  5. Benesato

    Bolt Vs Cast

    Just thought I'd ask people's opinions on Bolt Vs Cast. Both sport fairly similar stats, and in fairly similar proportions in terms of ranged, melee, movement, and goal-scoring stats and abilities. A couple of obvious advantages for Bolt in his goal-scoring capacity are his synergy with Farris from the Tutelage trait, and that momentous Tackle on column 2, making him even more capable of tackling the ball away. Overall, though, every time I think I've worked out which I think is the better all-round player, I look over and find something that seems to balance them right out again. Honestly, if Cast were only 1/3 INF, I'd say it was a close but clear victory for Bolt. But that extra INF really lets Cast get that little bit more done, and I feel creates a complete tie between the two. But that's mostly in theory. I haven't had a chance to play each of them in a bunch of games to see how they really stack up head-to-head. So, I'd love to hear what people think. Which of the two is overall better? Is my assessment that it's a dead heat right, or in practice does one tend to just outperform the other? Benesato.
  6. Benesato

    Combining shipping on backlogged orders

    Thanks for the info, @MartyJB. You'd think they would save themselves the likely hundreds, perhaps thousands, of e-mails about matters like this and just state their policy for all to read!
  7. Benesato

    Combining shipping on backlogged orders

    Unfortunately, in the meantime yet more items are coming and going from stock. I don't want to buy more items only to be slugged with repeated shipping costs, and I'm sure many others don't, but I also don't want to wait for a reply and then find half the items in my Cart have vanished (again) from stock. I was more after general information about whether they do such things, just as eBayers tend to either combine shipping (more hassle for them, but more sales) or not combine shipping (less hassle, reduced sales). Yes, I'm aware (I've worked in warehouse order picking) that if they do it order by order it would complicate matters. But if they're fulfilling orders customer by customer then (Rookie Bundle) + (LE Rookie Seenah) + (LE Veteran Hearne) is no harder than (Rookie Bundle + LE Rookie Seenah + LE Veteran Hearne). I.e., a few small orders or 1 larger order amount to the same work. Extra paperwork and logistics for store credit or shipping refunds would be a problem, but that's where I was hoping we could find out one way or another. If they say, "Look, it's too complicated to do that" then it would suck for us customers (having to pay multiple batches of shipping just because their availability is fickle is pretty annoying to say the least), but at least we'd know where we stand. Thanks for the reply, @Mako. Hoping we might hear something more definitive, as I imagine I'm not alone here in purchasing limbo.
  8. I've searched for the answers, and am still awaiting an e-mail response, so I hope this is an appropriate place to ask, since I'm sure it affects many others. I placed an order on Black Friday (frustratingly finding about 75% of what I wanted sold out before I had a chance to log in), qualifying for free (international) shipping. I then placed a subsequent order for a few LEs and such, when they became available again, but was charged full shipping, as it was a separate order. I'd like to place yet another order, but don't fancy paying full shipping yet again every single time I want to add something to my existing, backlogged order. So, If we have an unfulfilled order, and we place subsequent orders, will we be given store credit or reimbursed for the unnecessary extra shipping fee? OR Is there a means to append purchases to an existing order? It seems ridiculous and unfair for us to individual pay shipping for what will be combined into one order, and it seems wasteful of your time and our money to ship a bunch of small orders individually if they can be combined. Thanks for listening, Benesato.
  9. Benesato

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    Please allow me to quote myself: "Unless I'm missing something." That would be a big yep! I guess since I was used to Chisel not having a Heroic Play, and since the Masons are very light on Heroic Plays (Chisel and Tower are the only two Masons with one), I had a 'moment' and just didn't think about it. My bad. It sounds like you get the complaint completely. Right now she is "just another beater" and there's no reason to strip her pretty much entirely of her flavour. Strip some of it, sure, but I think they went way too far. Out of Sadism, Feel My Pain, Crazy, and Painful Rage, only one ability had anything reasonably objectionable about it, and that was Crazy. An alternative, off the top of my head, that could capture a similar concept could be: Reckless Rage Once per turn during its activation, this model may suffer -1 DEF to gain +3 TAC for the remainder of the turn. Though losing some flavour just to streamline her a bit seems fine, so dumping Crazy altogether isn't the end of the world. But keeping the trade-off abilities like Sadism and Feel My Pain, or at least some iteration or variant, would have been much nicer than turning her into 'Hulk SMASH!' In your opinion. I did listen to most of it (I skipped about a bit to bypass characters of less interest or concern). I think I get it, but I also still don't really agree with the reasoning entirely, or like it. When Bryce says, ""I think now what Chisel wants to do is very, very simple, and that is kill things...There's very little text on this card, right? Like, she's really cool in regards to how little text there is on the card, and how big an impact she can have on the game," I think that sums it up. She's now a more one-dimensional killing machine that has a big impact, but at a cost I don't want to pay, but clearly you are happy to pay. Simplifying chess down to draughts (a.k.a., checkers) is understandable. But to me if feels like they took it closer to noughts and crosses (a.k.a., tic-tac-toe).
  10. Benesato

    Brick's blind spot

    Hmm. I was thinking in terms of more traditional game conventions, where things are measured from above, and 'touching' rather than 'passing over' tend to be used. But if a line were to be drawn touching the extreme outer edge of all three 30mm bases, then despite the fact that it's touching all three models, it would not technically pass over the intervening base. I assume that's what you mean. Weird, but this makes sense according to the letter of the rule. I guess I was wrong. Not sure why this isn't in the rules clarification thread, since surely it's a question that pops up fairly often.
  11. Benesato

    Brick's blind spot

    From the S4 rulebook: Charging To perform a charge, the active model selects a target enemy model that’s in its LOS and pays any applicable costs (usually 2 influence). Line of Sight A model has LOS to a target spot, another model, or a goalpost as long as an unobstructed straight line may be drawn from any point on the model’s base to the target spot or to any point on the other model’s or goalpost’s base. A line is considered obstructed if it passes through terrain that blocks LOS or if it passes over the base of an intervening model. So the geometry would create a Counter-Charge deadzone (or 'blind spot') for a 2" melee range model keeping at the furthest distance from Brick, as shown in the diagram. But, due to Brick's base being 40mm, the geometry means there can never be a line-of-sight blind spot for a 30mm-base figure to hide behind another 30mm-base figure, since the line-of-sight rules states that line of sight can be drawn "from any point on the model’s base to...any point on the other model’s." But if they were all 30mm-based figures, they should be able to block LOS if perfectly aligned, thanks to the geometry, since no line could be drawn at a tangent to the charging model and its target without also intersecting the intervening model's base at a tangent.
  12. Hi, guys. Something that's been bothering me when I'm looking at my team composition for the Masons is Chisel. You know when you first lay eyes on a model or piece of character art, and fall in love with it? Well, Chisel's on that list for me. When I first came across the model, with its weird, relaxed, somewhat menacing pose, I like it. When I checked the artwork and character card out on the Wiki, I loved it. The weird, quirky, violent, angsty, sadistic, adult-themed traits and plays were refreshingly interesting for a more mundane person (not a vampire, not a wild orc, not some demon cultist - just a slightly psycho young lady). But flash forward to Season 4, and she's a bit like an old piece of chewing gum that's lost its flavour. It looks the same, but has no flavour. No more Crazy, Sadism, or Painful Rage to make for tough decisions (both using her, and playing against her). Now her traits and plays are: You get a bit of damage as a freebie, you can make your opponent lose a bit of influence, and if you manage to Take Out an opponent you get a bit of armour. Now she's old chewing gum, if you ask me. Three issues I have with this: 1. Unless I'm missing something, Intensity is really just 'Use Iron Fist for free each turn' and is a complete no-brainer to be used every activation. Maybe there is some punishment ability I can't think of or find that can trigger when Chisel uses her Iron Fist play for free, but if not then her (1) (2) (><) (3) (4) bottom row could just be switched for (2) (3) (><) (4) (5), and Intensity and Iron Fist could be purged entirely to achieve the exact same purpose. (If I'm missing something here, please let me know, as I haven't digested the game's nuances entirely yet). 2. Poor old Chisel has lost all her flavour. She went from being a modest Attack damage-dealer with significant conditional extra damage potential from traits and plays, to more of pure Attack damage dealer with her +2 TAC and Iron Fist. 3. Poor old Chisel has also lost most of her depth and nuance. She was one of the few Masons characters with some atypical, Morticians-esque punishment abilities, and now she's probably equally good, but less Black Widow with angst and depth, and more 'Hulk SMASH!' With the following in mind, please bring on any discussion, and feel free to tell me where and how you disagree or think I'm wrong. I've got my own perspective on this. From the get-go I liked the fact that Guild Ball is a bit of a politically incorrect, adult game, in stark contrast to most tabletop miniature games (and they use proper English spelling, to boot!), and that it was a deliberately more complex, deep, nuanced game than, say, that BBoldemort game. So, despite the fact that watering some of that down to appeal to a wider market may ultimately broaden its appeal, I'm personally quite resistant to losing the essence that made it what it was in the first place, so I'm resistant to things like Chisel being de-flavoured in the process. A significant change like Seenah's playbook/traits changes to S4 are clearly a tweaking and re-balancing effort, with no loss of flavour (just a small change of flavour). So it's not change, per se, that I grumble about, but changes where something is lost without being replaced with something as good.
  13. Benesato

    Traps mechanics changing.

    "Have at thee. Take this. Take that! Now, good sir, please refrain from retaliatory impulses momentarily as I whittle barbs into the business end of this here man-trap I have set for thee." As a preparatory measure, I think the idea is sound. But as a mid-battle Playbook result, it doesn't feel right to me. I can stretch my imagination juuuust enough to accept Veteran Minx throwing down a pre-set trap mid battle in some Hollywood-esque move. I can stretch my imagination a bit less to imagine Egret, in the distraction of the battle between Minx and her for, quickly applying some of her arrows' poison to the trap while not directly engaged herself. But I can't stretch my imagination far enough to see any character quickly enhancing a trap between blows. That's also why I'd personally (as I mentioned earlier) be in favour of a change preventing traps from being laid out and triggered as part of battle. Placing a trap and pushing somebody into it in the same activation just seems a bit wrong to me. A long-term setup rather than a clunky mid-battle bonus of Snare/damage seems more fitting and interesting to me. Enhancing principally out of battle rather than exclusively part of Playbook battle results seems like a good way to push that theme a little without the need to overhaul the existing trap placement mechanics. Thanks again for the discussion. I'm glad I took the gamble and risked finally returning to a game forum (I've avoided them for over a decade, as typically forums for games are more toxic than Compound's arm-pits!)
  14. Benesato

    Traps mechanics changing.

    A very fair point. I guess I didn't consider that my 'Bad for the consumer' sense is only one end of the spectrum for an expression that goes right up to 'Completely against the consumer'. Guild Ball's problems are bad for the consumer is the sense I meant, as you clearly worked out in the end. My bad. Yikes. I guess my time away from tabletop gaming has seen a few darker changes than I realised. It sounds like I've lost touch with the tabletop games industry on my hiatus. I guess that should probably come as no surprise when, alongside it, PC gaming has collectively dumped proper key-binding customisation, and pushed power creep, day-one DLCs, pay-to-win, lootboxes, and pre-order exclusives down our throats. I hope not. I really, really hope they naively took away a chunk of Jaecar's uniqueness and value, rather than cynically stripping away his Bleed to make Mataagi more appealing to drive Hunters players to buy the Falconers. That's kind of common practice for products of all kinds (games of any kind in particular). The optimistic part of me hopes that the cynical part of me is wrong about this. Thanks for the feedback. Always good to know when and where I'm failing to communicate clearly. As for Jaecar, the mention of having a trap-altering aura got me thinking about how cool (and, with regards to rules and game complexity, pretty simple) it would be if players could enhance a trap with an ability. What if some Hunter characters could have Plays something like: Jaecar: Whittle Barbs (CST1) (RNG 1") (SUS ✔) (OPT ✔) Target single friendly trap within range is enhanced with bleed. When triggered, the trap's target suffers the bleed condition in addition to its normal trap effects. [Place a bleed token on the trap to indicate it is enhanced] Egret: Apply Poison (CST1) (RNG 1") (SUS ✔) (OPT ✔) Target single friendly trap within range is enhanced with poison. When triggered, the trap's target suffers the poison condition in addition to its normal trap effects. [Place a poison token on the trap to indicate it is enhanced] Ulfr: Added Blades (CST1) (RNG 1") (SUS ✔) (OPT ✔) Target single friendly trap within range is enhanced with 1 DMG. When triggered, the trap's target suffers 1 DMG in addition to its normal trap effects. [Place a Blades token on the trap to indicate it is enhanced. Only one Blades token may be placed on any trap] Egret's card is getting a bit full, but Jaecar and Ulfr could certainly fit these on. Balance-wise, is it worth spending an extra INF (and, if not the original layer of the trap, moving over near it) to enhance the trap, knowing that the enemy is that much more likely to just avoid it? A trap with both bleed and poison would be nasty, but then they're just conditions, so with 3 conditions it would be a no-brainer to just use Rest. And, since it would require multiple activations, it's not like the Hunters pull the old Jaecar create-trap-then-push-into-straight-away trick with an uber-enhanced trap. Fairly often the extra INF would be better spent doing something else, so balance-wise I really don't see it being too big a deal, but it would restore some of the uniqueness of trap/character interactions, and it would shut up players like me! Any other ideas out there?
  15. Benesato

    Traps mechanics changing.

    "They have been honest from the get-go that the Order models were intended for a minor guild and not the Union. They allowed the models to be played with the Union until the minor guild was officially released." Fair enough, for anybody who's been with Steamforged for a long time now. But for a new player coming along who wants to buy some figures and get into the game, they may buy "in good faith" (I didn't say removing them was not in good faith, but talked about buying them in good faith; a subtle but important difference) figures that very clearly have the Union card with them, and reasonably believe that the figure is therefore, of course, a valid Union figure. That's consistent with, well, pretty much every other game developer's practice forever. It's anti-consumer to have fine print, asterisks, and "Didn't ya know?" policies. From a game consumer's point of view, certain things are givens, such as a character's team affiliation being inviolable. I think it's fair to assert that it's a major unspoken rule of tabletop gaming, so to break it is unwise, and is going to be a negative, anti-consumer experience for new players. Dual-affiliation would have solved all of these problems. For a game that's already a bit of a nightmare for a new consumer to handle (sets sold out, on indefinite pre-order status, 3-player starter sets, blisters and bags with singles, different models, metals, plastics, and resins, boxes with widly different presentation, different versions of the same character on different guilds, and prices that vary wildly from seller to seller for no apparent reason) the added question of whether the figures they want to buy are actually still valid for the guild the figure clearly belongs to on the packaging is a very poor, anti-consumer business choice I think. I'd love to see Guild Ball grow and thrive, but it's in a really fractured state right now for a consumer. Perhaps less so where some of you live (here in Australia, and as an online customer, it's very patchy). I realise many of the problems for consumers are due to the teething problems Steamforged is having in this brave new world of games and miniature production. But they can't afford to pass on too many of their teething problems to the consumer if they want to succeed in the long term. Perhaps they just don't have the luxury of distance, objectivity, and a new consumer's perspective, but if they did I think they'd seriously look at addressing the issue and creating a clearer roadmap so that consumers, new and old, know the current state of the game and where things are going. A good start would be to update that Guild Ball Wiki on Fandom! I know it's not their official site or anything, but many of us (particularly Warframe players) search for a game's Wiki when we first start to research it. That's where I first started looking into individual characters and their cards and abilities, and it wasn't until very recently that I even found out that almost every card was entirely obsolete and wrong. As for Jaecar's changes, it does look a bit like a pendulum swing. Did they really have to strip him of both his Bleed abilities? Oh, right; The Hunters do Snare, Snare, and more Snare. One Bleed and one Poison is all they get! By now I'm sure you may have noticed that I'm a person who picks very specific things apart in fine detail. Overall I think Guild Ball is a fantastic game that is a bit too expensive to draw many new players in (but the cheap Kick Off! seems to have been a tremendously effective way to bring new players into the fold on a budget, and a brilliant move by Steamforged), in a messy, tumultuous place for consumers with their patchy pricing and availability, and therefore in desperate need of some stability, good PR, and a clear roadmap of the future of their game and product releases to ensure its long-term success. Being an old-school gamer, but a very new Guild Ball player with a keen eye for the consumer experience, I figure I can offer a bit of a unique perspective. But, for the record, I have already spent a chunk of money on their overpriced, silly little Hunters' Guild dollies.