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  1. Rammer

    S4 Captain Choices

    Hello everyone, Brand new player here! I just started playing Guild Ball about a month ago and have been having a blast playing the Fish! I went to my first tournament on Saturday and went 2-1. As I was drafting in the tournament though, I was curious on if I was playing the correct matchups versus each of the guilds. Keeping that in mind, with Season 4 being new, it is hard to see which information online is still accurate after the changes. Given this, would you guys be able to give me any clues on the matchups against any of the other guilds? Some of this may come down to style, but I would like to know a bit more of everyone's opinion and experiences so far. Is there any guilds that you refuse to play either Shark or Corsair into because of the difficulty of a matchup that can happen? Thanks for the help!
  2. Rammer

    Marker Limit

    Thank you for the answers!
  3. Hello all, A few people from my group are beginning to get into Farmers and Hunters a bit more. This came up in game and I was curious as to how the situation should be handled. Both Harvest and Trap markers have a hard limit of five that can be placed on the pitch at any time. My questions stem from this. 1. What happens if the limit is reached and a new marker can be placed automatically such as with Harrow's Planting Season ability? Can the player choose to remove any other marker on the pitch to stay under the limit or are they simply not able to use the ability? 2. Let's say there are four harvest markers currently on the pitch. Jackstraw uses his Crop Dusting character play. The wording states that after damage, "This model may place two friendly harvest markers within the AOE." Can Jackstraw choose to place only one marker or is it a choice between placing none or two? Note: The reason the question was asked is because it is a bit different than Grange's Legendary in how it is worded. His Legendary states, "...may place up to two friendly harvest markers within the aura." I assume the rules are the same between Hunters and Farmers with how markers work and may be placed, so whatever rulings these get will be transferable between both. Thank you for the help!
  4. Rammer

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Great to hear! I am quite interested to see not only how Knuckles is made, but how some of the other characters fall into place in other guilds. For example, how will Cutlass fit into the masters and apprentices of the Blacksmith's guild? Still surprised she went there actually.
  5. Rammer

    Free Cities Draft Results

    I could actually see getting a bit of use out of Knuckles as written against certain teams that cross a bit more into the footballing territory. Kraken has certainly been buffed a bit more with all of his stats increasing. With Kraken playing more of a centralized midfielder and controlling that area, Knuckles could provide that extra bit of defensive utility needed for a Shark team to prevent the score right back again. Depending on his abilities, we may be able to adapt into a more defensive footballing strategy if needed. Shark, and your choice of two other squaddies can easily share the goalscoring between themselves. Knuckles might be able to provide that bit of extra defense needed against other aggressive footballing teams, allowing the offensive players even more freedom around the pitch. With that being said, we won't be able to tell until we get a look at his abilities. Anyone know anything about the timeline on finding out?
  6. Rammer

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Reading the bio, I'm thinking that he might get some sort of ability like Counter Charge, which could definitely be interesting to have on our team. He could prove to be a valuable asset to get the ball back in a different sort of way, especially if he has an early Tackle result as well. Any other plays/abilities you guys can think of that could be valuable to have on the Fish that are different than our other defensive midfielders?
  7. Rammer

    Within Defintion

    Great to hear! Thank you for the clarification and for pointing out the section it is defined in the rulebook. I must have missed it when I went through it during the game!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a quick question about the "within" term used in the rules and want to make sure we are playing it right in games (we have a completely new group of four players). This boils down to what within means in the rules. A model being within an AOE just has to be partially in for the effect to occur correct? For example, Sakana has the Character Play Smoke Bomb, creating a 3" AOE on the field that gives cover to models within the AOE. Shark and Sakana were just under 3" from each other in game. I placed the AOE so that it was just covering a sliver of each model's base. In the given case, both Shark and Sakana would be receiving cover from the AOE, even though their bases are not completely within the AOE, correct? The other time this came up in the same game was when Grange was using his Legendary, Huge Tracts of Land. This places 2 harvest markers within a 6" pulse. My opponent could place the harvest markers 6" away from Grange, even though just a sliver of the base is actually in the Aura correct? Basically, does "within" mean only a portion of the base is within the Aura, Range, or AOE no matter what the effect is and not completely within the given range? Is there any exceptions to this if that is true?
  9. Rammer

    Kraken S4 Questions

    Wonderful! That's how I played it yesterday. Glad to know I played it right! Thank you!
  10. Hello all, I just starting playing Guild Ball a few months ago and picked up the Fisherman as my main guild. In looking at the Fish for S4, I have a few questions about some rules interactions that I want to make sure I am getting right. In particular, these revolve around Kraken. Kraken has two new traits for S4 Gravity Well and Protective Instinct. The questions revolves around what engagement means for models. Gravity Well states "When an enemy model ends an advance engaging this model, the enemy model..." Protective Instinct states "While engaging this model, an enemy model can't..." Here are the questions... 1. If Stave, who has a melee zone of 1", ends their advance within 2" of Kraken but out of 1", will Stave be pulled in by Gravity Well? 2. If Stave is out of 1" but still within 2" of Kraken, can he declare attacks against other models because he is not engaging Kraken (even if Kraken is engaging him)? 3. Is Gravity Well optional on my part or does it have to happen? Thank you for the help on these questions!