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  1. Hey, Has anyone done any kinda of checklist or remainder of which Expansion / add-on to use on which Scenario. I got all of them extra expansions and as in example Ivies and Poison Ivies are used only in two scenarios, it's bit confusing how to include them by just changing the cards, cause there is two cards with totally similar rules, only expection is markers which Scenario they are appearing. No card states to spawn Poison Ivy -at all? Or have i missed something in the scenario book , i think not (or is Poison Ivy appearing only in B-Files?).
  2. mxv

    WAVE 2 shipment issues

    Word, this is probably the first time someone backing that KS is constructive and understanding, hehe. I did not back DS, cause i missed the campaing. If i hadn't missed it, i would have gone "all-in" on it, even after following the flow of the deliveries and delays and everything has happened during the campaing. Why? Because all KS backers got the game (and specially all Expansions / Add-Onns) so much cheaper than even an fraction of retail. I think i've paid like 120-130€ for the core box only, then you can make calculations on Expansions priced from 50-90€ (i got all mega bosses and tiles + Vordt (not recieved these two yet ofc). Soo even the waiting game would be two years per WAWE, i still would have been happier to pay the KS prices vs retail. When reading anything DS KS related, people are just horrible entities in most part. That's just my two cents on this, i know, no-one asked or cares. RE2 KS campaing on the other hand i backed and it was a breeze, eveyrthing has moved smoothly all throught the campaing, i know they are shipping few months late, but that's nothing. Everything shipped in one wave and shit, should be arriving soon as people have already gotten those boxes. I have nothing to complain, perfect KS campaing. So they definitely learned from the DS KS -campaing and as it is stated both campaings are in any way run by different teams too.
  3. How people have done with the item deck when playing through campaings? I haven't yet played through any campaings, but only sessions with miniboss->main boss->mega boss. At the point when we killed the main boss, we had shitloads of item cards already and in this point you have added all blue and red -items as well to the deck. Ok, well it ends in this mode to the mega boss and you can hit that 4-level encounter only once, so you can't farm the item deck much more, but when in campaing... I don't remember if this was addressed in the rules, but one might imagine you'd have the whole item deck in your inventory after 3 or 4 bosses, especially cuz you can buy more sparks and since farm as much as you like?
  4. Yeah i noticed that actually, steep prices but will have to invest probably if i can stay up tonite!
  5. mxv

    Purchasing Expansions

    Any news will the Core -expansion, Armor and Player characters -expansions come at all in retail? Also anyone know spot to pick Retailer backer -expansions, where to pre-order or buy any of those (The Last Giant, Chariot and Manus)?
  6. Hey guys, here's my squad from Core game alltogether! I can take better photos if interest. This was my second painting project, started with SW: Imperial Assault and went on to DS after that! Can't wait to start on the expansions, recieved yesterday Darkroot, Gaping Dragon, Kalameet and Asylum Demon!
  7. Looking for: Core game -expansion Iron Keep -expansion The Last Giant -expansion Manus, Father Of The Abyss -expansion I live in Finland and would love to buy either of those two rather from Europe than US, but depending shipping costs etc. we can figure it out if you want to sell yours? Thanks!