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    Purchasing Expansions

    Any news will the Core -expansion, Armor and Player characters -expansions come at all in retail? Also anyone know spot to pick Retailer backer -expansions, where to pre-order or buy any of those (The Last Giant, Chariot and Manus)?
  2. Hey guys, here's my squad from Core game alltogether! I can take better photos if interest. This was my second painting project, started with SW: Imperial Assault and went on to DS after that! Can't wait to start on the expansions, recieved yesterday Darkroot, Gaping Dragon, Kalameet and Asylum Demon!
  3. Looking for: The Four Kings -expansion Old Iron King -expansion + Retailer exclusives; The Last Giant and Manus, Father Of The Abyss (i really don't know if these are available already somewhere?). I live in Finland and would love to buy either of those two rather from Europe than US, but depending shipping costs etc. we can figure it out if you want to sell yours? Thanks!