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  1. Salyva

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    With Spirit Bomb it is no problem to get the target back in position if they dodge or push you out with a counter attack.
  2. Salyva

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    I don´t think VHemlocke is overpowered, she is just one of the few models that works rly good with 0-1 Inf. With our Captains mostly taking ~6 Inf if possilbe it is always good to have such support models.
  3. Salyva

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Vet ox is 2/3 inf so he shouldn´t be able to pass, run and use whirling chains. But yeah, losing the Captain with 6 inf in round 1 can lose you the game pretty fast. Versus Butcher I try to get 2 fast goals and a 4 VP TO with Casket because they will kill your team super fast without much setup once they are in range. Also I would always take Bonesaw to have more goal pressure, 1 TO shouldn´t be a problem with Casket + VGraves and Vileswarm.