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  1. Hoyty

    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    Worked like a charm, thanks again for the advice.
  2. Hoyty

    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    I'll try that right now! Thanks Chudd.
  3. Hoyty

    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    I'm pretty disappointed in this regard too. I'm not a mini enthusiast so I don't have the skills/knowledge/tools to shave these pieces down so they'll fit. After spending so much money on these expansions that just have one mini I'm a little miffed. Especially since I don't remember at any time seeing of the kickstarter (maybe I missed it?) "Some Assembly Required." Right now I have to put in a good deal more effort than I thought I would do get the Guardian Dragon, and the Gaping dragon, completely assembled and of course risk screwing it up since I've never done this kind of thing before.