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  1. Dazzarno

    Hello From the Pine Tree State

    Welcome to the pitch. I will have to try and stop by when I am visiting family in Maine. Nic
  2. Dazzarno


    Really enjoying their design style so far. Definitely going to pick them up when available.
  3. Hey Everyone, I will be running a Figo League at The Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA starting March 5th and running 6 weeks. Feel free to stop by and get some games in. Bragging rights and sweet art prints up for grabs. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks and have a great day. Nic
  4. Dazzarno

    Hello from New Haven, CT

    Welcome to the forums. Glad to see more people in New England picking it up. There is a tournament a tournament at Flagship in Southington, CT on March 26th if you have any interest in something like that.
  5. Dazzarno

    Guild Ball in Boston

    No issue with that. Also on Facebook feel free to join the GuildBall New England group, there has been quite a bit of activity on there recently.
  6. Dazzarno

    Greetings from Massachusetts

    As far as locations Guild Ball is being played in MA Hobby Bunker - Malden, MA The Whiz - Westborough, MA I know especially after Captaincon there are more people looking to play the game in the area. The Facebook page sees quite a bit of traffic right now so if you post how far you are willing to travel or what days I am sure someone can figure out a time. As far as events and such we are still trying to gauge interest on how far people will travel for a one day event.
  7. Dazzarno

    Voxplayers Painting Thread

    Great job very nice colors and your basing is really good also.
  8. Dazzarno

    Black Metal Fishermen

    All your stuff looks really good. Love how Fangtooth came out the splash of color from the joker style mask is great.
  9. Dazzarno

    Guild Ball in Boston

    No specific time many of us generally get there around 10 or 11. If you do show up around 12:30 or so don't worry if nobody is there we sometimes go to grab some pizza and should be back shortly. Showing up later then 3 may limit who is available to play most days just so you know. If you post what time you are thinking of stopping by I will do my best to be there for a game.
  10. Dazzarno

    GBKeeper: iOS app that tracks damage

    Played 3 games this weekend using the app continuously throughout. Found that for a roughly 2 hour game I was losing ~10-15% battery life on my iPad Mini really happy with that personally. Damage tracking and ability to see basic stats at all times is great. I have to get better at hitting activated when done with a model but overall super useful app.
  11. Dazzarno

    GBKeeper: iOS app that tracks damage

    So far haven't found any major issues. Would you prefer feedback through the app or DM? Also got the update so far so good.
  12. Dazzarno

    Guild Ball in Boston

    Hi, We generally play on Saturdays feel free to stop by for some games.
  13. Dazzarno

    Where would you go for a weekend of GB?

    Family in Indianapolis so in your "area" that would be my choice. Really anywhere with an airport works for me but being in the northeast I don't think many of you will be traveling to Boston other then maybe Captaincon or Templecon.
  14. Dazzarno

    Thanks for devouring my spare cash

    Welcome, I am on my 4th guild personally so I understand.