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  1. Sanageyama616

    Kami vs Nomad

    We can't have poor Kami being forced into a bloodsoaked apron by the Butchers, not fashionable. Plus raining bullets on our opponents as well as poison and fire is wonderfully overkill. Kami all the way!
  2. Sanageyama616

    Resin hunters help

    That’s a shame, I hope steamforge clarify some of this, I don’t really want to drop 60 quid on something if I don’t know when it’ll turn up. Well thanks for the help, maybe after SteamCon something might come up.
  3. Sanageyama616

    Resin hunters help

    Hey, I'm a Blacksmith/Alchemists player but thinking about getting the resin heralds of the winter's moon to start playing Hunters. Wondering if anyone knows why it says pre-order/that it'll take 30 days for it to be dispatched? Is it a preorder because of the 30 days wait or is it just not released yet? Also if any of you have gotten any of the resin models, are they good? Thanks
  4. Sanageyama616

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I'm starting to put everything into Kami. Just reported 3 games for her.
  5. Any word on what the print on demand service will be like? Or when it’s coming? I really dislike playing without cards and printed out paper isn’t the same as the real cards, so I’m hoping it’ll be reasonably priced. I don’t like the idea of having to shell out an extra 12 pounds per guild or something.
  6. Sanageyama616

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I don’t think we should draft someone just to try and deny them to someone else, and then pray that in a season or twos time that they get reworked to be useful, that’s a very very long game. Suprised to see Knuckles suppport drying up but I’m happy to see champ up there. So long as we maintain our high position in the draft I’m certain we’ll get a great draft pick.
  7. Sanageyama616

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Last update we were in third place which I wouldn't say is low, and personally I'm not that into cutlass, she's a goalie and we already have that in compound. But to be honest I haven't considered a fourth option yet.
  8. Sanageyama616

    Alchemists Season 4

    Wow the changes are so cool, they feel alot more cohesive now. I've gotta play a game with them as soon as I can!
  9. Sanageyama616

    Nomad or Knuckles?

    I started out as a blacksmiths player, and it looks like they're all pretty united around Gaffer, plus the games I reported for them were all in his support. So I don't think we should worry about them too much, but of course theres the chance that could change. Now I'm putting everything into supporting the alchemists and am increasingly siding towards Knuckles too, as my play leans towards brawling and an extra player who can take hits and synergies with Smoke will help improve our takeout game quite a lot. But then again I'd be happy with any of the 3. You're right about waiting for season 4, maybe Venin will be improved for that sort of role? I'll hold back some reports just in case too.
  10. Sanageyama616

    Nomad or Knuckles?

    I’ve been reporting a game or two most days recently, and splitting them mainly between Nomad and Knuckles, with the odd few for Kami. But I want to unite mainly behind one or the other. Fluff wise I see Nomad as the more natural Alchemist but game wise Knuckles will be more useful, plus we already have multiple good footballers, but fewer combat players. So I’m torn. At the moment we are placed high on the rankings, so our first choice will probably matter. Which should we support the most?
  11. Sanageyama616

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I logged two my first two games last night, one for Nomad and one for Kami, but what I want to know is how much do you need to write for the match report? I think I went overboard on the detail and it took me a long long time. Will they reject the submission if its not detailed enough though?