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  1. Hi all, Think I have this correct, but want to double check. Grange is not suffering Knockdown and uses Huge Tracts of Land, giving everyone in his 6" aura Sturdy. Millstone is in this aura, and is not suffering Knockdown. A model comes in to Grange and attacks, selecting a KD result from their playbook. (Assuming Millstone would want to take it) Does this: 1) Pop Grange's Sturdy, Millstone's Sturdy is intact. or 2) Pop Millstone's Sturdy, Grange's Sturdy is intact. My inclination is answer 1, as Grange does not "suffer" Knockdown because of Sturdy, so Millstone cannot eat it for him.
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    Rookie Draft, pick a player!

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    S4 butchers.

    T/< on 1, don't fail me now!
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    S4 Farmer Preview

    If anyone wants a comparative output overview, I put this together, it isn't perfect, but it should allow you to see the change in damage S3 Farmers vs. S4. This is just straight damage playbook results, it does not consider Character Plays or non-damage results. It also does not break down momentous vs. non-momentous. This is just raw playbook output damage. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16l4UTiaxwnJojek2zIilTF7PnLYI8oTByKKWGEbm1as/edit?usp=sharing
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    S4 Farmer Preview

    This matches a lot with how I feel about the team, I think this moved us into a really positive 2-2 spot.
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    S4 Farmer Preview

    So my thoughts: What was the aim of the changes made by the developers? Definitely to streamline Harvest interactions, that is clear. I think they also did a good job giving some love to the models that needed it. What is the intended playstyle for the Farmers? Not sure what you mean here vs. win conditions? I think we are solidly 2-2 now, maybe 4-1 with the right team, I wouldn't be pushing for 3-0 or 0-6 though. How will this change your playstyle? Remains to be seen, I think the biggest success story is not a single model, but that everything is pretty viable now. As a new Farmer, what combos should I look for? Where is the synergy, and how should I expect to win games (2-2? or even more take downs, for instance?) Answered win condition above, I think we will see a lot more Bushel goals this season, but Jackstraw really enables himself now, so Bushel to Jackstraw pass is pretty solid, especially under Grange, Jackstraw can get where he needs to a little easier with influence to spare now. Windle's improvements are *big*, after Big Breakfast Windle now walks 6" without help, then hits 4 times against most models (for 1 influence!). That said, I think one of the major changes is the Farmers are able to spread a bit more and not tied into specific model combo mechanics as much as they were in S3. While there are some great things you can do, like Harrow enabling Thresher to charge 10", I don't know that there is really a "crazy combo" like you see in other teams. Everyone is pretty good, and works well with almost everyone for the most part.
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    Starting Farmer's

    Hi all, Just ordered Farmer's Honest Land set, have been stalking the game (and these forums) for a bit, but finally registered and posting today. I read some references to enemies trampling harvest markers, but couldn't find rules referencing this in the rules on the website or the GB Manager cards. Can anyone point me to the rules regarding harvest markers so I can make sure I am prepared? Hoping to get my first game in this weekend!
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    Starting in S4

    Hi all, Question that has been asked a million times, I am sure. I have been hovering over the game for a while, but recently found out an old WM/H buddy is diving in, so I am going to go in with him. I am looking at Fish primarily (maybe even going straight to Navs), but I wanted to get some feedback. 1) If I went Fish instead of Navs, which of the two starter boxes is better out of the box? I am guessing Shark given what I think I understand about the Momentum changes between S3 and S4 and Corsair losing access to Union models? 2) Do you still think there is a reasonable 2-2 game with Fish compared to how Corsair used to play? I don't want to be in a position, new in the game, where certain matchups totally shut me down. I like (on paper at least) a lot of what Navigators are doing, but if I can't play the slippery fish game (and honestly, I have no clue how easy / common that is to shut down), how rough is trying to move to a 2-2 win condition going to be?