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  1. LeadDiceandBeers

    Football Legend

    Also if a model is friendly to one team it is enemy to the other.
  2. LeadDiceandBeers

    Football Legend

    Only the Friendly team are affected not the enemy one.
  3. LeadDiceandBeers

    Is Rookie Chisel Usable As Vet Chisel?

    Normally Rookie models can be used as the original model unless otherwise noted. However, I'd suggest you discussed this type of situation with your opponent or TO and take it from there.
  4. LeadDiceandBeers

    Assist Stack?

    Correctly answered - they do not stack. It's as if we knew this question was coming.
  5. LeadDiceandBeers

    Impact and Counter Attack.

    Correct, a Counter Attack may be declared in response to the Impact derived Attack.
  6. LeadDiceandBeers

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    They already have been:
  7. LeadDiceandBeers

    Farris rules question - impact and charging

    As mentioned above, Impact triggers during a Sprint and not a Charge. Although both allow an Advance up to the model's max-move, a Charge is not a Sprint.
  8. LeadDiceandBeers

    Ball's Gone

    Correctly answered.
  9. LeadDiceandBeers

    Osl Ratcatchers

    This worked well
  10. LeadDiceandBeers

    Navigators Guild on FB

    Always trust Mr Perkins. His programming doesn't allow him to be wrong.
  11. LeadDiceandBeers

    Any ideas about the minor guild

  12. LeadDiceandBeers


    Rule of cool I think, to accommodate the stance.
  13. LeadDiceandBeers

    [Bonesaw] Football Dervish

    Correctly answered. The previous ruling is still valid.
  14. LeadDiceandBeers

    Negative kick shot on goal.

    You played it correctly. As per page 25 of the rulebook, the TN number can affect the dice pool but the dice pool has no effect on the TN. Also remember that bonus time is applied after the dice pool is generated so you could bonus time for a 2 die shot.
  15. LeadDiceandBeers

    Pelage - Dark Allure

    Correctly answered.
  16. LeadDiceandBeers

    What AoE marker do you use for alchemists?

    Seen these used: https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/273025836528?chn=ps&adgroupid=13585920426&rlsatarget=aud-295856144804%3Apla-142405557426&abcId=&adtype=pla&merchantid=6995734&poi=&googleloc=9060167&device=c&campaignid=207297426&crdt=0 Think they are on Amazon too.
  17. LeadDiceandBeers

    Resin Spooks

    Yeah, I think it's ok. Resin is usually seen as higher quality than metal and you are getting a goal and terrain piece for £10 more than the metal version. The SFG resins were pretty good in the past so we'll see what the coloured version look like.
  18. LeadDiceandBeers

    Soul Seer and reducing HP to 0

    vHemlocke would not be able to resolve the Character Play before being removed from the Pitch. If vHemlocke uses Soul Seer when on 3 HP the Sequence of Taking a Model Out would be resolved immediately. The wording will be updated in Season 4 to make this clearer.
  19. LeadDiceandBeers

    Scourge & Disease

    Correctly answered.
  20. LeadDiceandBeers

    Tormented Agony

    Assuming the model hasn't activated and has less than it's maximum influence at the point the influence is allocated then the target is legal. If Scalpel attacks an unactivated model on 4/4 influence and uses Tormented Agony, the model loses 1 influence, bringing it to 3/4. The same model is a legal target for the influence to be added as they are unactivated and not at their maximum influence cap. You do not keep track of the influence gained. Each Attack is assessed in isolation. So you could keep Attacking the same target and use Tormented Agony to remove influence and then allocate influence to it.
  21. LeadDiceandBeers

    Of auras and los

    A pulse does not require LOS either.
  22. LeadDiceandBeers

    Of auras and los

    No, there is no LOS requirement for an aura. All models within range are affected.