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  1. Standard scatter and interception

    Correctly answered.
  2. Breach! KD order

    The Controlling Player is the player in control of the active model which in this case is Ballista. So the model doing the KDs not the targets.
  3. Breach! KD order

  4. Lightning Reflexes and Counter Attacks

    As @Spinsane correctly points out the dodge would be resolved in Step 2.5 of the Attack sequence, as woudl the Lightning Reflexes jog as it happens immediately after the dodge ends. Skulk would counter attack, if able, after the original Attack is resolved in Step 4.
  5. Scalpel or Obulus

    It's on Skulk:
  6. Snap timing

    Correctly answered.
  7. Added damage or condition

    As noted Tooled Up increases damage but doesn't cause damage with an otherwise undamaging result or play. Cinder would only cause Burning if she causes damage.
  8. Tough hide and model explosions

    Tough Hide does not reduce the damage caused by Character Traits such as Overheat.
  9. Save a swift strike?

    As has been correctly pointed out you can only have one Bezerk saved as the same named effects aren't cumulative.
  10. Converted Ghast

  11. Fertilizer and pain response timing

    Pain Response occurs when Peck suffers damage, which occurs at Step 2.5 of both the Attack and Character Play sequences. Fertiliser occurs when Peck suffers the taken-out condition during the Activation Phase, which is Step 3 of both the Attack and Character Play sequences. As such Pain Response may be used before Fertiliser but cannot be used after.
  12. Blacksmiths legendary plays

    Correctly answered.
  13. Tapper & Old Jake's

    Correctly answered.
  14. Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    GMass And Clone cause the Attack to be ignored not cause 0 net hits. You could use the vengeance token but the Attack would still be ignored. I'd suggest not using it.