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  1. Minor guild are friendly guild models?

    Correctly answered.
  2. Blacksmiths Iron heroic play

    Yes, Tap In and Tryhard would stack to give a [-2] TN.
  3. Ratcatchers Story

    I think that was a good introduction to them. I wouldn't have guessed that the Brewer's were their main antagonist but it'll be good to see both stories progress. I, for one, hope they torch Tapper's joint as Conti wants to. A vengeful Tapper would be an interesting way forward.
  4. Skulk Lightning Reflexes

    If Pin Vice ends the dodge within 6" of Skulk, then Skulk may immediately make a Jog directly towards Pin Vice (assuming he hasn't used Lightning Reflexes already this turn).
  5. From the streamed game earlier in the week.
  6. Who to kick with?

    My likely 6 is Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, Miasma and vGraves or Skulk as necessary. Piper or vGraves are my likely kick off models although I'm tempted by Pelage.
  7. This is a similar situation: In the example you give the team that is friendly to the player making the Parting Blow Attack woudl gain the VPs.
  8. NOOB questions

    Correctly answered. The rules on Range can be found in the rulebook, page 37, but briefly: Range [RNG] Shown as one of three values: [n”] This is the maximum range of the Character Play. [S ] Denotes that the range is Self and may only be used on the model that triggers the Character Play. [P] Denotes that the Character Play can only be triggered as a Playbook result using play-icons. This Character Play may only target the original Attack target.
  9. Scourge Review Video

    With Singled Out and Snared floating around his becomes easier to get off and having access to Bleed too adds pressure to diseased targets. vGraves seems a different player in the Ratcatchers than we are used to him in the Morticians.
  10. Correctly answered.
  11. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Piper is a dude:
  12. Sun Strike and reapplying Singled Out

    Correctly answered. The original ruling is here but the situation has changed slightly as Hearne's is now momentous.
  13. Puppet Master triggering OPT plays

    As per the Definitions in the rulebook, page 13: "Each individual model’s once per turn actions may be used once per turn per player" In your example, Hearne would be able to use Skewered in the Hunter Player's turn even if it had been used in the Mortician Player's turn.
  14. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Vileswarm is showing as a 30mm model but it's 40mm.
  15. Farris rules question